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OCR GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition PDF

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Cover Page: Cover Title Page Page: i Acknowledgements Page: ii Copyright Page: ii Contents Page: iii Foreword Page: v Introduction to OCR GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Page: vi Section A: Nutrition Page: 1 Topic 1 The relationship between diet and health Page: 2 Topic 2 Nutritional and dietary needs of different groups of people Page: 21 Topic 3 Nutritional needs when selecting recipes for different groups of people Page: 32 Topic 4 Energy balance Page: 38 Topic 5 Protein Page: 43 Topic 6 Fats Page: 47 Topic 7 Carbohydrates Page: 52 Topic 8 Vitamins Page: 58 Topic 9 Minerals Page: 63 Topic 10 Water Page: 66 Topic 11 Nutrients in food Page: 69 Section A Practice questions Page: 85 Section B: Food Page: 87 Topic 1: Food provenance: food source and supply Page: 88 Topic 2: Food provenance: food processing and production Page: 103 Topic 3: Food security Page: 122 Topic 4: Technological developments to support better health and food production Page: 129 Topic 5: Development of culinary traditions Page: 139 Topic 6: Factors influencing food choice Page: 150 Section B Practice questions Page: 162 Section C: Cooking and food preparation Page: 163 Topic 1: Food science Page: 164 Topic 2: Sensory properties Page: 195 Topic 3: Food safety Page: 202 Section C Practice questions Page: 216 Section D: Skills requirements (preparation and cooking techniques) Page: 217 Topic 1: Knife skills Page: 218 Topic 2: Preparation and techniques Page: 224 Topic 3: Cooking methods Page: 229 Topic 4: Sauces Page: 230 Topic 5: Set a mixture Page: 234 Topic 6: Raising agents Page: 236 Topic 7: Dough Page: 239 Topic 8: Judge and manipulate sensory properties Page: 251 Section D Practice questions Page: 257 Preparing for assessment Page: 259 Topic 1: The Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) Task 1: Food Investigation Task Page: 260 Topic 2: The Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) Task 2: Food Preparation Task Page: 269 Topic 3: The Food Preparation and Nutrition written examination Page: 283 Glossary Page: 294 Picture credits Page: 299 Index Page: 300

Exam Board: OCR Level: GCSE Subject: Food Preparation & Nutrition First Teaching: September 2016 First Exam: June 2018 Endorsed for OCR. Develop your students' knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition, improve their practical food preparation and cooking skills and prepare them for assessment with this book for the 2016 OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE. - Explains all food and nutrition concepts clearly, including simple definitions of key words - Helps students to apply their knowledge and understanding with engaging practical activities throughout, including photographs to illustrate all of the key techniques - Differentiates with stretch and challenge activities to ensure progression and to challenge more able learners - Prepares students for assessment with clear guidance on the Food Investigation and Food Preparation assessments, as well as advice and practice questions to help them prepare for the written exam
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