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\ / \' o\ Tin-: -Wjft)Vi...^i KHASI-ENGLISH DICTIONARY BT V NISSOE SINGH EDITED BY Major P. R. T. GURDON, i.a., U DOHORY ROPMAY, b.a., AKD U HAJOM KISSOR SINGH. PRINTED AT THE EASTERN BENGAL AND ASSAM SECRETARIAT PRESS, SHILLONa. 1906, Frke 2s, 3d!.] [Price Be, 1-8 anms. f Agents fortha skle of &00U8 published by th« Assam Administration. Agents In India (O Mes*rs. Th»cWer, Spinlc & Co., Calcutta. (4) Messrs. A. M.andJ. Ferguson, Ceylon (2) Messrs. W. Newman & Co., Calcutta. (5) Messrs.R. Combray & Co.,6 and8/2, HastingsStreet,Calcutta. (3) Messrs.S. K. Lahiri & Co., Calcutta. (6) Messrs. Thomson &Co., Madras. Aarents In England. (») Mi. E. Arnold, 41 and 43, Maddox Street, (5) Messrs. P. S. King & Son, 9, BondStreet, W., London. Bridge Street, Westminster, S. W., London. (2) VHtaesysrsM.arkCeotn,stLaobnledon&. Co.,' 16, James Street, (6) Mr. B. H. Blackwell, 50 and 51, Broad Street, Oxford. (3) MCeon.s,rs43., GKeergraanrdSPtaruele,t,STorheon,chW,.,TLrounbdnoenr. & (7) Messrs. Deighton Bell &Co., Cambridge. (8) Messrs. HenryS. King&Co.,65, Cornhill, [4) Mr. B. Quaritch, 15, Piccadilly, W., London. E. C,London. (9) Messrs.Grindlay&Co.,54, ParliamentStreet, S. VV., London. Aeoiits on the Continent of Europe. (i) MM. Friedlandcr andSohn, 11,Carlstrasse, (4) M. Ernest Leroux, 28, Rue Bonaparte, Berlin. Paris. (j) M.Otto Harrassowitz, Leipzijf. (5) MartinusNijhoff,TheHague. (3) M. Karl Hiersemann, Leipzig. (6) Mr.Rudolf Haupt, Halle-a-S,Germany. SHILLONG f ,\ ', FRINTED BY K. HILL,'>RISS'SUPISINTBNDIMT, SASTBRN BKNOAL AMDASSAM. K53 AUTHOU'S PREFxiOE. In bringing out tliis little book before the public, I beg to say that I have engaged in a work soardaous that I cannot profess tohave successfully completed it, but, encouraged by the remem- brance that not a few persons have undertaken work of a similar kind in other languages on a small scale at first, I did not shrink from making a like attempt myself. When the work had beou finished, and part of it gone through the press, Sir Bampfyldd Fuller kindly took notice of it, and at his instance a coni- mittee, composed of U Dohory E-opmay, b,a., U Hajom Kissoi* Singh, and myself, as members, was appointed for revising and enlarging it. As the Cherra dialect has been selected and introduced by the "Welsh Missionaries (and very wisely too) as a standard of the Khasi language, no attempt has been made to insert words of other dialects, excepting in a very few instances. No pains have been spared to consult as many of the bnoks and local newspapers available, as have been published up to date. I have great pleasure in acknowledging my personal obliga- tions to the Eev. J. G. Evans, to Major E. R. W, C. Carroll, I.M.S., and to Major P. R. T. Gurdon, i.a., for the kind and valuable assistance rendered by them. I must not omit to men- tion here my obligations to the members of the revising commit- tee—U Dohory Ropmay, b.a., and U Hajom Kissor Singh ~-^vho have devoted much time and thought to the revision work, and to some of my Khasi friends from whom I derived assistance. In conclusion, I beg to say that, with all that I and tlse. members of the committee have done, there will still be room for further improvements as years pass. I am, however, satisfied that a foundation has been laid for any improvements that may be made in future. Shillong, ^ 46422^ J NISSOR SINGH December 1904.

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