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71 HISTORIC HOUSES OF SOUTH CAROLINA PHILADELPHIA AND LONDON J.B. LIPPINCOTT COMPANY T. BEL “Mo Sm Baa the tessa no Bt st tee Ue fet el ‘The dowry wing wie, wad ou each al, Bree safe oitg tomers By nam by bt ca hs on, 1d dae ka fe wl otg ths obs tad al Lng wd rere win ‘Nah etn aos? Dae ing ‘ie pte brad ad ws he pn “Retest od octet Sch oan tad ig ayy dn ‘Sop Wait in ve Ray Ber, 20d te hy uty ve smn [Tec ich Senge an nck tay ™ (oosikest eee, ht FOREWORD wees “The Almighty gives dreams to some and realitios to cothers."" The desu of the Huglisl: Empire builders was to die. cover, and found « new civilization in the South, and it was ‘out of the reality of the lives of the men and women who ‘onme and carried out the business of the drosme thet South Carolina was formed, her homies erscled, bor fields tiled, and hher elvlifsation carvied forward and outward; far it is fect ‘thet from Colonial timae South Carolina had been furnishing other South Atlantic States with the backbone of their of zation, slthough it ia not ganerally known that uhe was one of the great emigrant States. J South Carolina is to bo judged by the aphorism that “A Biate is the product of ite people,” then thie Little aeetion of land, whioh hae stood for ao nach that ia admirablo, is indeed & great State, Littl as it is known, Soath Carolina, geographically iolntad in her early days, left to work out hor own destiny in the following days of the davelopmont antil ‘the Revolutionary dayn ancrannded hy enemies on sl wides (exoopt to the Northward), bae not only held ita own but hes Jed the Southeast in may agricultural, mancfactnring nod amining parenite, led the Union in the yiald per aure uf earn, ‘oats and cottou, ond atana ascend in astton mannfantusing ia the entire Trion. From the standpoint of inate ability, bravery, chivalry, parity of charsoter and onsalish patriotism, fhe sous aud daughters of Carolina are the equals of any o7 the Amoriean Continent and today represent the finest type of Ameriosn citizen; yot itis dificalt to try and teD the atory of this people ‘of mized racee, several religions, varions customs aud the modifications of these various differentations ky dlimate, cccupation, wera and tho physical eonfornetion of the land on tha faco of which thoy lived, and moved, and bud their being. It is an interosting peep into the past to envisage the homes in which these pioneer peoplae end thafr dassondants ‘FOREWORD welt. ‘These Lomos were the expression of their individuali- tien readifed by their onoupations and meana ‘The wocial, political and seonomie significance of these ampire builders ‘stands revealed in the homes they builded as well an the taste that prompted the style. Mews were found for overvoming Aintances, securing material, and workmen wore cither do- ‘veloped o imported to earry ont the design of the desired habitation, while the Inndscepe gardenera were employed to. ecorate and embeltich the neighboring grounds, All of these fastora onter into the Kind of howe and the type of arubltse- ture found in lowland und highland of South Carolin. ‘Undoubtedly it is the sense of story behind things thut leads to the writing about fav bomos of oldcu timos and about the inhabitants tharenf by ome set of people, and the reading of story of these houses by ancther set. Nor need we be afraid ‘of being classed amouget thoes who have, as Rupert Hughes expressed it, “Kicked themselves upetaize into that dreary faltie where the crities go who ure what Horses called ‘ the praicore of the past, "if we seek the human etary of the indi- ‘vidual honaos and thoie builders, If social Gfe refegte the taste mud is tho meature of grandear in the life of these desd and gone Carolinians, ‘We aun reconstruct for cursalves a picture of those yasteryeaes ‘which lie forgotton in men’s memories, bat which neverthelses hold precisely the same human elementa an our owu existence of life and love, fun and fications, women’s foars and so- ‘mon’a tears, und the langhter of Tittle childran, ell of whi fare held together in the eckeme of things by wen and their deep desires und uubitions ‘Stromg-mninded persous sre upt to think fashion a Selo jade end a trivial thing.-yet in Caroling, indigo culture was ‘nlroducod in order to dye the home-wovon allke of milady ‘and it is even whispered that gentlemen wers partial to bine, the product of their staple indigo, yet indigo eventually rivalled rice and yielded fo cotton only after the Revolutionary ‘War, and bocamy @ standard of barter in foreign commerce FOREWORD So interwoven are social life, agrienitural interests, industrial ‘evolution with commercial interacts, that if ie said “The lady of « Southern planter will ley ont the whole annual produce of a riea plantation in wilver and geld, musling, laos veils and now liverios, carry a hogshead of tobaoes on her bead ‘and trail bale of Soe-Tolund cotton at hor heela, while a lady ‘of Reston or Salem, will wrap herself up in the not proceeds ‘of a cargo of whale cil, and tie on her hat with « quintel ‘of ood-fsh” Thus itis that the beautiful old hoses in South Carolina grew ap the external expreasion of a certain case, grace snd dignity of lifa led by the landed gentry. Near tho coast the apasious verandas came in response to ‘tha nesd for goainesr, snd shadowy retrents from the brilliant sunshine of this aab-tropical climate, tall eilings, large ein- dows, amd luttice julousie binds wars berrowed from the neighboring Spanish Indies, while formal gardens and gete- ‘aye came over in the inner conseionmess of the Cavalior stock that settod low- country Caroline and found expression in manner fitting the locality. Although the first settlers had confined themselves to tho ‘ucighborhood of Charlestos, the faot that Gaorgia wus being led (1782-24) protected the Western frontior of the Bate and gave 2 fooling of security hitherto anknown, 50 thet the interior of the Stete received many immigrante; Germans, Seotch (after the battle of Culloden), and on Brad: dock’s defeat, refugees from Pennsylvania und Virginia came ‘aud eetiled in the Pivdmout sections of the State, Besides ‘hene various additions to the State, Irish Protaatante, Swisa Colonists, German Redemptioniste, Welsh Coloriats from Pomylvania, all wont to the making up of the total popula- ‘ons and were added to the original Hnglish vsttlers, Cavuliars and gentlernen adventurers as well as the Prench En- womnot refugees. ‘Thus it is seen that various considerations enter into the Gisoussion of the homes of rush a mixed people. The homes of tho Bacon and Bice aristocracy, situated in the low oon FOREWORD try, conformed to the English Manor type, being Inter mdi- fied to soit the climatio conditions, and becoming ax Bingo Harrison delightfully pats it, “infected by the spirit of the ‘West Indian houses a¢ though blow weruse from the West Initi,”" wile the homen of the people in the middle Innde fof the State wore buildod and furnished to euit another set of people and to meet othar needs, while the homes in highland counties conformed to yet another eet of standarda and con- ditions, So that the houses of Carolina the Pravinca, Caro lina the Royal Ward, when Kings George the First and Sue- ‘ond, were said to he Navsing Fathers ” to the infant colony, for the tomes of Carolina the devastated, by foreign or civil strife, all bave different memniage and desiyns, but a spirit of high Romance permeates the entiro history of the State, ite people and theie homes, ‘The present volume hae bow undertaken 26 a loving teibute to South Caruling, who gave t the writer the three ‘heings moat daer to her on earth; and, beeaune the history of tha Houses in South Carolina is the biatory of the homes of kindred and friends, thia effort has boon made to give to the ‘world a ylimpeu of the wonderful men and women of ths stale sand the homes they builded. Tehaa beon docmed boat, incidentally, to mention » few of tho firet provincial lawe in order that the reader may obtain some idea of the manner of life contemplated by those in authority in primitive Caroling, ‘This is nosesnary becauta the history of the colony and ita various ectilementa unwinds iteelf ke a golden thresd from the gleaming wab of the hiatory of the mother city, Charleston, until the onter threads are far from the center, yet connected by invisible and im tangible bonds, ‘The houses in the upper part of South Carolina were ereoted at a later date then thos in the low country, and 60 Dave bean included in this volume with briefer mention, the oldest horses naturally being found along tho rivers in the Jower yart of thastate, FOREWORD Ay thanks gre dne to Mivnen Lilia Yates, Mary Von Rolnita and Elsie Kielland for their offident and loving help. My thanks are also due to the ruany friends and the owners of properlies throughout the stale who so Kindly respondud to letters writton te secure information. 1 have consulted all of the standusd oareee of information available, and have scanned tho De Sausaurs reoords (tho originals of whioh are owued by amy aunt, Mine Inaballe De Bauarure) and have in addition bed priaeless aid and information given me by 1 mother, Suase Boone De Saussure and my father, Reverend John Kershaw, DD. ‘Hasmrron Kenssaw Lara Casmastox, 8.0, ‘Mazeu 1, 1920

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.