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m ! m ;.*w-JE*v.T^^1 H:J^ITu? * m The Serpent lias entwinedits folds about the Capitol. (Seepage 106.) WASHINGTON -IN THE LAP OF ROME. BY JUSTIN D. FULTON, D.D., Authorof"Why Priests Should Wed;" "Roman Catholic Element inNAumn;e&qruiotc;a&nquot;RHoimsteoriyn;A&quotm;eTrhiecaW;a&quoyt; &qOuuott;S;howorY,oTuhreCoElsorcsa;&pqueot;ofa 11Life of Timothy Gilbert;" " Sam Hobart;" " Womaninthe Toils ofHome,"etc. "WHEREFORE TAKE UNTO YOU THE WHOLE ARMOR THAT YE MAY BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND IN THE EVIL DAY, AND HAVING DONE ALL TO STAND." PAUL. BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY W. KELLAWAY, (OFFICE OF THE FREE PRESS,) TREMONT TEMPLE. COPYRIGHT, v JUSTIN D. FULTON. 1888. TO AMERICANS WHO WILL Am IN THROTTLING JESUITISM, IN UNCOILING THE SERPENT ENCIRCLING THE CAPITOL OF THE UNITED STATES, AND IN TAKING WASHINGTON OUT or THE LAP OF ROME ; THAT A FREE CHURCH AND A FREE SCHOOL IN A FREE STATE, MAY MAKE THE GREAT REPUBLIC THE GLORY OF THE WORLD: 2300ft is efctratetr, IN PRAYER AND HOPE. vi Contents. CHAPTER XII. Connubial FelicityEnjoyed by Priests and Nuns 167 CHAPTER XIII. Jesuits inthe Parlor; or, Fashionable Life in Washington.. 177 CHAPTER XIV. A Warning and an Appeal 19], CHAPTER XV. Romish Schools Our Peril 213 CHAPTER XVI. Parochial Schools and Indulgences 228 CHAPTER XVII. Can Washington be Taken Out of the Lap of Rome? 247

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