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Preview Sunrise Over Pebble Bay

Cover Page: 1 Title Page Page: 2 Dedication Page: 3 Contents Page: 4 Chapter 1 Page: 5 Chapter 2 Page: 8 Chapter 3 Page: 12 Chapter 4 Page: 15 Chapter 5 Page: 18 Chapter 6 Page: 21 Chapter 7 Page: 25 Chapter 8 Page: 29 Chapter 9 Page: 32 Chapter 10 Page: 34 Chapter 11 Page: 37 Chapter 12 Page: 40 Chapter 13 Page: 43 Chapter 14 Page: 46 Chapter 15 Page: 50 Chapter 16 Page: 54 Chapter 17 Page: 57 Chapter 18 Page: 59 Chapter 19 Page: 62 Chapter 20 Page: 66 Chapter 21 Page: 69 Chapter 22 Page: 72 Chapter 23 Page: 75 Chapter 24 Page: 78 Chapter 25 Page: 81 Chapter 26 Page: 84 Chapter 27 Page: 86 Chapter 28 Page: 88 Chapter 29 Page: 91 Chapter 30 Page: 94 Chapter 31 Page: 97 Chapter 32 Page: 100 Chapter 33 Page: 103 Epilogue Page: 106 Acknowledgments Page: 107 More from Della Galton Page: 108 About the Author Page: 111 About Boldwood Books Page: 112 Copyright Page: 113

'A lovely story about following your heart and facing difficult decisions. Heart-warming, humorous and highly recommended.' Jessica Redland Escape to Dorset and the beautiful Chesil Beach with bestselling author Della Galton. Talented, yet relatively unknown actress and celebration cake baker extraordinaire Olivia Lambert is running out of time. Approaching forty, she’s yet to land the role that will launch her television career and she’s desperate to be a mum. Her new man, Phil Grimshaw from the Bluebell Cliff Hotel, seems the perfect match, but seems to be in no rush to settle down. Having ditched her childhood sweetheart and fiancé, Tom Boyd, when he backtracked about being a dad, Olivia dreads making the same mistake again. Rocked by confessions from both her sister Ruby and Tom, Olivia knows it’s time to make some life changing decisions. Then a terrifying incident off Chesil Beach changes the course of her future and brings Olivia to question everything she values and loves. Praise for Della Galton: 'Utterly uplifting, pure escapism...' Trisha Ashley 'I haven’t read such a sweet book for years. I loved every page' Sue Moorcroft 'Feel-good fiction at its best, a real escape!' Samantha Tonge
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