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Cover Page: 1 Title Page Page: 2 Contents Page: 3 Foreword Page: 4 Introduction Page: 5 Section One: The Heart of Vitality Page: 14 The art of gratitude Page: 15 The act of kindfulness Page: 20 The negativity effect Page: 25 Section Two: The Body of Vitality Page: 31 Sleep: a natural vitality pill Page: 32 Mindful movement Page: 38 Mindful eating Page: 44 Section Three: The Soul of Vitality Page: 50 Purpose: finding yours Page: 51 Meditation: an inner key Page: 56 Viriditas: revitalising nature Page: 61 Section Four: The Mind of Vitality Page: 67 Mindful presence Page: 68 Mindful choice Page: 75 Choosing your responses Page: 78 Mindful growth Page: 81 Conclusion: Vitality – a new vital sign Page: 86 Endnotes Page: 87 Acknowledgements Page: 89 Copyright Page: 90 About the Author Page: 91 About Gill Books Page: 92


How can we live with more vitality? How can we wake up each morning feeling optimistic, invigorated and enthusiastic about the day ahead?

Through his work as a lifestyle-medicine practitioner and practising GP, Dr Mark Rowe understands how our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing all interconnect and impact on our health and ability to stay well. Balancing each of these elements forms the essence of vitality or ‘the VitalityMark’, as Dr Rowe has come to define it.

This book can help you identify potential gaps in your wellbeing and offers a prescription of evidence-based strategies that will guide you from intention to action. By sharing insights from more than 25 years of helping others, Dr Rowe will direct you, too, towards health-enhancing habits to boost your energy, build resilience and better recharge from stress.

Learn how the science of lifestyle medicine can transform the quality of your life and those of the people you love. Learn to live with more vitality.

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