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Preview Minibeasts with Jess French

Cover Page: 1 Title Page Page: 2 Dedication Page: 3 Contents Page: 4 Introducing minibeasts Page: 5 Eat Page: 6 Mouthparts Page: 7 Finding food Page: 8 Ingenious feeders Page: 9 Farmers Page: 10 Pollination Page: 11 Bloodsuckers Page: 12 Prey Page: 13 Attack Page: 14 Chase me, chase me Page: 14 Ambush Page: 15 Venom Page: 16 Super silk Page: 17 Web of deceit Page: 18 Traps Page: 19 Defence Page: 20 Projectiles Page: 20 Camouflage Page: 21 Marvellous mimics Page: 22 Colour me toxic Page: 23 Escape artists Page: 24 Brute force Page: 25 Love Page: 26 Courtship Page: 27 Choosing a mate Page: 27 Ensuring paternity Page: 28 Anatomy Page: 29 Love songs Page: 30 Fancy footwork Page: 31 Slugs and snails Page: 32 Caring for Young Page: 33 Birthday presents Page: 33 Birthday cakes Page: 34 Nests Page: 35 Mum’s the word Page: 36 Devoted dads Page: 37 Cuckoos Page: 38 Glossary Page: 39 Photo credits Page: 40 Author acknowledgements Page: 41 eCopyright Page: 42

Fancy meeting a foot-long centipede or a spider the size of your dinner plate? Willing to let the world's weirdest and most fascinating minibeasts join you on your sofa? Then allow Jess French to lead you head first through the unbelievable world of invertebrates and explore their incredible adaptations, from dancing scorpions and blood-sucking moths to zombie spiders and slime-shooting worms. Marvel at how minibeasts have evolved to survive in almost every describable habitat. Discover the fascinating ways they find food, mate, fight, hide and collaborate in even the most extreme conditions! And pore over more than 250 breathtakingly detailed photographs of astonishing invertebrates. With her unparalled zeal for minibeasts, Jess will enlighten you on the most fascinating and intense aspects of the minibeast world, revealing everything from cloaks made of corpses to mid-flight kamikaze mating.
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