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Oxford Cambridge and RSA A d m i n G u i d e : V o c a t i o n a l Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s 2 0 1 4 / 1 5 Overview This document is structured in chronological order of activity. Each box in the flow chart below corresponds to a section in this Guide. Section 3 Centre Approval Section 4 Entries Section 5 Access Arrangements and Special Consideration Section 6 Section 8 Section 10 Remote Assessment Visiting Moderation e-Test Assessment Arrangements Arrangements Arrangements Section 7 Section 9 Verified Assessment Examination Arrangements Arrangements Section 11 Results and Certification Section 12 Post-Results Services © OCR 2014 Version control This page lists all changes to this Admin Guide since publication on the OCR website at www.ocr.org.uk/admin-guides. See Section 1.2 for details of how we communicate any changes to centres. The latest version of this Guide is v.1.5 published on 8 April 2015. Version Section Page Details of change Date number number changed Version 1 published online 1 August 2014 1.5 13 284 Two additional units added to Life and 08/04/2015 Living Skills 1.4 13 55 Updated the results issue date for CPC 16/02/2015 R1 and P1 to 17 July 156–8, 186 Added Residential Childcare qualifications (10405, 10406) 10396 and 09621 are now certification only 162–171 Last date to make entries for 09622, 09623, 09624, 09625 and 09626 is now 31 March 2015 1.3 10 47, 51, 55, Added information on Business Banking 06/11/2014 56 qualifications 1.2 13 172-191 Added Health and Social Care 22/10/2014 qualifications (10393, 10394, 10395, 10396, 10397, 10398) 1.1 6.5 25 Added additional text to clarify that 19/09/2014 Publisher files should be sent as a pdf. 9.1 40–41 Correction to availability of Text Processing (Business Professional) qualifications 13 80–85 Added Business Administration qualifications (10382, 10383, 10384, 10385) 97 Added Business Banking qualification (10390) 119–123 Added Customer Service qualifications (10378, 10379, 10380, 10381) 189–193 Added Children and Young People’s Workforce’s qualifications (10391, 10392) 218 Last date to make entries for 10323 is now 31 December 2016. 224–225 Last date to make entries for 01728 and 01729 is now 31 December 2016. 277–281 Added Management and Leadership qualifications (10386, 10387, 10388, 10389) Contents 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Purpose and scope of the Admin Guide 1 1.2 Changes to this Admin Guide 1 1.3 Apprenticeships 2 1.4 Forms of assessment 2 1.5 Obtaining further support and information 3 1.6 Contacting OCR 3 2 Key Dates 5 3 Centre Approval 7 3.1 What is centre approval? 7 3.2 Applying for centre approval 7 3.3 Credit checking 7 4 Entries 8 4.1 What are candidate entries? 8 4.2 Entry routes 8 4.3 Qualification entry summary 9 4.4 Qualification entry deadlines 9 4.5 Entry fees 10 4.6 Information required to make named entries 11 4.7 Information required to make unnamed entries 12 4.8 Making qualification entries 12 4.9 Viewing entries 13 4.10 Making test entries for Certificates in Management Consulting 14 4.11 Amending or withdrawing entries 15 5 Access Arrangements and Special Consideration 16 5.1 Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments 16 5.2 Special consideration 17 6 Remote Assessment Arrangements 18 6.1 Assessment 18 6.2 Certification claims 18 6.3 Making an online claim via Interchange 19 6.4 Submitting an online claim via MAPS e-portfolio 22 6.5 Submitting candidate work following an online claim 23 6.6 Processing an online claim 25 6.7 Making a paper-based claim 25 6.8 Feedback reports 29 6.9 Reporting suspected malpractice 29 7 Verified Assessment Arrangements 30 7.1 External verifier allocation and visits 30 7.2 Centre assessment 30 7.3 Evidence 31 7.4 Making claims 32 7.5 External verification 33 7.6 External verifier reports 33 7.7 Direct claim status (DCS) 33 7.8 Reporting suspected malpractice 34 OCR Admin Guide: Vocational Qualifications 2014/15 (v1.5) 8 Visiting Moderation Arrangements 35 8.1 Visiting Moderator allocation and visits 35 8.2 Centre assessment 36 8.3 Making an online claim 37 8.4 Sampling 37 8.5 Preparing for the moderation visit 37 8.6 The moderation visit 38 8.7 After the moderation visit 38 8.8 Reporting suspected malpractice 39 9 Examination Arrangements 40 9.1 Timetabled and window-based test dates 40 9.2 Centre responsibilities 41 9.3 Assessment materials 42 9.4 Material security 42 9.5 Examination equipment 43 9.6 Identity of candidates 44 9.7 Invigilator arrangements 44 9.8 Printing arrangements 44 9.9 Reporting suspected malpractice 45 9.10 Submitting tests for marking 45 10 e-Test Assessment Arrangements 47 10.1 About e-tests 47 10.2 Signing up for e-testing 48 10.3 Practice e-tests 49 10.4 Entering for e-tests 49 10.5 Scheduling e-tests 50 10.6 e-Test fees 52 10.7 Preparing candidates for e-tests 52 10.8 Conducting e-tests 52 10.9 Security and reporting suspected malpractice 54 10.10 Claiming units from other awarding bodies 54 11 Results and Certification 55 11.1 When will results and/or certificates be issued? 55 11.2 What will centres receive? 56 11.3 Certificates 56 11.4 Replacement certificates 57 12 Post-Results Services 58 12.1 Missing or incomplete results 58 12.2 Enquiries about results 58 12.3 Access to scripts 60 13 Entry Codes 62 13.1 Advice and Guidance 63 13.2 Bookkeeping and Accounting 70 13.3 Business and Administration 71 13.4 Business Enterprise and Support 104 13.5 Contact Centres 107 13.6 Customer Service 116 13.7 Health and Safety 125 13.8 Health and Social Care 126 13.9 ICT 225 13.10 Languages 255 13.11 Learning and Development 277 OCR Admin Guide: Vocational Qualifications 2014/15 (v1.5) 13.12 Life and Living Skills 280 13.13 Logistics 288 13.14 Management 295 13.15 Police 306 13.16 Product Design and Development 308 13.17 Retail 309 13.18 Skills for life 316 13.19 Teacher/Trainer 325 14 Reference 337 14.1 Glossary 337 14.2 Documents referred to in the text 338 14.3 Useful websites 338 OCR Admin Guide: Vocational Qualifications 2014/15 (v1.5) 1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose and scope of the Admin Guide The purpose of this Admin Guide is to assist exams officers and teachers within registered OCR centres with the administration of many of OCR’s vocational qualifications. This document should be read in conjunction with JCQ guidance and the OCR centre handbooks for each qualification. See Section 1.2 for details of how we will communicate any additions or changes to this Admin Guide. The following qualifications have their own administrative guides, which can be downloaded from the OCR website. • 14–19 qualifications • Cambridge Employability (including GCE AS/A Level, GCSE, • Cambridge Nationals Entry Level Certificate, FSMQ, Level 2 Award, Level 1/2 Certificate, Level 3 • Cambridge Technicals Certificate, Principal Learning and Project) • Essential Skills Wales • Apprenticeships • Functional Skills • Being Entrepreneurial • OCR Nationals. • Cambridge Awards/Certificates in English and Mathematics (Cambridge Progression) 1.2 Changes to this Admin Guide The first version of this Admin Guide is v1.0, published online August 2014. All qualifications within this Guide have an accreditation period assigned to them, which means that they have a start date and an end date. Many current qualifications are expiring during 2014/15 and this is indicated within the Entry Codes section of this Guide. We publish a monthly guide to our vocational qualifications which are approaching last entry or last certification date within the next six months. It is important that centres check this document regularly for updates. The guide can be downloaded from the OCR website. Some new qualifications are being introduced during 2014/15 and, at the time of publishing, details may not yet be available. If there are any subsequent changes or additions to this Admin Guide, OCR will update the online version, available to download from the OCR website (www.ocr.org.uk/admin-guides). Any changes will be clearly identified on the version control page in the Admin Guide (the page prior to the contents page) and the version number will be updated accordingly in the footer. OCR will also notify centres of any amendments to this Admin Guide in our monthly Subject Information Update email. OCR Admin Guide: Vocational Qualifications 2014/15 (v1.5) 1 1.3 Apprenticeships Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 or over, and provide candidates with a combination of study and work experience to prepare them for their career. Apprenticeships are currently made up of the following components: • Competence – Details of these components are available within this Admin Guide. • Knowledge – Details of these components are available within this Admin Guide. • Transferable skills (Functional Skills/Essential Skills Wales) – Functional Skills is the mandatory component of all Apprenticeship frameworks, except for Wales where centres are required to use Essential Skills Wales as the mandatory component. Visit www.ocr.org.uk/admin-guides to download the relevant Admin Guide for Functional Skills/Essential Skills Wales. • Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) – Formally assessed, depending on the level. • Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) – In England, PLTS are part of the framework at Levels 2 and 3 and must be formally assessed. They may also be included in Higher Apprenticeship frameworks (Levels 4–7) if they are considered necessary. They are normally mapped to the knowledge and competence components of the framework. For further information on OCR’s Apprenticeships, including the available frameworks, please see the OCR website at www.ocr.org.uk/apprenticeships, where you can also download our Admin Guide: Apprenticeships. For more information on Apprenticeship Frameworks, please see Apprenticeship Frameworks Online at www.afo.sscalliance.org. 1.4 Forms of assessment Qualifications are referred to as being unitised, which means that the assessment has been split into separately assessed units, often taken at different stages of the learning. Some qualifications consist of a mixture of assessment. The form of assessment for each unit is provided in the Entry Codes section of this Admin Guide. Assessments have been split into the following groups as they have similar arrangements: • Remote assessments (Section 6) – These are usually on-demand, portfolio-based qualifications, which can take place any time at a centre’s request. The candidate work is then sent to be moderated or examined remotely by an OCR examiner-moderator. • Verified assessments (Section 7) – These are centre-assessed qualifications which are externally verified by an OCR external verifier during a centre visit. • Visiting moderation assessments (Section 8) – These are centre-assessed qualifications which are externally moderated by an OCR visiting moderator during a centre visit. • Paper-based examinations (Section 9) – These are exams or tests which take place on timetabled OCR-set dates, on dates scheduled by the centre within an OCR-set testing window or on demand within the centre. • e-Tests (Section 10) – These are computer-based exams or tests which take place on demand or on dates scheduled by the centre within an OCR-set testing window. Please note that OCR assessors are not available to conduct any assessment from 17 to 30 August 2015. OCR Admin Guide: Vocational Qualifications 2014/15 (v1.5) 2 1.5 Obtaining further support and information A glossary of common terms has been provided at the end of this Guide, together with a list of where to obtain copies of documents referred to within the Guide. OCR website The best way to obtain up-to-date information is via the OCR website at www.ocr.org.uk. The website includes essential support materials such as centre handbooks, model assignments, sample and past question papers, together with details about entries, results and fees. New administrative and qualification information is added regularly. Interchange Interchange (https://interchange.ocr.org.uk) is a free, secure website that has been developed to help exams officers and teachers carry out day-to-day administrative functions online quickly and efficiently. The site allows you to check your approval status, make and view entries and claims, view achievements and access external verifier and feedback reports. As Interchange is updated daily, it is always the place to view the most accurate information. In order to use Interchange for the first time, you just need to register your centre by returning the Interchange Agreement. This, together with a quick start guide, can be downloaded from the OCR website at www.ocr.org.uk/interchange. Community Our social network site enables teachers to share best practice, offer guidance and upload and access a range of support materials such as lesson plans, presentations, videos and links to other helpful sites. Visit www.social.ocr.org.uk to find out more. OCR support and training OCR’s Customer Support Team offers free training specifically for groups of exams officers, as well as attending network meetings. To find out more about the training we can offer to give you more confidence in administering OCR qualifications, or to invite us to your network meetings, please see www.ocr.org.uk/examsofficers or email the team at [email protected]. We also offer professional development for teachers. You can find out what professional development is available for each qualification by accessing the OCR website at www.ocr.org.uk/professionaldevelopment. Our professional development includes online training, a series of premier events and face-to-face training for coursework and controlled assessment units. If you would like more information, please contact us at [email protected]. 1.6 Contacting OCR For general enquiries, please contact the OCR Customer Contact Centre: Telephone: 02476 851509 (08:00–17:30 Monday to Friday) Fax: 02476 851633 Email: [email protected] (Please include centre name and number in the email.) Post: OCR, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JQ OCR Admin Guide: Vocational Qualifications 2014/15 (v1.5) 3

33. 7.7. Direct claim status (DCS). 33. 7.8. Reporting suspected malpractice. 34. OCR Admin Guide: Vocational Qualifications 2014/15 (v1.5)
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