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AEBBAR @3 Table: Dragon Emperor Dim Sum Restaurant $F $7.50 Some food may contin traces of nuts or peanuts, Please inform us of any food allergies, Thank you, Prices 19 20 Dragon Emperor Dim Sum Menu aa [7] Bese fred Taro Root Dumpling Steamed Shrimp Dumpling. s aetaiie bead asus Say FP] anti creen Peper sued with Seafood & Chive Dumpling Shrimp Paste, LM peaits Pa minis g squared Por Bogen 33 [7] Deer Fried Tofu Strfed with fem en Shrimp Paste ‘Steamed Beef Ball with Soy Bean Sheets mane. 58.28 Ee SEIS a4 7] Deep red Eegpant with shrimp Paste Steamed Beef Tripe with Ginger Green Onion amt SS. pee Sere” as [] Siekemtea oon seenatols. ‘Steamed Pig Stomach with Satay Sauce baited Bis Swati Sera [] Qeetsaunsemers Steamed Chicken Feet with Special Sauce Poe Weta saan sors 7 ape Wrapped Chleken aa ‘Steamed Beef Rib with Black Bean Sauce. BBQ Pork Be . Lies ses 8) ewe $895 Deep Fried Almond Shrimp Ball eden on Bi, chine 86.75 29 me $5.98 Sticky Rice Wrap with Bamboo Leat nee ecb Bae sesso] Sears at Sticky Rie with Lotus Let - baiting atiemeen sims aa [J], Sabena $828 Deep ried shrimp Dumpling oe, oe Biemers a = a] Mies Pan Fried Shrimp with Bean Curd ss Deep ried Custard Paste Bal Chemes al] pepe ssa Pan Fried Shrimp with Chive Pareto semen 86.75 eat ana ha $838 ‘Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll. 35 Pan Fried Waterchestnut Cake aan 868 a $838 Beef Rice Noodle Rol a6 [7] Pantried Taro Roll cake aati 6-78 sae 88.38 Ty s23tetee too no 37 [7] Plaine Noodte Rolls - FRR $6.75, TARE - $5.25 fried Dough Spring Orion Rice Noodle Roll 4g —]_ Steamed Sponge Bcact y $6.75 Sma $5.25 Baked 880 Pork Pastry a0] Semanthus cake eR S898 ana ‘S838 Deep fried stuffed Pork Dumplings go] Creamy coconut Mik ll peer $8.98 Spee AR No. of Guest: EX Server: KA L: $6.75 4m M: SSMS Nat S: SS ect tochange withoutnotee, ——RAROAMSIREESRA, WHFER INTRA AN, AM —BROL Plain C Fried th Stick, Soup iG lain Congee Fried Dough Stic S5/B $8.28 H Deluxe Wonton Soup, six9s aa [7] Shiten Feet with Pork lo ice ee j ite sise 1 [| pSzgeuantot Sou soup sine Chicken and Dr} on Rice jc 43 Stites and Dry MushroomonRie. gy Satay Chicken Rice Noodle Soup sa ea Pork and Pr ed EG is Pea $12.95 a ced Pork and Preserved Ege Congee Seo TAL Nive i ay Beet Rice Noodle Soup a iad DETR ‘$12.95 ; Satay Shrimp Rice Noodle Soup Combination Lunch ieee (all combos include eyg fried rice and a spring roll) M. Rice Noodle Soup ny Chicken Stir Fry. Se $12.98 apie mote SE SIS oy Sliced Duck Meat and Preserved 8 Beef Su Fry Vegetable Rice POAT ENN BE Siz95° MERA $12.98: ; Ses east pore 3 Special X0 Sauce Fried Noodle with RONEN BOS BS $12.95, Assorted Seafood Curry Chicken Stir Ery nen ‘12.85. RTA RE ee $12.95 e Shanghai Noodle. c Curry Beef Sti Fry, cies ae try TH Beet Fried Rice Noodle 5 Shrimp Sti Fry ees poe aot mote SET ok Beef choy Fredee Noodle ‘Vegetarian Stir Fry. eae 7 (comes with a veg. rll 5 Singapore Noodle (Curry) oi ase ee sizias bad $12.98 se Mixed Vegetable Fred Rice Noodle Hana S198 a Sauteed Lettuce with chil aH Beverage ¢ Fermented Bean Curd Coffee Earl Grey Tea coe Stes rc) amass Stoo y Sauteed Yu- Choy | Sosa eleceston mista $1298 foe Be faite cere ow Chinese Broccol with Oyster Sauce Orange Juice Chinese Tea pach S208, ee St Sane Spicy String Beans with Minced Pork Apple Juice ess Thmaas 313398 se S200 Heroes y_ [7] Rice loucRolls in Hot Pot with spareribs teed tea m ees $1298 LT ne a [J Biel tots in Hot ot with Bet a Brisket. ober i388

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.