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TM Celebrating Our 15th Year Vol. 15 • Issue 8.2 NOVEMBER 2011 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s carousel turns 100 STORY: Jeffrey L. Seifert gigantic natatorium that of- [email protected] fered one of the largest heated saltwater pools ever created. SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Other attractions soon fol- The oldest ride at the Santa lowed including a miniature Cruz Beach Boardwalk passed steam train that same year, a the century mark earlier this Thompson Scenic Railway in summer. 1908 and the Looff Carousel in Charles I.D. Looff, one of 1911. the earliest and most success- ful builders of carousels deliv- Americans fall in love ered the “Merry Go Round” come a popular pastime. with the ‘Carousel’ to the Boardwalk in August of John Leibrandt opened Though dating back to 1911. the first public bathhouse on France in the mid 16th centu- Looff, who immigrated the beach in 1865. The Santa ry, it wasn’t until the late 1800s from Denmark as a young Cruz beach, with its south- and the adaptation of a steam man, began building carousels ern shore on the north side of engine that carousels became in 1875, installing his first at Monterey Bay was protected popular. Mrs. Lucy Vanderveer’s Bath- from the harsh waves typical Americans had become ing Pavilion at Coney Island, of the west coast and offered a enchanted with these new The historic Santa New York City, in 1876. Be- beautiful and serene area with rides in the late 1800s and ear- Cruz Beach Board- ing one of the first, many of safe, open-water swimming. ly 1900s and the golden age of walk Looff Carou- the subsequent Coney Island Other bathhouses soon fol- carousels is generally consid- sel celebrated 100 carousel carvers learned their lowed along with restaurants, ered to be from 1905 to 1925. years of operation skills from Charles Looff. In curio shops, photo stands and Visitors flocked to the many this summer. At 1910 he moved his carousel hotels. amusement parks scattered left, park owner and ride building factory to In 1904, Fred W. Swan- throughout the country to take Charles Canfield Long Beach, California. ton, whose first Santa Cruz a spin on the “painted ponies.” touches up one of hotel was destroyed in a fire, Riders and spectators alike the horses with a A bathing beach opened the Neptune casino loved the beautiful carved little paint. Below, Like many amusement and boardwalk that he pro- horses, the calliope music and a unique view of parks at the turn of the 20th moted as the “Atlantic City the glow of the relatively new the carousel build- century, the Boardwalk began of the West.” That too was incandescent lights. ing interior. as a bathing beach. Americans destroyed in a fire just two It is estimated that as COURTESY SANTA were becoming more prosper- years later, but that didn’t stop many as 3,000 carousels were CRUZ BEACH ous and less dependent on Swanton. He formed the Santa produced in this short time pe- BOARDWALK / constant work. They realized Cruz Beach Company in 1906 riod but less than 175 of those BOTTOM PHOTO that recreation was a good and opened an even grander remain in operation today. JEFF DAL PORTO thing, and swimming had be- casino in 1907, along with a 4See CAROUSEL, page 5 2 AMUSEMENT TODAY November 2011 NEWSTALK OPINIONS CARTOON LETTERS AT CONTACTS EDITORIAL: Gary Slade, [email protected] CARTOON: Bubba Flint 100 years of ring grabbing As this issue of Amusement Today spot- lights 100 years of the historic Looff carousel at the beautiful Santa Cruz Beach Board- walk in Santa Cruz, Calif., it gives us time to reflect on the how one of the most simple designs in life is still a serious joy maker. Slade 100 years ago, that magnificent machine with its hand-carved horses and attention to detail, was one heck of a ‘thrill’ ride to go on. Back then, there were no steel roller coasters, no freefalls, no flipping every direction you can imagine on a ride. There was the carousel. Combine that with the music rolls that the band organ would play, and you not only had something that every- one wanted to take a ride on, you had entertainment in the most purest of forms. Amusement parks all across the country built some of the most beautiful structures ever found in parks, just to house these wonderful machines. Add in some white lights for the night appeal, and behold, this amusement ride had transformed into Cinderella, ready to enjoy the EDITORIAL: Andrew Mellor, [email protected] night’s worth of fun. A record-breaking EAS What was even more fun is a tradition that has been kept alive at both Santa Cruz and Knoebels, the grabbing It’s always good to get out dozen more suppliers and manufacturers to beat of the brass ring while riding the carousel. from behind the office desk to the previous year’s EAS total. The show hosted Some corporate types may say the ring grab is not visit parks and suppliers or at- over 75 more companies, an impressive percent- worth the insurance risk. While that may be, all one has to tend industry conferences and age increase by anyone’s standards and proof do its sit near any of these fine machines that still oper- trade shows and one of the that EAS has truly matured into a key annual ates their ring grab and one will see joy, laughter and more recent opportunities I had event for the industry — and not just for Euro- to do this was for the Euro At- peans. even competition, at all ages, to grab that brass ring as your horse circles by. Mellor tractions Show (EAS) in London Exhibiting companies came from far and at the end of September. wide, while attendees also hailed from numerous This is perhaps the simplest thrill ever found on an With much of the country in the grip of different countries in Europe and further afield. amusement ride, yet its is as rare as finding a good Old something of an ‘Indian summer’ at the time of And while the show floor was buzzing, comple- Mill ride. the show, attendees from overseas could hardly menting this was a significant educational and Kudos to Santa Cruz, Knoebels, Gillians and others believe they were in the U.K. in such wonderful seminar program, various special events and for keeping the thrill Brass Ring alive. Your keeping this conditions, at a time of year when the weather tours and a variety of networking opportunities, is usually much colder (mind you, we Brits could all the various elements coming together to pro- industry tradition alive for future generations to enjoy is a hardly believe it either!), but so it was. And the vide an excellent week of interest and opportu- welcome sight. very warm, sunny conditions reflected perfectly nity. Now, go grab yourself a Brass Ring! on a successful three day event at what has be- The fact that the show moves to a different —Gary Slade come the premier conference and trade show city each year no doubt also helps to maintain for the theme park and attractions industry in interest and provide, to some extent, new visi- Gary Slade is the founder and publisher of Amusement Europe. tor markets to tap into. Perhaps at some point London’s Olympia Exhibition Centre, an im- the show will settle on a few of the most popular Today. His love for amusement parks began at age six pressive Victorian building that offered ideal ex- cities/venues, rather than going somewhere new when he first visited Pontchartrain Beach Amusement hibit areas in two halls, played host to a record each year. But for now at least, the formula works Park and Six Flags Over Texas. His long newspaper career number of exhibiting companies and when I say just fine. helped lead to the launch of AT in 1997. ‘record’ I don’t just mean it hosted a couple of AMUSEMENT TODAY STAFF On the cover Gary Slade, Founder Tim Baldwin Sammy Piccola Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Editorial Accounting / Circulation The beautiful and historic (817) 460-7220 [email protected] (817) 460-7220 [email protected] [email protected] Looff Carousel at the San- Pam Sherborne ta Cruz Beach Boardwalk Stacey Childress Editorial Sue Nichols Web & Graphic Design [email protected] Advertising celebrated 100 years of (817) 889-4441 (615) 662-0252 operation this past sum- [email protected] Scott Rutherford [email protected] Editorial mer season, making it AT’s John Robinson / W.H.R. Inc. [email protected] Beth Jenkins choice for our November Daily E-mail Newsletter Advertising [email protected] Bubba Flint (615) 794-7288 cover. Cartoonist [email protected] COURTESY SANTA CRUZ [email protected] BEACH BOARDWALK/ Contributors: Ron Gustafson , Andrew Mellor, Richard Munch, Jeffrey L. Seifert, Janice Witherow, SHMUEL THALER Bob Johnson, Brooke Evans, Shmuel Thaler, Rendell Bird, Steve Gzesh, Dan Feicht November 2011 AMUSEMENT TODAY 3 NEWSTALK THIS MONTH IN HISTORY EDITORIAL: Bob Johnson, OABA President Much has changed since Chicago Expo Editor’s note: The follow- George Washington Gayle Ferris, age 32, ing guest editorial is a reprint was working his men long hours. This man with from Outdoor Amusement “wheels in his head” had approached the Ex- Business Association President position’s management with the “crazy idea” of Bob Johnson. The editorial col- building a gigantic amusement wheel, over 264 umn originally ran in the asso- feet high, with 1,368 seats for passengers on his ciation’s ShowTime September riding device. His wheel, which paid for itself in 2011 magazine. Amusement the four and half months of operation, helped Johnson Today thought the column was make the Exposition a financial success. well written by Bob and worth reprinting. This history is important to all of us, as we know how important our portable industry’s My how times change, as evident from this photo taken of Many people say that America’s carnivals manufacturers and suppliers have been over the Chance Mfg. booth during the IAAPA trade show and originated after the Chicago World’s Colum- the years to our fairs, expositions and festivals convention in 1970. bian Exposition of 1893, when many indepen- throughout North America. Can you imagine a COURTESY CHANCE ARCHIVES dent showmen had built their shows on wagons fair today, on opening day, with its midway rides which were hauled on railway flatcars to fairs not set up, not inspected, not staffed properly, •1877: Famous ride engineer Presented by and festivals in this country. or even some still on their way! and coaster designer Harry A year before, in 1892, independent show- Today we have fabulous engineering talent G. Traver was born on No- men came by the scores into Chicago. Thou- and creative minds building portable amuse- vember 25 in Gardner, Illinois. sands of well-paid construction workers em- ment rides and, more importantly, manufactur- He founded the Traver Engi- ployed on the Exposition’s grounds were good ers willing to take huge financial risks to build a neering Company in 1919 in customers for the showmen who set up on va- new prototype ride that meets ASTM standards, Beaver Falls, Pa., and is cred- cant lots around the downtown area. will pass DOT and amusement ride regulatory When the Exposition opened on May 1, inspections, and be moved frequently and oper- ited with inventing a number www.RollerCoasterMuseum.org of famous rides including the 1893, many of them moved out to be closer ated efficiently. We have come a long way since Tumble Bug, Circle Swing, Caterpillar, Laff in the Dark and Auto to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show tents outside 1893, in only 118 years, to today’s spectacular ride. From 1925 to 1931 he built some of the most avant-garde the gates on Sixty-Third Street. That same portable amusement rides, controlled by com- roller coaster structures ever created. Some were so intense day, some 500,000 people came through the puters, with redundant safety mechanisms to that riders often refused to ever get back on, and one closed gates, with buildings unfinished, most exhibi- provide the highest level of guest safety. tions not in place, entertainment poorly orga- Once again, we owe our gratitude to this just six years after it was built as it had become a maintenance nized, and poor food and drink service at outra- industry’s manufacturers and suppliers who nightmare. geous prices. The only high structures on the help make us look great and help provide the grounds were the towers of the unfinished “Fer- revenue needed to run your business, and pro- 1985: Six Flags Over Texas extended its operating season ris Wheel.” mote America’s fairs, festivals and expositions. with the first Holiday in the Park Christmas celebration be- ginning November 29, the day after Thanksgiving. Eventually Holiday in the Park was introduced to other parks in the Six EDITORIAL: Jeffrey Seifert, [email protected] Flags family, and today, parks all over the world hold different events at Christmastime. The Texas Holiday in the Park remains Safety verses capacity the longest running Christmas celebration in North America at a seasonal park. This past summer I had the designed with restraining systems with mul- opportunity to tour multiple tiple redundancies to keep the passenger safe 1991: Tom Rebbie and Bill Dauphinee purchase the Philadel- amusement and theme parks and secure. Newer machines even have indica- phia Toboggan Company from its former owner Sam High on in Germany. It was interesting tor lights to communicate to an operator that November 27. The 87-year old company is renamed Philadel- to see how different the parks a restraint is securely locked. Multiple button phia Toboggan Coasters and Tom Rebbie is appointed Presi- there are operated when com- dispatches insure that every operator is in dent. Rebbie who started at PTC in 1977 would eventually buy pared to their American coun- their proper place and clear of the ride. Is the out Dauphinee to become the sole owner in 2007. Seifert terparts. Of course, in Amer- constant babble on the microphone, physical- ica’s litigious society, no one ly touching each lap bar and tugging on each 2000: Ronald V. Toomer who had just recently retired from can expect rides to be run as they are over- belt, and the idiosyncratic “visual scan” and Arrow Dynamics was inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame seas, but perhaps it’s time to take another look five finger count really making the rides being on November 15. He was honored for his creativity and in- at how things are being done in America and operated any safer? novation, which led to a renaissance in coaster development, ask ourselves is it really necessary? Everyone One could argue that such extreme mea- unprecedented since the early part of the 20th century. His wants to make certain that rides are operated sures help to put the riding public at ease, and dedication to the field contributed to the growth of the entire in a safe and efficient manner, but it seems demonstrate that a particular park is really amusement industry. that over the last decade or so, we’ve gone concerned about their safety. One could also —Complied by Jeffrey L. Seifert/AT and Richard Munch/NRCMA seriously overboard on the appearance of argue that these measures do nothing more safety, and are less concerned with efficiency, than reduce efficiency and throughput and resulting in rides with extremely poor capacity agitate boarding passengers who are already TM performance. irritated with long and slow moving lines. For P.O. Box 5427 5-time Award Winner In Germany it was not uncommon for one those parks that insist on tugging on every Arlington, Texas 76005-5427 (817) 460-7220 or two operators to peruse a train full of rid- lapbar, at the very least make certain there are Fax (817) 265-NEWS (6397) ers to make certain their lapbars were in place, enough employees on the ride platform to get knowing full well that a lapbar in proper po- the job done in a timely manner. Find us on Facebook sition is securely locked. On a recent visit to Surely there has to be a compromise. Let’s facebook.com/amusementtoday a popular American theme park I witnessed hope the American parks exercise some com- one lone operator individually check each and mon sense and realize that a customer who every harness and seat belt on a fully loaded waits in long, slow moving lines only to be Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/amusementtoday 32-passenger train. The dismal throughput re- barked at, pulled, pushed and tugged at when sulted in unnecessarily long lines on what was boarding, is less likely to enjoy their day, and a light-crowd day for that park. less likely to return to an amusement or theme G et the free mobile app for your phone Subscribe to our YouTube channel For several decades now, rides have been park in the future. http://gettag.mobi youtube.com/amusementtoday 4 AMUSEMENT TODAY November 2011 2 MINUTE DRILL COMPILED: Janice Witherow Harold Hudson, AAPRA Associates, LLC The name Harold Hudson is almost synonymous with the amusement industry. He started out his career in the business with Six Flags in St. Louis and spent 21 years with the company before forming his own consulting firm, AAPRA (acronym for All About Parks, Rides and At- tractions) Associates, LLC, in 1999. Harold’s professional experience includes safety, ride engineering, operations, Harold Hudson with the Texas Giant model, Six Flags Over maintenance and capital Texas. management. He is highly in- It’s November. My typical Thanksgiving meal is … volved with the industry serving on many boards, Turkey and dressing made by Betty Lynn. committees and task forces mostly with IAAPA and AIMS. Harold has been the recipient of nu- The last time I danced was … merous industry awards, authored several industry June 2011, on a cruise. papers and instructed at his share of presentations and workshops. All this, and he is a great Texan Pick one: front row tickets to the Super Bowl or guy with a simple charm and the World Series good-natured attitude. World Series because the Texas Rangers will be amusementtoday there … again, but winning this time. com Title President & CEO, AAPRA On a free evening, you can probably find me Associates, LLC doing this … Owner Voirrad, LLC Dinner with friends in a fine Dallas-Fort Worth Sr. VP Technology, Dynamic restaurant. Attractions, Inc. Hudson My neighbors probably think I am … Number of years in the industry Crazy for not actually retiring! 33 years. I started November of 1978 as manager of corporate engineering for Six Flags in St. Louis. Hidden talent I can fix anything. Best thing about the industry Unique technology, camaraderie and making If I could go back in time, I would visit this time people happy! period … Continental Congress … July 4, 1776. Favorite amusement ride Batman the Ride at any Six Flags park. Favorite place to ever vacation … All of Europe or cruise anywhere. If I wasn’t working in the amusement industry, I would be … My Mom always told me … Head of an electronic widget company or retired if Two things: 1.) Everything comes out in the wash Betty Lynn (my wife) has any say in the matter! (meaning in the end everyone knows who wears white hats and who wears black hats). 2.) The Biggest challenge facing our industry chickens come home to roost (meaning the deeds Quality workers who have “good service” in their you do will come back to you one way or the hearts. other). The thing I like most about amusement/water Coolest buzz word park season is … Mine is “real quick,” I use it daily. The parks are “alive.” I wish I was good at … A book that everyone should read is … Being patient. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Favorite dinner meal Wow, a tough one. I like food … lobster, filet All-time favorite TV character mignon, pasta, pizza. Johnny Carson. On my last birthday I … The celebrity duo I would most like to see get Almost forgot it was my birthday! back together is … Batman and Robin. In one word, I would describe my day yesterday as … You live in Texas; three things people should Productive. see when visiting the Lone Star State are … Me, the Texas State Fair, Bluebonnets and San Antonio (I guess that’s four things!). November 2011 AMUSEMENT TODAY 5 A tradition that is still alive today at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s carousel is the ring grab, shown above. Above right, a view of the many beaufitful horses found on the carousel. At right, Charles Canfield makes sure the tradition, beauty and charm of the 100-year-old Looff carousel stays intact. COURTESY SANTA CRUZ BEACH BOARDWALK CAROUSEL two standing horses are on the are asked to toss the rings into Part of the charm of the Santa Cruz carousel are the three fully operational band organs. Shown here is the carousel’s original outside row next to each of the a large clown’s gaping mouth, Continued from page 1 band organ, the 1894-built Ruth and Sohn (top) and this rare chariots. where they are rewarded with Wurlitzer 165 band organ (above). The park also started this This particular carousel is flashing lights and bells if they The Santa Cruz Beach carousel memory wall inside the carousel building. one of only a few known to be hit the target, but many of the Merry Go Round AT PHOTOS a “pure” carousel. All of the rings are taken home as sou- The Santa Cruz Beach horses on the ride were pro- venirs. For every six to seven Merry Go Round is a magnifi- vided by the same company people who reach for the rings, cent example of those golden that built the carousel. Some one is taken home, meaning age carousels. horses have had to be replaced that over 85,000 rings have to It features 73 hand-carved over the years, but the park be purchased each year. horses, each one unique. Most was able to acquire Looff hors- But pilfering rings is noth- of the horses display their es from other carousels that ing new — a 1911 photograph teeth in an open mouth, but have been dismantled or have shows a sign pleading “Please six of the steeds are closed- replaced their wood horses. do not take the rings!” The mouth — an uncommon style. ring dispenser is automati- All of them feature elabo- Grab a ring cally loaded with rings recov- rate and colorful details: real It is also one of the few ered from the clown’s mouth horse tails, muscular bodies that still features a working via an elaborate mechanism and decorative jewels. Some ring dispenser. Although ex- underneath the carousel. Prior of the horses sport swords at tremely popular during the to 1950, a park worker called their sides and most have dec- golden age, there are, today, a “ring boy” manually recov- orative garlands around their perhaps less than a dozen car- ered the rings and fed them neck. Many of the horses have ousels in the U.S. where riders into the metal arm. For a brief items strapped behind their can reach for the brass ring, time during the 1970s, dis- saddles such as a fish, lamb, and even fewer have jump- pensing of rings was discon- the Black Forest town of Wald- operated at the Looff carousel pheasant, horn, jug, blanket, ing horses on the outside row, tinued and ridership plum- kirch, Germany, The rare 96- at San Francisco’s Playland- or a cluster of fruit. Two Ro- making this particular carou- meted by about 75 percent. key organ includes 342 pipes, at-the-Beach amusement park man chariots, decorated with sel even more unique. a glockenspiel and percussion for 54 years. The Wurlitzer 165 cherubs and rams, are provid- Originally iron rings were Listen to the music instruments. No one has been was installed in March 2007, ed for the faint of heart, small dispensed with one or two The carousel was installed able to determine where the and provided music during children, or women who, be- brass rings included per ride. with a Ruth and Sohn band or- organ spent its first 17 years or the Ruth organ’s refurbish- cause of their long dresses, did Those lucky few who grabbed gan and it has been providing how it was acquired by Looff. ment. not wish to straddle a horse. a brass ring were able to ex- music for most of the 100 years A rare Wurlitzer 165 band The Ruth was shipped to Most of the jumping horses are change it for a prize, often a the ride has been in operation. organ was purchased in 2007 the Stinson Band Organ Com- mounted in columns of four free ride ticket. Records show the band organ from a private collector. That pany in Bellefontaine, Ohio with all four horses having Today, the rings are steel, was built in 1894 under the organ, built in 1918 by the Ru- where it was given a major the same color: white, black, with brass-plated rings used watchful eye of Adolph Ruth dolph Wurlitzer Company of restoration to bring back its ex- brown, bay, tan or gray. The on special occasions. Riders at the Ruth & Sohn factory in North Tonawanda, New York, 4See CAROUSEL, page 6 6 AMUSEMENT TODAY November 2011 CAROUSEL year long with 100 years of carousel magic. Celebrations Continued from page 5 have included brass ring days, a carousel memory wall where ceptional playing capabilities. friends or loved ones can be The Ruth also received a new honored or commemorated façade with carved figures and with a bronze plaque inside colorful scrollwork, and was the carousel building, a car- then carefully shipped back to ousel-themed art exhibit and Santa Cruz. unique carousel centennial The Boardwalk is also in merchandise. possession of Wurlitzer 146 Along with 100th anniver- band organ that was added sary fine art posters and books to the carousel building ear- are a special-edition 2007 lier this year. Each of the three Boardwalk Carousel bottle offers a unique sound and of syrah wine from Hallcrest all three band organs can be Vineyards, and a collector’s heard as each takes a turn to edition Horse Tale Ale from play music throughout the Santa Cruz Mountain Brew- day. Thanks to a new Musical ing. The ale harkens back to This year, artist Lidia Hasenauer painted this view of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Looff Instrument Digital Interface 1911 when 25 brewers in the carousel in honor of its 100 years of operation. (MIDI) system, the organs can San Francisco area, including COURTESY SANTA CRUZ BEACH BOARDWALK play contemporary music as one in Santa Cruz, brewed a well as the old classics. constant maintenance. The hand-carved horses are be- ignated both the Looff Car- California Common or Steam As it was back at the turn Boardwalk has restored many coming increasingly rare and ousel and the Giant Dipper as Ale. of the century, not everyone of the beautiful carved steeds, difficult to acquire. In 1911, National Historic Landmarks. Amusement Today salutes comes to the carousel build- and those that could not be the carousel cost $18,000; now Fewer than 2,500 places bear the Santa Cruz Beach Board- ing to ride a horse. The organs restored were replaced with a single horse at auction can this national distinction, walk for preserving its his- themselves are attractions as Looff horses from parks in fetch close to that amount. which recognizes historic toric 1911 Looff Carousel. It fans gather to watch the his- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina places that possess exception- is one of the few in the world toric music machines mechan- and Belmont Park in San Di- Suporting cast al value or quality illustrating that has been galloping in its ically bellow the distinctive ego. Ongoing maintenance Complementing the Looff or interpreting the heritage of original location for more than calliope music. includes touching up chipped Carousel is the Giant Dipper the United States. 100 years. May it spin guests paint, frequent polishing of roller coaster, built in 1924 by who come to ride the painted Maintenance is ongoing the brass poles and mirrors, Charles’ son Arthur Looff. On Celebrating 100 years ponies and reach for the brass As one would expect, a as well as mechanical adjust- February 24, 1987, the U.S. Santa Cruz Beach Board- ring for many more years to century-old carousel requires ments and repairs. Antique Secretary of the Interior des- walk has been celebrating all come. November 2011 AMUSEMENT TODAY 7 INTERNATIONAL PARKS ATTRACTIONS RESORTS SUPPLIERS EAS enjoys record-breaking numbers in London BRIEF STORY: Andrew Mellor Severn-Lamb [email protected] delivers new train to major tourist UNITED KINGDOM — destination With a record number of ex- hibiting companies on the trade show floor and more OMAN––Leisure and than 7,000 visitors, this year’s light urban transport spe- Euro Attractions Show (EAS), cialist Severn-Lamb, based held in London, U.K., proved in the U.K., has delivered to be a big success. a new electric train to one Organized by the Europe- of Oman’s premier tourist an office of the International According to the organiz- attractions. Association of Amusement ers, several new exhibitors The Al Hoota Cave, Parks and Attractions — IAA- noted that they only expect- at the foot of the Hajar PA Europe — EAS 2011 took ed to generate new contacts, Mountains, began operat- place at the Olympia Exhibi- but many said that they also ing the new train for visi- tion Center, with 336 exhibit- signed contracts and gained tors in September follow- ing companies providing the Bob Rippy, chairman of the IAAPA board, opens the 2011 business, while other, more es- ing the attraction’s annual familiar plethora of products Euro Attractions Show in London, together with (from left tablished participants, also re- closure during the months and services. The event is now to right) Mats Wedin, Roland Mack, Bob Rippy, Will Morey, ported a successful three days. of July and August for an established as Europe’s pre- Mario Mamon and Chip Cleary, CEO IAAPA. “The show was excellent environmental rest. mier trade show for the theme COURTESY IAAPA for Premier Rides and the in- The brilliant white, park and attractions industry terest in our Sky Rocket gen- custom-designed train, and the spectacular Victorian European countries, Rus- with this show and the sup- eration of rides was very sig- built in its entirety at architecture of the Olympia sia, the U.S., Canada, China, port of the associations in the nificant,” commented Premier Severn-Lamb’s U.K. venue provided an excellent Thailand and India. Initial U.K.,” said Mats Wedin, chair- Rides’ Jim Seay. “It would ap- manufacturing plant in home for this year’s show. figures showed that 7,053 visi- man of the IAAPA European pear the amusement industry Warwickshire, carries up Exhibiting companies tors attended the show from Advisory Committee. “Not has proven recession resistant to 48 passengers in air came from throughout the more than 100 countries, with only did we have a record in Europe and that has encour- conditioned comfort and world and included 82 U.K.- around 30 percent coming number of exhibitors, we no- aged some significant projects provides a world-class based organizations along from the host country. ticed that the European indus- to move forward.” transportation system for 4See EAS, page 8 with others from numerous “We are extremely pleased try is as vibrant as ever.” visitors to the Al Hoota Cave, in addition to design, operational and environmental advantag- es over the existing train. The new train uses electricity on demand, which eliminates the need for batteries and the down time for recharg- ing, improvements which will increase the poten- tial number of daily visi- tors from 760 to 2,000. Passengers board and disembark through sliding doors on either side of the two carriages. Wheelchair access is also incorporat- ed into the cabin design. Janine and Tom Rebbie at the booth of Philadelphia Pictured at the Premier Rides booth are (left to right) Dennis Toboggan Coasters, Inc. Spiegel, International Theme Park Services, and Premier’s AT / ANDREW MELLOR Jim Seay and Peter Schnabel. 8 AMUSEMENT TODAY November 2011 Italy’s newest themer debuts STORY: Andrew Mellor Rainbow Magicland provides a [email protected] fully themed experience with an ITALY — Situated in extensive variety of rides and Valmontone near Rome, Rain- attractions. bow Magicland opened in COURTESY RAINBOW MAGICLAND May this year on a 600,000 square meter site to provide Italy — and Europe — with its latest brand new theme park venue. Bringing a major park to the Rome area for the first time ever, Rainbow Magicland was designed and built by the Alfa Park Group, headquartered The 2011 EAS show boasted the largest number of exhibit- in Brescia and the founder of ing companies ever at the event. “Miragica – Terra dei Gigan- AT/ANDREW MELLOR ti” (Giants Land), an amuse- ment park in Molfetta which EAS the integration of intellectual opened in April 2009. The Continued from page 7 property into attractions and group’s latest venture was cre- human resources, while a Eu- ated at a cost of €300 million As always, the trade show ropean Legends session and (U.S. $400 million) and as the was accompanied by a host of waterpark and safety forums name implies, the main theme additional activities including added to the program. running throughout the venue a significant education pro- Various networking is ‘magic’ with the overall ef- gram which covered a number events and a post show tour of fect being something of an ‘en- of key topics. A major part of some of the U.K.’s major park chanted’ world. this was the two and a half attractions completed a mem- It is aimed at the family day Institute for Attraction orable week. market primarily and incor- Managers as well as sessions Next year’s EAS show porates a number of licensed covering the use of social me- takes place in Berlin, Germa- brands from the Rainbow dia platforms by attractions, ny, from October 9-11. Group, such as Winx, Monster Allergy, Huntik and PopPixie, JOIN US NEXT YEAR! along with features that, in themed attractions as well ultra modern planetarium, Il addition to a host of rides, in- as three theatres and 28 F&B Casetllo di Alfea which is also .P.I.VGOLBDAESEWT NOA F TTRHIEDC BSKESTE!T2012 cVelriufkudinle wg esni,z cmahradangst iaecnadld cf aaasditrvlieeessn,, tbpuroraewvres- frmaecseittlaeiutri recason,v teso.r fe Adw ah5r0eica,0h 0i s0 fi avsneqo uthaaerreer ufaobsrel ed5., 5a0s0 a v 4eDhi ccliense ims aa.l sPoa arkvianilg- all set in a multi-dimensional feature, as is a main street Reflecting the main visitor www.GOLDENTICKETAWARDS.com environment. directly inside the main en- profile, the attractions include The park incorporates 35 trance, a central lake and an a variety of family rides from well-known manufacturers and suppliers. Among these, Spectacular Rides - Park and Trailer Models Check out our and a central feature to the park, is Shock - The Steam roller coasters! Machine, an X-Car launch coaster from Maurer Söhne, who has also supplied the Ca- See us at IAAPA gliostro, a spinning coaster. No fewer than four rides were booth# 4836 supplied by Vekoma, namely the Olandese Volante (double mine train), Bomboun (junior coaster), L’Isol Volante (Flying Island) and Maison Houdini (Mad House). Two further attractions have come from Intamin, these being the Yucatan, a spillwa- ter, and the Drakkar, a rapids ride, while the Mystica, a 70 G i a n t w h e els 2 0 t o 8 0 m e t e r s Pendulum and loop rides, 12 models maftounterdatthe l areo rfB t teo1or5w t ataehzrtetz r orarniicdd tcieeoa norfosrffo uefmsoreir nl cgSahB.d iAFld-, dren are also available. Technical Park North America sales: ITAL INTERNATIONAL LLC The park has proved a Via dell’Artigianato, 47 45037 Melara (RO) Italy 4117 Hillsboro Pike, Ste. 103-358 popular destination since Tel. +39 (0425) 89276 Fax +39 (0425) 803091 Nashville, TN 37215 - USA opening, with the best at- e-mail: [email protected] Telephone: (615) 383 3986 Fax: (615) 383 9244 tendance to date being over Carlo Guglielmi: [email protected] 30,000 visitors during one weekend. November 2011 AMUSEMENT TODAY 9 Fuji-Q breaks another record with Gerstlauer coaster STORY: Andrew Mellor U.S. $37 million). [email protected] The experience begins with the rider vehicle being JAPAN — The tallest, fast- launched out of the station est and longest coaster ever area in one of six, 8-person ve- built by German manufacturer hicles, straight into a heartline Gerstlauer Amusement Rides roll which puts riders upside has proved a big success since down in the dark and takes its opening at Fuji-Q High- them to a speed of 62 mph Land near Tokyo, Japan, in (100 kph). Once out in the July. open the coaster sends guests Named Takabisha, Japa- through an inverted top hat at nese for ‘domineering’ or 118 feet high before going into ‘high handed,’ the ride is Ger- the world’s first ‘banana roll.’ stlauer’s latest example of its This one of a kind inversion popular Euro-Fighter coaster. resembles a giant banana and This launched model provi- is followed by a flatspin, an dies riders with a thrill packed 4See FUJI-Q, page 10 experience both in the dark and out in the open, as well Fuji-Q HighLand’s latest as featuring a vertical lift hill major attraction, the world around the mid-point of the record breaking Takabisha ride. The attraction represents coaster, takes riders through an investment for the park of seven inversions. Yen 3 billion (approximately COURTESY GERSTLAUER 10 AMUSEMENT TODAY November 2011 FUJI-Q Pleasurewood Hills owner plans Continued from page 9 major investment in 2012 airtime hill and breaks. UNITED KINGDOM––Pleasurewood Hills theme park, on Riders are then faced the border of Norfolk and Suffolk, has secured an investment with the 141 feet (43 meter) of €1,350,000 (U.S. $1.9 million) that will be used to purchase high vertical lift, at the top new rides and make further cosmetic enhancements over the of which awaits a brand new winter. highlight. The car climbs The investment comes from new park owners, The to the highest point on the Looping Holding, who took over the park in Jan. 2011. The money will be spent on a number of enhancements ride, slides down a slope and including updating rides, landscaping and theming areas of comes to a halt just a few the park, painting, equipping the restaurants with outdoor meters away from the main terraces, installing CCTV, adding new queue lanes and adding drop. The vehicle then be- a state-of-the-art lighting system to the stage in the Castle gins to slide forward again to Theater. plunge back down to earth. Improving green credentials is also on the agenda, with But on Takabisha, riders ex- water-saving projects and tree planting among the changes perience the first 121 degree that visitors will notice when the gates re-open for the 2012 drop on any roller coaster season on March 31, 2012. anywhere — a world record! Attracting new rides is also a large focus of the invest- The final section of the ment. As well as the Laser Labyrinth (this year’s new attraction coaster continues to put rid- which opened to the public in time for Halloween) one mega ers through their paces with Riders on the thrill ride is set to join the park (although details remain secret) a variety of inversions such Gerstlauer- along with other smaller attractions. Altogether, Pleasurewood as a dive loop, an inline loop built Hills will open in 2012 with a total of five new attractions. and an Immelmann loop, Takabisha Alexis Camelin, general manager of Pleasurewood Hills which together form the big coaster are comments: “At Pleasurewood Hills we recognize that there Cow Hitch. After 3,280 feet seated in one are areas of the park that require improvement and need (1,000 meters) of track fea- of six, 8-per- attention, so this investment will allow us to develop these turing a total of seven in- son vehicles areas. Plus, as ever, our focus will remain on customer safety in two rows. and enjoyment.” versions, Takabisha finally COURTESY Visitor numbers were stable throughout this year with a slows down and takes riders GERSTLAUER view to increasing this in 2012. back in to the darkness of the Park improvements began when the themer closes for station building to complete winter on Oct. 31. the ride. ETF Ride Systems ETF’s rides and P.O. Box 2703 6030 AA Nederweert, Holland Phone +31 (0)495 677000 people movers help... E-mail [email protected] ETF-USA Corporation in creating the unforgettable experience P.O. Box 2445 Dalton, GA 30722, USA Phone +1 (706) 278-1511 E-mail [email protected] n ETF Panorama Pedal Plus n ETF Mystic Mover n ETF Flying Birds Innovative specialist for interactive (dark) rides. The choice for customized design, reliability, n ETF Multi Mover high quality and flexibility. www.etf.nl

Nov 3, 2011 over 75 more companies, an impressive percent- age increase by John Robinson / W.H.R. Inc. Daily E-mail . 2000: Ronald V. Toomer who had just recently retired from . Wow, a tough one A rare Wurlitzer 165 band.
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