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CURRICULUM VITATAE PROF.( DR.) SHAMIM AHMAD NAME: “DAAD” Fellow (W.Germany) “JSPS”Fellow (Japan) “ROYAL SOC.-London”Fellow(United Kingdom) “DAAD” Fellow (Germany) “TUBA” Fellow (Turkey) “SAIA”Fellow (Slovak Republic) GENDER: Male FATHER'S NAME: Late Mr. Aquil Ahmad Mother’s Name: Late Mrs.Noor Jehan Wife’s Name Mrs. Amatuy Zahera PERMANENTPOSITION: SENIOR PROFESSOR OF MICROBIOLOGY & Officer- In-Charge (Head), Microbiology Section, Institute ofOphthalmology, JN Medical College, Faculty of Medicine , AligarhMuslim University , Aligarh-202 002,UP,India 1 www.amu.ac.in http://www.amu.ac.in/dshowfacultydata.jsp?did=56&eid=5610 http://www.amu.ac.in/emp/emppanel.jsp https://www.amu.ac.in/emp/Empcv.jsp PRESENT ACADEMIC CUM ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS: -SUPERINTENDENT (EXAMINATIONS) Faculty of Medicine , JN Medical College and Z.A.Dental College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202 002,UP,India -FACILITATOR for Internal Quality Assurance Cell “IQAC”AMU Department of Ophthalmology, Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh -SCRUTINIZER (RP Unit,Office of the Controller ofExaminations,AMU,Aligarh) All Examinations of MBBS,D.O. and M.S., Department of Ophthalmology, Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh FACILITATOR - for “NAAC” ,New Delhi Department of Ophthalmology, AMU,Aligarh for the accreditation Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh Ex-Manager, PAST ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS: Ahmadi School for the Visually Challenged (Blind), Aligarh Muslim University,AMU, Aligarh 2 TEACHER -IN-CHARGE Ex- All Administrative Affairs (Sections,Clinics,Laboratories), Institute ofOphthalmology, JN Medical College, Faculty of Medicine , Aligarh MuslimUniversity, Aligarh-202 002,UP,India TEACHER -IN-CHARGE Ex- Central Library, Faculty of Medicine, JN Medical College, Aligarh MuslimUniversity, Aligarh-202 002,UP,India HOME ADDRESS FOR ALL CORRESPONDENCE: Prof. (Dr.) Shamim Ahmad, “Micro-Villa” Wadi-e-Ismail Near Masjid Ibrahim & Dhorra Hospital, DHORRA MAFI, ALIGARH- 202002,UP, INDIA Phones: Res-0091-571-2720148 and 0091-571-2721498 Off-0571-2504576/2406301 Mobile: 0091-9897452023 and 0091-8266025275 Faxes: 0091-571- 2720148 /2706267 E Mails: [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected], [email protected] 3 RECENT PAST STATUS: 1. SAIA_VISITING PROFESSOR Host: doc. Ing. Miroslava Kacaniova Department of Microbiology Slovak University of Ag. in Nitra Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2 949 76 Nitra Slovak Republic Mobile:00421-949526564, Tel: Office: 00421 37 641 5812 2.Visiting “TUBA”Professor of Microbiology Host: Dr. Zeynep Ceren Karahan Department of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey E Mail: [email protected] and [email protected] Tel. work: +90 312 3103010/377 ,Mobile: +90 532 6826906 3. Visiting “DAAD” Professor of Microbiology Hosts: Prof. Dr. Dr h.c. Michael Landthaler and Dr.Tim Maisch Klinik u. Poliklinik fuer Dermatologie, Department of Dermatology University Hospital of Regensburg ,Antimicrobial PDT Group University of Regensburg ,Franz-Josef-Strauss-Allee 11 Germany 93053 Regensburg , 4.Visiting “DAAD” Professor of Microbiology Host: Prof.(Dr.) Regine Hakenbeck Abt. Mikrobiologie,TU Kaiserslautern ,Paul- Ehrlich-Str. Geb.23 67663 Kaiserslautern ,GERMANY 5.VISITING “ROYAL SOC.” PROFESSOR OF MICROBIOLOGY Host.Prof.Dr.David McDowell (ON DEPUTATION) ,School of Health Sciences University of Ulster, Jordanstown campus, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland, BT37 0QB (UNITED KINGDOM) 4 6.ASSOC. PROFESSOR OF MICROBIOLOGY Department of Clinical Microbiology & Parasitology, College of Medicine & Medical Scienc,King Khalid University, PO Box 641,Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: November, 05, 1956, Muzaffar Nagar, (U.P.), India PASSPORT DETAILS : INDIAN PASSPORT Z 4084648 (Issued at GHAZIBAD ,Validity from 20-03-2017 to19-03- 2027) NATIONALITY: INDIAN MARITAL STATUS: Married FAMILY’S DETAILS: 1.Mrs.AmatuyZahera(wife), 2. Dr.Sarim Ahmad(Son), 3.Er.Usairim Ahmad (son) and 4.Miss Zunaira Shamim(daughter). WORKING EXPERIENCE:SinceJanuary 10,1983 (Teaching,Research, Clinical/Hospital Microbiological Laboratory Investigations, Development and Administrative work in India and abroad) 5 EDUCATION:ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: (Through out FIRST CLASS CAREER) Examinations Subjects offered Board/University. Year Division FIRST 1. High School Science,Biology, Maths U.P.Board, 1971 English and Hindi.(Distinction in Maths) FIRST 2. Intermediate Biology,Physics U.P. Board 1973 Chemistry,Hindi and English FIRST 3. B.Sc. Zoology, Botany and DAV(PG)Coll. 1975 Chemistry, Six General M.Nagar, Courses ( with papers of Meerut Univ. Microbiology & Biochemistry) FIRST 4. M. Sc. Major : MICROBIOLOGY GB Pant 1978 Minor : Biochemistry University. (Thesis in (80.5% marks) Pantnagar Nov.1977 Awarded in Jan. 1978) 1982 5. Ph.D. Microbiological Div. of Microbiology. AWARDED Clinical Problem CDRI,Lucknow ( Kan. Univ.) Title of Ph.D. Thesis : "Enzymatic, Haemolytic and Metal-Resistance Studies AmongClinical Isolates of E. coli of Mammalian Origin: Correlation with Drug-Resistance” 6 POST DOC QUALIFICATIONS: (INDIAN GOVERNMENT SPONSORED CULTURAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES. 6. PDF “Bacterial Drug Resistance Instt. of Medical 1989 in Gram negative Bacteria”Micro.& Immunology,University of Bonn, Bonn,West Germany 7. PDF “Antibiotic-Resistance in Clinical Bacteria2001 and Antibacterial Properties of Honey” Deptt.of Medical Microbiology Kitasato Univ.Sch.of Medicine, Sagamihara,Japan. 8. PDF “Development and Dissemination of Antibiotic-Resistance In eye infecting MRSA”2007 Deptt.of Microbiology, University of Ulster, Jordanstown,N.Ireland ,UK 9.PDF:AWARDED POST DOC.FELLOWSHIP OF DAAD (GERMANY), under “Research Stay 2010. Programme Research Projects: 1.”NOVEL STRATEGIES COMBATING MULTIPLE ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT CLINICAL BACTERIA ESPECIALLY SUPERBUG- MRSA s WITH ANTIMICROBIAL PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY(aPDT) : EXPLORING APPLICATIONS IN OCULAR INFECTIONS” Antimicrobial PDT Group, University of Regensburg, Department of Dermatology,Franz-Josef-Strauss-Allee 11, DE-93042 Regensburg, Germany 2. “GENOMIC COMPARISION OF STREPTOCOCCUS PNEUMONAE WITH NON- PATHOGENIC ORAL STREPTOCOCCI IN RELATION TO ANTIBIOTIC-RESISTANCE AND BACTERIOCIN ACTIVITY” Abt. Mikrobiologie, Postfach 3049, Paul-Ehrlich-Str. D-67663 Gebaude 23, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern , KaiserslauternGermany , 7 2011 10.PDF: Awarded “INSA_TUBA” Fellowship Medical Microbiology Department , F/O Medicine, Ankara Univesity, T URKEY Ankara, Research project: “MOLECULAR APPROACHES COMBATING EMERGENCE OF MULTIPLE -RESISTANT CLINICAL SUPER BUGS ESPECIALLY MRSAs IN EYE INFECTIONS : POSSIBLE ROLE OF HONEY AS ALTERNATE THERAPY”. ) 2012 11. PDF: Awarded “SAIA” Fellowship/National Scholarship(NSP Research project: “SLOVAKIAN- BEE PRODUCTS ESPECIALLY HONEY: EXPLORING ANTIBACTERIAL APPLICATIONS TO COMBAT ANTIBIOTIC-RESISTANT PATHOGENIC BACTERIA ESPECIALLY FROM FOODS : MOLECULAR STRATEGIES ” Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Tr. A. Hlinku 2, Slovak University of Ag. Slovak Republic Nitra,949 76 Nitra , LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: 1 English Fluent 2 Hindi Fluent 3 Urdu Mother Tongue 4 Arabic Quite Basic RESEARCH ACCOMPLISHMENT AT Ph.D.LEVEL: "Enzymatic, Haemolytic and Metal-Resistance Studies AmongClinical Isolates of E.coli of Mammalian Origin: Correlation with Drug-Resistance” Emergence of antibiotic-resistance among clinical bacteria is one of the serious handicap of antibiotic -therapy. This resistance can very well be transferred to the susceptible bacteria strains via PLASMIDS.In my Ph.D. work, which includes studies on 284 clinical Escherichia.coli strains, after screening them for antibiotic -resistance, B-lactamase activity among penicillin and ampicillin resistant strains has been examined to learn about the possible mechanism of such resistance. Moreover, all the isolates under study, have further been investigated in order to elucidate the possible role played by haemolysins in the pathogenesis of different infection. In addition to the antibiotics, several metallic salts also constitute the important group of chemotherapeutic agents, my investigations are, therefore, aimed at giving the information as to what proportions of E. coli strains among 8 various conditions of men and animals is becoming resistant towards even metals? All the strains have also been surveyed for the presence of transferable and non- tranferable PLASMIDS, involved in coding these characters.At last, E. coli strains, possessing these properties have further been examined for the prevalence of resistance to commonly used antibiotics. All such plasmid- mediated characters have been finally correlated with each other. National and International Administration 1).Worded as Officer In-charge of the Library, Chemicals and Glassware sections of the Institute of Ophthalmology, AMU, Aligarh. 2).Working as SUPERINTENDENT (EXAMINATIONS) ,F/O Medicine, AMU, Aligarh, India 3).Worked as Co-ordinator, for Department of Clinical Microbiology and F/O Pharmacy, and Co-odinator of various Microbiology courses at the Department of Microbiology, KKU, Abha , Saudi Arabia . INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION: 1.Nominated for the year 2001 edition of “International Directory of Distinguished Leadership”,an Internationally Recognized Reference Work published by the American Biographical Institute,Inc.5126 Bur Oak circle,PO Box 31226, Raleigh, ,USA North Carolina 27622 . 2.Nominated as an “International Scholars of the Twentieth Century Award” by the New York,USA American Organization of Intellectuals, . Name also included in “International Directory of Intellectuals”,2001. 3.Nominated by the Editorial Borad,International Biographical Research Foundation,First Floor,Plot No.2,Bajaj Nagar ,Near VRCE Gate, Central Bazar Road,Nagpur0440010,India, for inclusion my name in the volume “EMINENT PERSONALITIES IN INDIA” in 2001. 4.Nominated by Govt.of India (UGC,New Delhi) & “DAAD”, Bonn as a visiting Scientist to WestGermany in 1989. 5. Nominated by Govt. of India (“INSA”, New Delhi) & “JSPS”, Tokyo as a visiting Scientist to Japan in 2001. 9 6.Nominated by Govt. of India (“INSA”, New Delhi) & “Royal Society” ,London, as a visiting Professor to Northern Ireland,UK in 2007. 7. Deputed for teaching at Clinical Microbiology Unit,Deptt.of Lab.Medicine and its attached teaching Hospitals, Al-Arab Medical University ,Bnghazi, Libya for 4 years(1995-1999). 8. Offered a post “ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MICROBIOLOGY” at the Deptt.of Microbiology & Parasitology and attached teaching hospital College of Medicine, King Khalid University, Abha, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA( WORKED ON DEPPUTATION ,Extra Ordinary Leave(EOL) 1-4-2003 to 21-6-2004). 9. International Invited speaker to deliver a lecture on “Mirackles of Honey in Health As an Alternate Natural Medicine in 21st Century” at 11th International Symposium on Natural Product Chemistry (11th ISNPC) at University of Karachi, on Oct.29-Nov.1,2008. 10.Expert in the selection of Faculty promotion in the Department of Medical Microbiology,Faculty of Medicine at Jordan University,Jordan. 11.Vice Chancellors Nominee(Expert) in the many selection Commitees of the Aligarh Muslim University,Aligarh. SCHOLARSHIPS, HONOURS AWARDSAND ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Availed Merit Scholarship awarded by U.P. Govt., India at College level (1971-73) . 2. Participated in a number of debates and cultural activities during schooling and awarded a number of prizes. 3. Awarded a Bursury Scholarship during B.Sc. (1973-75). 4. Awarded a University Scholarship(Graduate Research Assistantship) during M.Sc. (1975-77). 5. Topped the list of candidates who were awarded CSIR, New Delhi Fellowship in CDRI, Lucknow in 1977. 6. Received “Best Paper Award” in 1991 in Conferences for the paper entitled “Honey in the use of medicine”. 7.One Research Paper on “HONEY”,presented in an International Conference on Ophthalmology received media attention and highligted in “INDIAN EXPRESS”in 1992 with a title “ALLOPATHS PIN THEIR HOPE ON HONEY”. 8.Nominated member of Committee for Advance studies & Research (CASR) for the Faculty of Medicine , AMU, Aligarh. 9. Credited with most accessed international research publication in “Annals of Clinical Microbiology & Antimicrobials”- 2006, 5:22 on “Molecular epidemiology of clinical and carrier strains of methicillin resistant staph aureus (MRSA) in hospital settings in north India” as Corresponding author .Article recently credited of being at s.no 3 of all time accessed articles of Annals of Clinical Microbiology & antimicrobials. 10

Isolates of E. coli of Mammalian Origin: Correlation with Drug-Resistance” American Organization of Intellectuals,New York,USA. Name also included in “International Directory of Intellectuals”,2001. 3. Life Member of Association of Microbiologist of India (AMI). 2. corneal ulcers: An anima
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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.