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Preview Foundations of Family Resource Management

Cover Page: i Half Title Page: i Title Page Page: iii Copyright Page Page: iv Table of Contents Page: v Preface Page: vii Acknowledgments Page: ix 1 Management Today Page: x 2 Management History and Theories Page: 34 3 Values, Attitudes, Goals, and Motivation Page: 72 4 Resources Page: 108 5 Decision-​Making and Problem Solving Page: 140 6 Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Page: 178 7 Communication Page: 210 8 Managing Human Needs Page: 246 9 Managing Time Page: 280 10 Managing Work and Family Page: 316 11 Managing Stress and Fatigue Page: 352 12 Managing Environmental Resources Page: 396 13 Managing Finances Page: 436 14 Managing Tomorrow Page: 480 Glossary Page: 503 Index Page: 519

Foundations of Family Resource Management uses the lenses of consumer science, management, and economics, and beyond to help students make intelligent decisions about resources, time, and energies at the individual and family level. It has a strong interdisciplinary, global, and multicultural focus. This sixth edition brings in new material on millennials, delayed marriage, household composition, neuroscience, behavioral economics, sustainable consumption, technology, and handling crises. It has been updated in line with the latest census data and academic literature. The text contains lots of features to support student learning, including chapter summaries, "Did You Know?" questions, glossary of key terms, examples and cases, critical thinking activities, and review questions for discussion and reflection. Lecture slides and an instructor manual are available as digital supplements. This textbook meets the standards and criteria for the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and will be suitable for resource management courses in family and consumer science, human ecology, and human environmental science programs.
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