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IMillil)I v S3. " <&*%> /\ »> "V. J% <p * .$ *V V V -0 H Xi *V < A^ C> " V x> ^> V TELUGU-ENGLISH DICTIONARY, WITH THE TELUGU WORDS PRINTED IN THE ROMAN, AS WELL AS IN THE TELUGU CHARACTER: INTENDED For tlie use ofEuropean Olfioers, Soldiers and others employed inthe several Executive ; Departments underthe Government ofMadras. BY THE REV- PERCIVAL, P- PROFESSOR OF VERNACULAR LITERATURE. PREPARED BY ORDER OP HIS EXCELLENCY SIR CHARLES TREVELYAN, LATE GOVERNOR OF MADRAS, MADRAS: PUBLIC INSTRUCTION PRESS. 8C2. ] 3 VH^S ANGLO-TELUGU ALPHABET ' Letters. Jf the 56 letters ofthe Telugualphabet, 51 are usedinthisDictionary, and they may be represented in the Roman character as follows: Vowels. ss a,, as in delta- mn> ri, as in ream. €5 6, as in father. <a e, as e in mendicant. &si i, as in pin. a e, as e in grey. i, as in pique. S3 ai,asaiinaisle & u,5as oo in good. Z> o5 as oin police &> u, as oo in food. ^5. 6, as oin story. £XXJ ri, as in rill. an,as ou in foul Anuswara m or n. Yisarga-h. Consonants. Gutturals. §* k, as k in king. sp kh, aspirate of the preceding as kh in pack-horse, X g, as g in garden. 3» gh, aspirate of the preceding as gh in gig-horse. a n, as ng in angle. El sfr» h, as h in hunger, 2 Palatals, tf ch, as ch in church or ts, as in beats. ^ chh, the aspirate of the firsttf as in coach-horse. 83 j, as j in jelly or dz, as in torridzone. Sep jhj the aspirate of the first a j. sy- fi, as gn in mignon or ni, in onion. $ s, as s in sure. csss y, as y in yellow. Cerebrals. to t, as t in trump. tf th, the aspirate of the preceding. £ d, as d in drum. # dh, the aspirate of the preceding. CT n, the cerebral n. tf r, as r in rule. «w) rr, as in worry. $ 1, the cerebral 1. &. sh, as in shop. Dentals, € t, as t in taper. # th, the aspirate of the preceding, as th in sweet-heart. zs d, as in divine. # dh, as dh in adhere, $ n, as n infancy % 3 s, as s in sin. o 1, as 1 in manly.

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