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HISTORIC ARCHITECTURAL SURVEY OF SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, VIRGINIA Prepared by Truceries The Virginia Department of Historie Resources and Spotsyivania County, Virginia Department of Planning September 1996 HISTORIC ARCHITECTURAL SURVEY OF SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, VIRGINIA Final Report Prepared by ‘Traceries for The Virginia Department of Historic Resources and Spotsylvania County. Virginia Department of Planning (Contact: foha W. Taylor, Long Range Planner 540/582-7146) Septensber 1996 TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT i ACKNOWLEDGMENTS . . a LIST OF FIGURES . cn IvTRODNETION Ww stow: ComtEXTS 1 A Historic Ceerew et Spatstvania Couns : 1 B Hintrie Themes 3 Theme: Damestic 2 2. Theme: SubcinenetAariecleoe ss n S. Therme: yvermaea Pohis 4 Teme: Eduction Theme: MiltaryDefence : a & Theme: Religion Thane: Sacia 8 tame: Recreaianiane uo 9. Ueme: Commie ead res 10, Thee: tndustyy Processing tauretiva he 11, Team: Foner 9 12, Ther: Lshnchymleralion 1s 13, Theme: Setlement Potems m TA. Toeme: ArchilectunsCommany Plining a RESFARCH DESIGN 1st Objectives se athndatny is Hegpcte emits he SURVEY FINDINGS 164 Spotsylvania County Datbase Holdings ee Stomary and Anelyss of Suney Findings 16s SURVEY RECOMMENDATIONS ‘Recoramendiaions for Farther Sud Evaurion TResemnlanlaions for Oesgnation HIN JOCRARHY 48 APPENDICES ad Properties net laced or denied bel i Preliminary Infomation Request Form storie Architecearal Survey Report of Spatnyania County, Virginia “racrie, Sepmicher 1996 Page ABSTRACT ‘The Architectural Survey of Spobsylvunia County was conducted hetwoen November 1995 aud August 1996 ty the uehilectual aud historic preservation fim. of Teaceries nndor the dizccion af the Virginia Depariment of Vistoric Resources (WDHR} and the Spotsylvania County Planaing Noprrtment. The onsite reconnaissance and intensive level surveys centered on the Primary Sealement and lransitian Area of Spulaylvania County. Tt was expected that a minimum of 208 reconnaissance level sures and 12 intensive level surveys would Be completed within these arcas. Many af the propertics #9 be ‘surveyed were assigned hy the county and the state, hotever, a substantial npmher of these pe- ‘enified resources wore net located, Therefore, based on the nowde of the develogiog eowury, Traceries proceeded to idontify and surcey all resources Ghar met the fifty vexrae ceyaireraent within the Spulaylvania USGS Map, ‘The final compilation of dula dosueated 124 properties to the Reconnaissance Level aad 12 properties an Intensive Level, ive of which were recommended for sting on the National Register ut Historie Places. Historic Arcierral Survey Rspor of Spotsylvania Counts, Virgina Tracers, Sepamcber 1996, Pago it ACKNOWLEDGMENTS “Teaceies wishes to thank the Planning Department of Spotsylvania County, expecially 4ahn W., Taylor. David Edwards, VDIIR, ubo deserves recognition aad praise for championing Tracercs as we veresled withthe now of the County and tbe Ste,

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.