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ALEX KAVA Alex Kava Bundle CONTENTS A Perfect Evil Split Second The Soul Catcher At the Stroke of Madness A Necessary Evil One False Move About the Author Praise for ALEX KAVA and A PERFECT EVIL “Kava’s writing is reminiscent of Patricia Cornwell in her prime.” —Mystery Ink “Alex Kava knows the psychology of evil.” —John Philpin, forensic psychologist and author “Meet Kava’s FBI special agent Maggie O’Dell. But beware—it could be the start of a new addiction.” —Peterborough Evening Telegraph, U.K. “Alex Kava has crafted a suspenseful novel and created a winning character in Agent O’Dell.” —Washington Post Book World “This debut thriller pumps out the suspense.” —Library Journal “Engaging debut…a well-crafted page-turner.” —Publishers Weekly “A suspense thriller with enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the last page.” —Mystery Scene “Alex Kava’s thriller is a roller-coaster read. Although your heart is in your throat the entire time, you enjoy every scary minute.” —Woman’s Own “Kava keeps the dialogue clipped, the action fast and the twists coming.” —Orlando Sentinel Also by ALEX KAVA ONE FALSE MOVE The Maggie O’Dell series AT THE STROKE OF MADNESS THE SOUL CATCHER SPLIT SECOND A PERFECT EVIL Watch for the next book in the Maggie O’Dell series from ALEX KAVA and MIRA Books A NECESSARY EVIL Coming February 2006 in hardcover ALEX KAVA A PERFECT EVIL In loving memory of Robert (Bob) Shoemaker (1922–1998) whose perfect good continues to inspire. AUTHOR’S NOTE This is a work of fiction; however, I’d like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to any parent who has ever lost a child to a senseless act of violence. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I owe my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those whose support and expertise made this fantastic journey possible. Special thanks go to: Philip Spitzer, my agent, who enthusiastically offered to represent this book, then made it his personal mission to see it published. Philip, you are my hero. Patricia Sierra, fellow author, for generously sharing her wisdom, her wit and her friendship. Amy Moore-Benson, my editor, for her tenacity, her keen insights and her ability to make the editing process painless and rewarding. Dianne Moggy and all the professionals at MIRA Books for their efforts and resolve to make this book a success. Ellen Jacobs for always saying the right thing at just the right time. Sharon Car, my writing cohort, for all those lunches commiserating with and encouraging me. LaDonna Tworek, who helped me keep my perspective and encouraged me early on to hang in there. Jeanie Shoemaker Mezger and John Mezger, who listened over all those free, delicious dinners they fed me. Bob Kava for patiently answering all my questions about firearms. Mac Payne, who gave me something to prove. My parents, Edward and Patricia Kava, especially my mom for lighting all those candles of hope. Writing, for the most part, is a solitary act, but it certainly wouldn’t be possible for me without the loving support of my family and friends. Thanks also must go to Patti El-Kachouti, Marlene Haney, Nicole Keller, Kenny and Connie Kava, Natalie Cummings, Sandy Rockwood and Margaret Shoemaker. Finally, thanks to Bob Shoemaker. This wouldn’t have been the type of book Bob would even have read, but that would not have stopped him from being proud of me and telling everyone he met about it.

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Most books are stored in the elastic cloud where traffic is expensive. For this reason, we have a limit on daily download.