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Copyright Page: iv Contents Page: vii Acknowledgments Page: ix Introduction Page: xi Yes, You Can Get Something for Nothing! Page: xi Remember Page: xiv How the Book Works Page: xiv Online Updates for Your Added Convenience Page: xv Disclaimer Page: xvi Chapter 1 Baby Freebies Delivered to Your Door Page: 1 Chapter 2 Baby Freebies on the Net Page: 33 Free Software Downloads for Mom and Baby Page: 48 Free Film Developing, Prints, and Portrait Offers Page: 54 Chapter 3 Free Stuff from Stores Page: 57 Drop-In Freebies Page: 57 Grocery Store Baby Clubs Page: 62 Chapter 4 Free Parenting Books, Magazines, and Other Literature Page: 67 Parenting Books Page: 68 Parenting Magazines Page: 69 Other Parenting Literature Page: 72 Chapter 5 Free Maternity, Baby Wear, and Baby Product Catalogs Page: 85 Chapter 6 Web Resources for Parents Page: 97 General Parenting Resources Page: 97 Health and Medical Resources Page: 104 Child Safety and First Aid Page: 107 Resources for Parents of Multiples Page: 112 Preemie Parenting Resources Page: 113 For Moms Page: 114 For Dads Page: 116 Free Online Medical Advice Page: 118 Chapter 7 Free Government Resources for New or Expecting Parents Page: 123 Free Publications Page: 123 Free Financial Assistance, Tax Breaks, and Other Benefits in the United States Page: 129 Free Financial Assistance, Tax Breaks, and Other Benefits in Canada Page: 134 Chapter 8 Parental Support Page: 141 Chapter 9 Saving for Your Baby’s Future Page: 155 Chapter 10 Mom’s Free Stuff Page: 159 Beauty Products to Pamper Mom Page: 160 Free Recipes and Recipe Books Page: 166 For the Craftsy Mom Page: 169 Just for Fun Page: 171 Miscellaneous Freebies Page: 174 Chapter 11 Ways to Stretch Your Dollar Page: 181 Diapers Page: 184 Stock Up Page: 184 Buy in Bulk Page: 184 Cloth Diapers Page: 185 Diaper Pails Page: 185 Formula Page: 185 Baby Food Page: 186 Breast-Feed and Save Page: 187 Maternity Wear Page: 189 Baby Clothes Page: 190 Secondhand Treasures Page: 191 Garage Sales Page: 191 Buy Off-Season Page: 192 Designer Clothes Page: 192 Coupons and Discounts: Clip ‘n’ Save Page: 192 Online Coupons and Discounts: Click ‘n’ Save Page: 192 Free Samples from Your Doctor Page: 195 Things You Should Never Buy Used Page: 195 Crib Page: 195 Car Seat Page: 196 Baby Swing Page: 196 Chapter 12 All-Time Best and Worst Baby Items Page: 199 My Top-Ten List of Totally Useless Baby Items Page: 200 I’d Love to Hear From You Page: 202 Things You Can’t Do Without Page: 203 I’d Love to Hear from You Page: 205 Chapter 13 Why Buy It When You Can Make It? Page: 207 Baby Products Page: 207 Emergency “Diaper” Page: 207 Emergency Diaper Cover Page: 208 Diaper Rash Remedy Page: 208 Baby Wipes (1) Page: 209 Baby Wipes (2) Page: 209 Baby Laundry Bag Page: 209 Toilet Roll Protector Page: 210 Economical Baby Bassinet Page: 210 Stuffed Toy Net Page: 210 Nursery Bookends Page: 210 Hair Detangler Page: 211 Nonslip Cup Page: 211 Baby Choke Tester Page: 211 Cord Holders Page: 212 Childproof Bottle Tops Page: 212 Baby Clothing and Accessories Page: 212 Baby Mittens Page: 213 Instant “Bib” Page: 213 Easy Baby Rompers Page: 213 Free Nursing Pads Page: 213 Less Slippery Socks Page: 214 Arts and Crafts Page: 214 Clay for Baby’s Handprints or Footprints Page: 214 Jiggle Soap Page: 215 Squishy Bag Page: 216 Play Dough Page: 217 Homemade Bubbles Page: 218 Monster Bubbles (1) Page: 218 Monster Bubbles (2) Page: 219 Giggle “Goo” Page: 219 Icebergs Page: 220 Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Play Page: 221 Water Painting Page: 221 Miniature Snowman Page: 222 Snow Play Page: 222 Alligator Soup Page: 223 Candy Necklace Page: 224 Bathtub “Goo” Page: 224 Pop-Up Soap Page: 225 Picture Soap Page: 226 Soap Pump Surprise Page: 227 Ocean in a Bottle Page: 227 Shimmering Bubble Bath Page: 228 Easy Baby Toys Page: 228 Beach and Sandbox To s Page: 228 Instant Kite Page: 229 Free Toy Building Blocks Page: 229 Wooden Blocks Page: 229 Indoor Sandbox Page: 229 Baby’s Discovery Board Page: 230 Things to Save Throughout the Year Page: 230 The “Mess” Factor Page: 231 Art Smock Page: 231 Great Floor Savers Page: 231 Shaving Cream Clean-Up Page: 232 From the Author Page: 233 About the Author Page: 235

Hundreds of ways to cash in on baby-industry freebies Every parent knows having a new bundle of joy can cost a bundle . . . up to $5,000 in the first year alone! Now, Free Stuff for Baby! offers parents and parents-to-be quick, easy access to hundreds of free products, with no obligation to buy anything. A new baby can create a significant financial strain on a family. Free Stuff for Baby! is bursting with toll-free phone numbers, company names and addresses, and websites where parents can get free stuff for themselves and their babies from industry favorites such as Pampers, Huggies, Gerber, Beech-nut, Carnation, The First Years, and Evenflo. Parents can get: Diapers Baby wipes Baby formula Bibs Gift packs Parenting starter kits Baby toys Baby-food samples Free stuff for the whole family, and so much more Free Stuff for Baby! also puts parents in touch with countless resources covering all areas of pregnancy, childbirth, and child care.
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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.