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Series title Page: ii Title page Page: iii Copyright page Page: iv Acknowledgements Page: vi Abbreviations for Smith’s Works Page: vii 1 Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment Page: 1 Life Page: 2 The Scottish Enlightenment Page: 8 Newton Page: 16 Hume Page: 17 Notes Page: 19 2 Science and System Page: 20 Science Page: 22 Wonder, Surprise, and Admiration Page: 23 Systems Page: 26 Rhetoric Page: 29 Conjectural History Page: 32 Social Change Page: 37 Notes Page: 39 3 Morality and Sympathy Page: 40 Sympathy Page: 43 Sociability Page: 47 Propriety Page: 50 General Rules Page: 52 Custom Page: 54 The Impartial Spectator Page: 59 The Limits of Sympathy Page: 62 Self-command Page: 63 Notes Page: 66 4 Justice and Virtue Page: 67 Justice Page: 69 Benevolence Page: 72 Police Page: 74 Religion Page: 76 Moral Corruption Page: 78 The Invisible Hand Page: 83 The Implications of Inequality Page: 85 Notes Page: 87 5 Jurisprudence Page: 88 Stadial Theory Page: 91 Property Page: 92 Government Page: 94 Warfare Page: 97 The Fall of Feudalism Page: 100 Modern Liberty Page: 104 Notes Page: 107 6 The Nature of Wealth Page: 108 The Division of Labour Page: 109 Trade Page: 110 Markets Page: 113 Wages Page: 116 Capital Page: 120 Saving Page: 121 Productive and Unproductive Labour Page: 123 Banking and Money Page: 124 Notes Page: 127 7 Government and the Market Page: 128 The Mercantile System Page: 128 Mercantile Policy Page: 131 Empire Page: 136 The Agricultural System Page: 139 Defence Page: 140 Justice Page: 141 Publick Works and Institutions Page: 142 Education Page: 145 Taxation Page: 150 Notes Page: 154 8 Legacy and Influence Page: 155 ‘Das Adam Smith-Problem’ Page: 156 Moral Sentiments Page: 156 The Famous Dr Smith Page: 160 Classical Political Economy Page: 162 Marxism Page: 165 The New Right Page: 167 Contemporary Political Economy Page: 170 Smith Studies Page: 171 Adam Smith Problems Page: 174 Conclusion Page: 177 Notes Page: 178 Bibliography Page: 192 Index Page: 200 End User License Agreement Page: 211

Almost everyone has heard of Adam Smith, founding father of modern economics and author of Wealth of Nations. There is, however, much more to him than this.
This new introduction gives a crystal clear overview of the entirety of Smith’s thought. It demonstrates how Smith’s economic theories fit into a larger system of thought that encompasses moral philosophy, philosophy of science, legal and political theory, and aesthetics. Examining the central arguments of his major works, ranging from The Theory of Moral Sentiments to his lectures on jurisprudence and beyond, Smith’s thought is explained in its full intellectual and historical context.  As the book unfolds, the long-standing caricature of Adam Smith as an uncritical defender of capitalism red in tooth and claw is systematically challenged, revealing a far more complex and nuanced figure whose rich legacy remains highly relevant today.
Comprehensive yet concise, this book will be the leading introduction to Adam Smith’s ideas for generations of students, scholars and general readers, relevant to areas ranging from philosophy and the history of economic thought to political theory.
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