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My Friend Loretta Lynn Page: 2 Copyright Page: 3 Dedication Page: 4 Contents Page: 5 Foreword Page: 6 Acknowledgments Page: 7 One Starting in Phoenix, July 1975 Page: 8 Two Learning More about Loretta Page: 10 Three Dinner and a Show Page: 12 Four Hypnotizing Me … Never Page: 13 Five Enjoying the Holidays Page: 17 Six Going on a Cruise Page: 20 Seven Reflecting on the Cruise Page: 22 Eight Going to Tennessee Page: 27 Nine Settling In Page: 30 Ten Starting Again Page: 33 Eleven Counting Down Page: 36 Twelve Going to Israel Page: 37 My Friend Page: 44 About the Author Page: 45


Rosie Hamilton doesn’t like being the center of attention, but after talking to country music star Loretta Lynn about all the fun they’ve had over the years, she knew she had to share the good times.

Hamilton met Loretta at a 1975 concert in Phoenix with her thirteen-year-old son in tow. She was in awe of Loretta, who was so beautiful, so down to earth, and so country.

In a surprise move, Loretta pulled the author on stage at that concert, and the two became fast friends. They enjoyed many adventures over the years—traveling, shopping, and getting into trouble.

Sometimes, between the afternoon and evening shows, Loretta needed to unwind, so Hamilton would take her to the mall, standing at the entrance of shops to prevent her from being pestered by fans.

If you’re a fan of Loretta Lynn and country music, you’ll love this inviting and engaging memoir featuring the star and her biggest fan.

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