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James Fenimore Cooper: The Leatherstocking Tales Vol. 1 (LOA #26) PDF

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Preview James Fenimore Cooper: The Leatherstocking Tales Vol. 1 (LOA #26)

Cover Page: 3 Title Page Page: 3 Copyright Page: 3 Contents Page: 3 The Pioneers, or the Sources of the Susquehanna; A Descriptive Tale Page: 3 Preface Page: 3 Introduction Page: 7 Chapter I Page: 13 Chapter II Page: 28 Chapter III Page: 36 Chapter IV Page: 45 Chapter V Page: 56 Chapter VI Page: 69 Chapter VII Page: 82 Chapter VIII Page: 95 Chapter IX Page: 104 Chapter X Page: 113 Chapter XI Page: 122 Chapter XII Page: 131 Chapter XIII Page: 145 Chapter XIV Page: 157 Chapter XV Page: 169 Chapter XVI Page: 179 Chapter XVII Page: 189 Chapter XVIII Page: 201 Chapter XIX Page: 209 Chapter XX Page: 218 Chapter XXI Page: 232 Chapter XXII Page: 244 Chapter XXIII Page: 253 Chapter XXIV Page: 264 Chapter XXV Page: 278 Chapter XXVI Page: 288 Chapter XXVII Page: 299 Chapter XXVIII Page: 305 Chapter XXIX Page: 319 Chapter XXX Page: 329 Chapter XXXI Page: 343 Chapter XXXII Page: 352 Chapter XXXIII Page: 364 Chapter XXXIV Page: 379 Chapter XXXV Page: 388 Chapter XXXVI Page: 402 Chapter XXXVII Page: 411 Chapter XXXVIII Page: 420 Chapter XXXIX Page: 432 Chapter XL Page: 444 Chapter XLI Page: 454 The Last of the Mohicans; A Narrative of 1757 Page: 465 Preface Page: 469 Introduction Page: 473 Chapter I Page: 479 Chapter II Page: 490 Chapter III Page: 499 Chapter IV Page: 509 Chapter V Page: 518 Chapter VI Page: 528 Chapter VII Page: 540 Chapter VIII Page: 552 Chapter IX Page: 563 Chapter X Page: 572 Chapter XI Page: 584 Chapter XII Page: 597 Chapter XIII Page: 612 Chapter XIV Page: 624 Chapter XV Page: 638 Chapter XVI Page: 650 Chapter XVII Page: 662 Chapter XVIII Page: 677 Chapter XIX Page: 690 Chapter XX Page: 703 Chapter XXI Page: 716 Chapter XXII Page: 727 Chapter XXIII Page: 739 Chapter XXIV Page: 753 Chapter XXV Page: 766 Chapter XXVI Page: 780 Chapter XXVII Page: 791 Chapter XXVIII Page: 802 Chapter XXIX Page: 813 Chapter XXX Page: 827 Chapter XXXI Page: 840 Chapter XXXII Page: 849 Chapter XXXIII Page: 865 The Prairie; A Tale Page: 878 Preface Page: 881 Introduction Page: 883 Chapter I Page: 887 Chapter II Page: 897 Chapter III Page: 909 Chapter IV Page: 922 Chapter V Page: 939 Chapter VI Page: 950 Chapter VII Page: 961 Chapter VIII Page: 973 Chapter IX Page: 986 Chapter X Page: 998 Chapter XI Page: 1011 Chapter XII Page: 1022 Chapter XIII Page: 1034 Chapter XIV Page: 1043 Chapter XV Page: 1055 Chapter XVI Page: 1069 Chapter XVII Page: 1077 Chapter XVIII Page: 1088 Chapter XIX Page: 1101 Chapter XX Page: 1113 Chapter XXI Page: 1127 Chapter XXII Page: 1140 Chapter XXIII Page: 1154 Chapter XXIV Page: 1170 Chapter XXV Page: 1186 Chapter XXVI Page: 1199 Chapter XXVII Page: 1214 Chapter XXVIII Page: 1228 Chapter XXIX Page: 1240 Chapter XXX Page: 1253 Chapter XXXI Page: 1266 Chapter XXXII Page: 1281 Chapter XXXIII Page: 1294 Chapter XXXIV Page: 1305 Chronology Page: 1319 Note on the Texts Page: 1332 Notes Page: 1338 The Pioneers Page: 1338 The Last of the Mohicans Page: 1342 The Prairie Page: 1345 Footnotes Page: 1347 The Pioneers Page: 1347 The Last of the Mohicans Page: 1347 The Prairie Page: 1347 Library of America Series Page: 1347

The five novels in The Leatherstocking Tales (collected in two Library of America volumes), Cooper's great saga of the American wilderness, form a pageant of the American frontier. Cooper's hero, Natty Bumppo, is forced ever farther into the heart of the continent by the advance of civilization that he inadvertently serves as advance scout, missionary, and critic.  Leatherstocking first appears in The Pioneers (1823), as an aged hunter living on the fringe of settlement near Templeton (Cooperstown), New York, at the end of the eighteenth century. There he becomes caught in the struggles of party, family, and class to control the changing American land and to determine what sort of civilization will replace the rapidly vanishing wilderness. When Natty Bumppo started an American tradition by setting off into the sunset at the novel's close, one early reader said, "I longed to go with him." The Last of the Mohicans (1826) is a pure unabashed narrative of adventure. It looks back to the earlier time of the French and Indian Wars, when Natty and his two companions, Chingachgook and Uncas, survivors of a once-proud Indian nation, attempt a daring rescue and seek to forestall the plan of the French to unleash their Mingo allies on a wave of terror through the English settlements. The Prairie (1827) takes up Natty in his eighties, driven by the continuous march of civilization to his last refuge on the Great Plains across the Mississippi. On this vast and barren stage, the Sioux and Pawnee, the outlaw clan of Ishmael Bush, and members of the Lewis and Clark expedition enact a romantic drama of intrigue, pursuit, and biblical justice that reflects Cooper's historical dialectic of culture and nature, of the American nation and the American continent. LIBRARY OF AMERICA is an independent nonprofit cultural organization founded in 1979 to preserve our nation’s literary heritage by publishing, and keeping permanently in print, America’s best and most significant writing. The Library of America series includes more than 300 volumes to date, authoritative editions that average 1,000 pages in length, feature cloth covers, sewn bindings, and ribbon markers, and are printed on premium acid-free paper that will last for centuries.
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