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Preview transistorized light-beam audio transmitter - American Radio History

TRANSISTORIZED LIGHT-BEAM AUDIO TRANSMITTER JUNE 1955 N 35 CENTS TE EV In U. S. and Canada E' 1 S World's leading Electronics Magazine THIS ISSUE WHY THE NARTB CURVE FOR MAGNETIC TAPE? THE SCIENCE OF ULTRASONICS ID. C. TELEVISION INSTALLATIONS ONE TRANSMITTER FOR RADIO CONT R. F. POWER AMPL MULTIPLE RECORDING WITH A SINGLE RECORDER THE "REBEL 5" WHEN SHOULD YOU PULL A CHASSIS? "SOUPED-UP VIKING I" HELICOPTER COMMUNICATIONS ON 2 METERSI* o3u0 e CNV11bOd (See Page 64) IS 31VA N kn.9 AHS9Vi 13nAvs www.americanradiohistory.com IS "eAYTNEOH on pays a 100" If you are interested in increasing your Radio & TV Service business and profits 10% or more call the Raytheon Tube Distributor in your area right now. Ask him to tell you how the Raytheon Bond gives you a national backing of your 90 day guarantee, increases customer confidence in you and your shop. 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Raytheon makes Receiving and Picture Tubes Reliable Subminiature and Miniature Tubes ' all theses Semiconductor Diodes and Transistors Nucleonic Tubes Micros ave Tubes exeellence r`ss 1`v°lectionsias www.americanradiohistory.com BE A RADIO- TELEVISION TECHNICIAN America's past Growing Industry Offers You a Bright Future 1 Will Train You at Home in Spare Time for Good Paying Jobs in J. E. SMITH, President, National Radio Institute, h Rasd iotr -aTineledv ismionre thmaen afnoyr RADIO -TELEVISION other man. Our 40th Year. I Trained These Men America's Fast Growing Industry Offers You Extra Money in Spare Time et. a"Fveoruarg emd o$1n0th tso a$f1t5e ra ewnereokll isnegrv i.c.-. GOOD PAY- BRIGHT FUTURE - SECURITY Wfinuglel y -sdteietms, Bein r obsopukaslriyenn e,t siNms.e "w. - WNYooiwrlkl ih. aamve PTrEaRinFinEgC PTL UCSO MopBpoINrtuAnTitIyO Nis tfhoer iplrliunsctirpalteesd yolue snsoeends , agnivde m yo suk illbfauslilcy " raIdni oCa h iseyhf eoTaper.c hNIn icRoiapIn e tnwreaitdihn iLmnagyrg e qfuSulhalo -lpitfi miede jtmoimbak eesss e cautrhreie ty g, oBoEadd,T vTathEnecR e mtreaPniAnt.Ye d, Wmgheeatns dliefev"e ltohpiendg s ykoitus leoafr n pfarortms th"eb rleinssgo ntso. WR"vCm-mMPihCeydai . eAeyra ofrs eG uRcnIc.poc nacVloBodsDeoisintdsrioreeos t-"wntueoe riIWpgoao oclm aretnCtnrtl odnvok,d om j ej,nQi r u esct eurawTyMsciLd ioniontdotVlu F oig .nadeut rJu ipEh ld oIirnwvi Snub Ka seeg goemnotvteiolrore nwciWrn v knlewxh leqSeie edeticr Ntaf,ub,n,oa u oae rriogi lCmBn tNKnl ol gioNOTay.mtakn intw . omsct ay.nhY.wtoi"l " einile f.smBj . n o ureaIbsi tig nilcho,ea lstvnoOs.e dch kImi'd.om"4oy ShrAh2AbtCRehaTG0ourtloDcadaila0mn lghdEnit oDdoihinte rohrsLTs t ieon, ci vTfesdETsieaua ledae svenEtnrngaV luve.de dLds inirv ,JIsdEem 1ieSiwots o31Vo hoi fpi50noIioerunIbte O0 neSr hptmr0 etIsao smoNOritsutluteto,RoaloeatNsn i r otn oalTtsid. Pin dngio, enews g inolgreoter h2 son ovoj5 oMd gowi mBcsi.obsqnpiomnernesoueano p gnaeiytasaal l rok tl idenisirhf s.ocrndauy si eerabnop ne.cN asiw ritagtltOdivgiaTou,yglint WiycnyteVrg ao e.r , yhAMPtSmTshtoeoSReEnaoeluwul prta OeCl aeti vt s rm MUiWtritaptoaostoeipesfR i On s oecsoSfcteIunitTiereaaoxhTdr tskrE leaoe Yh ts n mDrnb yebatE oyito. aiens ontxubnt W okutNi tef tenr labhnehraeRgMsue natet sif I.jntliai oF hdstd y kjIti ai t ohnxosteryswbhfg ayia n tsGstaoiay$m gtn taurhoRso 1i rtyr uhnfye E 0 S osp oglR,Asewfeieau fcnanr$et T amdstr.y1rcs Eoi co5 ainoallReuln ng yI.-, WwipFytoavtInoaoh 'uiorilgkh Ssna lgiuli. eatuctde ohrhBs tcta n . eIiomNc vOcetm,noueM eaydRtstputy ltges y hpeI tl ioae olvtioAgr6cnsbrxnme rar o4 lp btsaRi auePA-e gndopbr nariaiascuoimaudoinettragyiugtni. opnt e e gta ceT -Ygo s ileisTb svk h r.o oy teLi iauatsolpYiM sern enu kure sov lTtapa, se I u ic odie asRin"f tylnorifsadiH oanuoc ictaodn rCtuaeotnaongi'slrw;doyot, i, ' t s s-j ap u WhoThtewhbrohpoba oeoaoo amarfo wlvbnouyterynoes-r,-t send helps you discover and correct in your spare time on terms as low as You Practice Broadcasting -Servicing ftrixoiunbg lense, ighebloprss ' ysoeuts min akspe arem otinmeye m$5a ka em moonrteh .t hMana nthye otfo mtayl cgorsatd ouf amteys while training. Many NRI students training in just two weeks. Mail with Kits of Parts I Send make $10, $15 a week extra this way coupon below now to J. E. SMITH, ._ 4.' vNtsprpirasoaeitconhtiniainc.nl glagSyl htideosaex wkvpbeneeas lrsoa ieetpdh nel eced efo kt pn iol itassn lc etehoca feiro rn pfcli ouanwprigtr saE bcywctyoio cuemaD rlu m OBseeoIrx Nontpoa Get drob.ic euanbMislctodieynt .h e g q TtrRuTahiairpandamtini'nsose g mn watni hitadnytne c dTrlNu yegdlRoeu-Ist eMYnocyue tbtrreaaniinneifinnitgg b myis emnp rya tc4 th0ioc yamle,ea .r csMo' meyx pwpleetrleil-. PtDu rteeCs,i .d OeDnuetrp, t4. 0N5thaF tEYio enaar.l WRaashdinog tIonns t9i-, build as part of my Corn - munications Course. Also shown is modern Radio ySeybcoqoeuruovp irkpisoc b mnitunot.ei eg lnldA kltC se lyla eo ospuae u.rb qs poubeau.iu rpitMlm doy.eo f nM tfhtmr aeiyesrl MN( NNRaaotm.i i loJ se.nma alEel. smSSRaMamndIT ipoHwl e, Ii nlPlLs rcteiastsusliltod.e ne,Pn altW,en adaDs seh6 p4witn -. rgpi5tatoeFgn Ee p 9lBa, ionDol.ky ,.C ). F RAEgEe. falSkou'4'Bgee ss AVAILABLE TO Address..._ TrvSd1 VETERANS City Zone State UNDER GI BILLS VETSWorifT deis cihna drgoets. RC mAheinDctaI,O go O &Ut 1tna,i TwoEInal L.l .cE oCVuEaInSnntIartOedieraNes, d $aN4sEa .s5Ws 0 Ss;c e caniosl,l nl -dpoc u-ltahchslelaçirs. csh foemadre fatiegtmtrne.o rcn otJShuuUlnylByt r SibeC2ys1R .I $ZP5iT1f.fI09- OD408N.a ,v isRPa Ato PTstutEhmbSel :ai ssPhtRoeinsartd-g P i oOl eCfaf&oiscm ee .p TarenetCylue,h rvinicWs aiguoilonli.d a emNIllie lvw..eB sr .u-e odnZn diefcfro , pytiheCeash r uaaiUnrcd.mt eaorSn f. fMoaornfamd rc t3hhp 5eo8 3s9s,B e os1taso8ri od76n 94s. ( , E1A.9a n4uLd8tah .k oC1er9 ai5znSe3at.d),, a Cbay$ht 4 icP.0a6og04so; t EP1O.,a rrnIiL cl-ieaA. k mDe eerpSicatra.,tn - June. 1955 3 www.americanradiohistory.com 1 OLEIVdEitRo r RaEnAd DA, sDst.S cP.,u bWliisEhTeIr o I ® oi Managing Editor ird[ in radio- WM. A. STOCKLIN, B. S. TE Li I o Technical Editor te eviiton -aui/io - efecfronicd NEWS H. S. R SEeNrvNicEe, EMd.i toS.r AveraRgaedi oN Nete wPs aTirda deCmiracrku lRaetigo. nU . 24S6. ,P1a1t9. Office Television News Trademark Reg. U. S. RPeagt.; OUf.f icSe.. Pat. Offs. CHARLES TEPFER Associate Editor P. B. HOEFER CONTENTS JUNE, 1955 Assistant Editor J. JUSTER A Transistorized Light -Beam Audio Transmitter Television Consultant G. B. Tiffany & Nathan O. Sokal 35 WALTER H. BUCHSBAUM Test Points on 1955 Du Mont TV Sets Teleset Service Department 38 FRANKA rSt AEYdLiEtoSr Why the NARTB Curve for Magnetic Tape? W. E. Stewart 40 Draftsmen Inexpensive R. F. Wattmeter R. A. Thomason 42 A. A T. . GAA. NGSO, LWA2NTESKP D. C. Television Installations Walter H. Buchsbaum 43 Advertising Director The "Rebel 5" Jay Carver 46 L. L. OSTEN The Science of Ultrasonics 48 MAUdRveRrAtiYsi nGgO MLDanMaAgNer When Should You Pull a Chassis? Art Margolis 50 Midwest Adv. Manager A Bandpass R.F. Power Amplifier Richard Graham, W2PD1 52 JOHN A. RONAN, JR. Distortion /Power Adapter Allan M. Ferres 55 Wester JnO HAdNv .E .M PaAnaYgNeEr Controls for Your TV Receiver (Part 2) Esmond E. Johnson 56 All- Channel, All -Wave Antenna Joseph Marshall 58 Certified Record Revue Bert Whyte 60 Multiple Recording with a Single Recorder Jack Thornton 61 Tone Transmitter for Radio Control E. L. Safford, Jr. 62 Helicopter Communications on 21/3 Meters Richard A. Girvin 64 The "Souped -Up Viking I" Joseph W. Semkow, W7IIP 66 The "Midgetape" 70 Mac's Radio Service Shop John T. Frye 72 "Over- The -Horizon" Transmission 86 Short- Circuit Protection for Meters P. Koustas 90 "Operation Starling" Milton H. Crothers 96 Harmonic Canceler Amplifier Phillip W. Lee 98 New TV Grants Since Freeze Lift 110 C wOaVysE,R a PhHeOliTcoOp: terL ofse edAern gleinlees, cAooir- Denver DX Contest Winners 132 sdeincoatneds ittism mianngy bopye ruatsioings wtiwtho -swplaiyt- Radio -TV Service Industry News 138 radio in its heliports and helicopters. (Ektachrome by Peter J. Sumerjan) DEPARTMENTS ZIFF- NG PAé1Y For the Record The Editor 8 What's New in Radio 102 Presrdant; Spot Radio News 16 Sales Aids 114 Within the Industry 24 Technical Books 116 Vice-Presiderss New Audio Equipment 78 Manufacturers' Literature 126 COPYRIGHT 1955 (All Rights Reserved) ZIFF-DAVIS PUBLISHING COMPANY WILLIAM B. ZIFF (1898 -1953) FOUNDER Circulation Maná 36 V6O EMLdUaitMdoirEsioa ln5 3aA nvde ., ENxeecwu tiYvoeNr kUO Mf1fB7i,cE eNRs . 6Y . AuCdiMirt ceuBmluabrteieoaru n so f L taSCninUaoOadnknBiN ealsS ebT eCd.lRoaSe Rnt I.tBd,Itac Pe UaCsTrtrtTheIhaOveI,in Oc iNtbsaN'Sig uoeSo tnwS : rw stiE cehg1 CReYl,ihl aps oVotr t1snaeraI1.mktsC n ]r . n ciEaEtnbegi:deut .caS lwiteezAtouos-A i,rln esrlbs]aie na. as r ncclaypad olr soh eiOmtsbo soiufnemit famonirtdcmusegev snr e,siahe aise ncsonetindat£ duo t t l ihidpdontmeroro ne a aussaswrsrls npeleitidnqo cnt ablunwogeiteisns,onr i cace b aetaemetwi crnhrl ciMne ietcolniyla onma td psmgbpdfty oeara rsoenoft ufosceif tes bourh tdinrsthae hl csaliweri sbrbdii yapere cesp tlrri akceuomefesdfbtne rpu alotstiyfarn emcons.uda r S stAppahiccaoa norhnrniyrusdatpet .l n a dtcocgswg eof ePen bapi .lnaety lh o dy fie mCa sba csdeaiomecul dnlnemudartpt rest ratiesocetebdrsrofsdue aietsa t itd.iheil io a osrinst spnt I osusnO umar.c lcbuCwlarhju iegCardlacalcsoe utzue nhtildryhntaetr. roe ote ii .bnrho w'utans t,n hi rodoalcDldnttoee esdvns pa etstdrW.rhui,d bopariuoted6hnlst4a dos pr r at'basEacee,-s-.- RADIO & TELEVISION NEWS 4 www.americanradiohistory.com Work with and keep all of this practical, commercial type equipment "YOU LEARN S j WDO ING!D R .ETIS. UGELTSS ! -- 4 13;(.1: s NEW B 2u t oUilmdn itar n sdV a(Stvaeetl iPo t nirda. ei(n1ai3ln .1gf.o1 r. K acitlushso -- offers TV set.) 4 4 t . " r p 4 C 'ti` A C , á 44k Teledv3sis oiof n4g,o o d4 joi0ab s ;E lectronaicrsiOsm, nohgmna eso yd,ec rencas, pteetdhoc ont,r lyop uohgsahid-de , t ticr Ya n°inu;li?on bgNs. oY p°oeubVhm noRavOYetYo c TslhestreapabpveOi npeceiSi na bd go r eirnonatelo l;lE rgmat°+in podnlo rgeyYemdt etthtnoreta qfinuuilinlt gY o°ruYe- p qérueiñsre dnt.o o45u t prefeérrbede. lY trainingg Patents applied home NE.441 effective cs mai'n glY MOVIES STYRENE ISIOR 100 OWNr eHmOaMrkaEb le feature S S aP dEig WmE a lrea pNOEpogartlaDmEr:yrkIcno S WR tp-mi ubbc lOanLÿay ctd°E -ldo-e WdeWLtAoe aroa1A ixRxil in rpnpBiNFgnigec*o Ig. r.tN TiWipol eolroGrnavoiI\wadc e a tele r . . cldtT 3ehtoi s-gder_ -ke- t svwctiosomhpipeoiobl ePe nu w- esi-yuylayfdo e5si'le . vVueum re^ar - ov rtcaYseisu cPma°atukiuR tnremio lEgnp en F.o p gYElr otocR oeHrtbchtReusiegeota E ut° n dDPfVaibu yn,Ìl oein seyittnl liosotot mb t° vou omb+rle.on Sm) amtr deoelkaeae reyl al ts s -ben ^ ue- bgá aiemli tdgt e- n Movies aro f leatoemhnfYa deh owcf e mihulpotYm P anf aoT0i sdslm punm 1pe.wsr ay oroSlauRfako iujnseunwyler t nctseo aGl. st y e foiaotedc ler sfatr f n ys tt ohs -e One F oorfe mAomste rTiecólee svn isteiorsn inVsgau lbuPjeaicbt luetr oe idnm foilritmarayt ioenr yf aicre . ftuhallt t aosctlot-oc uclrpeleyoa!anr r. S end in Training I- 89 WTAOY S EARN MONEY DEVRY TECHNICAL INSTITUTE IN TIIIVISIOR 4141 Belmont Ave., Chicago 41, III. Dept. RN -6-I. ILICRTARDOIROI CS I T ewleovuisldio nl i-kRea dc io-m Eplleectetr ofnaictss. including "89 Ways to EARN MONEY in Name Age DEVRY TECHNICAL INSTITUTE FORMERLY Street Apt DEFOREST'S TRAINING, INC. City Zone State CHICAGO 41, ILLINOIS 2 D.T.I's training is available in Canada. L_ J June, 1955 5 www.americanradiohistory.com MODEL TR-11 .? MODEL TR-12 the MOST COMPLETE LINE MODE T: CDR ROTORS I, SPA2PEST 4uo4nlie,1ako't, with the GREATEST TURNING POWER Here is everything anyone - distributor ... dealer . serviceman - could ask for in rotors ... all in the ONE line ...the CDR ROTOR LINE! A model for every need... ALL FIELD TESTED AND PROVEN to be dependable and Superior in every respect! R-Q1-.o-4 for you to millions every week with regular announcements in every leading rotor market across the nation. CORNELL-DUBILIER THE RADZART CORP. SOUTH PLAINFIELD. N. J. 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See pictures of HOW' ro IF k nYoOwU bHasAicV REa dsioom -Te eRleavdiisoio no r pTrienlceivpilseiso nb uetx plaecrike necxep,e orri einf cye o-u epqraucitpimcee. nJt udsugpep lfioerd ,y oruearsde lfw hwaht etyhoeur "R"-I':-A-_H._ THE iNtonR vgi oFt aspt ilnoaencwe s tPoinr o gTfeVts s iaso enrfvarlie ceTi negcloe. vpTiyhs ioso nfa Sdoevurerv ritcbisoneogmk cleontu t rwise h yicoahnu rt drpeaesirncsr oiybnoeausl tibchitnsiog n. t rat\o\i n eir negabc ehlwi eivltlhe e f uitro tphw eirln l . yToWVur e s eabrmve- IiN TV this training in detail. lieve many of tomorrows top TV SERVICING This iLs E10A0%R Nle a-rBn Y-by --D doOinIgN, pGra cticAalL tLra inTinHg.E W eW supAplYy "a ll the tvsreoarlivnieicsne gmn. eon M owbaliillgli anbtgieo ngt.h raed ucaoteusp oonf thinis- ; p qpcuroraeimchktpeilcnoyesn..i e vYneYto soum, u aas lenll euet auahrlbosnew sch ,o voivwanerc irolieanuxdgspi nedagre t fsateh c1odt7rsi oa- iguanfngcfohes clyept itcpThtleVua rn pener ertufcdoeb riepvm,re oarg nrdcae mcf oeo fcm otas-f t- N16atht ioannda lU RSatsd.i, oN I.Wns.,t iWtuatseh,i nDgteopnt .9 , 5DF. 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You get actual experience aligning TV receivers, diagnosing Name Age the causes of complaints from scope patterns, eliminating inter- f seigrennacl,e ,o butsaiinngin gg emrmaxainmium bcrriygshttanlse sst oa nrde cdteiffyin itihoen TbyV prpoipcteurlrye Address adjusting the ion trap and centering magnets, etc. Theré isn't trhoeo mse rovni ctinhgis eoxr pevrieenn csee vyeorua l gpeat.g es of this magazine to list all L City Zone State J June. 1955 7 www.americanradiohistory.com B Y T H E E D I T O R RADAR AND NAVIGATIONAL AIDS NEW, and many times startling, ap- its screen, a picture that reveals plications for electronics are becom- "fronts" and thunder storms many ing daily headlines as this industry miles ahead. Dangerous turbulence, continues its more -than -rapid develop- present in those areas, is bypassed by ment of color television, communica- the pilot. The device supplies informa- tions, industrial electronics, and im- tion on the distance and the location proved navigational aids. of the "weather" as well as the sever- Radar devices of all shapes and ity or intensity of a storm center. sizes are finding new applications al- Another application for this compact most every week. Mobile radar is a device is its ability to scan an area fast -growing nemesis to the speedster below and ahead of an aircraft to re- on the highways, and many small com- veal mountain peaks, lakes, ships at munities as well as the large cities are sea, and cities. This performance is installing these compact equipments selected by the pilot by simply flick- in great quantity. The familiar road - ing a switch. signs, "Policed By Radar," are now One of the major traffic problems of fact -not an oft -tried fake warning as our ever- expanding commercial air- many were in the past. lines has, or will soon be licked, by a A month never passes without an new long -range radar device designed opportunity to witness or to otherwise to reduce or to end traffic delays by learn of some development in each of cramming more airplanes into a lim- these specific fields. But it is unusual ited area without danger to life, limb, New, Better Way to to find several major developments in or property. This new powerful radar, Stock, Sell and Service one particular facet of electronics -an- borrowed from the Air Force, is being nounced simultaneously. tested in the busy New York area. It PHONO- CARTRIDGE Just a few weeks ago, and within a will provide data that can offset de- period of a few hours, came the news lays in landings and take -offs. REPLACEMENTS of three new electronic devices de- An airplane cruising at 300 mph For greater protection and conveni- signed to aid aircraft pilots, to elim- (under present regulations) must have ence, E -V replacement phono -car- inate and sharply reduce traffic delays, 30 clear miles in front and 30 clear tridges now come in new individual and to provide greater safety to pas- miles to the rear at its altitude for sealed -in- plastic Blister -Paks- sengers flying the airways. safety. The new radar equipment (of each with full model identification, A new and compact navigational aid much greater range) is able to show, interchangeability chart and in- called "Tacan," announced by I. T. d on its screen, all airplanes in a large structions. This exclusive advance- T., provides an accurate and continu- area. The flight controllers are now ment in packaging makes it simpler ous bearing of the pilot's position to able to narrow the safe separation to to carry and sell phono cartridge within one degree. Distance, as well from 3 to 5 miles at any given altitude. replacements on service calls. as direction of flight relative to a fixed Heretofore, planes were picked up via ground station, is provided automati- short- range radar when they reached New E -V Model 47 Dual -Slide cally and with extreme accuracy. The a point about 30 miles from the air- Cartridge for 78, 331/4, 45 RPM unit occupies approximately 1000 cubic port and received their landing in- New idea in replacement phono- cartridges! inches which is several times smaller structions. The long -range radar screen The dual -slide, dual -needle Model 47 en- than that required to mount previous now shows these aircraft clearly at a ables you to replace hundreds of different units. The range of the new system is distance up to 100 miles. specialized types with a single general- classified and, as a result, the unit is This development is sure to be wide- purpose cartridge. List Price: $9.00 identified as a short -range navigation- ly heralded by passengers of some al aid. "Tacan" is said to provide a 533,000 flights (1954) made by the air- FREE NEW HANDY distance accuracy of one -fifth mile and lines -many of them "stacked up" INTERCHANGEABILITY an azimuth bearing accuracy to within waiting to land, or others sitting in a one degree. parked plane on the ramp cursing heat GUIDE This new equipment was designed at in the aircraft as it sits under a broil- Tells at a glance the Federal Telecommunications Lab- ing sun. e mxeanct Em -Vo drepl lafcoe-r oratories in Nutley, New Jersey, and, Our own experiences of delays last every popular crys- according to the announcement, ac- year would be estimated at a total of tal and ceramic cepted by the U. S. Air Force as well approximately 5 per -cent of total flight phono- cartridge. as the Naval Air Corps. The system time. This figures about 5 hours of yGoeut r iEt -Vno wD isftrroibm- meets the requirements for interserv- delays in 1954 alone. And our expe- utor or write to ice standardization, it is said. rience, shared by millions, totals to a Electro- Voice. One of the most common flight haz- lot of wasted time that can be saved ards of aircraft has been overcome to by the new long -range radar. a great extent as the result of a new These developments, we think, typi- airborne radar device which is quite fy the ever -increasing value of elec- similar to ones used by the military. tronics to our way of life in these ELECTRO-VOICE, INC. BUCHANAN, MICH. This perfected instrument shows, on United States. O. R. RADIO & TELEVISION NEWS 8 www.americanradiohistory.com from ALLI E D'S latest Free Supplement Super -Value ALLIED RADIO ONLeYw LoGwe -tC ostsatr tKedn iginh t uGraeniguemr Cproouspnetectri nKgi tn ow Knight -wciothm pthairsa belxet retmo elcyo sstelyn sit eiqvuei pimnestnrtu, myenet AP ip r Tbneua wugvscs ebohfkhr eu-s,s sbn -ept cu.B se ttebtiutTodoutna pyntoks ds,: en u ifsnr as e lTse cu-rtlaet eoprfcpc aorotedcr tr wok daR a lealf7nr eosd'odc !r,p o rpeweFfrlrdeaaiavldesyste-tr.- rsbhlcJaitaauisrdstuts ietcote an tar w iticourettiaeonrsitadhvn .s s ie toyKh ifht oae stiacr otao n t cqmindibvlu,nil pueciecclfi k,lelk suids p od 2a aiauen2ntstrsd%h sc o et ahn hm.l alelhy bna Ui gldpahysh p ae.ef -rhasr1vt1oda s%o3c,npl ol, teh tiwat.olvu gb -nobCecse le. ooto ss sfm,wt b tphcihlatolaeectentnr hetrpg e yrr - iayilecinnionsfegdue,-. 2o Sa±tEtw nvi h-fntdafpo3oui{l gcn o 6dn.ise u0ebp w0nso epl -tntafy of.r kt,e,ro .r ret em2ar1rc9sb .oN o elh7lrle OR obd5 soWs uei-cyfn.8cra s 5gtos9atWO0e o crbahe6$PFp0,odealNvnimaA ReuVOg 1cr$aseRdsLv1.SrAErh2o tc;r eN8 X4cyY e L4fa EprF uh LlrdUfi.d9l s!8"w$ norx6lna YE)i 5.le9$i0 g7 rmnsi oin a qf7 18Tt5e g tcod7ht2. c1ua. 4 "kr mi a19pep7 m5comNhrcrxBq"s0ner.ei a ef 5 uekO- coud e 9trqa.1"preaeo yreyCo tned" 2ue1lrye,l1o.tr n sl sei0a s3diyrix ptp.rC vn retr,1y i ae7vo eredsg4eRto "ydw32Sron.enhfpe m n, m aeioio.r-nd spelpne oi7otewbenre6cr n; rslgepn5 ,c 1 lsi 0.aog dsm1sa" c nslso.2n8 sateae es etecu0r0etC9tocotch1t top c idys-4i 0e 6 noiac-csof noiaef,cios 6b-nrnets i"F nunRrgnlfe we fd0e urde tgrQywrXR d e c 0 .e3-se -i rm ,erfe lt 0inoEeuaW eirhm8tdAtctl mrt iae-aycE3 .ne aieoea cri oieCcpl6o,pncpmrlecpilnin! dTrf toan e. hel or.asytd i s ilera reh udmO orcoUk s , e mraK-nd atine"atfenapKpeud.o7n s tAontL,plsno$rs" fmr dnay grte.do l .i.lo5ae%t3 " tif ig. r agf etpfe. s. 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"All- Purpose" tower Fulfills 75% of your general tower needs -is structurally as sturdy -vet costs Is than the well -known Rohn No. 10 Tow- teri.a lI dienaslt aflolart ihonosm, ec oamndm uindicuas- ROHN gosmfs i si ctmtRztitroatuiolyo eagirloago r mnsv bcnednu -th afkisehaye"dalnrn idtleMs e ftnis t day zcqa.,g- ae .turNtr oedgoSfi cfP ger mioegifoceaso1"eilc.rn c maftsr2 roeu-Tindmst0easaear 6yirnu stfentatni i tspeitao nt do.dupsrn!fgTesc n i r o g.fne.ueos Fu Y gBsE rf.wN ol.rttd.sateae.vfwpa.De oi rl tm."re nsiav"eohOt,ec ey elagha o tnlmoinwpl on!rvtu nfi gtTht ite oTtmsoghze i oW-a nte.ter .dir do hF hi. -tdcdrs5cdhniocwi. 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