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Cover Page: Page iii Title Page: Page iii Copyright Page: Page iv About the author Page: Page iv About the book Page: Page iv This eBook can be cited Page: Page iv Preface Page: Page vii Table of Contents Page: Page xi Chapter 1: On Certain Aspects of My Book, A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy (Amazon and Amazon Kindle, 2018): A Synopsis of Some of Its Facts and Opinions: Surendra Kumar Sinha Page: Page 1 Chapter 2: The Supreme Court as the Guardian of Independence, With Reflections on the State of Rule of Law, Minority Situation, Quality of Education, and Rampant Corruption: Surendra Kumar Sinha Page: Page 11 Chapter 3: A Brief Outline of Indian Hegemony in Bangladesh: Zoglul Husain Page: Page 29 Chapter 4: Islamophobia, neo-BAKSAL fascism, and freedom movement in Bangladesh : Mahmudur Rahman Page: Page 43 Chapter 5: The Untold Truth About Sheikh Mujib’s Stance on Independence in 1971 and How He Brought Bangladesh to the Brink of Collapse to Invite August 15 About Three and a Half Years Later: R Chowdhury Page: Page 57 Chapter 6: Understanding Sheikh Mujib`s Surrender on March 25, 1971 and Its Repercussions in the Post- Liberation Bangladesh: Abid Bahar Page: Page 75 Chapter 7: Ziaur Rahman’s Legacy: Sheikh Hasina’s Nightmare!: R Chowdhury Page: Page 87 Chapter 8: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and His Daughter Sheikh Hasina: A Short Account of Their Dismal and Disastrous Record: Sultan Ahmad Page: Page 99 Chapter 9: Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladesh: Falsification in the Name of Progress, Culture of Rape and Impunity, and Revenge Politics: Sabria Chowdhury Balland Page: Page 111 Chapter 10: Sheikh Hasina Imposing Shackles on Bangladesh: Annihilating the Normal and Normalizing the Abnormal: Abid Bahar Page: Page 121 Chapter 11: Begum Khaleda Zia: The Most Oppressed Political Legend in the 21st Century: Mohammad Zainal Abedin Page: Page 137 Chapter 12: Sheikh Hasina’s Brutal BNP-Phobia and Her Scandalous “Midnight” Power Grab Through Vampire Vote Dacoity and Villainous “S/Election” Rigging With an All-Time High Record of Humongous White-Collar Corruption (in 6 parts with appendices): Q M Jalal Khan Page: Page 145 Part I: Sheikh Hasina’s “Midnight Government” and Her Creaking and Quaking Reign of Cruelty and Corruption Page: Page 145 Part II: Sheikh Hasina Continues to Go Ballistic and Beyond in Her All-Out Brutalities on the BNP-led Opposition Page: Page 164 Part III: The Noble and Lofty Khaleda Zia, Phenomenally Popular, Yet Greatly Sacrificing, Subjected to Inhuman Suffering by the Acrimonious and Authoritarian Sheikh Hasina Page: Page 173 Part IV: The One-Person and One-Party Fascistic Rule of Sheikh Hasina and Her Reckless Excesses That Continue to Defy a Balanced Narrative Page: Page 180 Part V: Sheikh Hasina as History’s “Other” and the Other Side of History Page: Page 190 Part VI: Sheikh Hasina Revising and Re-writing Bangladesh’s History at Will Page: Page 195 Appendix A Page: Page 217 Appendix B Page: Page 227 Appendix C Page: Page 235 Appendix D Page: Page 243 Appendix E Page: Page 261 Appendix F Page: Page 265 Appendix G Page: Page 281 Appendix H Page: Page 285 Appendix I Page: Page 291 About the Contributors Page: Page 295


Bangladesh: A Suffering People Under State Terrorism explores the destructive political situation in Bangladesh under the one-party and one-person rule of the despotic Sheikh Hasina. The contributors to this edited collection examine the catastrophic political environment of the country in view of the Hasina regime’s relentless oppression and repression since 2009, the authoritarian rule of her father in the early 1970s as well as the topic of Indian political, cultural and economic hegemony to which this dictatorial regime is increasingly surrendering Bangladesh's national interest, integrity and sovereignty. The contributors also attempt to expose the wholesale corruption and unprecedented vote-rigging that have rendered the regime completely illegal and illegitimate. They also highlight how the regime has been clinging to power by systemically unleashing terror and tyranny through its widespread networks of state machinery.

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