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Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security PDF

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Cover Page: 1 Front Matter Page: 2 Part I. Climate and Agricultural Productivity for Availability Page: 8 1. Agriculture, Food, and Nutritional Security: An Overview Page: 9 2. A Composite Assessment of Agricultural Drought Susceptibility Using Analytic Hierarchy Process: Case Study of Western Region of West Bengal Page: 15 3. Impact of Microclimate on Agriculture in India: Transformation and Adaptation Page: 25 4. Characterization of Spatial Variability of Soil Properties of Malda District in West Bengal, India Page: 36 5. Land Suitability Evaluation for Agricultural Crops in Selected Blocks of South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal Page: 43 Part II. Changes of Cropping Pattern and Food Security Page: 51 6. Levels of Agriculture Development and Estimated Growth and Pattern of Area, Production and Yield of Major Crops in Selected Region of Uttar Pradesh Page: 52 7. Household Analysis of Crop Diversification and Socioeconomic Classifications of Agriculture Practitioner Page: 64 8. Assessment of Food Security Using Geospatial Techniques in Rural India: A Study from Koch Bihar, West Bengal Page: 69 9. Problems and Prospects of Food Security in India Page: 75 10. Dietary Diversity Is Associated with Child Nutrition and Food Security Status: Empirical Evidence from Rural India Page: 88 11. Resource Availability and Socio-economic Profile of Scheduled Caste (SC) Community in Agrarian Society: Approach Towards Sustainability Page: 96 Part III. Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security Page: 109 12. Understanding the Multidimensions of Food and Nutrition Security in Odisha: An Integrated Approach of Availability, Accessibility, and Utilization Page: 110 13. Determinants of Childhood Stunting in India: Comparative Evidence from Bihar Page: 117 14. Sibling Effect on Intra-household Child Malnutrition in India: An Analysis Among Different Sociodemographic Groups from the National Family Health Survey Page: 127 15. Does Immunization Coverage Influence on Childhood Dual Burden of Malnutrition in India? What Does Demographic Health Survey Tell? Page: 133 Back Matter Page: 139

This volume provides an interdisciplinary collection of studies that cover the trends and issues related to agricultural productivity and availability, food and nutrition security, and sustainability in India. The book discusses a broad range of vital issues concerning the production and consumption of food during the era of climate change, and has been prepared to generate awareness of these issues in a large agricultural economy to shed light on new perspectives and solutions to achieve sustainable food production and security in India. The book is organized into three major sections: Climate and Agricultural Productivity for Availability, Changes and Trends in Cropping Patterns and Food Security, and Food and Nutrition Security for Sustainable Development. The book will be of interest to students, researchers, policymakers, and other inquisitive readers interested in different aspects of agriculture, food and nutrition security, and sustainable development.
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