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Communications in Mathematical Physics - Volume 307 PDF

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Articles in this volume:1-16On Majorana Representations of A6 and A7A. A. Ivanov17-63Stability and Instability of Extreme Reissner-Nordström Black Hole Spacetimes for Linear Scalar Perturbations IStefanos Aretakis65-100Random Time-Dependent Quantum WalksAlain Joye101-131Quantum Isometries of the Finite Noncommutative Geometry of the Standard ModelJyotishman Bhowmick, Francesco D’Andrea and Ludwik Dąbrowski133-156Suitable Solutions for the Navier–Stokes Problem with an Homogeneous Initial ValuePierre Gilles Lemarié–Rieusset and Frédéric Lelièvre157-183Effective Stability for Gevrey and Finitely Differentiable Prevalent HamiltoniansAbed Bounemoura185-227One-Dimensional Chern-Simons TheoryAnton Alekseev and Pavel Mnëv229-259Parabolic Presentations of the Super YangianYung-Ning Peng261-273The Holst Action by the Spectral Action PrincipleFrank Pfäffle and Christoph A. Stephan275-313Strongly Focused Gravitational WavesMichael Reiterer and Eugene Trubowitz315-350Protecting the Conformal Symmetry via Bulk Renormalization on Anti deSitter SpaceMichael Dütsch and Karl-Henning Rehren351-382Curvature Diffusions in General RelativityJacques Franchi and Yves Le Jan383-427KAM for the Quantum Harmonic OscillatorBenoît Grébert and Laurent Thomann429-462Wall Crossing as Seen by Matrix ModelsHirosi Ooguri, Piotr Sułkowski and Masahito Yamazaki463-512The Exoticness and Realisability of Twisted Haagerup–Izumi Modular DataDavid E. Evans and Terry Gannon513-560Spectrum of Non-Hermitian Heavy Tailed Random MatricesCharles Bordenave, Pietro Caputo and Djalil Chafaï561-563Erratum to: Diffusion at the Random Matrix Hard EdgeJosé A. Ramírez and Brian Rider565-566Erratum to: Unitary Representations of Super Lie Groups and Applications to the Classification and Multiplet Structure of Super ParticlesC. Carmeli, G. Cassinelli, A. Toigo and V. S. Varadarajan567-607Quantum Transport in Crystals: Effective Mass Theorem and K·P HamiltoniansLuigi Barletti and Naoufel Ben Abdallah609-627A Short Proof of Stability of Topological Order under Local PerturbationsSergey Bravyi and Matthew B. Hastings629-673A KAM Theorem for Hamiltonian Partial Differential Equations with Unbounded PerturbationsJianjun Liu and Xiaoping Yuan675-712String Structures and Trivialisations of a Pfaffian Line BundleUlrich Bunke713-759Global Solutions to the 3-D Incompressible Anisotropic Navier-Stokes System in the Critical SpacesMarius Paicu and Ping Zhang761-790Orthogonal and Symplectic Matrix Models: Universality and Other PropertiesM. Shcherbina791-815From a Large-Deviations Principle to the Wasserstein Gradient Flow: A New Micro-Macro PassageStefan Adams, Nicolas Dirr, Mark A. Peletier and Johannes Zimmer817-860LSI for Kawasaki Dynamics with Weak InteractionGeorg Menz
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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.