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Preview A Mother's Shame

Cover Page: 1 Title Page Page: 2 Contents Page: 3 Prologue Page: 4 Chapter 1 Page: 5 Chapter 2 Page: 9 Chapter 3 Page: 13 Chapter 4 Page: 18 Chapter 5 Page: 24 Chapter 6 Page: 30 Chapter 7 Page: 32 Chapter 8 Page: 35 Chapter 9 Page: 38 Chapter 10 Page: 42 Chapter 11 Page: 45 Chapter 12 Page: 51 Chapter 13 Page: 57 Chapter 14 Page: 58 Chapter 15 Page: 65 Chapter 16 Page: 68 Chapter 17 Page: 69 Chapter 18 Page: 73 Chapter 19 Page: 76 Chapter 20 Page: 80 Chapter 21 Page: 84 Chapter 22 Page: 92 Chapter 23 Page: 93 Chapter 24 Page: 96 Chapter 25 Page: 98 Chapter 26 Page: 103 More from Rosie Clarke Page: 104 About the Author Page: 105 Sixpence Stories Page: 106 About Boldwood Books Page: 107 Copyright Page: 108

A new standalone novel from the bestselling author Rosie Clarke. East End of London Maggie Bailey has not had an easy childhood. Her father, Michael, always too easy with his fists after spending the family’s rent money down the pub. Just sixteen, in love and blinded by promises, Maggie sees marriage to handsome Jack as her great escape. However, she soon finds herself abandoned with a beautiful baby when Jack disappears. Maggie is forced to seek a new life away from the East End of London and finds herself a job at a hotel in Eastbourne. Here she must learn to fend for herself and also accept a shocking discovery that she was fostered as a babe and nothing is known of her real parents. Her employer, Aunt Beth, is kind and her life improves – but Maggie makes one mistake after another and, eventually, they lead to a terrible tragedy that will bring her to the point of no return. Will Maggie ever find true happiness and discover the secret of her birth? PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED as ALL MY SINS
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