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Dr Alivazatos Serum - Dr Hariton Tzannis Alivizatos Serum - Vitamin B3 “Greek Cancer Cure” (sometimes spelled as Dr. Hariton Tzannis Alivazatos) PDF

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Preview Dr Alivazatos Serum - Dr Hariton Tzannis Alivizatos Serum - Vitamin B3 “Greek Cancer Cure” (sometimes spelled as Dr. Hariton Tzannis Alivazatos)

Dr Hariton Tzannis Alivizatos - Vitamin B3 “Greek Cancer Cure” (sometimes spelled as Dr. Hariton Tzannis Alivazatos) Hariton Tzannis Alivizatos Serum contains: . Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - see the work of “Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD on Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Niacinamide” . Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate) . L-Alanine (Amino Acid) Alivazatos DR. ALIVIZATOS / Alivazatos DR. ALIVIZATOS / The following letter was written in 1987 by a previous patient of Dr. Alivizatos. Dr. Hariton-Tzannis Alivizatos, MD practiced medicine in Athens Greece from the early 1960’s until his death in 1991. The following letter is unedited and helps to provide a general understanding of the man and his therapy. dr alivizatos DOCTOR ALIVIZATOS AND HIS CANCER TREATMENT I wish to share with you some very good news and a fantastic discovery I recently made that everyone should know about. Some of my friends and acquaintances will remember that I was diagnosed in October '86 and again in August '87 as having breast cancer (Specifically, lobular carcinoma in Situ). I heard of Greek doctor who was curing cancer patients from all over the world, but mostly from the U.S. and Greece, through a Greek friend of mine whom he had cured of a terminal case of lupus six years ago. Since I spend most of my vacations in Greece every year, I thought I would see him in October '87. He diagnosed me as having cancer of the lymphatic system, much more serious than localized breast cancer, and that it was at a rather progressed state. So I decided to undergo the treatment based on my impressions and evaluation of the doctor himself, his history and surrounding, patients he had treated successfully, and patients he was then treating. Following is some information on the doctor, patients, his treatment, etc., gleaned from my own questions to him (I worked with him in his, office for several weeks and I do speak Greek), from case histories, from my talks with his father, the housekeeper, his brothers, taxi drivers who have brought patients to him over the years, and an interview conducted by the UPI chief of the Athens bureau, Mr. Rigos (in '82). SOME BACKGROUND ON THE DOCTOR (The Doctor’s name and address) (His speciality {sic} is HARlTON-TZANNlS ALIVIZATOS, M.D. Microbiology) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ATHENS, Greece dr alivizatos w secretary and fatherThe Alivizatos name is well known in Greek medical circles, as his father was a highly respected doctor (he’s now retired and helps his son), two of his uncles were doctors, two Alivizatos doctors 'teach at the Athens University, and a wing of the Halandri Hospital is named after Alivizatos, as is a clinic in Athens. The doctor is 50 years old, unmarried, and has dedicated most of his life to research. His mother encouraged his interests when she outfitted an entire lab for him on the floor above his office when he was very young, which he uses even today. He found his cure when he was still in medical school, after he had researched all the cancer cures that had been rejected by the Greek Commission on Drugs, the equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration. He worked long hours on animals and then convinced his skeptical teachers, after they had to admit to the truth of what they saw in his lab demonstrations. They then attempted to extract the formula from him and when he refused to give it to them, they with-held his degree. The doctor had to take the matter to court, and when the prosecuting attorney was sent to witness his final exam, he dropped the case, becoming a witness on the doctor's behalf instead, and the doctor was finally awarded his M.D. degree with a speciality {sic} in microbiology. His father did not believe him, either, at first, so he gave himself cancer of the bone and blood, and cured himself with his serum. His father has been helping him ever since. Those long hours of research and stress took their toll on him, however, as it developed a propensity for brain seizures. Having to take legal action to obtain his degree was only the first of many great disappointments: When cancer cured US patients went on a TV program in the States, with their own doctors present, confirming the fact that they had gone to Greece with cancer and returned without, the Greek Medical Association accused him of advertizing (which is against the law) and revoked his right to practice medicine. Again it took a lengthy court case to have the highest court in the land reinstate his right to practice medicine. Greek and American doctors both have attempted to steal his formula. Staff that have {sic} worked for him actually did steal the serum several times (but, of course, the interpretation of the blood test is the critical factor as well as the proportion of the components, so his treatment could only partially be deciphered). The American Medical Association had invited Dr. Alivizatos to the US as they were extremely interested in obtaining his treatment. He was willing to give it to them (provided he got the credit for its discovery as Salk did for his vaccine), on the condition that it be made available to everyone, not only the rich. The AMA told Dr. Alivizatos that in a free enterprise system as America’s there can be no price control and, furthermore, if they applied his therapy nationwide, there would be economic disaster in the US. (presumably they were referring to the fact that pharmaceutical companies would suffer as would research institutes, where it may be more profitable to LOOK for a cure than to FIND one). I hate to think that cancer research has become only a business. The doctor attempted to set up some type of cooperation with a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico (Hospital Del Mar), but he could not come to a proper agreement so he returned to Greece after a few weeks. Unfortunately, that hospital is still using the ALIVIZATOS name without permission and many people mistakenly think they are getting HIS treatment. Dr. Alivizatos and his father are the only ones who administer the correct treatment (in Athens) that he discovered. Dr. Alivizatos also attempted to obtain recognition for his work at a large meeting of the Greek Medical Association with many doctors present confirming patients they had sent to him had been cured. As he was about to start his overhead projection program, outlining the cases, the Chairman of the meeting announced there wasn't time for this as it would take all day. The many doctors there in support of Dr. Alivizatos protested violently at this, but the chairman overrode their protests and called the meeting to a close nipping any possible recognition in the bud. No doubt the chairman was under the influence of other probably very jealous doctors. Dr. Alivizatos may try again as the chairman has changed. My own impressions of the doctor are that he is a very gentle, kind, soft-spoken, generous and very polite individual who will bend over backwards to help people in need. (as did his father years before when treating the poor for free and in the process kindling the animosity of other doctors in the area), Dr. Alivizatos does not charge those who cannot afford it and allows patients to pay what they are able. His set fees are very reasonable -- $40 for each injection and $50 for a blood test. He is rather reclusive, preferring his research to dealing with people, although he never turns anyone away unless he is definitely unable to help them. One could say he is even a bit shy and does not usually volunteer a lot of information – it must be coaxed out of him. Not the type to fight the establishment at all! Due to all his discouraging experiences, it is no wonder that he trusts very few people and is reluctant to hire anyone to help him, working long hours which in turn is affecting his health. Dr. Alivizatos allows very informal procedures in his office; not even an appointment is needed. A patient may show up any day (including weekends) from 7 to 12 AM and receive treatment. Having treated thousands of patients over the years, he is extremely confident of his method's success, and, as a result, questions the patients very little about their history or previous diagnosis. His English is limited so his speech can sometimes be blunt but he patiently takes time to address the questions people ask. After working with Dr. Alivizatos, I am thoroughly convinced he would never treat patients unless he was certain the treatment would be beneficial -- he is a man of the highest moral ethics and integrity. DETECTION AND TREATMENT METHOD Dr. Alivizatos, through years of research, has come to the conclusion that cancer is caused by a chemical imbalance in the body, and many different things can trigger this. The cause can be seen in the blood and he can determine from the examination of a patient's blood where, in the body, he has cancer and to what degree. Five reactions within the blood can show him this, but other labs would not know what to look for. The theory of the serum is this: cancer cells build a protective jelly-like substance around themselves, preventing our natural immune system from killing them or even recognizing them as being dangerous. The serum dissolves the jelly- like substance and white blood cells can then kill the cancer. This usually happens within a span of only three weeks. The serum works for another six months, dissolving dead cancer cells which are then eliminated through the urinary system, bowels, or through coughing up phlegm in the case of lung cancer. Immune therapy is a very new field in the US, showing a great deal of promise there, too, but Dr. Alivizatos has been curing people for over 20 years -- 6,000 documented cases of cured patients are on file with the Greek Commission on Drugs, but it is still regarded as experimental and has not been officially approved. Details of the treatment: blood is taken and tested for cancer, (The blood can also be mailed to him or sent with someone coming -- he needs 5 cc’s of whole blood containing an anti-coagulant; it must arrive in cold, not frozen condition). The diagnosis is then given and the patient decides if he wishes to undergo treatment, which consists of daily injections of a bio-chemical nature. Every 6th day blood is tested again to assure the serum is working effectively. When the tests show the cancer level to be within normal range, the injections are stopped (usually 3 weeks, depending on the state of the patient's immune system as well as other factors); the maximum injections he gives are 30. The level of cancer is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 where up to 2.5 is considered normal (as everyone has some cancer cells in their body). Between 2.51 and 3.0 shows a tendency towards cancer. From 3.01 to 8.5 the body has or/and is developing cancer. At 8.5 and over, the body has deteriorated so far that it can rarely contribute to the fight against cancer. This is also one reason that Dr. Alivizatos insists his patients be off immune system depressing chemotherapy and radiation for at least 2 weeks before beginning treatment, or the depressed immune system will not be able to attack cancer cells when the serum exposes them. Along with the injections, the doctor requires patients to get a lot of rest, stay away from items that may interfere with the effectiveness of the serum such as alcohol, vitamins, salty and acidy foods, other medicines, and preservatives. Patients must avoid mental and physical fatigue, emotional stress fluctuations in body temperature, and drink lots of water. This diet continues for 6 months, preferably a lifetime, if recurrences are to be avoided. After 3 and 6 months, the blood is tested again, and if the level rises, booster shots will be necessary (although the doctor claims few people will need them). Boosters are usually from 6 to 12 injections. Dr. Alivizatos' serum, with some variation, also cures ulcers, arthritis, aplastic anemia, high blood pressure, scleroderma (The Crest Syndrome) and it could possibly cure many others: his research continues and he hopes to have a cure for epilepsy shortly. The IRPA laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland (an independent testing agency) found his serum to be 90% more effective on ulcer patients than Tagamet, the current treatment and an 86% cure rate for cancer in animals. THE PATIENTS During the time I was helping Dr. Alivizatos process his patients and set up his record keeping (simultaneously undergoing treatment), he had 60 patients from allover the US, having come because they all had heard of cancer patients having been cured by the doctor. Ninety percent of those who had come in pain or ill-being, felt better at the end (even before) and 99% reduced their cancer level according to the blood test. Some cancers, the doctor says, are more difficult to cure than others. Bone and nerve are the most difficult because he cannot rejuvenate the bone marrow or the nerve ends which have been damaged by the cancer. He can KILL the cancer in the bones, but there will probably always be some pain. Two or three patients came too late, and probably could not be cured. He was also treating Greeks, of course, some of them for ulcers. A little girl had cancer of the bones -- after radiation at the Greek Institute, they had told the parents that she was fine, but Dr. Alivizatos found she still had cancer at an 8.3 level. At the end of her treatment, her level had dropped to the normal range. Her red blood count had been 13 when she came. After 12 injections, it had risen to 42. One man, who also had diabetes, (his level was 3+ where the normal range is .8 to 1.2) found that his level dropped to 1.8 after 12 injections. One patient could not walk and after 6 injections (she) was able to go up and down stairs. One well known case involved a man whom the Greek Institute had told to go home and die (he had 2 weeks to live); he couldn't even eat, but lay motionless on his bed. After only 6 injections, he sat up in bed and said, “Isn't anyone going to give me any food?” One lady had had an inverted nipple for years, and with the treatment, it was coming out. Another lady arrived, unable to keep from vomiting all sustenance she took in. After 3 days, she was able to keep some food down. Patients reported other good side affects (none reported any bad ones, although the doctor says sometimes a person will feel nausea for a few days), such as lower blood pressure (also my case), less arthritic pain and less allergy sensitivity. Some people, who accompanied patients, were so impressed at their rapid recovery that they decided to take a few injections, too, for minor ailments they had. The doctor permits this as he says the serum also strengthens the body against diseases and lowers sensitivity to allergies, although it cannot cure a patient of the actual allergy. One patient told me the Veterans Administration had used him as a guinea pig to try all sorts of new medicines on him -- such as Interleuken (sic) 2, Tumor Necrosis Factor. He also had surgery, 2 months of chemotherapy and maximum radiation for 5 weeks. This was all to no avail and to the tune of $93,000 of the taxpayers' money. He came to Greece in February ‘87, testing at 8.3 level. At the end of the series of injections, the level had dropped to 2.5. In October '87 it had risen slightly to 3.0, so he came for his booster shots and brought it back down to 2.5 before leaving. He is doing fine. I spoke to a lady who had come 6 years ago as a terminal case (cancer of breast, liver, bones). She had been given 3-4 months to live by US doctors. She's received booster shots once a year and she appears to be the picture of health. She did tell me, however, that a few' patients she has known over the years have died because they went right back to their old habits of drinking alcohol, eating spicy and salty foods and not bothering to monitor their blood, telling themselves they were cured. Well, what did they expect? The serum is not a miracle cure -- patients must still act responsibly and follow doctor's orders and suggestions. All patients treated at this time signed a “letter to the Editor” - to be mailed to various publications expressing their satisfaction at the Doctor's having fulfilled their expectations of help and cure and calling for the doctor to be recognized internationally for the work he is doing and the discovery he has made. HOW DO MEMBERS OF THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT VIEW DR. ALIVIZATOS? It is notoriously difficult to get recognition from the established medical associations for any new procedure, even when results are visible, if usual methods of testing are not strictly adhered to. Often someone with a radical idea or unconventional theory and approach is ostracized, not taken seriously, or even persecuted and ridiculed -- scientific history is full of such examples. So it appears to be the case with Dr. Alivizatos, particularly when he's been unable to do proper follow-ups on foreign patients because of the distance and lack of staff, although that is being corrected now. Most US doctors are quick to dismiss him with “Yes, I’ve heard of him, but he doesn't keep any records,” forgetting that records of 6,000 Greeks are with the Greek Commission on Drugs, which seems quite substantial. However, more and more cured patients are reporting back to their doctors who are at a loss to explain the cures. Interest in him is increasing – 1. A US author wants to write a book about him 2. Dr. Alivizatos has received invitations from the Mayo Clinic, the AMA, an institute in Washington, and the US State Department. Also, the US Ambassador to Athens, believing in the importance of his work, arranged for his permanent visa to the US. 3. Patients have been sent to him from many institutes, including famous ones such as John Hopkins University Hospital and Stanford University Children's Hospital. One doctor paid for the trip of one of his staff members to be treated. 4. Some doctors in Greece are finally realizing the importance of his work. (While I was there, a pediatrician sent her nephew to him; the doctor whose patient he cured of lupus -- which is incurable in the US -- admits he MUST accept the evidence, it speaks for itself; an eminent Greek physician, who obtained his degree at the University of Vienna and lectures there every year as well as holds seminars for other doctors in Greece said that, as a scientist, he cannot Say much, as the records are incomplete, but he has himself sent patients to Dr. Alivizatos and stated that the government, as well as other doctors, were “persecuting” him (his words) 5. Several US medical staff, who have been treated by Dr. Alivizatos, are convinced of the efficacy of his treatment. 6. The IRPA, an independent testing agency in Geneva, Switzerland, has proof of the cure. 7. Several doctors I spoke with, regarding his treatment, feel it sounds too good to be true, but admit to the logic of it. 8. A doctor, at the Richardson Clinic in Lake Tahoe, says he has been familiar with Alivizatos patients since 1979 and has never known him to be wrong on a "diagnosis (his often differs from or expands on previous ones) CONCLUSION The Story of Dr. Alivizatos and his cancer treatment is not only fascinating, but totally plausible. The real question is not whether he keeps proper records on foreigners, but the fact that so many patients have benefitted from his treatment. At the very least, funding should be made available to study further this technique as this method must be considered as a viable alternative to the devastatingly invasive techniques of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, all of which depress the immune system so desperately needed to fight the disease. I have read statistics which say only one out of ten people survive chemotherapy, but the most telling figures of all are that, in general, treated cancer patients have no better prognosis than untreated ones. Perhaps one day science will catch up with Dr. Alivizatos. He needs to continue with his research – how else can the serum be adapted to cure other diseases for the sake of mankind. We must remember that other Greek Doctor (PAPANIKOLAO), who was forced to leave Greece and was only recognized upon his death; today his PAP smear is used all over the world as a standard diagnostic tool in the diagnosis of cancer. [DR. ALIVIZATOS] Dr Hariton Tzannis Alivizatos - Vitamin B3 “Greek Cancer Cure” (sometimes spelled as Dr. Hariton Tzannis Alivazatos) Hariton Tzannis Alivizatos Serum contains: . Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - see the work of “Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD on Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Niacinamide” . Vitamin C . L-Alanine (Amino Acid)

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