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Cover Page: i Half Title Page: i Dedication Page: ii Title Page Page: iii Copyright Page Page: iv Contents Page: v {List of figures and tables} Page: vii {Contributors} Page: xvi 01 {An econutrition approach to health} Page: xviii {Part 1} Your professional toolkit Page: 12 02 {The toolkit for nutrition practice} Page: 15 03 {Evaluating the reliability of nutrition information} Page: 36 {Part 2} Food systems Page: 54 04 {Food systems and security} Page: 58 05 {Food processing} Page: 74 06 {Food safety: Regulation, risk analysis and food chemicals} Page: 100 07 {Food safety: Microbiological risks} Page: 123 {Part 3} Food, nutrients and other bioactive food components Page: 139 08 {Food groups and diets} Page: 142 09 {Food digestion} Page: 171 10 {Macronutrients: Proteins} Page: 182 11 {Macronutrients: Fats} Page: 195 12 {Macronutrients: Carbohydrates} Page: 208 13 {Macronutrients: Food energy} Page: 225 14 {Macronutrients: Water} Page: 240 15 {Alcohol} Page: 247 16 {Micronutrients: Vitamins} Page: 257 17 {Micronutrients: Minerals} Page: 289 18 {Phytonutrients as bioactive food components} Page: 311 19 {Food-based guidance systems} Page: 322 {Part 4} Nutrition across the life-course Page: 342 20 {Pregnancy and lactation} Page: 348 21 {Infancy, childhood and adolescence} Page: 368 22 {Adults and the later years} Page: 394 {Part 5} Nutrition assessment, monitoring and surveillance Page: 423 23 {Assessing and evaluating nutritional status, diets and physical activity} Page: 426 24 {Nutrition monitoring and surveillance} Page: 451 {Part 6} Food, the environment and society Page: 467 25 {Nutritional economics} Page: 471 26 {Sustainable food and nutrition practice} Page: 490 27 {Social and cultural influences on food and nutrition} Page: 512 28 {Understanding food and nutrition for Indigenous peoples} Page: 535 29 {International nutrition and health} Page: 556 {Part 7} Nutritional biology and ecohealth disorders Page: 573 30 {Nutritional biology} Page: 578 31 {Ecohealth disorders} Page: 612 32 {Disordered system functions} Page: 627 33 {Disordered organ functions} Page: 661 34 {Mental health disorders} Page: 680 35 {Food and health: Lifelong learning and action} Page: 693 {Acronyms and abbreviations} Page: 698 {Index} Page: 704

Food--how we produce, prepare, share and consume it--is fundamental to our wellbeing. It also connects the human body to the complex and dynamic systems of our environment. This is more significant than ever before in human history, as climate change and increasing population impact on global ecosystems. This fourth edition of Food and Nutrition has been completely rewritten to reflect an ecosystems approach to human health. It is shaped around four dimensions of human nutrition: biology, society, environment and economy. Food and Nutrition provides a comprehensive overview of food components and the biochemistry of foods and digestion. It outlines nutrition needs at different life stages, dietary disorders, and social and cultural influences on food selection and consumption. It also explores the increasing influence of technology on agriculture and food preparation, and recent research into intergenerational nutrition and nutrigenomics. At every stage it points to how you can impact your own health and the health of others as a global citizen and as a health or other food-system-related professional. Extensively illustrated with informative graphs, diagrams and data, and with examples, glossaries and reflective exercises, Food and Nutrition is the ideal introduction to the field of nutrition and dietetics for the 21st century, and a valuable professional reference for early career dietitians.
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