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Guffey ... It's Just That Easy Page: iv Innovative Features With Guffey...It's Just That Easy Page: viii Improvements: What's New in Business Communication: Process And Product, 7e Page: xii Brief Contents Page: xv Contents Page: xvi Appreciation for Support Page: xxiv About the Authors Page: xxvii Unit 1: Communication Foundations Page: 1 Ch 1: Effective and Ethical Communication at Work Page: 2 Communication Skills and You Page: 3 Thriving as a Knowledge Worker in the Information Age Page: 5 Trends Affecting You in Today’s Dynamic Workplace Page: 7 Understanding the Process of Communication Page: 13 Overcoming Interpersonal Communication Barriers Page: 15 Communicating in Business Organizations Page: 17 Improving the Flow of Information in Organizations Page: 19 Looking at Business and Ethics Page: 24 Examining Ethics in the Workplace Page: 25 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 30 Chapter Review Page: 32 Critical Thinking Page: 32 Activities Page: 32 Video Resources Page: 36 Chat About It Page: 36 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 1 Page: 37 Ch 2: Professionalism: Team, Meeting, Listening, Nonverbal, and Etiquette Skills Page: 38 Becoming a Team Player in Professional Groups Page: 39 Preparing to Work With Groups and Teams Page: 40 Planning and Participating in Face-to-Face Workplace Meetings Page: 48 Using Effective Practices and Technologies in Virtual Meetings Page: 53 Listening in the Workplace Page: 58 Communicating Through Nonverbal Messages Page: 63 Developing a Competitive Edge With Professionalism and Business Etiquette Skills Page: 68 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 70 Chapter Review Page: 71 Critical Thinking Page: 72 Activities Page: 72 Video Resource Page: 76 Chat About It Page: 76 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 2 Page: 77 Ch 3: Intercultural Communication Page: 78 The Increasing Importance of Intercultural Communication Page: 79 Culture and Communication Page: 83 The Benefits of Intercultural Proficiency Page: 87 Effective Communication in Intercultural Settings Page: 90 Ethics Across Cultures Page: 95 Advantages and Challenges of Workforce Diversity Page: 99 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 103 Chapter Review Page: 104 Critical Thinking Page: 104 Activities Page: 104 Video Resource Page: 108 Chat About It Page: 109 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 3 Page: 109 Unit 2: The Writing Process Page: 110 Ch 4: Planning Business Messages Page: 111 Understanding the Writing Process for Business Messages Page: 112 Analyzing Your Purpose and Selecting Your Channel Page: 115 Anticipating the Audience Page: 116 Adapting to the Task and Audience Page: 118 Writing in Teams Page: 124 Adapting to Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Page: 128 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 132 Chapter Review Page: 133 Critical Thinking Page: 133 Writing Improvement Exercises Page: 133 Activities Page: 134 Video Resource Page: 135 Chat About It Page: 135 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 4 Page: 136 Ch 5: Organizing and Writing Business Messages Page: 137 Gathering Information Through Research Page: 138 Organizing Ideas Page: 143 Composing the First Draft Page: 147 Creating Effective Sentences Page: 148 Drafting Powerful Paragraphs Page: 153 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 156 Chapter Review Page: 157 Critical Thinking Page: 157 Writing Improvement Exercises Page: 158 Activities Page: 159 Video Resource Page: 161 Chat About It Page: 161 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 5 Page: 161 Ch 6: Revising Business Messages Page: 162 Applying Phase 3 of the Writing Process Page: 163 Revising for Conciseness Page: 164 Revising for Clarity Page: 167 Designing Documents for Readability Page: 170 Proofreading Page: 173 Evaluating Page: 176 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 180 Chapter Review Page: 180 Critical Thinking Page: 181 Writing Improvement Exercises Page: 181 Activities Page: 182 Video Resource Page: 184 Chat About It Page: 185 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 6 Page: 185 Unit 3: Workplace Communication Page: 186 Ch 7: Electronic Messages and Digital Media Page: 187 Preparing and Composing Professional E-Mail Messages Page: 190 Using Instant Messaging and Texting Professionally Page: 195 Using Podcasts or Webcasts, Blogs, and Wikis for Business Page: 200 Negotiating Social and Professional Networking Sites Page: 206 Best Practices for Using Electronic Media Smartly, Safely, and Professionally Page: 212 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 213 Chapter Review Page: 214 Critical Thinking Page: 214 Activities Page: 214 Video Resource Page: 218 Chat About It Page: 218 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 7 Page: 218 Ch 8: Positive Messages Page: 219 Successful Positive Messages Start With the Writing Process Page: 220 Positive Messages: E-Mails, Memos, and Letters Page: 223 Routine Request and Response Messages Page: 227 Instruction Messages Page: 231 Direct Claims Page: 233 Adjustments Page: 236 Goodwill Messages Page: 240 International Messages Page: 243 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 244 Chapter Review Page: 246 Critical Thinking Page: 246 Writing Improvement Exercises Page: 246 Activities Page: 247 Video Resource Page: 254 Chat About It Page: 254 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 8 Page: 254 Ch 9: Negative Messages Page: 256 Conveying Negative News Effectively Page: 257 Examining Negative News Strategies Page: 261 Analyzing the Components of Effective Negative Messages Page: 263 Refusing Typical Requests Page: 268 Handling Bad News With Customers Page: 268 Delivering Bad News Within Organizations Page: 277 Presenting Bad News in Other Cultures Page: 281 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 283 Chapter Review Page: 285 Critical Thinking Page: 285 Writing Improvement Exercises Page: 285 Activities Page: 286 Video Resource Page: 293 Chat About It Page: 293 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 9 Page: 293 Ch 10: Persuasive and Sales Messages Page: 294 Understanding Persuasion and How to Use It Effectively and Ethically Page: 295 Blending Four Major Elements in Successful Persuasive Messages Page: 299 Requesting Favors and Actions, Making Claims, and Delivering Complaints Page: 303 Writing Persuasive Messages Within Organizations Page: 307 Planning and Composing Effective Direct-Mail and E-mail Sales Messages Page: 311 Comparing Persuasion in High- and Low-Context Cultures Page: 318 Developing Persuasive Press Releases Page: 321 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 323 Chapter Review Page: 324 Critical Thinking Page: 324 Activities Page: 325 Video Resources Page: 333 Chat About It Page: 334 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 10 Page: 334 Unit 4: Reports, Proposals, and Presentations Page: 335 Ch 11: Report and Research Basics Page: 336 Understanding Report Essentials Page: 337 Applying the 3-x-3 Writing Process to Reports Page: 343 Gathering Information From Secondary Sources Page: 349 Gathering Information From Primary Sources Page: 351 Documenting Information Page: 361 Creating Effective Visual Aids Page: 364 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 371 Chapter Review Page: 372 Critical Thinking Page: 372 Activities Page: 373 Chat About It Page: 377 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 11 Page: 378 Ch 12: Informal Business Reports Page: 379 Interpreting Data Page: 380 Drawing Conclusions and Making Recommendations Page: 386 Organizing Data Page: 389 Writing Short Informational Reports Page: 394 Preparing Short Analytical Reports Page: 401 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 413 Chapter Review Page: 414 Critical Thinking Page: 414 Activities Page: 414 Self-Contained Report Activities Page: 418 Chat About It Page: 423 Grammar/Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 12 Page: 423 Ch 13: Proposals, Business Plans, and Formal Business Reports Page: 424 Preparing Informal Proposals Page: 425 Preparing Formal Proposals Page: 430 Creating Effective Business Plans Page: 432 Writing Formal Business Reports Page: 433 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 450 Chapter Review Page: 451 Critical Thinking Page: 451 Activities Page: 451 Chat About It Page: 455 Grammar/Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 13 Page: 455 Ch 14: Business Presentations Page: 456 Preparing Effective Oral Presentations Page: 457 Organizing the Content for a Powerful Impact Page: 458 Building Audience Rapport Like a Pro Page: 463 Planning Visual Aids and Multimedia Presentations Page: 465 Designing an Impressive Multimedia Presentation Page: 466 Analyzing an Effective Presentation Page: 473 Polishing Your Delivery and Following Up Page: 476 Organizing Team-Based Written and Oral Presentations Page: 479 Adapting Presentations to Intercultural Audiences Page: 481 Improving Telephone and Voice Mail Skills Page: 483 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 486 Chapter Review Page: 487 Critical Thinking Page: 487 Activities Page: 488 Video Resource Page: 491 Chat About It Page: 492 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 14 Page: 492 Unit 5: Employment Communication Page: 493 Ch 15: The Job Search, Résumés, and Cover Letters Page: 494 Preparing for a Successful Job Search Page: 495 Conducting a Successful Job Search Page: 498 Creating a Customized Résumé Page: 503 Organizing Your Information Into Effective Résumé Categories Page: 504 Optimizing Your Résumé for Today’s Technologies Page: 516 Applying the Final Touches to Your Résumé Page: 520 Creating a Customized, Persuasive Cover Letter Page: 524 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 531 Chapter Review Page: 531 Critical Thinking Page: 532 Activities Page: 532 Video Resource Page: 534 Chat About It Page: 534 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 15 Page: 535 Ch 16: Interviewing and Following Up Page: 536 The Job Interview: Understanding Its Importance, Purposes, and Types Page: 537 Before the Interview Page: 540 Traveling to and Arriving at Your Interview Page: 544 During the Interview Page: 545 Answering Typical Interview Questions Page: 546 Closing the Interview Page: 553 After the Interview Page: 554 Other Employment Documents and Follow-Up Messages Page: 557 Summary of Learning Objectives Page: 560 Chapter Review Page: 562 Critical Thinking Page: 562 Activities Page: 562 Video Resource Page: 565 Chat About It Page: 565 Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Review 16 Page: 565 Appendix A: Grammar and Mechanics Guide Page: A-1 Competent Language Usage Essentials (C.L.U.E.) Page: A-1 How This Grammar and Mechanics Guide Can Help You Page: A-1 How to Use This Grammar and Mechanics Guide Page: A-1 Grammar and Mechanics Guidelines Page: A-2 Grammar Page: A-3 Appendix B: Document Format Guide Page: B-1 E-Mail Page: B-1 Business Letters Page: B-2 Appendix C: Documentation Guide Page: C-1 Appendix D: Correction Symbols Page: D-1 Key to Grammar and Mechanics C.L.U.E. Exercises Page: Key-1 Notes Page: N-1 Acknowledgments Page: ACK-1 Index Page: I-1 Guffey ... It's Just That Easy Page: BM1

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: PROCESS AND PRODUCT presents the most current and authoritative communication technology and business communication concepts. Written by award-winning author and renowned leader Mary Ellen Guffey and new coauthor Dana Loewy, BC:PP offers the most up-to-date and best researched text on the market. The 7th edition includes new, interactive student resources and comprehensive coverage of workplace technology. This innovative coverage enhances the hallmark features of this textbook: the 3-x-3 writing process, three-part case studies, abundant use of model documents, and complete coverage in a 16-chapter textbook while retaining unparalleled teaching resources to help instructors plan and manage their courses.
Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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