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The Work of the Holy Spirit Author(s): Kuyper, Abraham (1837-1920) Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal Library Description: "Even though we honor the Father and believe on the Son, how little do we live in the Holy Spirit!" Throughout the history of the Christian tradition, the Holy Spirit has been one of the most elusive aspects of the faith. During Kuyper's time, very little attention had been given to the person and works of the Holy Spirit. Kuyper recognized this void, and as the editor of the weekly religious publication entitled The Herald, Kuyper dedicated approximately one hundred short entries to the works of the Holy Spirit.The Work of the Holy Spirit is a compilation of these entries organized into three Volumes. Volume One addresses the influence of the Holy Spirit in the Church as a whole, while Volumes Two and Three focus on the works of the Holy Spirit in the individual. Kuyper's entries provide a comprehensive study of the Holy Spirit, exploring in detail how the Holy Spirit sanctifies both the Church and its members. Emmalon Davis CCEL Staff Writer Subjects: Christian Denominations Protestantism Post-Reformation Other Protestant denominations Reformed or Calvinistic Churches i Contents Title Page 1 Preface of the Author 2 Explanatory notes to the American edition 6 Introductory Note 14 Preface of the Author 27 Volume One: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Church as a Whole 28 First Chapter. Introduction 29 I. Careful Treatment Required 30 II. Two Standpoints. 34 III. The indwelling and outgoing works of God. 38 IV. The work of the Holy Spirit distinguished. 42 Second Chapter. The Creation 45 V. The principle of life in the creature 46 VI. The Host of Heaven and of Earth. 50 VII. The Creaturely Man 54 VIII. Gifts and Talents 58 Third chapter. Re-Creation. 62 IX. Creation and Re-Creation 63 X. Organic and Individual 67 XI. The Church Before and After Christ 71 Fourth Chapter. The Holy Scripture of the Old Testament 74 XII. The Holy Scripture 75 XIII. The Scripture a Necessity 78 XIV. The Revelation to Which the Scripture of the Old Testament Owes Its 82 Existence XV. The Revelation of the Old Testament in Writing 86 ii XVI. Inspiration 89 Fifth Chapter. The Incarnation of the Word. 93 XVII. Like One of Us 94 XVIII. Guiltless and Without Sin. 98 XIX. The Holy Spirit in the Mystery of the Incarnation 101 Sixth Chapter. The Mediator. 105 XX. The Holy Spirit in the Mediator 106 XXI. Not Like unto Us 109 XXII. The Holy Spirit in the Passion of Christ 113 XXIII. The Holy Spirit in the Glorified Christ 117 Seventh Chapter. The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit 121 XXIV. The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit 122 XXV. The Holy Spirit in the New Testament Other than in the Old 126 XXVI. Israel and the Nations 131 XXVII. The Signs of Pentecost 135 XXVIII. The Miracle of Tongues 139 Eighth Chapter. The Apostolate 144 XXIX. The Apostolate 145 XXX. The Apostolic Scriptures 150 XXXI. Apostolic Inspiration 154 XXXII. Apostles To-Day? 158 Ninth Chapter. The Holy Scriptures in the New Testament 162 XXXIII. The Holy Scriptures in the New Testament 163 XXXIV. The Need of the New Testament Scripture 167 XXXV. The Character of the New Testament Scripture 171 Tenth Chapter. The Church of Christ 175 XXXVI. The Church of Christ 176 XXXVII. Spiritual Gifts 180 XXXVIII. The Ministry of the Word 184 XXXIX. The Government of the Church 189 Volume Two. The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Individual 193 First Chapter. Introduction 194 iii I. The Man to be Wrought upon. 195 II. The Work of Grace a Unit. 198 III. Analysis Necessary 202 IV. Image and Likeness 206 V. Original Righteousness 209 VI. Rome, Socinus, Arminius, Calvin 213 VII. The Neo-Kohlbruggians 217 VIII. After the Scripture 223 IX. The Image of God in Man 227 X. Adam Not Innocent, but Holy 231 Second Chapter. The Sinner to be Wrought Upon 235 XI. Sin Not Material 236 XII. Sin Not a Mere Negation 241 XIII. Sin a Power in Reversed Action 245 XIV. Our Guilt 249 XV. Our Unrighteousness 253 XVI. Our Death. 257 Third Chapter. Preparatory Grace 261 XVII. What Is It? 262 XVIII. What It Is Not. 266 Fourth Chapter. Regeneration 270 XIX. Old and New Terminology 271 XX. Its Course 275 XXI. Regeneration the Work of God. 279 XXII. The Work of Regeneration. 284 XXIII. Regeneration and Faith. 288 XXIV. Implanting in Christ 293 XXV. Not a Divine-Human Nature 297 XXVI. The Mystical Union with Immanuel 302 Fifth Chapter. Calling and Repentance 306 XXVII. The Calling of the Regenerate 307 XXVIII. The Coming of the Called 311 iv XXIX. Conversion of All That Come 316 Sixth Chapter. Justification 320 XXX. Justification 321 XXXI. Our Status 326 XXXII. Justification from Eternity. 331 XXXIII. Certainty of Our Justification. 335 Seventh Chapter. Faith 340 XXXIV. Faith in General. 341 XXXV. Faith and Knowledge 345 XXXVI. Brakel and Comrie. 350 XXXVII. Faith and the Sacred Scriptures. 358 XXXVIII. The Faculty of Faith 362 XXXIX. Defective Learning 366 XL. Faith in the Saved Sinner Alone 372 XLI. Testimonies 376 Volume Three. The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Individual (Continued) 385 First Chapter. Sanctification 386 I. Sanctification 387 II. Sanctification Is a Mystery 390 III. Sanctification and Justification 394 IV. Sanctification and Justification (Continued) 397 V. Holy Raiment of One's Own Weaving 400 VI. Christ Our Sanctification 404 VII. Application of Sanctification 408 VIII. Sanctification in Fellowship with Immanuel 411 IX. Implanted Dispositions. 414 X. Perfect in Parts, Imperfect in Degrees. 417 XI. The Pietist and the Perfectionist. 421 XII. The Old Man and the New. 426 XIII. The Work of God in Our Work 430 XIV. The Person Sanctified 434 XV. Good Works 438 v XVI. Self-Denial 443 Second Chapter. LOVE 448 XVIII. Love in the Triune Being of God. 452 XIX. The Manifestation of Holy Love 455 XX. God the Holy Spirit the Love which Dwells in the Heart. 459 XXI.The Love of the Holy Spirit in Us. 463 XXII. Love and the Comforter. 467 XXIII. The Greatest of These is Love. 472 XXIV. Love in the Blessed Ones. 478 XXV. The Communion of Saints. 482 XXVI. The Communion of Goods. 487 XXVII. The Communion of Gifts. 492 XXVIII. The Suffering of Love. 496 XXIX. Love in the Old Covenant. 500 XXX. Organically One. 504 XXXI. The Hardening Operation of Love 508 XXXII. The Love Which Withers 512 XXXIII. The Hardening in the Sacred Scripture. 516 XXXIV. Temporary Hardening 520 XXXV. The Hardening of Nations 524 XXXVI. The Apostolic Love 528 XXXVII. The Sin Against the Holy Ghost 532 XXXVIII. Christ or Satan 536 Third Chapter. Prayer 540 XXXIX. The Essence of Prayer 541 XL. Prayer and the Consciousness 545 XLI. Prayer and the Unconverted 550 XLII. The Praer of the Regenerated 556 XLIII. Prayer for and with Each Other 561 Subject Index 566 Indexes 588 Index of Scripture References 589 vi Index of Pages of the Print Edition 593 vii This PDF file is from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, www.ccel.org. The mission of the CCEL is to make classic Christian books available to the world. • This book is available in PDF, HTML, ePub, Kindle, and other formats. See http://www.ccel.org/ccel/kuyper/holy_spirit.html. • Discuss this book online at http://www.ccel.org/node/2972. The CCEL makes CDs of classic Christian literature available around the world through the Web and through CDs. We have distributed thousands of such CDs free in developing countries. If you are in a developing country and would like to receive a free CD, please send a request by email to [email protected]. The Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a self supporting non-profit organization at Calvin College. If you wish to give of your time or money to support the CCEL, please visit http://www.ccel.org/give. This PDF file is copyrighted by the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. It may be freely copied for non-commercial purposes as long as it is not modified. All other rights are re- served. Written permission is required for commercial use. viii Title Page Title Page THE WORK OF i THE HOLY SPIRIT BY ABRAHAM KUYPER, D.D., LL.D PROFESSOR OF SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM. TRANSLATED FROM THE DUTCH WITH EXPLANATORY NOTES BY REVEREND HENRI DE VRIES WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY PROFESSOR BENJAMIN B. WARFIELD, D.D., LL.D. OF PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY WM. B. EERDMANS PUBLISHING CO. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. 1946 COPYRIGHT, 1900 BY FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY ii [Registered at Stationers’ Hall, London.] Printed in the United States of America. iii ivvvvivxiiiiii 1

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