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PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 175 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 This meeting called to order by Mr. Edward Sullivan, Vice Chairman of the Board. Board members present were Mr. Jeffrey Shula, Mr. Lawrence Harrison, and Mr. Timothy Gwynn. Also present was Mr. Alex Graziani, Township Manager, Mr. Daniel Coffman, EADs Engineers, Mr. Leslie J. Mlakar, Township Solicitor, Mrs. Linda Iams, Finance Director, Mr. Scot Fodi, Public Works Director. Pledge of Allegiance. Moment of Silence. Unlisted agenda items – There were none. Subject to provisions of Resolution 68/2013: a. Comments from the residents and taxpayers registered to speak. Mr. Graziani – Eleven people signed up to speak. Three minutes per speaker. Mrs. Miller – Good evening thank you for allowing us to speak this evening. My guest is with me is Mary Ann Guesman who is a member of the Penn Area Library Board. I wanted to thank the Commissioners for all of your support in the past to the Library without you we could not do the good work that we do each and every day. I would also like to thank you for your future support in 2015. A couple of items that I wanted to cover that may not be in the packet of information is that we will experience a slight decrease in the funding from the school district so I would like you to consider that as you make your decision on the 2015 budget. We do like everyone else we do face increases in our cost of materials, our books, DVD, e-Books and everything is increasing as it is in other businesses. Some of the measures that we take have taken over the years to curtail our costs in libraries really the only two areas that we have much control over is staff costs and our materials costs. We have done our best to provide the very best in library service to our community while at the same time keeping our costs in-line. One of the measures that we took over the past year one of our part-time employees left the library and she has not been replaced and other staff members have filled-in for her at the serve desk without adding to the total number of hours. We have a superb crew of volunteers and I have included their names and the number of hours that they contribute on page 2-3. They contributed over a 1,000 hours of volunteer in the library in 2014 and have stepped in to help the staff in areas of shelving books, processing materials, and especially with our children’s programing and summer reading program. We have taken certain measures to keep costs down at the same time our expenses are increasing. Some measures I also plan to put into place in this coming year are fund-raising. I’d like to see the library do more fund-raising. We have a high-level of support from the Friends. Each year they have donated $4,000 to the library. That is a huge help to our budget in providing programing and our services. We have strong support from our Friends. I would like to see some other fund-raising put into place and also increased Community Outreach to get the word out there. I don’t want Penn Area Library to be the community’s best kept secret. We are a fabulous organization with amazing services all at “no charge”. Our children’s programing is free of charge, e-Books are free of charge, library cards are free of charge so it’s a great bargain and I want to get the word out about our services. As you look through the packet in the next coming weeks when you are making your decision if you have any questions please feel free to email me and my contact information is included so if you have any questions or need any additional information please get in touch. Mary Ann Guesman – You should a copy of our proposed budget. Do you have any questions tonight for either of us? Mr. Shula – How many approximately do you have that have library cards? Mrs. Miller – In 2013 we had 11,454 members. Those will be updated in 2014. Mr. Sullivan – How many of those are not Penn Township residents? Mrs. Miller – I would have to run a report on that which I would be glad to do for you. I do have a new stat on the package that you might be interested in and this was not done in previous years so it only has 2014 figures. It is the one 2014 Owned Item Circulation next time I’ll put page numbers on these will be easier. It is a new chart and I’ll give you the figure for 2014 the PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 176 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 number of patrons from the Penn Area Library the circulation was 71,166 of those 7,972 were not from Penn Area Library so you can see the difference I broke it down into the number of patrons, the number of items, and how many times those items circulated because that includes renewals as well. So 2,444 of Penn Area patrons compared to 430 non Penn Area residents borrowed our materials. I can get you a report on non-residents. Mr. Sullivan – For the school district’s contribution that’s listed here $7,000 has that been dedicated to the Library already? Mrs. Miller – Um… Mr. Sullivan – Or would you say that’s subject to change? Mrs. Miller – Previously we had received $8,000 from the school district and that funding was received last week. The amount of $7,000 was approved in August by the school board for the year 2015 so yes that’s a $1,000 decrease from the school district. Mr. Harrison – What do you see as your real needs to better serve the residents of the township? Mrs. Miller – Certainly staffing. I would love to expand our adult programing and I would like to have another full-timer person. It’s my understanding that a full-time person had retired a few years ago and had not been replaced and certainly materials, obviously if you aren’t able to provide the new materials they’re not there to be checked-out. We’re fortunate that we belong to the system so patrons do have access to other libraries materials. Programing and children and adults materials. I would like to expand our data bases our on-line resources and to buy more e- Books which are certainly increasing every year that circulation. Mr. Harrison – Well the school is getting rid of many of its books. Do you sense a need to fill-in and I don’t want to say replace, but to meet some of those needs that the school district no longer is providing, or do you feel that’s something that the Penn Area Library might also need to do, that is to clean a few shelves off of some of your books that you have there that may not be utilized. Mrs. Miller – In circulation? Yes. I do foresee an increase in the library use by the children and teens in the community because kids may be very well verse in the use of technology and those devices, but there are good resources and there are not so good resources and they need education in discerning what is a good resource to use in their papers and in their homework and what is not. I just read an article from the Academic Library Newsletter in that the staff at the Bloomsburg University sees a real lack of preparation for their freshman coming in terms of Library Research. So there is a certain preparation that the kids need to be ready for college and being able to research and research properly and site the materials is all part of that, so yes I do see the Library becoming much more used, more than it is now and we already have terrific usage from the kids of the young people in our community. Mr. Sullivan – Ok no other questions thank you very much. Mr. Graziani – Next on the list to speak is Mr. Michal Seice. Mike as you approach the microphone would you please state your name and address clearly and be a bit loud on it so we can catch it. Mr. Seice – I can be loud and everybody knows that. My name is Mike Seice and I am the Vice- President for the Claridge Volunteer Fire Department which is at 2307 Baloh Street. I am here in support of Item #12 Resolution 92/2014 the borrowing of $270,000 for a new fire truck. I’ve kept Chairman Wersing who is our Ward Commissioner up to speed on this purchase and we’ve gone through about a year and half process to do this and we’re down to the point where we’re going to purchase this truck after you guys approve it and we have our meetings. I’ve spoken in length to Mr. Graziani and Mrs. Iams and had some dealings with Mr. Mlakar over this and I’m just here to show my support and answer any questions you guys might have on this matter this evening. Mr. Sullivan – Basic question are you replacing a truck? PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 177 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Mr. Seice – We are replacing a truck. We are replacing a 1988 FMC 1250 pumper. Mr. Sullivan – Are you going to be able to sale it? Mr. Seice – We’re going to try to sell it on Municibid. Mr. Shula – How long does it usually take you to pay-off one of these things. Mr. Seice – We’re taking a ten year loan out on this truck it’s about $33,000 and change, one annual payment per year, our plan is to pay it off in seven years. We have a great solid financial plan for this with the grant money that comes out from the state every year we fill out for that which is on average $12,000 that we’ve been putting towards the principal that’s how we paid off our last truck early and that’s how we plan on paying this truck off early. Mr. Gwynn – Do you get that grant each year? Mr. Seice – Yes we do. Thank you very much. Mr. Sullivan – Thank you. Mr. Graziani – Next to speak is Mr. Leukhardt. Again state your full name and your address please. Mr. Leukhardt – I my name is Roy Leukhardt I have three properties in Penn Township and I don’t know if you’re taking any comments on the zoning for gas well in the township or not. Mr. Graziani – You’re certainly free to make comments. Mr. Leukhardt – There has been a lot of negative publicity out at the Election and there’s been letters sent out to a lot of residents and I’d just like to say that you really have to get yourself educated around natural gas exploration and there is some negatives and there is a lot positives to it and when I read some of these flyers that have been sent out and so forth obviously they are not really knowledgeable of exactly what does take place and you know you have a couple groups in Penn Township right now Huntley & Huntley and Apex and I think they’ve been talking to the Commissioners and Advanger, but you know it’s an important thing and it helps a lot of businesses and it helps a lot of communities and obviously you want to be as careful as you can be so that there is not disruptions to neighboring properties and also the township in a whole. I think we need to take a look of it in Penn Township and understand it and make a good decision based on facts and not just people making statements that aren’t backed up with facts. That’s all I really have to say. Thank you. Mr. Sullivan – If I may before anyone else comes up obviously we’ve got a large group of people here tonight and we’ve got quite a few people that are signed up to speak, if you’re going to come up and simply reiterate what someone else said, if you have a group and you can pick a representative to come up and speak if it’s concerning especially the oil and gas, obviously if it’s something else for township business any resident is more than welcome to speak, but in a matter of time and everybody’s time here if we can try to keep the comments relative, to begin with, and again if we can just avoid a “mass” reiteration here. With that Mr. Graziani you can call the next person up. Mr. Graziani – Next on the sign-up sheet is Mr. Majernik. Jim please state your name and address and spell your name. Come up to the microphone please. Mr. Majernik did not wish to address the board. Mr. Graziani – Next is Mr. Michael Bertonaschi. Please come up. Again if you can spell your name and include your address I would appreciate it. Mr. Bertonaschi – 6404 Ten Point Circle. B E R T O N A S C H I. I’m assuming by Mr. Sullivan’s comments is it ok if I take my….. Mr. Mlakar – You get three minutes. PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 178 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Mr. Bertonaschi – Ok. We’re here tonight to ask many questions about the oil & gas zoning ordinance and also the new zoning maps. Many of us residents have been meeting and we’ve also done our homework. I do want to say that many of us have gone out to well sites and we’ve seen it first-hand so we have done our research and we do know what we’re talking about. We’re also assisted by Mr. Nick Kennedy, Esquire who is a Community Advocate for the Mountain Watershed Association. I’m going to start by asking questions and we don’t expect answers tonight, but we do expect to get answers to these questions. Of the questions that we ask tonight, who can we expect to answer, when can we expect the answers to be provided, and where will the answers be provided. I’ll start with a Compatible Use question. 1. How is the new zoning ordinance consistent with the Robinson Township decision and the Environmental Rights Amendment? 2. How is a well pad a compatible use with residential uses? 3. How was it determined what residential areas would be included in Mineral Extraction Overlay and thus subject to the prospect of unconventional drilling? 4. How does allowing drilling in the Mixed Density Residential District fit with the stated purpose of that district? Stated purpose: The MDR Mixed Density Residential District is established in order to provide land for a wide variety of housing options in a number of configurations at moderate to high densities, as well as to provide for personal and professional services, small-scale mixed use sites and compatible support uses. 5. How does allowing drilling in the Neighborhood Commercial District fit with the stated purpose of that district? Stated purpose: The NC Neighborhood Commercial District is established in order to provide land for small scale commercial uses, personal and professional services, planned mixed use developments, multi-family residential, mixed-use structures with commercial uses on the first floor and residential on floors above, restaurants, arts and entertainment, and compatible support uses for the permitted principal uses. 6. How does allowing unconventional drilling in residential and commercial zones meet the stated purpose of the Mineral Extraction Overlay? Stated purpose: The purpose of the MEO Mineral Extraction Overlay District is to provide areas for the extraction of minerals as defined by the Commonwealth, where the population density is low and significant development is not projected for the near future. Development Infill Overlay District 7. How was it determined which residential areas would be included in the Development Infill Overlay District? Mr. Bertonaschi – I’ll have another resident continue and we’ll provide copies. Mr. Graziani – Thank you. Speaking from audience can’t hear. Audience clapping. Mr. Mlakar – Whoa. This is a public comment it’s not applause and it’s not cheering make your comments and we’ll move on. We have to keep an orderly meeting. Mr. Graziani – Next on the list is Ms. Lamanna. Val Lamanna – My name is Val Lamanna I live in Penn Township and the first thing I want to say is….. Mr. Sullivan – What is your street address please. Ms. Lamanna – 6000 Baker School Road. The first thing I want to say is our group takes pride in getting educated on the public health and the scale drilling and we recently attended a two day seminar full-days at the University of Pitt hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and while we were there they provided us with information for each one of you to get you up-to-speed on health effects in our neighborhood and with our children, the buses, the trucks, the diesel fuel, the environmental effect with our water. This is hosted and was attended by medical field (?) (Not at microphone) You will look on there and you will see that the Dean from Pitt Graduate School of Public Health was a keynote speaker along with other PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 179 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 people from Environmental Toxicology University of Pennsylvania, Duquesne University, and Widner School of Law. On the second day the keynote speaker was Bernard Goldstein who talked about our public health issues with our children and our reproductive health with women. These are studies that they have done in the past ten years that they’ve documented the effects of this, so when we were there I asked them to specifically provide me with additional hand-outs because I did reach out to you to ask you if you wanted to attend this with us. They gave us additional resource guides so you look over that, but I want to continue where Michael left off. 8. How is the stated purpose of this district being furthered by allowing unconventional drilling as close as 600 feet to residences, schools, churches, etc. despite their location in the Infill Overlay District? Stated purpose: The purpose of the Development Infill Overlay District is to establish a health and safety buffer from surface related activities and facilities, specifically oil and natural gas extraction, in developing areas of the Township where residential and nonresidential development has occurred and is projected to occur. 9. How is the purpose of this district being furthered (assuming there are no setbacks for compressor stations) by allowing compressor stations right up to the border of this overlay district? Setbacks 10. How did you arrive at 600 feet as the setback for unconventional drilling? Why is that sufficient? 11. Potential Public Health Impacts of Natural Gas Development and Production in the Marcellus Shall in Western Maryland concluded that an adequate setback from the corner of a (fracking) facility to the corner of a residential property (2,000 feet) can minimize exposure. Was this report considered? If so, why was it not followed? Mr. Graziani – Next signed up to speak is Kevin Kilroy. Again spell your name and give us your address please. Mr. Kilroy – Kevin Kilroy. K I L R O Y. I live at 1175 Paintertown Road. I’ve lived at 1175 Paintertown Road for nearly 29 years. I have well water. When the well was drilled and tested it was producing 15 gallons per minute. The driller said I could probably supply the entire neighborhood. I’ve had the water tested and the quality is great and free of contaminants. I would very much like to keep it that way. You see my wife and I raised our three children in that home and now our three grandchildren come to visit and they drink our water and they eat the food we prepare with that water they eat the vegetables that I grow in my garden because I water them and they sometimes even bathe in that water. I’m not willing to risk the health and well- being of my family no matter what percentage of likelihood of contamination by the fracking process. Recently DEP regulators reported that they found an array of contaminants in 240 private well water supplies they said were damaged by Oil & Gas Operations during the past several years. That’s from DEP. A spoke person from the Marcellus Shale Coalition was recently quoted as having said, the percentage of water well impacted is statistically very low. Does anybody here want to become a statistic? I don’t. I’m very pleased to see that in this proposed zoning ordinance the Commissioners have addressed issues such as setbacks, residential concerns, reporting spills, storage, and waste disposal, dust, fumes, gases, glare, vibrations, and certain types of potential contaminations of water ways, I suspect these provisions will prove to be woefully insufficient in protecting the residents of our Township. Under Appendix “A” Performance Standards it states that, nor shall any substance which will destroy aquatic life be allowed to enter any well, water courses or potable water supplies. Sounds good, but what about enforcing compliance, how does that work. We don’t even know exactly what kind of garbage their injecting into the ground because its proprietary. Really? So while these companies are making a financial killing at the public’s expense they will be killing me financially because I will have to go to a DEP approved water testing lab on a regular base to have my water tested for everything under the sun so that they don’t kill me, literally. Then, if my well tests positive for some cariogenic substance that wasn’t in it before the DEP can take up to 45 days to react to that complaint and then if I’m real lucky the frack will park a water buffalo in my driveway so that I can enjoy my morning cup of coffee. Kind of makes you long for a little noise, dust, gas pollution doesn’t it. I’m opposed to fracking in our Township. Audience clapping again. PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 180 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Mr. Graziani – Next signed up to speak is Mr. Yacamelli. Please spell your name and give us your address. Mr. Kerry Yacamelli – Y A C A M E L L I at 100 Sycamore Lane. I guess my only question is the other gentleman and lady has covered it pretty well. I live at the bottom of Saunders Station Road where the trucks will be entering and exiting which is right across the street it is gorgeous there it’s the Pennsylvania stocked trout stream and I have three young children and I have been to these pads in Greene County and Washington County and I have friends that have drilling on those pads which are extremely remote and rural areas and when I go to arrive for deer hunting at 3-4 in the morning it’s lite up like the City of Pittsburgh on a Saturday evening. I don’t understand how the Township is going to be able to protect my family, my three children from not only noise pollution with the trucks constantly lined-up entering and exiting right across from literally my driveway the light pollution all the residents and then as well as the contaminants in the air let alone the stream that’s down there all the wildlife. My question is, what is this Township Commission willing to do or how are they going to protect myself and my family because I believe that is one of your responsibilities as elected officials. Thank you. Applause again. Mr. Graziani – Next to sign-up is Mr. Leukhardt. Mr. Leukhardt – I give my three minutes up. Mr. Graziani – Thank you. Next is Mr. Buvalla. Mr. Buvalla – I give up my three minutes too. I’m good. Mr. Graziani – Thank you. Mr. Papa? Mr. Papa – I decline. Mr. Graziani – And lastly signed up to speak is Mr. Jim Starr. Mr. Starr – That’s me. I’m not a resident here but I own two parcels of land in Penn Township and have paid taxes for longer than anybody we’ve been paying taxes longer than anybody here has been alive. Mr. Graziani – Please spell your last name. Mr. Starr – S T A R R. Mr. Mlakar – You’ll have to give us your address sir. Mr. Starr – Well I have the parcel numbers here. Do you want the parcel numbers? Mr. Mlakar – Yes please and what’s your regular address sir. Mr. Starr – My regular address is 390 (?) Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15216. Mr. Mlakar – Thank you. Mr. Starr – I just want to say, the natural gas industry started right here. It started in Murrysville and it’s been safe and it’s produced a great living for all of us. This building is being heated by natural gas. We all drive cars to get here, we didn’t take bicycles or horses, everything we do it has changed our lives and made all of our lives better. It’s improved just dramatically everything we’ve done so I’m very much in favor of this and I think there is a lot of any business has a risk, just standing here there is a risk, just driving down the street is a risk. The risks of this are so small in comparison to the benefits that we’ll all reap, this area in general, Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania is really having a rebound because of all of this. (Lots of comments from audience) PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 181 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Mr. Graziani – Mr. Chairman there is no one else signed up to speak. (Speaking out from audience) I have a voice! Mr. Sullivan – Hold on a second. We are going to go by row since you didn’t register to speak you’ll have your opportunity. Item 3b. – Comments from the residents and taxpayers at large. We will start with the first row. Mr. Graziani – Is there anybody interested in speaking in the first row and if you are you may come to microphone and clearly state your name, spell it along with your address please. Rick Lichtenstein – My name is Rick L I C H T E N S T E I N, 2513 Coventen Court and I do live in Murrysville. Mr. Mlakar – You cannot speak sir. Mr. Sullivan – Unless you are a taxpayer or resident in the Township or a business owner sorry you are not permitted to speak. Mr. Mlakar – No. Mr. Lichtenstein – Ok sorry. Mr. Graziani – That’s all right. Mr. Sullivan – Anyone else in second row. Mr. Graziani – Would you please literally spell your name. Mrs. Marian Szmyd – S Z M Y D. I am a widow. MRS. Mr. Sullivan – Can we have your address please. Mrs. Szmyd – (Laughing) 711 Cora Street, Jeannette, PA. I want to address compressor stations. Is there a setback requirement for compressor stations? According to 196-41 Oil & Gas Operations Section “A” Compressor Stations & Gas Processing Plants must be approved by the Board of Commissioners before a permit is issued. If the Board of Commissioners is going to vote on compressor stations and gas process plants why are they permitted uses as opposed to conditional? Why not retain greater control to a conditional use approval process. How are the stated objectives of Penn Township as an enumerated in the ordinance being furthered by the ordinance? Section D2f requires spills to be reported timely to Penn. What constitutes timely and why is immediate reporting not required? How will the thousands of truck trips be handled so as not to impair the community or create traffic flow problems? 190-14 5D4 states, Hazardous or toxic waste shall not be permitted to accumulate on any property and disposals shall be in compliance with applicable Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Hazardous or Toxic Waste Handling Regulations. Does this mean the ordinance is banning pits? If not, why not? Why do you require a closed-loop system? Why don’t you require a closed-loop system? Where in the ordinance does it require the operating show compliance with all State and Federal Air Pollution Requirements? Why is the Mineral Extraction Overlay not clearly marked on any of the maps? You don’t have the FPO either. The Flood Plain Overlay. You don’t have that on either. Noise and Lighting. Section D4 sets a noise level of sixty decibels, how was this level arrived at and does this apply to all stages of drilling? Have studies been done on the average ambient noise in the Township? Is the company required to monitor noise levels, how will compliance be assured. There are a couple questions I really want to ask and it pertains to Apex. Which ordinance will Apex be required to follow now that they have completed their technical review and what is the time line to adopt the proposed ordinance. Thank you. Mr. Sullivan – Before the next speaker comes up if I could just remind everybody to check their cell phone and have them on silence or off before the next speaker comes up please. Continue with the second row. PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 182 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Cheryl Kilroy – My name is Cheryl Kilroy. I live at 1175 Paintertown Road. I have been a lifelong resident of Penn Township as well. I am very concerned about what is going to happen to our wonderful little community that I grew up in. From truck traffic to noise to pollution. I’m a little bit concerned about if our fire departments are going to be able to handle any type of catastrophe that we may have explosions from the wells that there is going to be training for them what will happen with that. Also, as far as, we have a lot of elderly residents especially in the Level Green area, as far as asthma and over things if there is going to be monitoring with the pollution from those. I do want to know if any of you on the board are going to benefit financially from the drilling on a personal base if you own property where the drilling is. I know a couple of the gentlemen that are here that have spoken for it I am curious if they will as well and I hope that will be taken into consideration with any opinions that you hear from anybody with that. I was watching a news report before I left the house today and it was about earthquakes and that was about earthquakes caused by fracking and how there is such a big increase on it, unfortunately I did not have the time to go in and look at statistics on that I hope that somebody here on the board takes reins to do that. We have one of those wells going in right beside the Turnpike what happens if we have an explosion or a problem from that and how many people are going to be affected from it. I know the area that was in Texas from the well that exploded there was a pretty big area that was evacuated this area is very densely populated. Since I have a little more time I also wanted to address why the resident area of Paintertown was not included in that overlay. I noticed most of the heavy residential areas they had that little exemption thing, I’m not exactly sure I don’t want to use the word exemption because I’m not sure I understand all that, but they had a block where there was a condition of use on that and Paintertown was not included in that and it’s a very heavy residential area. I certainly hope it’s not because the residents in that area are a little bit lower income than other areas in the Township, but none the less, Tim maybe that’s something that you can look into because that’s part of your district and I don’t want to see you not protect us, that’s one of the reasons you were elected was to help the residents in your area and I certainly hope that you look into that for us. That’s all I have to say. Mr. Sullivan – Thank you. Robert Breault – B R E A U L T. I live at 105 Belluewood in Trafford. I came to this meeting hoping to.. Mr. Mlakar – Are you in the township sir? Do you live in the Township? Robert Breault – Penn Township? Mrs. Iams – That’s Trafford. Mr. Breault – Yes. Mr. Sullivan – You’re in Trafford Borough? Mr. Mlakar – You can’t speak sir. Mr. Breault – I got this letter that told me to come here today. Mr. Mlakar – Not from us. Mr. Breault – So it’s a waste of my time. Mr. Sullivan – Did it come from Penn Township? Mr. Breault – I don’t give a SH**. I’m a disabled veteran. Mr. Mlakar – Sir you are out of order please sit down. Mr. Sullivan – Let’ not get confused between Penn Township and Penn Trafford School District. We don’t cover the same areas and obviously Penn Trafford School District covers Trafford Borough, Manor Borough, this is Penn Township, obviously this meeting and this comment period is for Penn Township residents or people that pay taxes in Penn Township, so if you’re a PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 183 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 business owner as one of the gentleman came up before he is a property owner and certainly you’re at liberty to speak. Fourth row. Did I miss somebody up front? Come on up. Doyle Harp – I’m from Level Green, 450 Woodcliff Drive, Trafford, PA. Off of Home Drive. I’ve lived there since 1964. Mr. Mlakar – What is your last name sir? Mr. Harp – H A R P. I only have one general question and that is, why are they picking the populated areas to drill for gas? I drive around Penn Township I drive around Western Pennsylvania there is open land all over the place, why do they pick the areas where there is population it amazes me. If somebody can explain it to me I would be very thankful for it. That’s my only question, why pick the populated areas. Mr. Sullivan – Thank you. Fourth row. Mr. Dan Begg – B E G G. I am a resident of Penn Township I live in Level Green my address is 6209 Antler Hill Drive. Many people have been reading questions into the record that we would like answers to and there are two remaining questions and I want to be certain that go into the record. Section D (6) sets lighting requirements, how were these specific requirements established? How does that requirement relate to performance standard G relating to glare? As has been established by my neighbor earlier we hope that we can get answers from you to these questions, we appreciate what you are doing with respect to zoning is not an easy task, but there are potentially some very dangerous outcomes to this kind of drilling activity. We look to you to protect us in that respect. Thank you. Mr. Sullivan – The end row there. Colleen Buvalla – B U V A L L A. I live at 112 Newel Lane, Trafford, Level Green. I have a question concerning the routes that these trucks are going to take. I live at the corner of Newel Lane and First Street. First Street is a State Road. Are they paying taxes to fix these roads after they destroy them with their trucks and their and First Street can’t hold two trucks going up and down at the same time? If anybody that knows that area or goes up to the Gun Club can attest to. There have been numerous accidents people running off the road because there is speeding cars coming up and down that road also. I would like to know if they are going to compensate Level Green and we actually had 0130 cave-in that one time. We’re shut down for months and people use First Street as a detour. That’s Grand Central Station through people trying to get from one section of Trafford to the other in the quickest time they can do it and speedy. What is this shale drilling giving back to us as a community? I mean they are going to destroy our roads my air quality I live there I have a pool and I have a nice deck and everything that I like to entertain and I’m going to hear this noise because it is Drakulic is right above the hill from me. Bobby Drakulic just laughs at us at the fire hall when we try to discuss this with him. He’s getting money so he could care less what happens to his neighbors. I would really like to find out how we’re going to be compensated for our roads that are going to get destroyed. Is that in any of the contracts and First Street is a State maintained road. Is the State getting the money to fix that road after they destroy it? That’s all. Mr. Sullivan – The roads are bonded by the drillers and what not so there is certainly recourse from that aspect of it and certainly if there is any questions…. Mr. Graziani – Just quickly. Next meeting we’re going to be doing an ordinance related to a weight study that street though in reference if I’m not mistaken is a Township road it’s not a State route. Mr. Fodi – First Street is a Municipal road. Mr. Graziani – So it is something we’re very concerned about. Miss Buvalla – It’s not a State road anymore? Mr. Fodi – No it’s a Township road. PENN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS PAGE 184 REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Miss Buvalla – That’s not what I got when I moved in 25 years ago. Thank you. Mr. Sullivan – Back in the back row now. One in the front. Ok let’s go back. Mr. Frank Lotito – I live at 132 Saunders Station Road I live in Level Green and I’ve lived there for about four and one half years. You hear a lot about these drilling companies are going to pollute are air and pollute our water and destroy our roads. I do know of one company its Apex Energy that’s going to be drilling they say (8) wells they are in the process of getting a permit here in Penn Township. I would suggest that the Commissioners have a meeting with Apex and the public to find out what their plans are. It doesn’t seem like anybody knows what’s this company planning and where are they planning on drilling these wells. The residents don’t know, I don’t know, no one knows. Just a plain informational meeting would probably be a good thing so everybody knows what’s going on and is on the same page and to put away some of these fears on where they’re going to be running their trucks and what times and the noise and all that. Let them answer some questions. That’s all. Mr. Jim Dovicsak – I live at 191 Oakview Drive, Level Green. My concerns are the two gentleman that spoke before doesn’t even live in Level Green although he has a parcel which doesn’t mean crap. Mr. Leukhardt conveniently moved……. Mr. Mlakar – Sir, you are supposed to address the board and not to attack people that have, address the board with your comments you're not to attack people. Mr. Dovicsak – He conveniently moved from his property to Somerset. How many of you gentleman are going to have trucks run by your house? Larry and Mr. Sullivan are the only two that I know that actually live in Level Green am I correct? Am I? Mr. Harrison – I live in Level Green. Mr. Sullivan – I live in Harrison City. Mr. Dovicsak – Are you going to have trucks running by your house? Sometimes they use a million gallons of frack water. A million gallon. The trucks only hold 6,000. Figure the math real quick and you’re looking at couple thousand trucks, a couple thousand plus the frack sand. Do you want it to go by your house Ed? I know where you live I’ve been out with you on a zoning problem. How about you come down and live in Level Green. If my well goes bad who’s going to run water up my road? Who’s going to take care of that? You keep saying the well company will but that’s still a lot of baloney for me. I’m just saying put yourself in our shoes. Come down to Level Green you two I know live there, you live on School Road and you’re not affected by it, you don’t either, you’re not affected by it by 500 or 2,000 trucks coming down Saunders Station Road. We got kids on that road. We got kids that walk do you know how many people walk in Level Green alone? I’ll tell you what, if I catch one of them going over that speed limit I’ll tell you what there is going to be some big trouble I’m just telling you that right now. Mr. Sullivan – Anyone else seated? The girl in the back over here. Stacy Parfitt – I live on 106 Newel Lane. Many people have brought up issues that I was concerned about and there are two additional I’d like to bring up. I work as a real estate agent for Howard Hanna property values are significantly affected by what’s going to happen with a gas well especially to people like myself that have a well. It is bad for everyone but especially particularly people with well water lose huge percentage of their resale value on their home and me being third generation on Newel Lane living here I’m remodeling my family home now so of course that’s a concern to me. Another thing is done to us and we have no choice especially the people with well water we can’t afford thousands of dollars to pay for city water and we know that well water is affected by fracking. That’s all. Thank you. Mr. Sullivan – Anyone else standing in the back? Dave Delsignore – I live at 602 Route 130 in Level Green. My concern is that if you approve these wells to be drilled the one is less than half a mile from my house and I live on 130 and 130 is fairly busy but not too bad, but from what I’ve seen of fracking operations the volume of

everyone else we do face increases in our cost of materials, our books, DVD some pre-action determination as to whether or not there is abdicable.
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