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THE POWER OF N OW Eckhart Tolle nouree Pohl i Aza wR Zinn 902 Tp Heer aerate lar pret af se Lge reap ate orn 2 eau Sussh,Sedney NSW ace Bile wnrathonscn 93 opr ee oe ‘sey emir eh 8 WOE Bay (SA eprigh Pec fobs 20-94 ha eke copia pn fever i Seat for ‘he pnpsecs a pr ay ee, eon Teh pee vues he Cay aot 558 sap ay be el epee ‘nut por sain peu. aa sould scrote othe ide. ational brary of useala atloguingin-Pbietion dala Yale Fett 948 “he pve ahi iden prt elglear SBR 936 ge se Syrta fcmaton, 2 Sisal vation Pscaslgy 1 Shiau eding morta 1 Lie Digi prstetion he Ronin, Seéaee Pritt be Gra Pre ete acts ne A pola es apes Dl ce ata Iencncbe sree yt avd ty fos moe p22 stone eas: Pe gig wane raeses 2 xpeced seco tothe etskosertl gain a sean oud You are here to cuable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. Thal is how important you are! — Eckhart Tolle. CONTENTS ‘authors Pretace ta te Mew Edition Intraduetton $ coeran one: You Are Nat Your Mine 33 ear on: Go vanes The Way Out of Pain 33 Moving Deeply Into the Naw 47 fwavereroue Mind Steategles tar Avotaing the Mew 7 cnseren rie: The State of Presence 13 tvarten seven Portals inte the Unmanitested 220 tygoren cies Enlightened Relationships 245 cnaeren nen: Beyond Happiness and Unhappinest Tare te Peace 177 cuarres vot The Meaning of Surender 205 Motes 221 Aetsouledaments 232 Aout the Author 225, AUTHOR’S PRFFACE TO THE NEW EDITION Six yes after ft wae fier published, The Power Siw ame ‘wes plays palin the argent tah of fhe reneSormaton of human exnscionsness. Abbuspb 1 rae prided give biretoit, [fel duatthe book a taken aie and ta tu» often, Teas ceached several rillionreaers wel wide, many oF wer ve series to ite» te of the echamging eet itkas’aad on them, Duste the exeeacly haga volume of cerresposdeace Teese. Tam zogretfly no lange acle te sd pean ees, nu adie fake this ope! ily expense ry deepest grb to al tose ‘who have wanted to age to shace es experiences. } ama rwoeee aad deeply touched by many of those gocounts, and hey leave ta dah: ony mine thal an unyeac tte i sn consciousness is indeed Nppeniny on ve plane Nobody coula have prediced the rapid yromth othe back ‘in Nunaste Publishing in Vaovowser publiched the fit viltion of three thoussed copies in 1997. Dring its fie: puct of pusleatin, the Wc fund iy -raders slimes! cactarvete throug word of miu Ty hal we Ue te et 1 woald personaly deliver a few copies every weck to some smal booksoves in Vancom. string Tan satifing, knowing nat every hook 2ratT handed over had The punta af changing sorteone' ie, Friewse helped by basing enpies af sve bole in spititnal booketose fnther lie: Ca gary Seale, Cabforsa, Londo. Stephen Gat the manages of Wathine, she word's oldaet metephyscil hooketatein London. England, aaote x ae tne, foresee rent tings fr this hoo” He was igh by Uae wecoul yet he Power of Nov: ad dseloped ito a: “uncergrnel sells” as ore reviewer later call "Then, aller the beok recived x uanber of Eaucable renews i ee journals ea mugs, 4 yr overlaid and Tne became cnplosine when Oprah Winlrey, who had been deeply aleced by Cr Wok, proved ll te wesc aba i= Five pram awe Fis (18 paliahe’, beached eam the Rew “rk Tints bral ez adit ear avai iy Ta ponget 1 has fen very well recived and become 3 bee Feller oven in Enda, a country considenel by wan to Ue Ute bstuplace of hsmanin’e guest for spit enyhlenanert tus uf the hous nf lies and gas that have besm sen ve ir all oxer theme are Fram ota cm ated ance, sub these ape clao Keer frou Bndabist zon aint Creston muns. fom peopl st paison or Zea a life Thvsetening nses oF Smet dent, Papcheliecays have oie to eg thi dey recomanenc the lok Io shir atieuts of incorporate te tacking i Mer pacing, Mary of thoes letere al eas eation a Tsering ay ener complete disappearance of ullering nd presler- making it peoples Hess a rvull racing The Poor of Now ad pt ‘rg the teachings into practice fr everyday fe, Ther ne ‘quer ention othe amazing and beneficial eects of ince Dery awaenes the sense of Eesdow: +t comes fiom let ing go alsnetifiaton with enes personal history and sins ad a weno lane pene tat argc one arma 0 robes mectilfemononal sesstanae to che suchncse” ofthe prevent mement. Mary people aave rad ie hook seare thar. ce, std they’ comet has Ph es Joves nee of is Eashnses upon auhseque:t ravings indeed thal the book's icrsformal ve paver remains et only ssn aise, Dl cual scutes ints, Thervocethe dytinel arntthe sean mie page telat en the td sage aly wilde owners he dally te isin ut repors the grerer Ze neuer of people ho realize the voyent aes dor a madical change in nan co sciuscens if lnamarcty is not to éesteay beth itclf and she planet. Tae nec, 9 sell ae eaence in mllioes af people forthe aining ofa now cmaciousness, i Peennleal within which the “succes” nf Tae Pou of Nea nal be seen and rade. aia coce not mean of cours, chal yon gpd lave ably the bonk. In wang penple ac wellc8 9 mast The pe 12 conn rust. ax tr ureter yy oF he Drei, the el conncncsy is tll Jee een Anyone wha 16s lllly Genie tl Hae woe their seal he soca of sotumaey ane incresant ling — wil ineytably fil to woe whet The Per of No fall bt. Ssovce emcuslactie readers gave a copy af thc book to a iand vr rdtve ana weze sunprtod ane cisappoiated whi te sxipien: found it quite ea” nglse an child nol gel ‘gente itt pages “Murer vas al hate sagorine culé se ia a book et Couaess prople aad the ghbe foual hiechangiag. Furermore, any teaching that puts ta potas of stemion on the wevkings ofthe ege “vill mecessatiyorceoke egos eseion. esaanee. ancallak ameaunt of rsd ossever iene ncn dingand cel diver, Me reaponse tothe beak apond the globe Teas been owershel age postive. 1 feol confident that i. Tie year core miligns mare wil be dra toe and al The Par of Now cil comsinue to mike a tl cooteiutin ing of x ue cousciousmess al «rion gh = Edhar Telle Yaneenter. WC, Aprlig. 2004 THE POWER OF NO INTRODUCTION THE ORIGIN DF THIS BOOK, [van Le use for the past arta 2h al i rer ald brefy ike cll yo haw T came to ea spe tual teacher and ben dis bock oes ints assterce, nl any Birth yeas sein state of ehmost contin ‘ops ety terspered with pero of aucdal depression, feels now as if am rlking cont some pest Lifetime of sorb ele’ ik ‘One ight aot long cee my ewenig-ninc htheay, Tae ‘pin the 2st aours with leeing of absokte eval. Thad ssoken up wet aues 3 “eling any times belo, Bu his Hime twas mone intenee coun it hed ave nega, The silence oF the nigh: the vague oui ol he baila the dirk oat, the cinamnt ane ofa passing Pin — everything fl soatie, ao uostl, ane 20 tel meaningless has read sn rue dep loathing ofthe srk, The moa! ahr thing ofall however, was mp avr existence. Whar wag the ain? i coating to ive with tht aurden a mis? Hy ‘ay on with tvs continuous struggle? T rll Tel thal dovp longing tor annihilation, tae nonexistence, 5 DOR! becoming sia tive semen: ham he esasetve desire focum can tie ith selPany longer” This ke thoght Ih, ke epsating Hci > mg mind. Thee suddenly hesam amate of wat a peculiar tought ft was, “Am Ce ‘ort? I Teaamot ive with raysl, thers unust 2 0 of the and we ‘slP thet “> camet hive with” "Maybe." € thought 1 te go she 2p as sean elias Ma rym ely ane of them i al." stopp Lora filly onscinus, Il there ere no ace "oughs"shen fel dass inte whet seem ike a vortex af gp Fomata los miocene ab ist nd the accelerated Tarot gripe! by an inte ar, and my body stance. 22 ‘eT hen: the words “ess: nothing,” a if spoken inde sy chest. could fool mac acteg sued into a oie eft 9 fhe vo was iase mmyaelfrather than outdo, Seddon ‘aere wa mu fee, wa Tet eae Batak ei, “ave mo recoliction of wha anger! after al | weer by la iping of itd ouside he window 3 Trad never heave sush a soune acfore. My egce ore all claed, and su the image ofa precious dime, Yes, a diamond could make a eon, tin ie what t world be ike, 1 pened my exes. The fis light of dav was fiery rouge the ewtans. Withovt any aove, EM. Jew, that there fs inftely sco to light hm we seahze, Nr 308 unos fp Gterny durough the curtains was Towe ie ears care Sze eng es 1 oe ane ale aren he ene es: sae he oe an ye“ hw ha Pad eve rly on i Tefore. rer wos Hed ua pain, a8 HH Fas js fee ine onic re. 1 picked things, 2 pencil cr emp baile, naveieg a the bet and liveness of al The day Lvalked nu: the cin wer aeazcezent atthe miracle of Kit ua ear 71 Lae jus: been born ata this sro For he wort five acts, 1 sd in a tate of winter dd prsce and bse. Af tha i de'aithed snmexbal in Snes, or posh just verved Ia because ‘cane ny sural ale F could 1 ruta it Bae 9. allo reaive hel aabing | eoer da ew josey ald anyhing to wat arly had knew, of nurse tha samethuig profoundly safc: ad Tagen on ee, het TS ae-sad f ta Atwa sunt serra seam laer fer Lad seed epiinal ams ad pene tue wid epi teachers. hut I reabted tha: wh: crenpely was lovkicy for had akcady heppened to =e. 1 suncerstond chat ts itu peesne of sufToing al nigh rust ave fercee my aonscinueness 10 sthdenw Teor i identification ith tne unnapy and deeply Uns wl ‘which fe uimately a eto of the sil This wilde tnust have sen 3h ign a Vox flee, se Per seh iuneditely rot ase vst a € pug bad been pulled ou: ‘tonsil op, Wht ws eB em re satare us onc couseionenes in its pune stats porto ‘antificatioa with form, Latsr {ala learned to go into ths ines taueess and deathles ain that hada gal yp rived as 3 void and vem fly conscious. dll in suet cof ch inde as al satis a wwe the ong al expevience | jst desened pales mi complao, A tue theever reset came when, for awhile, vay let wh nothingon fa phys cal pli 1 had me relationships, uo eb, 0 o%20,n0 socially catined ideuiy, T pent slmont ten year siting on parle benches i asta af the moet ncenze jo.

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