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Mission to Islam and Beyond Mission to Islam and Beyond Formerly published as The Practical Approach to Muslims Jens Christensen NEW CREATION PUBLICATIONS INC. PO Box 403, Blackwood, South Australia 5051 2001 First published by by Mrs. M. Christensen & The North Africa Mission originally titled The Practical Approach to Muslims © 1977 Republished by NEW CREATION PUBLICATIONS INC. PO Box 403, Blackwood, South Australia, 5051 © 2001 The Society-in-Aid Bjergholt 19 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark National Library of Australia cataloguing-in-publication data Christensen, Jens, Bishop Mission to Islam and beyond New ed. ISBN 0 86408 224 X. 1. Islam—Doctrines. 2. Islam—Relations—Christianity. 3. Converts from Islam. 4. Mission to Muslims. 5. Christianity and other religions—Islam. I. Title. 261.27 This book is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission. Inquiries should be addressed to the publisher. Cover design by Jane McLean Design Wholly set and printed at NEW CREATION PUBLICATIONS INC. Coromandel East, South Australia www.newcreation.org.au v Contents Editor’s Note to the 1977 Edition xi Preface to the 1977 Edition xiii Publisher’s Foreword to the Current Edition xv A Biography of Jens Christensen: Missionary to the Pathans in the North-West Frontier Province xvii 1. Introduction 1 SECTION ONE: JUST HOW ARE YOU GOING TO APPROACH THE MUSLIM? 2. Means 13 3. Criticism 26 4. Politics 39 5. Proclamation—I 50 6. Proclamation—II 61 7. Intolerance 73 SECTION TWO: JUST WHAT ARE YOU AIMING AT? 8. Individual Conversion or Mass Movements? 87 9. Preaching, Teaching and Witnessing 100 10. The Muslim Convert in the Church 115 SECTION THREE: JUST WHERE DOES YOUR CHRISTIAN LIVING FIT IN? 11. Collective and Individual Responsibility—I 129 12. Collective and Individual Responsibility—II 144 13. Good Deeds in Relation to Evangelism 159 14. Prayer in Relation to Evangelism 175 SECTION FOUR: WHAT ABOUT THE QUESTION OF UNIVERSALITY? 15. Is Christianity Universal? 191 16. Is Islam Universal? 202 SECTION FIVE: IS IT ‘A BATTLE OF BOOKS’? 17. Yes and No 221 18. Inspiration and Revelation 232 SECTION SIX: IS IT LAW OR EVANGEL? 19. Wherein Did Christ Differ from Jews in the Matter of Faith? 247 20. How Does Your Concept of Faith Differ from That of a Muslim? 259 21.Is Islam Law or Evangel? 271 SECTION SEVEN: WHAT ABOUT THE DOGMA OF THE HOLY TRINITY? 22. Is This Dogma Preachable?—I 283 23. Is This Dogma Preachable?—II 294 24. If Not Preachable, Then What? 308 SECTION EIGHT: WHAT ABOUT THE ETERNAL SONSHIP OF CHRIST? 25. Conceived by the Holy Spirit 321 26. Born of a Virgin 333 SECTION NINE: WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARD MUHAMMED? 27. Muhammed’s Conception of God in Relation to Yours 345 28.Muhammed’s Conception of Preaching in Relation to Yours 356 29.Muhammed’s Conception of His Book in Relation to Yours 366 30.Muhammed’s Conception of Ethics in Relation to Yours 379 SECTION TEN: WHY HAS CHRISTIANITY NOT DEVELOPED A SUNNAH? 31.Just What is Sunnah? 393 32.Is a Christian Sunnah Possible? If Not, Then What? 404 33.Why Does the Muslim Object to Our Principle of Ethics? 414 SECTION ELEVEN: A FEW COMPARISONS 34.Belief in Allah—Belief in God the Father 429 35.Belief in Books and Prophets 440 36.Predestination and Fatalism 453 37.Resurrection and Judgment 464

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.