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The Secret History of the World And How to Get Out Alive Books by Laura Knight-Jadczyk The Wave Series The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities and the Process of Alien Abduction Amazing Grace 9-11: The Ultimate Truth The Secret History of the World And How To Get Out Alive Laura Knight-Jadczyk Red Pill Press 2005 ! Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Laura Knight-Jadczyk http://www.cassiopaea.org/ All Rights Reserved ISBN# 0-9765041-0-3 No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise, other than for “fair use”, without the written consent of the author. This book was previously published in a slightly different form under the title Ancient Science. Sections of this volume were published on the Cassiopaea website as early as 1995. Printed in Canada Acknowledgements Since this book is ulitmately one of synthesis, I want to thank all the great seekers who have contributed so much to my own researches. I have tried to acknowledge each and every one and their unique ideas throughout the text in the footnotes, and in the bibliography. If I have missed any, my sincere apologies. My thanks go to Henry See for being a wonderful editor and critic; to the Quantum Future Group for support; to our readers for the questions that led to the answers; to my children for feeding Mommy while she was writing; to my Ark for understanding and accepting me and my passions; and to Cassiopaea, myself in the future, for showing me that future. Table of Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS V PREFACE BY PATRICK RIVIÈRE XI NOTE TO THE READER ABOUT THE CASSIOPAEANS XIII FOREWORD XV INTRODUCTION 1 LAYING THE GROUNDWORK 1 THE SCAM OF DISTRACTION 6 SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES 8 COINTELPRO AND ASCENSION 23 PRIME TIME 24 THE REAL PRIZE 25 CHAPTER 1 THE NATURE OF THE QUEST 29 THE ANCIENT SECRET SCIENCE REVEALED 29 DISJECTA MEMBRA 29 ALCHEMY AND THE ENCLAVE IN THE PYRENEES 39 A KNIGHT ON A QUEST 57 GURDJIEFF AND MOURAVIEFF 72 CHAPTER 2 THE CHEMISTRY OF ALCHEMY 87 THE LANGUAGE OF THE GODS 87 THE ANALOGY WITH BRAIN PHYSIOLOGY 89 BONDING 90 RECEPTORS 91 LIGANDS 92 SPIRITUAL DRUGS 93 ALCOHOL AND CAFFEINE 94 PLEASURE CENTERS AND DRUGS 95 viii Table of Contents CHAPTER 3 THE QUEST OF THE PAST 109 BACK TO THE HOLY GRAIL AND LANGUAGE 109 “YOU KNOW MY METHOD. IT IS FOUNDED UPON THE OBSERVANCE OF TRIFLES.” 114 THE TERROR OF HISTORY 117 A FEW WORDS ABOUT RADIOMETRIC DATING 119 CHAPTER 4 HYPERDIMENSIONAL REALITY 123 HYPERDIMENSIONAL SPACE — THE REALM OF THE “GODS” 123 MATHEMATICAL DIMENSIONS 126 THE MAGIC OF ABSTRACT THOUGHT 126 DIMENSIONAL THINKING IN WESTERN SPIRITUALITY 129 GETTING A HANDLE ON PSI PHENOMENA 133 EINSTEIN AND HYPERDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS 135 CHAPTER 5 WHOSE WORLD IS IT, ANYWAY? 139 THE TREE OF LIFE AND THE END OF TIME 139 A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH 142 SUMMING UP 157 INTERMIXING OF THE RACES 157 OPS AND THE BIG PICTURE 159 THE CATHARS 164 CHAPTER 6 HISTORY AND CATASTROPHE 171 THE NOAH SYNDROME 171 WHAT PLATO TELLS US ABOUT ATLANTIS 176 THE DOUBLE CATASTROPHE: THE BROTHERS HELIOPOLIS 182 CYCLIC CATASTROPHES 184 UNIFORMITARIANISM 188 CATASTROPHISM 190 CHAPTER 7 ANCIENT ENIGMAS 201 DINOSAURS 201 THE MYSTERY OF MALTA 216 THE JOMON PUZZLE 220 GLOBAL EVIDENCE OF ANCIENT, PRE-HISTORIC HIGH CIVILIZATIONS 223 ANCIENT FLIGHT? 224 THE NEANDERTHAL ENIGMA 227 EVIDENCE OF THE ICA STONES 230 OTHER ARTIFACTS 231 THE SUDDEN APPEARANCE OF CRO-MAGNON 233 THE ROLE OF THE SHAMAN 239 TYING IT ALL TOGETHER 242 ORION, THE ARK AND THE HOLY GRAIL 243 Table of Contents ix THE RELEVANCE OF ORION TO OUR SITUATION 244 FROM SCYTHIA TO CAMELOT 247 CHAPTER 8 THE CULTURE OF STONES 255 MAGIC AND MEGALITHS 255 MORRIS JESSUP AND GRAVITATIONAL NODES 258 THE DANCE OF THE HOURS 261 POSSIBLE ANTAGONISTIC POLARITIES IN ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS 264 STONE TECHNOLOGY AND T.C. LETHBRIDGE 265 STONES AND “SACRED GEOMETRY” 272 THE CORAL CASTLE AND SPINNING AIRPLANE SEATS 272 EGYPTIAN STONE VASES 277 PYTHAGORAS AND THE BARBARIANS 279 THE DANCING GOD 283 THE LABYRINTH 290 THE SECRET OF CRETE 298 CHAPTER 9 PERCY-ING THE VEIL 305 RETURN TO CAMELOT 305 WHY PERCEVAL? 316 ARCADIA? 318 NEO, NOAH, NOË = PERSEUS 335 CHAPTER 10 WHO WROTE THE BIBLE AND WHY? 345 THE ARK OF THE COVENANT AND THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON 345 THE HOUSE OF DAVID 360 AHAB AND JEZEBEL: SOLOMON AND SHEBA? 362 THE TEN LOST TRIBES 369 THE FIRST “TORAH” AND THE FIRST “TEMPLE” 371 THE TRIBE OF DAN 382 THE FESTIVAL OF TABERNACLES 387 I’M MY OWN GRANDPA 410 SOTHIS: THE SHARP TOOTHED 426 MOSES AND AARON 440 THE SIN OF MANASSEH: EXILE IN BABYLON 446

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.