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Office of Administration Commissioner's Office “Request for Preauthorization for Other Services” Program: Aleernatives to Abortinn Contractor: Muses farNewhorus Stbconeractor: N/A lease encer bev the islormatioa for ear: teay/servicea be perchased List. leemcube purchasee,e2st for Lie ian, an pureaased/provided tbe tvims i sl bgt | . (ee ra | one | | jell | ws Te) ake st aso ish Iustiteation, include other sources funding that have been ate Shim Lod, Carared packs | 4 | } bake | vu ae j | GUS |wwork. cured: Ac A junds work Asari) 4 [Quien AVE W| (AMOUNT 70 RE RemuRSED___—— fieush Tepe fh ease retvn to Aternativesto Abortion Pragran Monoget Son ofsoaet eee ‘Aimintsraton, Commissioner fc Sate Capo bala heen Cas nee ae 5102, Moy be fed 874/761 1212 onemolenoo adh on aaa ‘hme convecterom range susoraedpenoareguesingnuciase Lege Anproved foc purchase fA MADE nae SP Poehase ni Z "pate Reason fo: denying purchases ta gik Frigidaire 10,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner with Temperature Sensing Remote Control yy Salers fom {regan tegen smean gem Buesaetaon > Sliyeee oS Pry We are requesting the 2 case Urban League vsnut provid the other, I thay are unable to provide the other, we wil order ar additional unit We areconfortable with whatever you decides appropriate, however, Thanks Megan Megan Lengerman, MA, take onl Co 238 sdorene, Sointiouss, mo Erg Posunsasass 5 mens [email protected] From: "kraft Emily" <r krafteroa,mo.gov> Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2U1/ at 224 Pl To: Megan Lengerman «megan. [email protected]¢> Subject: RE: One More Pre-Auth Soi the Uroan teazue is aotentaly providing ous, you are aly requesting ene from A2N? From: Megan Lenger man [isite:megen lengermananursestarnovibo-ns cg] Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 2:27 PH To: Kr, Emily Subject! Re: Ore Move Pre-Aulh She needs 2, might have written trong, but only 2. The home the cents carrenty living in stwa stories and ela 0 it tasa iat more space taeever. The lent also hes some breathing issues end the ruree felis necessary or her ta complete Ferpregnaneyina heathy way Thanks! Megan Megan Lengerman, MA ce and Fo saaeticaoa Fv eganlengernan@nursestarneiebernsorg From: "Katt, Emily" <rmily Krefl@oamogex> Date: Wecinesday, May 24, 2037 3 2:21 PM ‘Tot Megan Lenge-man <meganlongerman @nursestornewbnens.org> Subject: RE: One More Pre-Auth wn joel AC unit inthe p the sent needs three 10,009 BTU wincow units? ut never mate than one 5,009 BTL window uni. tethers From: Megan lengermar [malo:negsn le-deuman@nursesfornentarns rg) ‘Sent weenesday, May 24,7017 11:28 AM To! Kraft, Fly Subject! One Mere Pre-Auth coy, Peace see attached. Yhanks! Mega Megan Lengerman, MA, ayy Lanse, Sue "60 31e596-3033 1 eaages abacus L_ megan [email protected] ‘Confidentiality Notice; This communiation, and any les attached, cortans confidential information that may be priv lee. “Thein‘ormation i irtended only fr che se ofthe inaviduall) or entity to which ts alresse6. if you are not the Intended recipient any dlelosure,distribut on o the taking of any action In reliance upon ths communication is prohibed and may be Unlow lif you have received this communication n ert, please notify the sender immediately by reply e-mail and destroy the orginal information Thank you CCorfdenti ity Notice: Th’ eammaicatton, 26 ary files attached, conta'ns confident information thet may be privilege ‘The informatien fitended ony forthe use ofthe individual) cr entity to wh chit addressed If you ae not theinlended recpient, any disclose, slstribution or the taking of any action in reliance upon tis ccmnmunlcatian is prchibited and ray be Uninwful if you have received this cemmmuniatin in arme, please notity he sender immediately ky repy e-mail and destroy the ariginal information, Thonk you CConfcentaleyWotier: This commun cation, and ay flee attached, contalns content informatinn that may be ervleged ‘The inormelivn intended only forthe use of the indicus) ur entky to which it's addressed. you ate not theincerded Teciplent any disclosure, cstribulin o the taking of wry etlan a reliance upon thls communication is aroibited and may be UnlewfUl Ifyou Fave fecelved this com uration in error, please not ythe sender inrmodistely by reply e-mail ard destroy the original information. Thank you

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.