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How to Draw Great-Looking Comic Book Women (Christopher Hart Titles) PDF

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HOW TO DRAW *LOORING COMIC BOOK WOneN This book is dedicated te anyone who has ever read a comic and thought, "Man, I'd like to draw like that"—because that’s where it all begins. Spacial thanks te Bobbie Chase, at Marvel Comics, and Renae Gearlings, at Top Cou, forthe interviews and use fof tne accomparyjng artwork. Thanks aso te Horrit Piro {or naiping ths book be what it was meant to be: CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Grant Meh, Derec Aucion, Tom Grindaerg, Andy Kuna, Drew Johnson, Rich Faber, Gray Morrow, Christopher Hart em Re The names and likenesses of all Marvsl-owned cheracters referred to herein are trademarks of Marvel Charecters Ir. Sketches featuring Marvel characters are copyright @ 2000 ‘Marvel Characters Inc, and are used with permission copyright © 2020 ctper Hart 515 Brosouay Nee York, BY 0036 A sgh eter No prt of hs ubltion maybe reproduc oe aed nan erm Intormatam scrige an een spor Mf oe espera of ne par CONTENTS INTRODUCT THE B00! SUPER POWERS, WEAPONS, FANTASTIC SPECIAL OUNAMIC COMIC BOO TRICKS OF THE THE BASICS 5 WOMEN TO DIE FOR 66 ION > 26 AND MILLER OUTFITS: as EFFECTS 92 LAYOUTS: 104 RADE 120 THE INTERVIE INDEX + WS 130 44 gph Pe 12 K Va f/ INTR®DUCTION ave you ever run into difficulty trying to draw great-looking comic book women? You're not alonie, Many aspiring artist, as well as seasoned professicnals, have struggled with this problem. The great- locking women of comics pose certain unique thallenges. On the one hand, they must be tough and rugged. On the other hand, they must also be beautiful and sexy. The step-by-step approach of this book makes all your goals attainable. All those mystifying drawing concepts are fully explained and accompanied by breathtaking illustrations. For example, you'll learn which ate the major muscles of the body end how to draw them, You'll see where to add curves tohighlight a female character's attractive ness. And you'll learn how to create amazing super povrers—not just super strength, but cutting-edge powers like shape-shifting and Alying spikes. But of course, there's more: sections on forced perspective (the technique that lets you draw comic book characters who pop off the page and come right at you!); fabulous costume design; an in-depth look at designing comic book panels; plus, a chapter on the pro- fessional tricks of the trade, complete with a list of comic book publishers to whom you can submit your stuff; and a whole lot more. I"ve gathered together the top comic book artists in the field today to create for you, in a single package, the widest range of art instruction possible. You'll have at your dis- posal the work of many artists, instead of being limites to only one artist's personal drawing style. These illustrators are among the elite who have penciled and inked such world famous characters as X-Men, Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Supergirl, Spider-Man, Venom, Avengers, Aquaman, Captain America, Daredevil, Green Lantern, and many others. Plus, I've included two exclusive interviews: one from Bobbie Chase, editor at world famous Marvel Comics, and the other from Renae Geerlings, editor at Top Cow, a presti- gious independent comics publisher. They"! tell you exactly how to land your first job in the industry, what to include in a portfolio, and the common pitfalls artists should avoid, Rather than read what some author tells you he thinks the editors are looking for, wouldn't it make more sense to hear it from the ecitors ‘themselves? That's what I thought. So, he forewarned: You're not getting a trace-the-action-figures type of book. This is ‘the real thing. These are comic book women at their finest, These are the art techniques sed by the top pros. You're riding the cutting edge. Are you ready? ET'S LAY THE FOUNDATION early, and lock it in place. The most common prablem among new artists is that they're so eager to move beyond the basics that they never really master them.

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.