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Engineering of Creativity

Semyon D. Savransky
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Dictionary of Automotive Engineering

Don Goodsell
·166 Pages
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Windows 8 Apps Revealed Using HTML5 and JavaScript

Adam Freeman
·1 Pages
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Concepts In Submarine Design (Cambridge Ocean Technology Series 02)

Roy Burcher (University College London) And Louis J. Rydill (University College London)
·316 Pages
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API Design for C++

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Amy Plum
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Plumber's Licensing Study Guide, Third Edition

Frankel, Michael, Woodson, R. Dodge
·354 Pages
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Engineers of Dreams

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Small Gas Engine Repair

Dempsey, Paul K.
·382 Pages
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Embedded Multitasking

Keith. Curtis
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Automotive Electronic Systems

Mellard, Trevor
·245 Pages
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Model Predictive Control for Microgrids From power electronic converters to energy management

Jiefeng Hu, Josep M. Guerrero, Syed Islam
·300 Pages
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Your Brain on Porn

Gary Wilson
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