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Digitized by the Internet Archive 2014 in https://archive.org/details/exitussuttonhigh1992sutt SUnONFREEPUBLICLIBRARY SUnON MUNICIPALCENTER OXBRIDGEROAD SUnON. MA 01590 Introduction 1 May 21, 1992 Class Day INTRODUCTION 1-8 High excitement returns to S.H.S. following a period of 3 years of transition. Enthusiasm wasat itspe^, demonstratedby Spxwky Spirit Day and the awesome season that the soccer andcross-country teamsgave us. PEOPLE 9-36 This section introduces the administration, faculty, school personnel, underclassmen and seniors. It is their spirit and enthusiasm which havechanged theatmosphere at S.H.S. OUR TRIBUTE 10 School Personnel 11 MEMORIAM IN 17 Class of ^95 18 Class of ^94 20 Class of ^93 22 Class Of ^92 24 2 Introduction ACADEMICS 37 SPORTS 6 Onehundredandeightydaysayeararespentin the classroom. With theeverchanging society The sports program provides an environment oureducation mustprepare us toadaptto these for athletes to practice and prepares them to changesquickly.Education is indispensable. win. Because the S.H.S Girls' Varsity Soccer Team won the slate championship, feelings of excitementandenthusiasm filled theair. ORGANIZATIONS 45 MORE ...and 76 ADVERTISEMENTS School is not only the daily routine ofclasses, 80 but also a place to form relationships and nurture leaders while joining together in the same interests. CLOSING PAGE 92 ACTIVITIES 51 Students actively participate in N.H.S., Band, StudentCouncil,Yearbook, Newspaper, Ski Club, Tennis, and Volleyball. Introduction 3 There's a fire in the heart ofthe young. The spark ofexcitement is burning, The feeling surrounds us. Time shapes for each ofus a different path. Sharing the same wants, same hopes, same dreams, same fears. Now realizing that changes are upon us. In our hearts we hold lasting and endless^ memories... Susan Lukason Sarah Hicks 4 Introduction Introduction 5 A Share in the Excitement Is a new school year only exciting for seniors who anticipate graduation? Obviously not! Bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement and speaking oh so quickly, and with expression in her voice a senior remarked, "Four years have gone by. I can remember being a freshman, thinking that there are only 4 years before I'll be on the stage. Sophomore year arrived and we really fit in. We all got class rings, with that year of graduation written all over them. Junior year was here and immediately we thought about the Prom and future plans. Now I'm a senior and I just can't believe it." This is the year that all of us have been waiting for so long. Future plans must be made. The pressure is on. We're excited and stressed out, fearful and sad. In June, another class will graduate, leaving their marks behind them, only to begin another phase of life. 6 Introduction

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.