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Automobile 1 Mechanic I S C O : 8— 43.20 CARIBBEAN / CINTERFOR BASIC COLLECTIONS (ö tfM i fc2l ’ 3 . Copyright (c) INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANISATION (CINTERFOR) - l976^fÏE^ /,"> Îi%€iO Dü : Vi-ClOW Publications of the International Labour Office enjoy copyright unçler Protocol 2 of the Universal Copyright Convention. The Intev-Ameviean Centre of Investigation and Documentation for Vocational Training (CINTERFOR) is a regional, specialist agency of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Established in 1964, CINTERFOR has as its objects the stimulation and co­ ordination of the efforts of institutes3 organisations and enterprises which are concerned with Vocational Training in Latin America. Postal Add: P. 0. Box 1761 Telegraph Add: ”CINTERFOR." Montevideo - Uruguay. ■ '■ih w * DESCRIPTION OF THE CBC I FIELD OF APPLICATION OF THE CBC FOR AUTO-MECHANICS: The operation and technological information sheets con­ tained in this CBC for auto-mechanics, are applicable to the preparation of the instructional material in teaching the work-shop practices of the following occu­ pation; 8.43.20 AUTO-MECHANICS Repair, maintain and service automobiles and other vehicles with similar engines: Examine the vehicle to determine the nature, seriousness and cause of the defects; determine the work that is to be done with the aid of sketches and technical manuals; remove the engine, the trans-- mission lines, the differential or other parts that' need examining; repair or substitute parts like pistons, connecting rods, gears, va Ives, bearings , contact points and gaskets, as well as spark plugs and other acces­ sories; change the brake lining,and adjust it; change the bearings of the steering, and do whatever other repairs are necessary; adjust the idling speed of the engine by advancing or retarding the ignition, car­ burettor valves and the transmission lines; on comple­ tion of al I this, test the vehicle in the work-shop or on the road. The student may specializt in the repairing of one type of- automobi Ie engine, such as diesel engines, and can be designated accordingly. NOTE: The following complementary tasks have been incor­ porated to the previous ones for the purposes of this CBC: Removing and replacing the electrical circuit. Repairing and servicing the mechanical parts of the electrical circuit. Checking and charging the battery. The material can also be used for the instructions on partial aspects corresponding to the occupations belonging to the group 9-85 "Motor Vehicle Drivers'1. OPERATIONS This CBC includes the majority of operations involved in auto-mechanics but, owing to the unlimited number of opera­ tions and considering the variations due to the difference of component parts in different models and makes of vehicles, a fixed type of vehicle will be used as reference. This vehicle should have a gasoline 6-cylinder engine, mechanical transmission, three gears and a hydraul ic braking system. In the composition of this CBC, an exception has been introduced, i.e. grouping the OS's in the specialisation blocks as was defined in pt. 4.3 page 13 of the normative document (2nd edition). CBC Auto-Mechanics -97 It was also thought useful to include operations which, although not strictly belonging to this occupation, complement it and facilitate its use. This is the case with operations in Block 9 of the elec­ trical system. It should be noted however that other CBC’s on automobiles are being developed in which specialisation sections, such as electricity, upholstering, coating and painting,dieseI engines etc., are being deaIt with. TECHNOLOGICAL INFORMATION With regard.to the.TIS’s, the same exception that was made with the OS's may be applied here, as in this first CBC it was practically impossible to classify and codify the technological information. As a result the indexes VII and VIM suggested in the normative document have not been included. Later in preparing other related CBC's, the missing classification and indexes may be put in. CBC Auto-Mechanics -98 INDEXES OPERATION SHEETS 4 £ SPECIALISATION BLOCKS (*) Grouping of operations for AUTO MECHANICS CHARACTE­ Title of block RISTICS AM-1 Braking System AM-2 Suspension and Steering System AM-3 Transmission System AM-4 Engine Cooling System AM-5 Engine Lubrication System AM-6 Engine Fuel System AM-7 Engine Distribution System AM-8 Engine. Block Unit System AM-9 Engine Electrical System (*) SpzcAXLLiitcUAjOn btockA: this subdivision applies to occupations that may be taught in individual sections virtually independent of each other. It is particularly useful for grading operations in order of increasing difficulty, which order is observed within each block, but could not be maintained for operations in different blocks. CBC Auto-Mechanics -99 r '« ' 4 fr

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.