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From the Bestselling Author of Think and Grow Rich! NAPOLEON HILL’s KEYS TO SUCCESS The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement % NAPOLEON HILL'S KEYS TO SUCCESS RAFOUION UML was bem into poverty in 1889, and achiewed great access as an atlomney and journalist, He was an advisor to Andrew Camugie and Franklin Rooscvell. Widh Caraogie’s help, he Formulated a phitow- phy of success leawing on the thoughts andl expetienaes oF A multilude of rags-lo-riches tyecons. Ln mcant years, the Nipalean Hill Foundation has published his hestselling, writings worldwide, giving him an innmense influence around the globe. Araany his formas tds ane Thitk aad ‘Grow Rit Action Fash (Pluuse), Napoleon Hills A Yar of Growing Rich (Plume, ant Suereed aud Groce Ri Through Peraasion (Sige) FULFILL YOUR AMBITIONS ‘Why have Napoleon THs gides ty success sold millions of wopies all pver the world—and today arc selling better than wer? he answer is simple. These hay woe inthis companion, guide to the besbulling Thitk cad Grow Richt, Napoleon Till shaces seventeen essentio! principles that will spue ‘your efferés, steel your strength, and make your drearns ‘ome tue, They inclu = Using the Mastermind Principle * Fecusmg Your Atiention + Tearing fron Defeat * Going the Extra Mle 4 Improving Your Mental Attitude: For anyone sucking personal and financial stability, Napoleon Hill's Keys fy Success promises to he a valuable ‘5nd important guide on the soad to riches, Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success + THE 17 PRINCIPLES OF PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT + Edited by Matthew Sartwell @ A PLUME BOOK, an atten Ry Bsn Svan feat ew Sea Sn Sa Se ted ar ha hme ameter eg Gp Wn resi pon na pms ong hcnon 00° ‘iat Qa siete ‘ei of Cngest caged he Dui ete ews sr Fi-sie0 eee Tie eer hace tet mg it ander are mae hee op heb Deas st ect pone me sit ge wets pei bt ions be onrinaieeermee faces pe etree {Sping Wpyngicau toc appeal Roaabers i rape CONTENTS Prafive ty Dou M, Gree a Introduction by W. Clemsst Stone te |. Develop Definiteness of Purpose 1 . Establish a Mastermind Alliance 1B Assemble an Attractive Personality 2 . Uw Applied Faith ra Go the Fra Mile a %6 % Pa 6. Create Personal Initiative 7. Build a Positive Menlal Auttade ‘8. Comtral Your Enthusiasm, 9, Hnloxce Sel-Disciphine we 30. Think Accurately’ wt 1. Control Your Attention, 136 42. Inspire Teamsrork Ww 15. Lea from Adversity and Defeat 136 18. Cultivate Creative Vision 165 415, Maintain Sound Tleal:h 173 16. Budget Your Time and Money 157 17. Use Cosmic Tahitionce 201 18, The Sevemtoun Principles of Succans 23 Ackoaladgeents der PREFACE Ihe title Negeteon HS Keys tu Success should get one's attention if Iow to be succsssfal happens to be of intersst ‘the render, “The principles of sucunss thot ze deactsbed in Kia t Suc cass are not only welllen abet, but aso explained ws the reader can undesstand and apply the principles fm their Fives. Hill's banks ane sald worldwide and are mane popntar tha over baie of he principles of success and Weis uni- ‘versal appeal ‘You have the same book in your hands that haa been wsed in wraps universities and ig stil being caught today as a Erecchaur college couse, Napolece Hill was hom in te mugged mountains ol Soathavest Ving'nia ir. TS, inte what Hill descrized as “lor three generation... people had been bom, lived, shrug- gled iproraney, ilteracy and paverty, and died without Taving boea outside the mourtaine of Ghat wuotin, They makie bee living from the wl, Whatever utoney they pro cated 995 trom the sale of corn converted inte moonshine, There ware no railroads, lelephones, eleciic Lights, o¢ Pass able publi highways.” earsmothurd:od when he was oy nine yeas oi whit could aes o his chances of eee bing suc ossl Tb his talker mated a young widow wha was educated 1 dloscribod her aa blessing lis stepmother was 9 vamstant sauce of encouragement. She helped Napelean obsain a type weiter, and he was wing stodios by the age of fourteen, Like inline of oer Auer oem into melest of a= (povcrishee means, Hil: was destined to admire Ihe likes of ‘Thomas Faison, Andrew Camegie,llenry Fard, and many other self-made men with pass'on that bardenud in worship, Tnday, a vexy similar sitantion exists where fhe sich al fo rurus are teat a8 po, Like milions ol other Amteicans. Hil would be conslured with inlemat sbout people who succeed where others fail, why, and how tp stractame his town life to tmke phice among He rich and powerful. Hill ould dam of mecting Mnese giants, impressing ther, and. harvesting the Wisdom that produced their inevedibla ac- compliahmencs Tot unlike most of dhuwe other enim of adams and wronderurs, Napolvor. Hill was destined to Lull his creams, Not only dle Hil meot ant impress America’s greatest achicvers of his day, but le would spend his enti adut- hood shasying ans learning theiraecrets la sarcren and com smunicating thom to the world, Fate woulal have Nagoleo% Hill meet his meniar Andrew Ccamegie, whom he sat out tn interview in 19DS, Camegic as soventy-four yu old and resided in a siety-fouurroom engin on Fil Avenue in New York City. Hill admired him because he knew that Carmeyie, a poor immigrant boy from Sentland with very Kittle education, had startet work: ing at thu age of swelve. By thy age of thisty Five, Cazneyie Thad crested Amesies’s stu! inhustry and hal amassua a for. tune. Not only di Carnegie personify the American Dreaun cing tau but he also eft sl aus impression coy Hill that fhe words af wisdom fom Catnugie sour ecome le coc neretinw for TI's philusuphy of suesess. He soul spend 2 lifetime developing the success principles. sili Namarney Fins Kee te Succes Aca student of Hill's philosophy, which is ay mievanit today as whe LK was doing his studies, you can bene roa the experiences nF atburs, which will wave yer ima ard Ielp you avoid erurs that others nave wmade. You can learn the principles of success ard haw ta applp chez “As you read, pay particular atlention to the principles, starting with Defnitenes of Porpene, which is the starting aint ofall achievement, You must define your gol, ard then develop plans for zeaching those goals, Napsleom Hill fates thet drifting through Filewithaut sim or purpose isthe fio count oF faire ‘Once you have defined your Deliriteness of Purpose, reading and studving the other sixteen principles will help pou to reach goa that only a very small group of people ‘ail over achieve. The choice is youns and the tee ia he ~DonM, Gren Exarutive Director (Nigelewn Hill Fwadation,

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.