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The Lost Empire of Atlantis: The Secrets of History's Most Enduring Mystery Revealed PDF

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THE LOST EMPIRE OF ATLANTIS HISTORY’S GREATEST MYSTERY REVEALED GAVIN MENZIES Dedication This book is dedicated to my beloved wife Marcella, who has travelled with me on the journeys related in this book and through life. Here is her name in Minoan Linear A script. Contents Cover Title Page Dedication LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS AND DIAGRAMS LIST OF PLATES MAPS BOOK I - DISCOVERY CHAPTER 1 - AN ADVENTURE ON CRETE CHAPTER 2 - UNDER THE VOLCANO CHAPTER 3 - THE SEARCH FOR THE MINOAN NAVAL BASE CHAPTER 4 - RETURN TO PHAESTOS CHAPTER 5 - THE ANCIENT SCHOLARS SPEAK CHAPTER 6 - THE MISSING LINK CHAPTER 7 - WHO WERE THE MINOANS? THE DNA TRAIL NOTES TO BOOK I BOOK II - EXPLORATION CHAPTER 8 - THE LOST WRECK AND THE BURIED TREASURE TROVE CHAPTER 9 - SAILING FROM BYZANTIUM CHAPTER 10 - LIFE IN THE LIBRARY CHAPTER 11 - A PLACE OF MANY NAMES AND MANY NATIONS CHAPTER 12 - A SHIP IN THE DESERT CHAPTER 13 - NEW WORLDS FOR OLD CHAPTER 14 - RICH, EXOTIC LANDS CHAPTER 15 - PROUD NINEVEH CHAPTER 16 - THE KEY TO INDIA? CHAPTER 17 - INDIAN OCEAN TRADE IN THE BRONZE AGE CHAPTER 18 - THE TRUTH IS IN THE TRADE . . . NOTES TO BOOK II BOOK III - JOURNEYS WEST CHAPTER 19 - NEC PLUS ULTRA: ENTERING THE ATLANTIC CHAPTER 20 - A FOLK MEMORY OF HOME? CHAPTER 21 - SPAIN AND LA TAUROMAQUIA CHAPTER 22 - BLAZING THE TRAIL TO DOVER CHAPTER 23 - THE LAND OF RUNNING SILVER CHAPTER 24 - A LABYRINTH IN DRAGON COUNTRY CHAPTER 25 - STRANGE BEASTS AND ASTROLABES NOTES TO BOOK III BOOK IV - EXAMINING THE HEAVENS CHAPTER 26 - SEEING THE SKIES IN STONE . . . CHAPTER 27 - MEDITERRANEAN AND ATLANTIC MEGALITHS CHAPTER 28 - STONEHENGE: THE MASTER WORK CHAPTER 29 - FROM THE MED TO THE MEGALITH CHAPTER 30 - THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT CHAPTER 31 - THE BRONZE BOY NOTES TO BOOK IV BOOK V - THE REACHES OF EMPIRE CHAPTER 32 - THE SEEKERS SET SAIL CHAPTER 33 - A METALLURGICAL MYSTERY CHAPTER 34 - ADVENTURES BY WATER CHAPTER 35 - A HEAVY LOAD INDEED CHAPTER 36 - INTO THE DEEP UNKNOWN CHAPTER 37 - SO: THE PROOF NOTES TO BOOK V BOOK VI - THE LEGACY CHAPTER 38 - THE SPOTS MARKED ‘X’ CHAPTER 39 - A NEW BEGINNING CHAPTER 40 - A RETURN TO CRETE CHAPTER 41 - THE LEGACY OF HOPE NOTES TO BOOK VI TIMELINE EPILOGUE - PLATO AND ATLANTIS, THE LOST PARADISE SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Photo Section I Photo Section II About the Author By the SAME AUTHOR Credits Copyright About the Publisher LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS AND DIAGRAMS The illustrations are inspired by the wonderful frescoes at Thera, Knossos and Tell el- Dab’a and drawn by Catherine Grant (www.catherinezoraida.com) Book I: ‘Minoan ladies in all their finery’ Book II: ‘Lions pouncing on their prey at Tell el-Dab’a’ Book III: ‘Minoan bull leaping – Knossos’ Book IV: ‘The Prince of Lilies’ Book V: ‘An ocean-going Minoan ship’ Book VI: ‘The Phaestos Disc’ The following images from the frescoes are found throughout the book: Swallow Blue lion Small boat from the ‘flotilla’ fresco Fisherman Antelope Jumping deer Partridges LIST OF PLATES First plate section The Pyramid of Khufu, photograph by Digr Syrian with his son and man of Keftiu with rhyton. Tomb of Menkheperraseneb, Egypt, Thebes, reign of Thutmose III. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1930 (30.4.55) © The Metropolitan Museum of Art View of Palace of Knossos, photograph by Eigene Aufnahme Arthur Evans’ bust, photograph by Peterak Bull head rhyton from Knossos, photograph by Jerzy Strzelecki Phaestos disc side A, photograph by PRA Phaestos disc Side B, photograph by PRA View of Palace of Phaestos, photograph by Eigene Aufnahme Axe in the form of a panther, Heraklion Museum, Crete © Nick Kaye www.flickr.com/people/nickkaye. All rights reserved Dolphin fresco at Knossos © Getty Images The throne room at Knossos, photograph by Lapplaender Pithoi in storeroom at Knossos © 2000 Grisel Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved Jewellery in the ‘Aigina Treasure’, the Master of Animals at the British Museum, photograph by Bkwillwm Minoan bee brooch, Heraklion Museum, photograph by Andree Stephan Golden bee pendant, Heraklion Museum, Crete © Nick Kaye The Minoan flotilla, Ch. Doumas, The Wall Paintings of Thera, Idryma Theras–Petros M. Nomikos, Athens 1992 Uluburun wreck copper ingots and other artefacts, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, photographs by Gavin Menzies Al-Midamman bronze hoard photographs, Brian Boyle © Royal Ontario Museum Second plate section The Hagia Triada sarcophagus © Nick Kaye Sculpted stone sunflower juxtaposed with live sunflower, Halebid, Karnataka, India © Carl L. Johannessen Wall sculpture from Hoysala Dynasty Halebid temple at Somnathpur, India, showing maize ears © Carl L. Johannessen Stone carving at Pattadakal temple, India, shows a parrot perched on a sunflower © Carl L. Johannessen Stone carving of a pineapple in a cave temple in Udaiguri, India © The American Institute of Indian Studies Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, The Agility and Audacity of Juanito Apiñni in the Ring at Madrid, plate 20 from the series La Tauromaquia, 1814–1816. Etching and aquatint. Meadows Museum, SMU, Dallas, Algur H. Meadows Collection, MM.67.07.20. Photography by Michael Bodycomb Minoan bull leaper, British Museum, photograph by Mike Peel Minoan bull leaper, Heraklion Museum, photograph by Jerzy Strzelecki. Dover ship © Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Gallery The Nebra disc, photograph by Rainer Zenz Stonehenge, photograph by Stefan Kühn A selection of photographs from the Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes includes: 227: Upton Lovell G2 – Amber space-plate necklace with complex borings 599: Wilton, Bronze looped palstave 616: Rushall Down, Disc-headed bronze pin 340: Upton Lovell G1, Faience beads 159: Wilsford G56, Bronze dagger 266: Winterbourne Stoke G5, Bronze dagger 623: Found between Salisbury and Amesbury, Bronze bracelet 166: Wilsford G23, Bronze crutch-headed pin with hollow, open-ended head 237: Shrewton G27, Stone battle axe All images © Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes Comparisons of Stonehenge, Uluburun and Great Lakes copper tools and implements: Coiled snake effigy (Uluburun wreck and Great Lakes) Animal weights at the British museum, the Uluburun wreck and the Great Lakes. Conical points (Uluburun wreck and Great Lakes) Triangulate spear head (Uluburun wreck and Great Lakes) Gaff hooks (Uluburun wreck and Great Lakes) Bronze knives (Uluburun wreck and Great Lakes) To view photographs of Great Lakes copper tools and come to your own conclusions, please visit www.copperculture.zoomshare.com The Amesbury archer, Salisbury Museum, photograph by Ian Hudson Antikythera device, photograph by Marsyas The Isopata ring, Heraklion Museum, Crete © Nick Kaye. All rights reserved MAPS Minoan Crete and Santorini

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.