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SULTAN ( MUHAMMAD AL-FATIH The Conqueror of Constantinople The Fall of the West and the East Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Salaabi PUBLISHED BY AL-FIRDOUS-LONDON WWW.SUNNICONNECT.COM ©Copyright:Al-FirdousLtd. All rights reserved 2008. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means:electronic, mechanical,photocopying, recording or otherwise without the written permission of the publishersand copyright owner. 2009:First Edition. Cover design by:Sarah Berkani ISBN :1874263043 Publishedand Distributed by: Al-Firdous Ltd. 10,FonthillRoad, London N43HX Printed by:MegaPrint Baha IsMerkezi Haramider,Istanbul 2 Table of Contents Introduction 5 ChapterOne TheRiseoftheOttomanStateanditsConquests 25 Uthman,theFounderoftheOttomanState 27 TheFirstResearch :‘Uthman,theFounderoftheOttomanState27 TheSecond Research:SultanArukhanbin‘Uthman 71 TheThirdResearch:SultanMuradtheFirst 79 TheFourth Research:SultanBayazid theFirst 91 TheFifth Research:SultanMuhammadtheFirst 101 TheSixthResearch:SultanMuradtheSecond 107 ChapterTwo TheFirstResearch:SultanMuhammadal-Faatih 115 TheSecond Research: TheSpiritualLiberatorofConstantinople ShaikhAkShamsuddin 145 TheThirdResearch: TheEffectoftheLiberatonof ConstantinopleupontheEuropeanandIslamicWorld 153 TheFourthResearch:TheReasonsbehind theLiberationof Constantinople 159 TheFifth Research : Themainattributesof Muhammadal-Faatih 181 TheSixthResearch: Someofhis publicworks 187 Summary.. 197 Conclusion 205 3 4 Bismillahar-Rahman ar-Raheem Introduction V erily, all praise is due to Allah if. We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. We seek refugein Allah M from the evil in our own soulsand from our sinful deeds. Whoever Allah M guides, no one can mislead. And whoever Allah if allows to go astray, no one can guide. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah if, the One, having no partner. And I bear witness that Muhammad S is His servant and messenger. - 0 ^-3)£iy %^ <5 ^l&'1 <k . © {O believers! Have fear of Allah according to His right and die not saveasMuslims.)1 Suratal-‘Imran,Verse102. 5 - ^ tfc \JK 6 IIIT ^4J (JjJf.Liu jjl 4JLJ| IjiijIj %Llij I \e>j U*LLLUJ L^JLJJ ^ OQjfJ&bfXTo % ] j <(0mankind! Havefear of your Lord,the Onewhocreated you from onesoul andcreated from it its mateandfrom themspread manymenand women. And fear Allah from whom you demand yourmutual rightsand[do notcut off ties of]kinship. Surely,Allah isEveran All-Watcher over _ j*^3 £-U=-J QJJ1 j3j AtiT IjjjT jiJfH jli lii *T^4=y O^j p^3 3A*JJ^L3P! «0Believers!Have fear of Allahandalways speak the truth. He will direct youtorighteous deedsand will forgiveyou your sins.And whosoever obeys Allahand His Messenger hasindeedachievedagreatachievement.)2 O my Lord, all praise for You as it suits Your Majesty and Sovereignty; all praise is for You in a manner which pleases You; all praise is for You until You are pleased, and all praise tofor You after You are pleased. Suratan-Nisa\Verse1. 2Suratal-Ahzab,Verses70-71. 6 When the book “The Ottoman State: The factors of its renaissance and the reasons for its downfall” was presented at the international book fairs, there was a great deal of interest, and so I received many comments about it. Many writers, from all over the world, have agreed that there should be just one book solely about Muhammad al-Faatih, and the idea was also welcomed by the publisher. So, I started to undertake the proposal, and by God’s Will, if things go as they are planned, other titles about some of the heroes who made a great impact in our glorious history will followshortly. This book talks about Muhammad al-Faatih, the liberator of Constantinople and the defeater of the Romans. It is also about his great grandfathers who lived with Islam and died for the sake of raising the Word of Allah high. This book discusses the biographies of ‘Uthman the first, Urkhan, Murad the first, Bayzid the first, Muhammad Halabi, Murad the second, and Muhammad al-Faatih. It details their attributes, the course they adopted, and the way they followed the rules, set out by Allahif, to build their state. It shows that the liberation (conquest) of Constantinople was the result of the accumulated efforts of scholars, leaders and soldiers. The reader will learn that the Ottoman renaissance, during the reign of Sultan Muhammad al-Faatih, encompassed scientific, political, economic and military fields. The characteristics of victory and governance should exist in a nation and its leader, in order for a state to prevail. Allahft says: 7 UyJu \LSo 0^£ JjS/ 4 r/ --a^J^ ^ ( Cp-Aj J^= J^-^J OK <jA)T JjJ-^aj ( - @5 4^jj (There isin theirstoriesinstruction formen endued with understanding. It is notan invented tale, buta confirmation of what came beforeit;a detailed exposition of all thingsand a Guide and a Mercy toany suchas believe. i This book will enlighten the reader about some of the ordinances set by Allah |f in all societies, in the development of nations and in the building of states. It explains the effect of ruling by the Laws of Allah H had on the Ottoman state, during the reign of the Sultan Muhammad al-Faatih. It invites the reader to ponder on the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet, to understand the science of the revival of nations and the foundation of states, so that one may attain a sound knowledge about the effects of the laws set by Allah8g. The Book of Allah mentions that these lawswere given inall societies; Allah M says: p $ cP qP AT Mi ot (* O* |* SuratYusuf,Verse111. 8

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.