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-CANADIAN ADVENTIST ftsir eitivic rst) D. Douglas Devnich T HERE ARE TIMES with six million members, opposing it or God. which continue to position en one must be the majority of whom do 2. The Apostle Paul themselves as the "true" tally frank. I not understand the three (Philippians 1:15-18), a and the "faithful" choose to be just that way, angel's messages and the spiritual man, advises that if guardians of the in this column, this month. message of the cleansing of Christ is preached even fundamentals of Adventism. For several months I have the sanctuary" (OFF, from wrong motives, we However, I am able to make been resisting writing on a November, 1991). ought to rejoice. only passing reference to certain subject which some Even though I admit that Now, however, the some while I place emphasis have urged upon me. we who preach and teach evidence is clear that several on another. However, recently I could do better at preaching of the leaders of such For your information, participated in a week-end Jesus Christ in the context groups and the writings or Charles Wheeling, who has of Spiritual Emphasis in a of the Three Angel's tapes they produce do not promoted private teachings local church and my mind Messages and of the measure up to the standards and programs is no longer a was made up that it is time Sanctuary doctrine, it is of 1 and 2 above. So I member of the Seventh-day to address a problem which irresponsible to allege that choose now to follow Paul's Adventist Church. The is tearing down the the majority of today's challenge as stated in 1 membership of his own spirituality and mission of Adventists do not Corinthians 14:7,8. "If even local church voted to drop Adventism. understand something of lifeless instruments such as his name from the I became convinced on the great importance. The the flute or harp, do not member's list. The Bible Weekend of Spiritual implication is that the editor give distinct notes, how will teaches us that the Body of Emphasis that, not only in of OFF does have superior any one know what is Believers is able to discern that specific local church, understanding and if played? And if the bugle what is true and what is but throughout Canada, anyone wishes to have that gives an indistinct sound, false, and I would suggest many of our churches are esoteric knowledge, he or who will get ready for that the local church being scandalized by she must read the OFF battle?" congregation taking that dissident "ministries" journal and give financial As a leader it is for me to action did so with which claim that support to the OFF do my duty and distinctly prudence. "mainstream" Adventism is organization. inform the members of our There is documented in apostasy. The assertion Before I go on to share Church in Canada of what evidence that the Prophecy made by these with you some important is causing confusion today Countdown program "masquerading ministries" information about several in the same way that directed by John Osborne is is that only they remain dissident "splinter groups" "speaking in tongues" a controvertible operation. truly representative of the which now plague the (babbling) confused the Documentation indicated "True Witness" and they Church, may I give you my Church in Paul's day. serious allegations against alone give the "straight personal reasons why I have This article will of the operation and its testimony". resisted addressing this necessity be more lengthy director. (If the reader Specifically, here is a issue? than usual. Many pages wishes to cross-check this direct quotation from the 1. Gamaliel (Act 5:34-39), could be written to help the matter, he or she may journal of "counter- a wise man, suggests that if Adventists who personally contact my office for adventism" entitled Our a cause is of men it will fail, know Jesus Christ, to verification.) John Osborne Firm Foundation (OFF): but if it is of God one dissociate from the dissident was disfellowshipped from "What a shaking we face would not want to be found leaders and organizations the Florida Conference 2 MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 Cover Photo—"The Nativity," Cullen Gardens, Whitby, Ontario, by Robin Carby membership based on the by each an account of his own problem. Let us be charge of "rebellion and stewardship must be more discerning about who apostasy". rendered to God.... We are we follow or what we I wish now to return to a responsible to invest this proclaim to be special discussion about the content means ourselves." "light" for this time. Too and methods of the OFF Testimonies, vol. 7, 176-177. frequently these merchants organization. If you will actually go to of dissension use a veneer In the September issue of volume 7 of the Testimonies of supposed late-breaking OFF, an article was "Our to the Church, pages 176 and prophetic fulfilments to presented by Ralph Larson 177, you will find that Ellen appeal to Adventists to give on "The Tithe Problem—Who churches are G. White does not even use support to their causes. is Responsible?" In short, the the word "tithe" in the Repeatedly, fanciful reports article consists of "half- being article entitled "The of prophecies fulfilled have truths" and, typical of Author'', pages 176-181. proved to be hoaxes. As for many articles in the OFF She addressed the issue of example, several years ago, scandalized magazine it distorts the whether or not Jan Marcussen declared with writings of Ellen G. White denominational publishing certainty that he had inside by dissident to make her say what the houses should pay royalties information that at that time OFF authors want her to to authors of published President Reagan had a 'ministries' say. On several occasions I books and articles. Her decree on his desk ready to have cross-checked the point is that authors should sign a national Sunday law which Spirit of Prophecy be allowed "to hold the into force. Church leaders at references with the original stewardship of their own the General Conference text and have found gross claim that works". found that to be a false misquotations drawn out of Please note that Larson claim and of course to this context. A phenomenon not 'mainstream' with the use of ellipses (...) day, no decree has been peculiar only to dissidents. pulls together sentences that signed by either Presidents The Ralph Larson article Adventism are not connected in the Reagan or Bush. centres on the idea that original source. He makes it In no way would I want E.G. White would approve is in sound like Ellen White to claim that the organized of individual church addresses the stewardship Church is without fault. I members not submitting the apostasy." of tithe which "we are know that I myself do not tithe of their income responsible to invest possess perfect judgement through the local church ourselves", when in fact nor sanctified deportment. treasury and on through the she addresses investing the However, I know that in Denomination. I will not returns or profits of this age of confusing, develop on that question authorship. She says that it dissident voices it is far here. An insert on Tithe in is the authors' personal safer to commit my support last month's issue of the responsibility to decide how and means to God's service Messenger covers the subject to manage their monies. when it is directed by adequately. Now, here is the tragedy. Ellen White doesn't deal councils of trusted men and What I wish to point out And, this is only a sample with the tithe question at all women, rather than giving is that Larson like the OFF of how deceptive OFF in that section of Volume support to individual editor, Ron Spear, accuses writings are quite regularly. Seven. (So much for "the operators who have no the pastors and leaders of Unless the readers of OFF straight testimony" of OFF accountability to authorized the Church with falsity and are vigilant they will miss writers.) Boards and committees. apostasy. The Larson article the dishonesty. Dear brothers and sisters May God be with us as a emphasizes that because of I refer you to the in the Church, may I plead Church. Shall we not press the "unsanctified attitudes" following quotation in full with you to consider together and help one of ministers in the Church, as given in the Larson seriously the unfortunate another toward the members should exercise article: wilful intent to mislead on Kingdom of Heaven? Christ their individual choice of "God desires to bring the part of unscrupulous is the Head of the Church. which ministries they men into direct relation with writers and speakers who When we know Him we should support with their Himself.... Every man has sanctimoniously criticize can trust that He will lead tithe and offerings. Those been a steward of sacred others of falsity and us personally and we can ministries are supposedly trusts; each is to discharge apostasy. The very things know that He will help His outside of the organized his trust according to the they accuse others of doing Church to fulfil its Divinely Church. direction of the Giver; and is clearly evident as their ordained purpose. MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 3 It Is Written/Destiny Merger by Gerry Karst D 0 I HAVE good efforts as of January 1, 1992. news for you! This will provide one The leaders of strong, dynamic program your church in Canada for Canada. along with the Board of 2. Mark Finley will be the Directors of the SDA main speaker for the Church in Canada, the It Is telecast, and Henry Written Foundation Board, Feyerabend will be his the Arts International Board, regular associate on the and the It Is Written In- program. Elder Feyerabend House Committee at the will do about 40 percent of Media Center in Thousand the sermons in Canada, Oaks, California are all in agreement. Mark Finley, the new It Is Written Speaker/Director Elect is in agreement. Henry Feyerabend and Mark Finley. Studying George Vandeman agrees. Glen Aufderhar, President Canadian Coverage Beginning January, 1992 Together of the Media Center enthusiastically agrees. CHCH HAMILTON (4,080,000 Viewers) Henry Feyerabend certainly CHAN VANCOUVER (2,452,000 Viewers) bk../ agrees, and Douglas CITV EDMONTON (1,547,000 Viewers) Devnich optimistically ATV ATLANTIC (1,499,000 Viewers) agrees! And here is what CFQC SASKATOON (290,000 Viewers) they all agree on. CKY WINNIPEG (853,000 Viewers) Television broadcasting of Note—CHCH in Hamilton, CHAN in Vancouver and CITV in • our unique gospel message Edmonton are CANCOM networks covering hundreds of must have as its primary communities across Canada through cable and repeater stations . goal, the salvation of souls A Read \ Reis:renec through strong and effective Here is the Cable Coverage for CanCom: Bible Handbook by evangelism in the field. The Alberta (53,845 Households) Mark Finley purpose of telecasting is to British Columbia (69,212 Households) enhance and strengthen the Manitoba (11,571 Households) evangelism which takes In appreciation for your New Brunswick (26,470 Households) place in our towns and donation, a beautiful Ready Newfoundland (55,284 Households) cities across Canada. Reference Bible Nova Scotia (81,639 Households) Now comes the plan Handbook, Studying North West Territories (6,825 Households) which all of the above Together will be sent to you Ontario (194,784 Households) mentioned groups and Prince Edward Island (12,629 Households) absolutely free. people have approved and Quebec (28,155 Households) are committed to. Saskatchewan (23,066 Households) Mail your donation to: 1. Since the economy is It Is Written/Destiny making it difficult to These coverages are separate from the regular channel coverage C/O ARTS International maintain two telecasts in areas. P.O. Box 4610 Canada, It Is Written and We also have plans to go back on the air in the Portuguese and London, Ontario Destiny are combining French languages as funds become available. N5W 5L7 4 MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 plus make the book offers the telecast. CANADIAN ADVENTIST and announcements on the In addition the program Canadian productions. will be aired on some new 3. The merger will provide powerful stations, three of funding to produce new which are carried by Volume 60, No. 12, December 1991, Oshazva, ON Canadian programs— CANCOM satellite to something we have not had remote areas of Canada. We June Polishuk/Editor for several years. will be switching from June Ulett-Culmore/Associate Editor Allan Colleran/Art Director This uniting of forces has Vision TV Cable Network to Robin Carbyl Associate Art Director exciting potential for regular broadcast stations in evangelism in Canada. Elder large centres with greater EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Feyerabend and Jerry potential for response. Gerry Karst, Marilyn Pazitka, June Polishuk, June Ulett-Culmore, James Fox Mayes, the program We need your prayers. manager, will both be And we need your strong CONFERENCE EDITORS conducting at least two and regular financial (cid:9) Donald King/Alberta David Crook/Newfoundland (cid:9) major evangelistic support. This is the time to Ken Wiebe/British Columbia Bryan Lee/Ontario campaigns per year. It is unite our efforts and set Mark Johnson/Manitoba-Saskatchewan Georges Hermans/Quebec planned that Mark Finley Canada ablaze with Bible Robert Schafer/Maritime will hold a major field truth. We are counting on school of Evangelism in you. This Issue Canada in conjunction with Global Mission Update President's Perspective D. Douglas Devnich (cid:9) 2 Global Mission is catching $1.00 each. It Is Written/Destiny Merger on everywhere. People all 3. Bibles in units of 100 at Gerry Karst (cid:9) 4 across Canada are excited $3.00 each. Up front: From Across Canada (cid:9) 6 about the wonderful 4. Church Hymnals in opportunities now before units of 25 at $10.00 each. ADRA Update: ADRA Reaches Out to a the church. 5. Communion sets which Hurting World Canada is focusing on: serve 100 at $125.00 each. Ralph S. Watts, Jr. (cid:9) 7 1. Evangelism in the 6. 1,760 Evangelistic Slides Ukraine for 22 sermons in Russian A New World Order OR The Same Old 2. Native Canadian or Ukraine language at Order Over Again? evangelism $450.00. Karnik Doukmetzian (cid:9) 8 3. French ministries in 7. Evangelism slide A Christmas Dream Canada projector with large screen A. UKRAINE PROJECT: at $950.00 per set. Kenneth C. Crawford (cid:9) 10 The SDA Church in Canada 8. New church buildings Health-Wise: Self Destruction on Protein has adopted the Ukraine at $50.00 per seat. (120 seat 14 Raymond 0. West, M.D. (cid:9) Union as a special mission church = $6,000.00.) A Message From Silent Mountain (cid:9) 23 project. Each Conference in Money for these projects Canada has been paired should be sent in through with a conference of similar your church to your PLUS size in the Ukraine. Then conference and on through each local church is being the organization to the Global Mission Update (cid:9) 3 paired with a local church Ukraine. The SDA Church A Report From Coordinated Ministries (cid:9) 11 in the Ukraine. This way in Canada is cooperating Canadian Union College (cid:9) 12 each congregation can have with the Southwestern and KC Korner (cid:9) 14 a specific mission focus. Mid-America Unions in this Conference News (cid:9) 15-22 You should begin project. Together we can Christian Record Offers 1992 Calendar (cid:9) 24 immediately to help with make a tremendous impact Births, Obituaries, Milestones, the following needs: on the Ukraine. Weddings, Ads (cid:9) 25-27 1. V.B.S. materials for Please pray for the doors Liberty Magazine (cid:9) 28 child evangelism in units of of opportunity to remain 50 at $3.00 each. (That's open. The Canadian Adventist MESSENGER is the official organ of the Seventh- $150.00) Next month we will report day Adventist Church in Canada. Issued monthly, annual subscription price 2. Revelation Seminar on plans for a thrilling in Canada $5.00. Out of union $10.00. Printed by Maracle Press Limited, Se- cond class mail registration number 0912. Address all enquiries to 1148 King Lessons in units of 100 at Native Peoples Ministry. Street East, Oshawa, Ontario L111 1H8.(cid:9) ISSN 0702-5084 MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 5 School in Salmon Arm, BC, serv- Sudbury Youth ed as its first teacher from 1981-87 Wins Award while the school was located in Tappen, BC. Rachel Jones, 15, oldest In addition to her interests in the daughter of Gail and Ron Jones of academic world, Dr. Ebenezer, a the Sudbury church, was third generation Seventh-day presented the McKenney Adventist, spends considerable Volunteer Youth Award for her volunteer time in conducting work in the Biosphere Exhibit area nutrition classes and Stop- of Science North on April 25, 1991. Smoking sessions for the com- The award is presented each munity. Bradley Boehner. year to a Science North Volunteer Dr. Ebenezer is married to Dr. Vancouver between the ages of 13 and 19. D.L. Ebenezer, CGA. Their only He also participated in the Member Accepts child—seventeen-year old son Maritime Camporee that was held Sudesh, who graduated with at Gros Morne, Newfoundland in University of honours from Vancouver's 1988. Bradley was baptized in the Manitoba University Hill Secondary School Halifax S.D.A. church on June 2, in June, is enrolled as a first-year 1989, and is a grade 9 student at Position student at the University of Sandy Lake Academy. Manitoba. Bradley has one sister, Milinda, who began Pathfinders last year. Halifax Boy To His father, Barry, is an active Pathfinder councilor and is a Rachel Jones Ride On Rose Deacon in the Halifax church. His Rachel's love of animals and en- Parade Float mother, Carolyn, is junior Sabbath thusiasm earned the praise of both School teacher. Bradley enjoys staff and visitors. She also received Bradley Boehner is 14 years old. camping and hiking, is an active a Volunteer Service Award For He was dedicated on December 2, bird watcher with his family, and Youth from the Ministry of 1977 when his parents, Carolyn is an avid sports fan. Bradley looks Culture and Communications and and Barry, were baptized in the forward to being on the Pathfinder the Ministry of Citizenship. Tantallon S.D.A. Church. Bradley float in the Rose Bowl Parade and We are proud of Rachel Jones. began Pathfinders in 1986 and at making new friends there. He is the end of 1990/91 Pathfinder year also excited at the prospects of Herb Sormin, pastor has completed the Explorer level. meeting Dr. Ben Carson. Sudbury S.D.A. Church Alternative Financial Strategies Seminar Dr. Jazlin V. Ebenezer, a Fun(d) Raising member of the Vancouver Central SDA Church in British Columbia, has accepted the position of Assis- The very first Fund Raising Murray, who has become Saskatchewan Conference and tant Professor in the Faculty of Seminar resulting from the renowed for his philanthropic other guests from B.C. and Education at The University of process of Project Affirmation, endeavours took time to be Alberta. Now these people are Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, was conducted in Saskatoon, with the group on the sensitive to the unique gift of commencing with the 1991/92 Saskatchewan. The Seminar weekend. philanthropy and will be using year. She teaches Science Cur- was produced and conducted About twenty seven people the techniques for the gather- riculum and Instruction, super- by Carolyn Osmond and were trained including all the ing of funds to finish God's vises science preservice teachers Luanne Wolfe. Dr. Milton teachers of the Manitoba/ work. and graduate students, and carries out research in science education. Her research projects include: students' conceptions of physical phenomena, teacher develop- ment/change, and multimedia in science education. Dr. Ebenezer has been also accepted as a member of the faculty-based Ph. D. in education program. The 1991 Spring Convocation ceremonies at the University of British Columbia saw Mrs. Ebenezer receive her doctorate in science education. Her research project was guided by Professor Here is the group who attended the fund raising seminar. Front row: Lou Williams, Pastor John Adams, Gaalen L. Erickson, an interna- Daniel McGuire, Pastor Richard Sylvester, Ian Pong, Dean Kettner. Second row: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Man- tionally acclaimed science chur, Carol Foulston, Carolyn Osmond, Milton Murray, Luanne Wolfe, Dawn Lund, Laurelee Cotton, Karyl educator. Elliott, Shirley Sackett, Lee Patterson. Back row: Joyce Williams, Claudette Lawrence, Gloria Radomsky, Dr. Ebenezer—the founder of Janice Saliba, Ardyn Kay, Bernard Skoretz, Hilde Tataryn, Victor Fitch, Henry Welch, Elsie Mason, Bob Shuswap Seventh-day Adventist Tetz, Charlene Dubyna, Lawrence Brock, Janet Brock. 6 MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 111(cid:9) WAIN- II IA 17111 II Al— madasamimialiwisiaaam lives destroyed just the More than 1,250 tons of Adventist Development and same. food was sent to people in Relief Agency, Canada A recent disaster that did need. That amount helped make headlines was nearly 30,000 families or Typhoon Thelma that struck about 65,000 people. The by Ralph S. Watts, Jr., the Philippines in Soviet Union again faces President, ADRA International November. Flashfloods and hunger this winter, and mudslides caused by the ADRA is making plans to ADRA Reaches Out to a Hurting World tropical storm killed an send more food. estimated 7,000 people and Though I could go on Report Given to the ADRA, Canada destroyed tens of thousands forever on the exciting Constituency Meeting — November 15, 1991 of homes. projects that ADRA has This disaster is the latest been involved with this in a series of natural year, I would just like to calamities to hit the mention one more—child Philippines in recent survival. months. An earthquake in Every day 40,000 children July 1990 caused almost die from diseases related to 1,700 deaths, and the poverty and malnutrition. volcanic eruption of Mount Diseases that can be Pinatubo in June of this prevented! Here at ADRA, year killed 700 people. we've made a commitment ADRA has responded to to helping mothers and each of these disasters with children. They are the clothing, food, medicines, primary beneficiaries in on and tents and tarpaulins for about three-quarters of our ders emergency shelter. As long projects. Anarry AasD thReA n ceoendtsi ncuoenst itnou see, nd suArvDivRaAl p srpoojencstosr sth crhoiuldg hout H by help. the world. Just this fall, we n Illustratio hoTwheev reorl,e g oofe As DfaRr Abe, yond sIntadrotende stiwa,o a mndo roen. eO inne in responding to disasters. Nicaragua. In Indonesia, A man once asked Mother sick and anyone who ADRA works with the where official reports Teresa, "How do you needed help. His example world's poorest people to estimate that deaths among expect to feed these millions sets a clear precedent for build self-reliance in the infants and children account of starving people here in Christians, today. We, too, individual and the for almost half the India? and how can you must reach out to the sick, community. ADRA does mortalities in certain house or give medical care the poor, the oppressed. this through a wide range regions, ADRA is working to all those in need?" The world today is of activities which lead to to improve the health of Mother Teresa replied, hurting. It is plagued by improved health, economic pregnant and nursing "My Master, never told me disaster. People are hungry and social well-being. women and children under to feed or clothe or house and homeless. Everywhere Another exciting one. these millions. He never we turn we hear cries for development for ADRA this There are great challenges told me to provide medical help. year was the ability to send to reaching the poor in the care for the masses. He told This year alone ADRA has help to the impoverished 1990s. Strides have been me to feed just one. He told responded to the emergency Eastern European country of made in many areas, but me to clothe just one. He needs of the Kurdish Albania. ADRA is the first there are millions who still told me to give just one a population in Turkey and humanitarian agency to sign need a chance. We cannot place to sleep on a cold Iraq, earthquake victims in a working agreement with ignore the needs or make night. And so that's what I India, victims of the terrible Albania. The contract allows them someone else's do. And when that one is cyclone in Bangladesh, and ADRA to work in the problem. cared for, if there is one Filipinos who lost their country, open an office, and If we use Jesus as our more in need and I have the livelihoods following the hire a country director. example, we can't help but resources to give, I will feed volcanic eruption of Mount ADRA has already sent do all we can to reach the or clothe or provide shelter Pinatubo. more than three tons of people—His children—who for just one more. That is And that's just the tip of medical supplies, clothing, so desperately need our what the Jesus I serve asks the iceberg. For every food, and school books, and help. Jesus says in Matthew of me." disaster that makes the more shipments are being 19, "if you have done it The Jesus we read about morning headlines, ADRA planned. unto one of the least of in the Gospels was a poor responds to others which ADRA also helped people these you have done it unto man who spent most of His aren't mentioned in the in the Soviet Union survive me." These children are the time helping the poor, the press, but leave countless last year's difficult winter. least. MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 7 A New World Order OR The Same Old Order Over Again? Karnik Doukmetzian Director of Legal and Public Affairs, Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Canada WORLD order, will it now be of EVENTS the "new" order? during this In the December 9, past year have so 1991 edition of TIME significantly altered the magazine, the cover read state of affairs and "America struggles to redrawn map lines that bring back God". The what was considered article goes on to discuss untouchable and "America's Holy War" unquestionable has and to comment that deteriorated to an "U.S. courts have fenced unrecognizable state. The religion out of public life, dynasty envisioned by but believers who think Lenin and his followers the judges have gone too just like Hitler and his far are fighting to bring followers has come apart God back." The conflict, at the seams. One by one the authors point out, the countries which were goes to the very heart of extorted together to form America's identity in that this behemoth are using it is about the clash of their new found freedom rights and to break apart the bonds responsibilities. which confined them. At issue is the past But as one ideological trend by the Supreme side gets weaker, the Court to limit what other must get stronger. government can or can't With the virtual collapse do when it comes to of the Soviet Union and religion. The underlying the victorious emergence news of these fervent protector of principle being that of the United States from developments warms our religious freedoms government cannot the Gulf War, it has hearts and gives us a transforms itself? As promote either a become evident in the sense of peace, on the individual religious particular faith or religion minds of the leaders of other it raises an even freedoms are slowly in general. However the United States, that it greater sense of alarm. eliminated in favour of a those arguing in favour has become the As students of Bible more collective voice, as of more government undisputed superpower prophecy, we know that the United States involvement have stated and world leader in a the events foretold in the becomes a "Christian that "by isolating God "new world order". book of Revelation are America", intolerance of from public life, the 5 With no challengers to its still to come and with individual freedoms in courts have replaced might and influence the astounding accuracy the favour of collective freedom of religion with United States can in their events are unfolding. thought and belief will freedom from religion". opinion, lead the world How is it that the prevail. Collective This they say was never 0 to "ongoing peace". United States, the thought was the hallmark what the framers of the While on the one hand bastion of liberty and the of the "old" Soviet Bill of Rights had 8 MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 envisioned. upon which commerce "new world order". that while we proclaim And so the battle would cease. This would "Behold" He said, "I our rights and demand continues with the be good for families (a make all things new" guarantees, others have Supreme Court of the promotion of religious (Revelation 21:5). Before similar rights and we United States poised to groups wanting Sunday God establishes His ought not to inflict our weaken the religious to remain a "holy" day) eternal new order, we own prejudice and liberty clauses of the Bill and workers (labour know that man's new persecution upon others of Rights, striking down union supported to order must be who do not share our inch by inch the wall that protect the workers). As established. The beliefs. separates church and one author noted astonishing speed of As the Liberty state. recently the NDP "aims changing world events promotion period Canada is not free from to all but forbid Sunday over the past few months approaches, please this trend. While our shopping, in spite of should convince us all remember that it is courts have in recent public longing for it. that "the final through your years been very And, by obstinately movements will be rapid commitment to send accommodating towards clinging to a 'common ones". Liberty magazine that the rights of individuals, pause day' rationale, "In anticipation for thought leaders across these quasi-socialists in those final movements this country have been power reveal both their we must however be reached. Your ongoing churchy, preachy roots vigilant. Religious liberty commitment is a ministry We ought not to and their indebtedness to itself is a part of God's of love, a commitment to the union cabal." new order. It speaks of spreading the gospel of Before the legislation the freedom He gives us religious liberty to those take for granted was introduced however, to accept Him or reject who otherwise we might the government relented Him. Religious liberty is not have contact with or the rights and to pressure from business a dimension of love, a means to approach. and allowed for the which does not coerce, Please remember to stores to open for sales does not persecute, does support this ministry on freedoms we on Sundays during the not demand conformity." the 1st of February. month of December. If it We must ever be mindful is not acceptable during currently enjoy. the rest of the year, why is it acceptable during TOTAL HEALTH December? The LIFESTYLE government's action only we only need to look accentuates the fact that PROGRAM south of the border to change due to political IN HAWAII see how quickly trends urgency can be made can change. As new regardless of the cost. A JANUARY 1992 judges are appointed, Solomonian compromise? Picture yourself this they come with their Hardly. The government January relaxing in a preconceived notions and was simply doing what it luxurious condominium on agendas bringing with thought to be "politically the Kona Coast; exercising them change. We ought correct". One wonders on warm, sunny beaches; cared for by Total Health's not to take for granted what other of its highly professional staff; listening to informative and the rights and freedoms principles governments fascinating lectures; learning to prepare delicious, we currently enjoy. will compromise if wholesome food that literally flashes with flavor; In Ontario, the NDP deemed to be "politically pampered with hydrotherapy and massage, and much government in re- correct". Individual more. introducing "Sunday freedoms? Religious shopping legislation" freedoms? The right to All for not much more than what it costs at the home attempted to make it worship as one chooses? facility in Yakima, Washington quite clear that a While we need to be where regular programs "common pause day" disturbed by these are offered all year. being advocated in the developments, we must Call today for information. legislation was good for also take comfort that LIFESTYLE CENTER 1-800-348-0120 all Ontarians. It would God, the creator of the P.O. Box 5 • Yakima, WA 98907 provide a common day universe, is planning a Visa and MasterCard accepted MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991 9 Kenneth C. Crawford Community Service Director, Alberta Conference of Seventh-day Adventists world. I had met Albert on pleading face shone pale in several occasions as he went the weak beam of my door to door, speaking to flashlight. people of their need of a "Albert, I'm not the Saviour and giving out dog police, I'm one of the see the faint eared pieces of literature. pastors here in town. What ople inside. Albert, though considered a are you doing in this van? ange", I thought derelict himself, was known You'll freeze to death." As I ye by, "why would far and wide for his stood shivering in the cold. G people in that kindness to those in need. I listened to Albert's story. fly cold parked van? It looks like it Stories of his compassion "We were staying in an e, has not moved for weeks." and Christian love had old, abandoned apartment through my suit as I As I continued on my way, flowed around the clerical across town all fall," he quickly jumped into my I couldn't get the picture of circles. He had become explained," but we took a idling car. It had been a that van out of my mind, it somewhat of a Mother fellow in who was down on hard day and I was bone seemed that the Holy Spirit Teresa to anyone in need. his luck, to stay with us. tired, tired of this thankless was speaking to my mind. "Albert!" I exclaimed, Everything worked fine for job, tired of church "Go back and see who is in "what are you doing in a while but he moved some leadership. the vehicle." here in this van?" As I of his friends in. They had As I drove I was asking I finally wheeled around shone my flashlight into the no other place to go so we myself questions that I in the snowy street and van I could see the let them have the place. We could not answer. "Why are drove back to the van. As I frightened face of a young moved out, and I didn't our people so Laodicean? got out of my vehicle and woman bundled in old have any money so the why do they seem to care approached the driver's clothes and two small Lord provided this van for only about those they want door, I could see the children also bundled up in us. The Lord is good, isn't to care about? and why is it occupants inside crouch old rags. Far back in the He, my brother?" always the job of the pastor down quickly. I rapped frosty interior of the van, I evaded the obvious to be the one who cares smartly on the driver's the beam of my flashlight answer and Albert went on. about everyone." "And I door. The window rolled came upon the startled face "We do quite well in here, do," I thought. "Why can't down a notch and a of an older woman, with a we have warm blankets and the saints see people frightened face appeared. It drawn face who looked we eat one good meal a day through my eyes?" was Albert. Albert was a much like Albert. at the soup kitchen. Tonight Driving through the slums well-known face in our city. "Sir," Albert began to we are going to celebrate. It of town, I noticed a van Some called him a religious explain hastily, "we aren't is Christmas and we are parked in a nearby lot. It fanatic, others said that he bothering anyone. We will going over to that hall next was covered with snow, yet was one of the true move if we are being a door and have a little family the windows were steamed Christians remaining in this bother to you." Albert's party. It's warm in there 10 MESSENGER/DECEMBER 1991

of Spiritual Emphasis in a local church and .. Bradley began Pathfinders in 1986 and at the end of 1990/91 Pathfinder year has completed cyclone in Bangladesh, and. Filipinos who .. seemed that the Holy Spirit was speaking
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