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“is is the book I wish I could have studied when I started out in bodybuilding. I was so naive, gullible and misinformed, just like most trainees are today—even those who have been training for years. is book would have spared me all the frustration, heartache, injuries and sham advice I had to suf- fer from before finally learning what productive bodybuilding and strength training are all about. “But this book is neither just one man’s story, nor a text for beginners only. It is a distillation of training wisdom that works for all who apply it—and, very importantly, neither great genetics nor drug assistance are necessary. “is book is devoted to helping you to further your prog- ress to achieving your potential. It is not concerned with the achievements of others. What matters most to you (training wise, that is) is your physique, strength, health and fitness, not the exploits of others. e physique that concerns you the most is the one you see, use and think about the most—your own. is book is dedicated to you and your physique.”  Stuart McRobert Is your training working? Do you really have some progress in muscle and might to show for your efforts over the last few months? If not, your training is not working and it is time to make major changes—time to put into practice the advice given in this book. is book’s sole purpose is to teach you how to achieve your drug-free potential for muscle and might. It is not concerned with perpetuating myths and falsehoods, or promoting any- thing that will not help you to achieve your potential. Out of necessity this book does not promote conventional training methods. e reason for this is very simple—most conventional training methods simply do not work well for most people. Open your mind, set aside the ingrained traditions that have been limiting your progress, be prepared for radical if not revolutionary training concepts, apply what you learn, and then you will achieve what you crave—terrific gains in muscle and might. But where are the photographs? ere is no shortage of photographs in the training world. But there is a shortage of training instruction that is  relevant to the training masses. Nearly  pages of text are needed in this book to provide the necessary in-depth instruction. Many photographs would have made the book even larger, and considerably increased the costs of production, printing and mailing, and thus the costs to you. Photographs are vitally important, how- ever, for teaching exercise technique, and nearly  of them are included in a companion text—i.e.,  ’ -   - —which focuses on correct exercise form. Here’s what others are saying about BEYOND BRAWN “I want to say without hesitation that   is the greatest book ever written on how to train with weights. And it is the greatest book ever written on how to  while training with weights. It is the greatest—period!  Dick Conner, veteran strength coach and -year-plus proprietor of e Pit, a famous no-frills gym in Indiana “Everyone who yearns to maximize their genetic potential for muscle and might owes it to themselves to read, grasp and apply the training information contained in  . is book is the bible of rational strength training… Page after page is jam- packed with practical real-world training information that you just cannot find anywhere else… is book has my highest endorsement—it is without a doubt the very best book on strength training I have ever read.”  Kevin R. Fontaine, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine “  is an encyclopedia of information, detail upon detail, of all of the sub- topics related to weight training… It is information upon information about how to train properly and effectively… I obviously liked it a lot and recommend it highly.”  Dr. Ken E. Leistner Co-founder of Iron Island Gym, New York “  is packed with what I consider real information on how to build your body. is book provides all the information you will ever need to develop slabs of muscle safely and effectively. It’s like having your own personal coach and mentor guiding you to bodybuilding success.   is the definitive Encyclopedia on Bodybuilding—a superb book that is truly very special.”  Bill Piche Triple-bodyweight deadlifter in drug-free  competition “  is the most comprehensive, helpful and honest book on natural strength training today. With great care and in extraordinary detail, this book covers every training- related topic you can imagine, and without any hype or commercial messages. It will surely help everyone who reads it and I will strongly recommend it to all of my clients.”  Bob Whelan, .., .., .... President, Whelan Strength Training “  shows you in intricate detail the most productive and safe ways to train. is is the book we all wish we had years ago. It is an absolute  .”  Richard A. Winett, Ph.D. Publisher,   Stuart McRobert B E YO N D B R AW N The Insider’s Encyclopedia on How to Build Muscle & Might CS PUBLISHING LTD NICOSIA, CYPRUS   Copyright ©  by Stuart McRobert All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used, reproduced, or transmitted in any man- ner whatsoever—electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any system of storing and retrieving information—without permission from the publisher, except for brief quotations embodied in reviews. CS Publishing Ltd., P.O. Box , - Nicosia, Cyprus phone: +   • fax: +   • e-mail: [email protected] web site: www.hardgainer.com US office: CS Publishing Ltd., P.O. Box , Connell,   phone:    • fax:    • e-mail: [email protected] web site: www.hardgainer.com Cover illustration by Stephen Wedan copyright ©  Cover design by Nicholas Zavallis First printed in  Reprinted in ,  and , with minor changes and corrections Revised edition printed in  Printed by J. G. Cassoulides & Son Ltd., Nicosia, Cyprus Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication (Prepared by Quality Books, Inc.) MR, S. Beyond brawn: the insider’s encyclopedia on how to build muscle and might/Stuart McRobert. — st ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. : --- (complete hardcover edition) : --- (complete softcover edition) : --- (abridged electronic edition) . Weight training. • . Bodybuilding. • I. Title. .  . -  •  is full electronic edition has been produced with Adobe InDesign. Set in Adobe Jenson Pro and Myriad Pro. Portions set in Tekton Pro and Wingdings . Due to the manual input minor mistakes are possible. If you like this book and have the financial ability to buy it, please do so.  Contents Introduction •  How this book will help you •  S : Establishing a secure foundation . Setting the scene for building muscle and might •  . General philosophy for outstanding development •  . All-time  practical priorities •  . Expectations—how much muscle and might you can expect •  . How to plan your growth •  . Where to train, and the equipment you need •  S : How to train . How to set up your training cycles for big returns •  . How to achieve your fastest gains •  . Hard work—the biggest test of training character •  . Exercise selection and technique •  . How to perform your reps •  . How to design your own training programs •  . How to personalize your training programs  . How to avoid the plague of overtraining •  . How to milk your training cycles dry of gains •  . Twenty-three extras for maximizing training productivity •  Summary of how to ensure a successful training cycle •  What if you are an extreme hard gainer? •  S : Special issues . A real-life training cycle for you to learn from •  . How a training nightmare was silenced •  . How to nevel let your age hold back your training •  . Your how-to of practical bodybuilding nutrition •  . Additional important training information •  . Beyond the exterior •  . How to get a grip on your life, and put all that you have learned from this book into action, now! •  Postscript: Did you deliver? •  About the author •  Resources •  Index •    Warning—Safety Every effort was made in this book to stress the importance of proper technique and safety when using bodybuilding and strength-train- ing programs. Regardless of your age, check with your physician to ensure that it is appropriate for you to follow such programs. Pro- ceed with caution and at your own risk. e author, CS Publishing Ltd. or distributors of this book cannot be responsible for any injury that may result from following the instruction given in this manual.  Warning—Disclaimer e purpose of this book is to provide you with information on bodybuilding, strength training and related topics. It is sold with the understanding that neither the publisher nor author are engaged in providing legal, medical or other professional services. Every effort has been made to make this book as thorough and accu- rate as possible. Despite this, all information on the subject matter has not been included, and there may be mistakes in both content and typography. CS Publishing Ltd. and the author shall have nei- ther liability nor responsibility to any entity or person with respect to any injury, loss, or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the material given in this book. If you do not wish to be bound by the above, you may return your copy to the publisher for a full refund.  Where it has been cumbersome to use both genders of a pronoun, only the male one has been used. With the exception of exercise poundages, muscular girths and dietary quantities that are specifi- cally targeted at males, this book is aimed at both sexes. Both men and women can benefit enormously from the instruction here.   Acknowledgements Without the publicity arising from being published in newsstand body- building magazines, the interchange with the authors and readers of , and feedback from readers of my articles, this book could not exist. Specific gratitude, in alphabetical order, is owed to John Balik, Steve Downs, Steve Holman, Bob Kennedy, Chris Lund, Peter McGough, Dave McIner- ney, Bill Philips, Peary Rader and Joe Weider for publishing my articles. I want to thank Jan Dellinger, Brooks Kubik, John Leschinski and Efstathios Papadopoulos, , for providing feedback and a sounding board during the production of this book. A special debt of gratitude is owned to Dave Mau- rice for his consistent rigorism, thoroughness and patience when critiquing draft copies of individual chapters. Debts of appreciation are also owed to Carolyn Weaver for the index, Stephen Wedan for the cover illustration, Nicholas Zavallis for the cover design, and J. G. Cassoulides & Son for its dependability and expert print- ing. Trademarks All terms mentioned in this book that are known to be trademarks have been marked as such. But CS Publishing Ltd. cannot attest to the accuracy of this information. ere may be unintentional omissions in acknowledg- ing trademarks. e publication and use of this book does not affect the validity of any trademark or service mark.  As far as instruction goes, there is very little that is truly new in the weight-training world. Here is how I expressed this point in : “Charles A. Smith, over the time I knew him before his death in January , used to remind me that what we have today we owe to the past. How right he was. As Chas used to put it, ‘It’s upon the pioneers’ shoulders that we have to stand in order to be as tall as they. We’re merely the heirs of those who have gone before us.’”      Introduction ank you for buying  . is book was written with one objective in mind—to teach you how to build a superbly muscled, strong, lean and healthy physique.   can change your life! If you are a genetically typical bodybuilder or strength trainee you will have gotten little or no satisfaction from your training. Despite having faithfully followed conventional training instruction you will have become frustrated and disillusioned. Conventional training methods—those which are vigor- ously promoted in almost all gyms today—only work very well if you are one of the very few who are naturally highly gifted for muscle building, or if you are propped up with dangerous bodybuilding drugs. But if you train as this book advocates, you can make drug-free gains that may astound you, regard- less of how average or otherwise your genetic inheritance is. is is a very serious book dedicated to people who are impassioned with their training. In the best interests of your education this book presents information in a very detailed and direct manner, and it confronts many traditional opinions. e education needed to write this book came from many sources. My own training experiences and a life that has been consumed by weight training make up only part of the education. As an obsessed youngster I digested much of the nonsense and confusion that abounds in the bodybuilding world. But because I did not have an excellent genetic inheritance, and would not use drugs, this led to years of unrelenting frustration. Finally I came across training methods that do work for most people. is book details those methods. e publishing of  since its inception in  has given me a unique insight into training for genetically typical people. e education was bolstered by a great deal of writing for newsstand bodybuilding maga- zines, and extensive research. With practical training for drug-free people being my full-time employment, it has focused my mind on bodybuilding and strength training like nothing else ever could. Much of the acquired knowledge has been distilled for inclusion in this book. In it you are getting a wealth of information you can really use. is book builds on the foundation constructed by . e latter focused on appropriate role models, the inadequacies of conventional train-  

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