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Undergraduate Calendar 2006/2007 carleton.ca Carleton UNIVERSITY Canada's Capital University CarletonUniversity 1125 Colonel ByDrive Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6 Telephone: (613) 520-7400 Undergraduate Calendar for the Academic Year 2006-2007 r ThisCalendarispublishedseveralmonthsinadvanceofthebeginningoftheacademicyear.TheUniversityreserves the right without liability orpenalty, and without notice, to make changes in the services and programs it offers, including alteration of the fee schedules and cancellation of particular courses. Consult the Web version for the official andmostup-to-date edition. 1 Pg 2 CarletonUniversityUndergraduate Calendar2006 - 2007 Table ofContents Table of Contents History 150 Human Rights 153 Humanities 154 The University 5 Industrial Design 156 InformationTechnology 158 TheAcademicYear 6 Integrated Science 159 ElectronicAccess to the Undergraduate Calendar..10 Journalism 162 Accreditation oftheUniversity 10 Law 164 Disclosure 10 Copyright Compliance 10 Linguistics andApplied Language Studies 168 i Mass Communication 172 Fees 10 Mathematics and Statistics 174 Selected Senate Policies 11 Music 181 Regulations GeneralAdmissionRequirements andProcedures. 15 Philosophy * 183 Physics 185 Admission Requirements byDegree 25 Enriched SupportProgram 39 Political Science 188 Psychology 192 Academic Regulations oftheUniversity 41 Academic Regulations andRequirements forthe PublicAffairs and PolicyManagement 195 BachelorofArchitectural Studies Degree 66 NunavutPublic Service Studies, Certificate 199 Academic Regulations andRequirements forthe Public Service Studies, Certificate 199 1 BachelorofArts Degree 67 SocialWork 200 Academic Regulations andRequirements forthe Sociology andAnthropology 201 BachelorofEngineeringDegree 69 Technology, Society,Environment Studies 205 Academic Regulations andRequirementsforthe BachelorofIndustrial Design Degree 70 Undeclared 206 Academic Regulations andRequirements forthe Women's Studies 207 BachelorofInformationTechnologyDegree 71 Course Listings Academic Regulations andRequirements forthe Course Numbering System 210 BachelorofScience Degree 73 Aerospace Engineering (AERO) 212 Special Studies (Non-degree).. 75 American SignLanguage (ASLA) 214 Co-operative Education 76 Anthropology (ANTH) 215 ProgramInformation Applied Language Studies (ALSS) 221 Architectural Studies 81 Architecture (ARCH,ARCC,ARCN,ARCS) 222 ArtHistory 83 Art and Culture (ACUL) 228 Biochemistry 85 ArtHistory (ARTH) 229 Biology 87 Biochemistry (BIOC) 233 Biotechnology 91 Biology (BIOL) 235 , Business 92 Business (BUSI) 240 Canadian Studies 95 Canadian Studies (CDNS) 248 Chemistry 98 CentreforInitiatives in Education (CIED) 251 Child Studies 101 Chemistry (CHEM) 252 Classics andReligion 103 '. Child Studies (CHST) 257 Cognitive Science 107 Chinese (CHIN) 258 ComputerScience ~. 109 CivilEngineering (CIVE) 259 Criminology and Criminal Justice 113 Classical Civilization (CLCV) 262 DirectedInterdisciplinaryStudies 117 Cognitive Science (CGSC) 264 Earth Sciences 119 Communication for Disciplines and Professions Economics 123 (CCDP) 265 : Engineering ...126 ComparativeLiterary Studies (CLST) 266 English 131 Computational Sciences (CMPS) 267 Environmental Science 132 Computer Science (COMP) 268 Environmental Studies 135 Criminology and Criminal Justice (CRCJ) 274 European andRussian Studies 137 Earth Sciences (ERTH) 275 Film Studies 140 Economics (ECON) 279 French 141 Electronics (ELEC) 286 Geography 144 Engineering Core Courses (ECOR) 289 Geomatics 148 English (ENGL) 290 CarletonUniversityUndergraduate Calendar 2006 - 2007 Pg3 Table ofContents English as a SecondLanguage (ESLA) 295 EnvironmentalEngineering (ENVE) 296 Environmental Science (ENSC) 298 Environmental Studies (ENST) 299 European and Russian Studies (EURR) 300 FilmStudies (FILM) 302 First-YearSeminars (FYSM) 305 French (FREN,FINS) 309 Geography (GEOG) 314 Geomatics (GEOM) 319 German (GERM) 321 Greek (GREK) 322 History (HIST) ' 323 Humanities (HUMS) 331 HumanRights (HUMR) 332 Industrial Design (IDES) 333 InformationTechnology (BIT,IMD,NET).-. 336 Integrated Science (INSC) 342 Interdisciplinary Science (ISCI) 343 InterdisciplinaryStudies (DIST,IASS,ISSC) 344 InternationalAffairs (INAF) 345 Italian (ITAL) 346 .. Japanese (JAPA) 347 Journalism and Communication (JOUR) 348 Latin (LATN) 350 Law (LAWS) 351 Linguistics (LALS) 358 Mass Communication (MCOM) 362 Mathematics (MATH) 366 Mechanical Engineering (MECH) 374 Mechanical andAerospaceEngineering (MAAE)...376 Music (MUSI) 378 v Natural Sciences (NSCI).. 384 Philosophy (PHIL) 385 Physics (PHYS) 392 Political Science (PSCI) 397 Psychology (PSYC) 407 PublicAffairs and PolicyManagement (PAPM) 412 Public Policy andAdministration (PADM) 413 Religion (RELI) 415 Russian (RUSS) 419 SocialWork (SOWK) 420 Sociology (SOCI) 424 . Spanish (SPAN) '..431 Statistics (STAT) 432 Systems and ComputerEngineering (SYSC) 435 Technology, Society,Environment Studies (TSES) 439 . Women's Studies (WOMN) 441 Glossary 444 Index 446 CarletonUniversityUndergraduate Calendar 2006 - 2007 B Carleton UNIVERSITY The University CarletonUniversityUndergraduate Calendar 2006 - 2007 Pg5 The University The Academic Year 2006-2007 November6 (Monday) • Last dayto withdrawfromfall term courses. • Last dayto submit,to thePaulMenton Centre for Students withDisabilities,Formal Examination Undergraduate Studies AccommodationForms forDecemberexaminations. The following schedule contains the dates prescribed by the University Senate for academic activities. November 15 Dates relating to fee payment, cancellation of course • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications foradmission to selections, late charges, and otherfees or charges will a degreeprogramforthe 2006 winterterm. be published in the Important Dates and Deadlines November 20 (Monday) sectionofthe 2005-2006 RegistrationInstructions and Class Schedulebooklet. • Last dayfortests orexaminations in courses below the4000-levelbeforethefinal examinationperiod The academic yearis dividedintothreeterms: (see ExaminationRegulations intheAcademic Summerterm: May -August RCaelgeunldaatri)o.ns oftheUniversity sectionofthis Fallterm: September - December Winterterm: January -April December 1 Courses are offeredinthefollowingpatterns: • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications frompotential winter (February) graduates. Earlysummer: May - June December4 (Monday) Late summer: July -August Full summer: May -August • Last dayoffall-term classes. Fallterm: September - December • Fallterm ends. Winterterm: December -April • Lastdayforreceiptofapplicationsfordegreeprogram Fall/winter: September -.April transfers forwinterterm offall/winter session. • Last dayforhandinginterm assignments forfall Courses are offered duringthe day andthe evening. term courses, subjectto anyearliercourse deadline. December6 - 22 • Final examinations infallterm courses andmid- Fall Term 2006 term examinations infall/wintercourses willbe held.Itmaybenecessaryto schedule examinations duringthe dayfor classes heldinthe evening and September 1, 2006 viceversa. • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications frompotential fall graduates. December25,2006 - January 1,2007 • Universityclosed. September 2-9 • PrepWeek.Academic and social orientationto the campus. Winter Term 2007 September4 (Monday) •• PStraetpuWteoreykhaocltiidvaiyt,ieUsnciovnetrisniutey.closed. January2,2007 (Tuesday) • Wintertermbegins. September 5 (Tuesday) January3 (Wednesday) • Fall termbegins. • Winter-term classes begin. September 5 - 6 January 19 (Friday) • Academic Orientation.All students are expectedto be on campus. Class andlaboratorypreparations, • Last dayforregistrationforwinterterm courses. departmentalintroductions for students,andother • Last dayto change courses orsections forwinter academic preparation activities willbeheld. term courses. September 6 (Wednesday) January30 (Tuesday) • OrientationforTeachingAssistants. • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications forreview of finalgrades infall-term courses. September 7 (Thursday) • Fall andfall/winter classes begin. F•eLbarsutardyay1forreceipt ofgraduation applications from September 22 (Friday) potential Springgraduates. • Last dayforregistration. • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications for admission • Last dayto change courses orsections forfall/ to the BachelorofArchitectural Studies andthe winter and fall term courses. BachelorofSocialWorkdegree programs forthe 2007-2008fall-wintersession. September30 (Friday) • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications forreview of February 16-24 final grades in summerterm courses. • Fall-term deferred examinations willbewritten. October 6 (Friday) February 19-23 • UniversityDay at Carleton. Undergraduate classes • WinterBreak, classes suspended. suspended. March 1 October 9 (Monday) • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications to the Bachelor • Statutory holiday,University closed. ofHumanities,BachelorofIndustrialDesign and the Bachelor ofMusic degreeprogramforthe October 15 2007- 2008 fall/winter session. • Last day forreceiptofapplications for admission to a degree program forthe 2006 wintertermfrom applicants whose documents originate from outside Canada orthe United States. Pg6 Carleton UniversityUndergraduate Calendar2006 - 2007 . . TheUniversity March 9 (Friday) (March5 atUniversityofOttawa) June 30 • Lastdaytowithdrawfromfall/winterandwinter-term • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications forreview of courses. final grades in fall/winterandwinterterm courses. • Last dayto submit,to the PaulMenton Centrefor Students with Disabilities,Formal Examination July 15 Accommodation Forms forApril examinations. • Lastdayforreceiptofapplicationsforinternaldegree transfers to allow for registration for the2007-2008 March 23 (Friday) fall/winter session. • Last dayfortests orexaminations in courses below the4000-levelbefore the final examinationperiod (seeExamination Regulations intheAcademic Summer Term 2007 Regulations oftheUniversity section ofthis Calendar). March 1, 2007 April 1 • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications for admissionto • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications foradmissionto a degreeprogramforthe 2007 summerterm. aprogram (exceptBachelorofArchitectural Studies, May BachelorofHumanities,BachelorofIndustrial 1 Design,BachelorofMusic, andBachelorofSocial • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications for degree Work),forthe 2007-2008 fall/winter session,from program transfers forthe 2006 summerterm. candidates whose documents originate outside May 16 Canada orthe United States. • Full summerand early summer courses begin. April3 (UniversityofOttawacourses endApril 11) May 21 • Last dayoffall/winter andwinter-term classes. • Statutoryholiday,Universityclosed.Missed classes Some lectures,laboratories,reviewtutorials, etc. maymeetMay 26. maytakeplace inReviewPerioduntil the endof Winterterm onApril 5. May25 • Last dayforregistration and course changes for April4-5 earlysummer andfull summercourses. • ReviewPeriod. Some lectures, laboratories,review tutorials, etc.maytake place. June 8 • Last daytowithdrawfrom early summercourses. April5 (Thursday) • Last dayto submit, to the PaulMenton Centrefor • Winterterm ends. Students withDisabilities,Formal Examination • Last dayforhandinginterm assignments, subject AccommodationForms forJune examinations. to any earliercourse deadline. June 14-26 (9 daysintotalincluding Saturdays) April6 (Friday) • Fall-winterfinal deferred examinations will beheld. • Statutoryholiday,University closed. June 26 April9-28(note: 16daysintotalincludingSaturdays- • Last day of classes for early summer. (Note: full- tsthaarttUonnivTeuressidtayyoffolOltotwaiwngaEcalsatsesersMeonnddaoyn)APplreialse11note • LsaessstidoanycfoourrsheasndriensgumientJeulrym3a)ssignments, subject • Final examinations inwinterterm andfall/winter to anyearliercourse deadline. courses will beheld.Itmaybenecessaryto schedule examinations duringthe dayforclasses June 27 - 30 heldinthe evening andviceversa. • Early summerfinal examinations will beheld.It maybe necessaryto schedule examinations during May 1 the dayforclasses heldinthe evening andvice • Lastdayforreceipt ofapplications for admission versa. to the BachelorofJournalismprogram andthe Child Studies programforthe 2007-2008fall-winte(r July 2 session. • Statutoryholiday,University closed.Missed classes maymeetJuly 14. June 1 • Last day forreceipt ofapplications for admission to July3 a program (except Bachelor ofArchitectural Studies, • Late summercourses begin. BachelorofHumanities,BachelorofIndustrialDesign, July6 BachelorofJournalism,BachelorofMusic,Bachelor of Social Work and Child Studies program) for the • Last dayforregistration and course changes for 2007-2008fall/wintersessionfrommatureapplicants, late summercourses. from those presenting post-secondary education July 27 qualificationsandfromthosetransferringfromother • Last dayto withdrawfromfull summerandlate universities in Canada ortheUnited States. summercourses. • Last dayforreceipt ofapplications foradmissionto • Last dayto submit,to the PaulMenton Centrefor aprogram (exceptBachelorofArchitectural Studies, Students withDisabilities,Formal Examination BachelorofHumanities,BachelorofIndustrial AccommodationForms forAugust examinations. Design,BachelorofJournalism,BachelorofMusic, Bachelor ofSocialWork and Child Studies program) August6 from applicants withhigh school qualifications • Civic holiday,Universityclosed.Missed classes may from Canada ortheUnitedStates. meetAugust 11 June 16-26 August 13 • Fall/winterandwinterterm deferredfinal • Last day ofsummerterm classes. examinations willbeheld. • Last dayforhandinginterm assignments, subject to any earlier course deadline. CarletonUniversityUndergraduate Calendar2006 - 2007 Pg7 TheUniversity August 14 - 18 • Final examinations infull summerandlate summer courses willbeheld.Itmaybenecessaryto schedule examinations duringthe dayforclasses heldinthe evening andviceversa. September30 • Last dayforreceiptofapplicationsforreviewof finalgrades in summerterm courses. October 19-20 • Summerterm deferredfinal examinations willbe held. Pg8 Carleton UniversityUndergraduate Calendar2006 - 2007

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