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Dedication Page: 3 Acknowledgments Page: 3 Contents Page: 4 Introduction: A Few Words from Alex Page: 7 Anatomy of a Quilt Page: 8 In the Sewing Room Page: 10 Sewing Machine Page: 10 Shopping for a New Machine Page: 10 Caring for Your Machine Page: 11 Your Physical Setup Page: 12 Tools and Notions Page: 14 Fabric and Color: Choose It and Use It! Page: 18 Fabric Grain Page: 18 A Few Words about Quality Page: 18 Three Keys to Successful Fabric Selection Page: 19 Color Page: 19 Value Page: 21 Character of Print Page: 21 Alternative Strategies for Choosing Fabrics Page: 27 Fabulous Focus Fabric (or Favorite Designer) Page: 27 Capture a Style or an Era Page: 28 Caring for Your Fabric Page: 29 To Prewash … or Not? Page: 29 Where and How to Store it Page: 30 Drafting: Have It Your Way Page: 31 Drafting Blocks Based on Grids Page: 32 Drafting Non-Grid-Based Blocks Page: 33 Drafting anEight-Pointed Star Page: 33 Drafting a Hexagon (Hexie) Page: 34 When Hexie Size Doesn’t Matter Page: 34 When Hexie Size Does Matter Page: 35 Subdividing the Hexie Page: 35 Rev Up Your Rotary Cutter Page: 36 Safety First Page: 36 Basic Rotary-Cutting Technique Page: 37 Squaring Up the Fabric Page: 37 Cutting Strips Page: 38 Magic Numbers Page: 39 Cutting Squares Page: 40 Cutting Rectangles Page: 40 Cutting Page: 40 Cutting Half- and Quarter-Square Triangles Page: 40 Half-Square Triangles Page: 41 Quarter-Square Triangles Page: 41 Cutting 45° Trapezoids Page: 42 Cutting an Isosceles Triangle in a Square Page: 43 Background Triangles (A) Page: 43 Isosceles Triangles (B) Page: 43 Cutting Equilateral Triangle Page: 44 Cutting 45° Diamonds Page: 45 Cutting Bias Strips Page: 46 The Ins and Outs of Piecing Page: 47 When You Need Templates Page: 47 Adding a Seam Allowance to Drafted Patterns Page: 47 Machine Piecing Page: 48 Pinning Page: 48 Stitching Page: 51 Pressing Matters Page: 52 “Unsewing” (a.k.a. Seam Ripping) Page: 52 Machine-Piecing Techniques You'll Want to Know Page: 52 Strip Piecing Page: 52 Sew-and-Flip Method Page: 54 Secret Star-Point Method Page: 56 Y-Seams Page: 58 Sewing Curves Page: 59 Paper-Foundation Piecing Page: 60 Sizing Fabric Pieces Page: 61 Creating Patterns Page: 62 Sewing Page: 62 Sewing Units into Blocks Page: 64 Hand Piecing: English Paper Piecing Page: 65 Cutting the Shapes Page: 65 Piecing the Shapes Page: 66 All About Appliqué Page: 67 Preparing for Appliqué Page: 70 Preparing Individual Appliqués(Hand or Machine) Page: 70 Preparing Individual Appliqués(Hand Only) Page: 77 Preparing the Background for Appliqué (Hand or Machine) Page: 78 Hand-Appliqué Techniques Page: 79 Basic Appliqué Stitch Page: 79 Needle-Turn Appliqué Page: 79 Buttonhole-Stitch (Blanket-Stitch) Appliqué Page: 83 Reverse Appliqué Page: 84 Machine-Appliqué Techniques Page: 85 Invisible-Stitch Appliqué Page: 85 Customizing Stitches Page: 87 Raw-Edge Appliqué with Buttonhole (or Blanket) Stitch Page: 87 Putting It Together: Settings and Borders Page: 89 Settings Page: 89 Gallery of Settings Page: 90 Borders Page: 100 Design Considerations and Proportions Page: 102 Intended Use Page: 104 Squaring Up the Quilt Page: 104 Measuring for Borders Page: 104 Cutting and Grainline Page: 104 Stitching Borders Page: 106 Border Options Page: 106 Butted Borders Page: 106 Mitered Borders Page: 107 Partial-Seam Borders Page: 109 Borders with Corner Squares Page: 110 Pieced Borders Page: 111 Self-Bordering Quilts Page: 112 Scalloped Borders Page: 113 Appliqué Borders Page: 114 Choosing and Marking Your Quilting Design Page: 115 Basics of Good Quilting Design Page: 116 Basic Quilting Strategies Page: 120 Other Sources for Quilting Designs Page: 122 Ideas for Creating Your Own Motifs Page: 124 Eight-Section Designs Page: 124 Twelve-Section Designs Page: 124 Soft, Curved Lines Page: 125 Transferring The Design Page: 125 Straight-Line Quilting Page: 126 Stipple Quilting Page: 126 Preparing To Quilt Page: 127 Housekeeping Page: 127 Choosings and Preparing a Batting Page: 127 Choosing and Preparing the Backing Page: 128 Piecing the Backing Page: 128 Basting Page: 129 Basting for Hand Quilting in a Hoop Page: 130 Basting for Machine Quilting Page: 130 Ready, Set,...Quilt! Page: 131 Hand Quilting Page: 131 Placing the Quilt in a Hoop Page: 131 Selecting a Thimble Page: 132 The Quilting (Rocking) Stitch Page: 132 Preparing to Stitch Page: 133 The Quilter’s Knot Page: 133 Thimble on Middle Finger Page: 134 Thimble on Pointer Finger Page: 136 Thimble on Thumb Page: 138 Finishing and Burying the Knot Page: 140 Machine Quilting Page: 142 Adjusting the Tension Page: 144 Handling Bulk Page: 144 Starting and Stopping Page: 146 Anchoring Page: 148 Machine-Quilting Technique Page: 150 Straight-Line and Simple-Curve Quilting Page: 151 Free-Motion Quilting Page: 152 Stipple Quilting Page: 153 Practice, Practice, Practice Page: 153 Tying Your Quilt Page: 154 Finishing Touches Page: 155 Binding Page: 156 Straight-Grain vs. Bias Binding Page: 156 Figuring Binding Length Page: 157 Double-Fold Binding Page: 157 Preparing the Quilt for Binding Page: 158 Binding with Squared Corners Page: 158 Binding with Mitered Corners Page: 159 Binding a Zigzag Edge Page: 160 Binding a Scalloped Edge Page: 161 Faced Edge with Hanging Sleeve Page: 163 Folded (Flat) Piping Page: 165 Prairie Points Page: 166 Adding a Hanging Sleeve Page: 168 Making a Label Page: 169 Caring for Your Quilts Page: 170 Index Page: 171 Resources Page: 174 Binding a Zigzag Edge Page: 175

This comprehensive guide by the host of The Quilt Show covers everything you need to know to become a master quilter. Alex Anderson has taught and inspired countless quilters around the world through her television programs, fabric lines, and numerous books. In All Things Quilting with Alex Anderson, she packs her most indispensable knowledge and advice into a single volume. Encyclopedic in its scope, it covers quilting techniques, essential tools, binding basics, piecing and appliqué, and much more. It is both a master class for novices and an essential reference for experienced quilters.
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