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WWW. Thel 851 Chronicle.org September 2017 - Volume 12, Issue 1 * The 1851 Chronicle # @1851chronicle _ jjj @1851chronicle B /1851 Chronicle Chartwells adds new flavor to Lasell MACKENZIE DINEEN, MORGAN VANWICKLER, THOMAS BAKER_____ ARTS EDITOR, ART DIRECTOR. 1851 STAFF PHOTOS BY MICHAEL BUENO AND CRISTINA SERRATORE Students are eagerly met by Chartwells employees when they first walk into Valentine Dining Hall (Left). A variety of treats can be found at the dessert table (Right). On July 1, Lasell College officially wells stresses the importance of allergy guidelines prevents cross-contamination want to listen and hear all feedback, welcomed its newest dining service, education. A main focus is eliminating among the foods. Gluten-free pasta is al¬ complaints, and concerns from stu¬ Chartwells Food Service, replacing the gluten from the meals offered. The food ways available, and the original gluten-free dents and then use that to improve the previous food service, Sodexo. in Valentine Dining Hall is about 70 to station includes additional options. dining services.” According to Dennis Lestrange, 80 percent gluten-free, according to Senior Troy Gonsalves, SGA Vice Michael Hoyle, Vice President of Operations Improvement Manager of Co-manager Michael Quakenbush. President of Student Affairs, was on the Administration and Finance and chair of Chartwells, the food service company is The Fuze station is now F.A.Z.E. 8. dining services selection committee. the selection committee, reached out to completely different than Sodexo, with The acronym stands for Food Allergy “What really stood out about Chartwells Gonsalves last December about being the only similarity being the gold, silver, Zone Eatery, and all dishes prepared to me, and what I have seen of them apart of the committee. “Initially, I was and bronze meal plans. and served in this section exclude dairy, so far, is that they thrive off of student thrilled,” Gonsalves said. “At that point, One specific difference is that Chart¬ soy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, feedback,” Gonsalves said. “They truly I had been on SGA for about a year and shellfish, and fish. A station with these continued on page 3 New building Changes coming to academics set to open next semester SEAN MCGLONE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF There are big changes coming to through similar change usually are where people are not in such strict TYLER HETU & MATTHEW FERRIS_ the Academic Affairs division at Lasell. struggling, Vice President of Academic delineated fields and interdisciplinary 1851 STAFF Five new schools are being established as Affairs Jim Ostrow says Lasell is different. is the way you’re going to work pro¬ opposed to the current set up of a variety “We’re unusual in that we decided fessionally. So, I think that the new aca¬ Commodore Builders started the re¬ of different departments and majors. to do this from a position of strength. demic structure is going to facilitate that.” construction of the Wolfe and Wass class¬ In an email sent to Lasell employ¬ We haven’t been struggling at all, Some majors will be consolidat¬ room buildings two summers ago, and the ees over the summer, President Alex¬ we’ve been doing better and better ed together, such as Accounting, Fi¬ new academic building is set to be finished in November. ander attached the “Report of the Se¬ each year and so that’s a great posi¬ nance, Management, Marketing, Sport The new building will have new fea¬ nior Management Team to the Lasell tion to be in where you’re engaging in Management, Hospitality and Event tures that both Wolfe and Wass lacked. The College Community Regarding Ac¬ these analyses not for fear of decline, Management, Resort and Casino Man¬ building has three new 50-person class¬ tions Approved by the Board of Trust¬ but in order to seize opportunities for agement, International Business, and rooms for larger class settings. The rooms ees.” This report outlined a number getting better, both in quality and in Entrepreneurship majors will all be will include dividers to cut the room in half of changes that will take effect starting size,” said Ostrow. combined into one unified Business to make two 25-person classrooms. Each in January 2018 and continue over the “The thing I see as a big positive program. In addition, certain majors of these classrooms contain three 90-inch course of the next five years. for our program, being in with the like English, Finance, and Commu¬ monitors. Private study rooms are also in The five new schools being estab¬ school of business, there can be a lot nication will have certain concentra¬ demand, and will offer another space for lished are: School of Business, School more integration across classes, like tions eliminated or consolidated. groups of students to meet and work on of Health Sciences, School of Com¬ event management and sport manage¬ “There were a couple of majors homework and projects. munication, Design & Technology, ment there’s a lot of stuff they can share that we decided, now students are Vice President of Administration and School of Social Sciences, Humanities and resources,” said Chair of the Sport in those majors so we’re not closing Finance Michael Hoyle added more infor¬ & Education, and the School of Fash¬ Management Department Dan Sargeant. them now, but we’re not accepting mation about the new science programs in ion. Each school will have their own Changes will also include the for¬ new students in them,” said Ostrow the building. “It will also include a garden Associate Dean, as opposed to the de¬ mation of a Health Science program “they’re still listed in the catalog. on the roof for the new health sciences partment chairs Lasell currently has. and an Information Technology pro¬ You’ll notice if you look in the cata¬ program and environmental classes,” said Neal Hatem, the current chair of gram as well as the creation of a mas¬ log they’ll be some majors that say Hoyle. New health sciences programs will be the Math and Sciences department, ter’s program for Athletic Training and ‘not admitting new students,”’ he added in the coming spring, creating brand says he’s looking forward to getting Exercise Science. said. These majors are Applied Math¬ new facilities for the program. back to teaching. “I came here to teach “I think these changes are long ematics, Applied Mathematics with As of now, what classes will be held and I can teach all day, but when I’m overdue,” said Luis Lopez-Preciado, Secondary Education, Applied Math¬ there is still in discussion. “The Registrar's doing administrative stuff, which I Assistant Professor of Fashion. “I think ematics with Elementary Education Office is still figuring it out,” Hoyle said “but don’t mind being a leader among my that if we really are going to face a Concentration, Arts Management, En¬ there will be a lot of general classes in here.” department, but I would just rather lot of the challenges that the academ¬ vironmental Studies, Humanities, and The scheduled opening is ahead of their previously planned December finish, with teach,” he said. ic environment is facing nowadays, Human Services. classes beginning in the spring semester. While most institutions that go we have to prepare an environment continued on page 3 INSIDE THIS ISSUE The 1851 Chronicle 2 September 2017 6 Obinion Editorial - Trump triumphs over Harvey EDITOR’S CORNER NICOLE YEAGER 1851 STAFF Asante Sana, With President Donald another 48 hours later he had to request Trump’s latest controversial ac¬ additional money in aid. This difference tions, the biggest question was caused 1,833 unnecessary deaths to occur. Tanzania how he would handle something While President Trump is reveling in as serious as a massive hurricane his success in aiding mainland hurricane such as Harvey. This left myself victims, the citizens of Puerto Rico are liv¬ and the majority of the United ing in despair. Puerto Rico’s devastation States in fear that Trump would will take years to recover. Even with the pull his usual shenanigans. help from many celebrities and organiza¬ To this date Trump has tak¬ tions, it may not be fiscally possible for the en note of Bush’s mistakes and U.S. and its territories to be able to provide demanded FEMA act quicker aid for the many more hurricanes to come. than they did under Michael D. Thankfully, the president has said he’s 1 / Brown’s control. To our surprise, heading to Puerto Rico next week. Trump has been holding up and The ugly truth of the matter is, mon¬ using the resources at his dis¬ ey will always be in the way of saving peo¬ posal. After many issues in 2005, ple’s lives and that is the reality no matter it is understood that FEMA has who the president is. This reminds me how learned from their mistakes and much of a train wreck our government has will no longer be cramming been and will be for a very long time. While SEAN MCGLONE people into stadiums. ILLUSTRATION BY THOMAS BAKER it may be almost impossible to agree with EDITOR-IN-CHIEF With a quick reaction time, professionalism and leadership. According to what President Trump says and does, he For most of my college career, I contemplat¬ Trump sent aid before the hurricane U.S. News, Bush’s aid took 96 hours after Hur¬ won this time. Thankfully, Trump says he’s ed doing a semester abroad. Along the way 1 had hit Texas, leaving me in shock with his ricane Katrina touched down in Louisiana, then heading to Puerto Rico next week. dozens of people telling me 1 should go, that it was a life-changing experience and that I’d probably re¬ gret if I didn't go. Thank you, Mairead I struggled to make a decision well into the beginning of last year, my junior year, as to whether 1851 I should go and where. During that time 1 thought The Chronicle to myself - could 1 really' be away from home for four months in a different country? Where could ALEX BALLETTO 1 see myself going? What would I miss while I COPY EDITOR was away? Chartw'ells is here. Can you tell? I can, I had the pleasure of calling Mairead a LASELL COLLEGE Then I heard about another trip - one that but it’s not because things are different. In friend, but first 1 called her my boss. Without 1844 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE NEWTON, MA 02466 would give me the opportunity to help others, one my eyes, Valentine is incomplete without the sounding exaggerated, working for Sodexo that went to an area few' Laseil students had gone former general manager of Sodexo, Mairead changed my perspective on life. Besides the to before, and one that I had heard “would change Van Heest. I’m also not sure if the college corporate experience I gained, I can say that EDITOR-IN-OHIEF the way you look at things ” sent her away properly - the students were Sodexo opened my eyes to diversity and a Sean McGlone So 1 decided -1 would apply for the Shoul- never able to say goodbye and thank you. challenging work setting. It was Mairead that der-to-Shoulder trip to Tanzania, Africa. Knowing Laseil is so fortunate that Mairead was fostered this environment, being both dura¬ little about where we would be staying, the work here to grow with it. She went along with the ble and devoted when either was necessary. ART DIRECTORS we would be doing or even Tanzania in general, unforeseen and never said no. This is often It’s so important to recognize Mairead Morgan VanWickler I figured I would take a small risk in the form of a big weakness in people, but for her it was and her contributions to Laseil. Before I Michael Bueno going halfway across the world. a strength because she could handle it with worked for Mairead, I can remember living Once I was accepted, we as a group were then ease. As a club leader, I know serving the stu¬ in Woodland, looking down at 10 p.m. and COPY EDITOR left to figure out what exactly we would teach the dents was her biggest goal. thinking “wow this lady works hard for us.” Alex Balletto students in grades 3-7 and how' we would do so. In an industry where it is not easy to That’s commendable because as I spent more I never considered myself much of a teacher please, Mairead continued to program for time learning the industry, I learned how NEWS EDITOR OPINION EDITOR and I had next to no experience being around kids. the students, on top of watching over dining rare this is. Colin Froment Michael Bueno 1 worried about how exactly I would work with services. Her active interest in student-life The food services industry needs com¬ these children and how I would even communi¬ made her present, and eventually Mairead passionate and driven leaders for product cate with them given the obvious language barrier. transformed into a fixture of the institution. improvement and, most importantly, to ARTS EDITOR FEATURES EDITOR As we drew up lesson plans and gathered sup¬ She was always there as support with what¬ make sure there is always food on the table. Mackenzie Dineen Leanne Signoriello plies, our departure date slowly crept up. Sudden¬ ever was needed. Besides that and her many When it comes to a compassionate and driv¬ ly, just days before the trip, I started to get very ner¬ actual management roles, she welcomed stu¬ en leader in the food industry, there is no SPORTS EDITOR vous. I wondered how could I go so far away? How dents into Valentine with a smile, was always one more relevant than Mairead. And for that Cassidy Murray would I teach these students? Eventually, through a nearby suggestion card, and was a friend to we say thank you. all of the nerves, 1 went on the trip knowing that I numerous students and faculty. would regret not going Our first day at the school, I was nervous. Af¬ Tyler Hetu Armando Machado Jr. ter months of preparation, it was finally show time Welcome Class of 2021 While I stumbled a bit, I had an amazing teaching Paul Zlatin Nicole Yeager partner by my side who helped me through. 1 was amazed at how'welcoming the students Haleigh Santilli Brian Cohen SEAN MCGLONE were. Here we were, 16 strangers and two return¬ ers stepping into their classroom to teach them EDITOfl-IN-CHIEF Matthew Ferris Casey Dibari Students were asked in Swahili on the first day “Do Dear Class of 2021, ing a particular club, make sure you try things you love them?” and they proudly shouted back Congratulations! You have officially made outside of just your classes. Maybe even look Paris Adams “ndio!" Which is Swahili for yes. it through your first month at Laseil. By now for a job either on or off campus. In the days we spent at the school, I was you are probably better adjusted to the cam¬ Next, be open-minded. College is a time amazed how the students hung on every word that pus and you are settling into your classes and of exploration and the best way to explore is we said, they respected us as much as any of the ILLUSTARTOR workload. For many of you, I’m sure you’re to keep your mind open to what comes your Thomas Baker teachers that worked in the school, and they loved starting to understand what people meant way. Personally, I know I wouldn’t have ever just being around us and having our attention. During my short time there, my favorite mo¬ when they said “college is a lot different from gone to Tanzania if 1 didn’t have an open ment was having the chance to play soccer with the high school.” mind. Step out of your comfort zone and look boys at recess. On a field that was mostly dirt, with I’ve had the chance to meet many of you for something new, it may just change your CONTRIBUTING WRITER goals that had no netting the boys and I would through Laser Link Orientation, Welcome outlook on a lot of other things. Danielle Hogan pass, shoot, and run wild whenever the ball was Weekend, or a variety of other events on cam¬ Finally, talk to new people. You never close. Whenever there was a goal we would all pus throughout the first few weeks. In your really know a person until you start a con¬ INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT celebrate with high fives and cheers. The students class I see a lot of potential to do great things versation. Do not assume that just because would all rush over to me for high fives, thus fulfill¬ and be one of the most influential classes that someone has different interests than you that Megan Palumbo ing my childhood dream of being the most popular has ever come through Laseil. they have no interest in talking or meeting kid on the playground. Now that you’re here though, you might with you. The only way to know for sure is to Ws spent just under two weeks at the school be wondering “What now? Where do I go from try. Don’t waste time overthinking what might FACULTY ADVISOR In that time, we formed relationships with the stu¬ dents and were blown away by how smart the stu¬ here? What should I do?” So, if you’ll embel¬ happen when you talk to someone new. Marie C. Franklin dents were, how they respected us (if we dropped lish me, I’d like to offer you some advice as a Once again, I would like to welcome you something on the floor the students would excit¬ senior who’s about to wrap up his time here all to Laseil and I hope you make the best of PRINTING SERVICES PROVIDED BY: edly pick it up and hand it back to us with a smile) at Laseil. your next four years here. If you’re looking Graphic Developments Inc. and how much they enjoyed yelling “poa!” back at First, get involved. One of the simplest for a familiar face to talk to about your new me whenever 1 yelled “Mambo!” The sight of seeing things you’ll hear anyone say about going to experiences with over the next year, feel free the students sing the Tanzanian national anthem FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION, CORRECTIONS, NEWS TIPS, OR Laseil - your experience will be made better to find me. SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT! on our last day will stay with me forever. Asante by getting involved in extracurricular activi¬ All the best, THE1B51 [email protected] Sana (thank you very much), Tanzania. ties. Whether you are playing a sport or join¬ Sean McGlone The 1851 Chronicle September 2017 News Chartwells adds new flavor to Lasell News Briefs Continued from Pg 1 New Campus Police Chief MACKENZIE DINEEN, MORGAN VANWICKLER, THOMAS BAKER announced ARTS EDITOR. ART DIRECTOR. 1851 STAFF ities,” said junior Kevin Joyce. Campus Police Lieutenant Robert Winsor “I personally love the new dining was named the new Chief of Police/Director of hall experience; I trust more of the Public Safety on September 20. This was an¬ options of fruits and vegetables, [and] nounced after a selection process took place there’s a wider variety of healthier food involving several staff members. with a friendlier staff,” said junior Kat¬ Winsor had previously been involved erina DiChiara in law enforcement positions for more than Since they have only been work¬ 25 years. He began as a Dispatcher and later ing with the students and faculty for served as a Patrol Officer for the Richmond Po¬ about a month, Chartwells plans on lice Department in Richmond, R.I. He retired continuing to make changes, especially from the police force as a Sergeant for the ways to add more options. “The team Pawtucket Police Department and soon began is also working on different ways to uti¬ to work for the Rhode Island College Campus lize the Mongolian grill at F.A.Z.E. 8,” Police, but left to join Lasell in 2015. He ob¬ Lestrange said. tained his bachelor’s degree in Administration “This spring when we add a full of Justice from Roger Williams University and service deli bar to Valentine Dining, his master’s degree in Management from Salve we will be able to add more options, Regina University. He was also a member of as well as specialty sandwiches that will the U.S. Air Force stationed in Okinawa, Japan. change daily.” This winter, Chartwells Winsor was selected after previous Chief plans to add a sushi bar to the campus Jack Kennedy announced his retirement sub¬ center, and revamp the physical ap¬ sequent to the search for his replacement. pearance and variety of lunch offered a half and so the dining services has while worrying about cross-contamina¬ at Glow Lounge. Study Abroad fair displays been a great part of my position as VP tion,” Donovan said. She has also no¬ “Our menus are flexible to meet the of Student Affairs on SGA.” ticed a greater variety of meal options needs of the campus community,” said exotic destinations Professor Deidre Donovan said compared to Sodexo. Another Lasell Lestrange. “If there is something specif¬ that she is loving the new food service. staff member, officer John D’Auria, is ic students want to see we can add it to On TUesday September 19, the office of In¬ Donovan has food allergies and would in favor of Chartwells. He said, “It’s a our menu cycle.” He welcomes student ternational Services hosted a Study Abroad Fair in sometimes have to ask for foods to be little bit of a step up,” and noted one emails regarding food or experiential the Amow Campus Center. prepared in the back or request accom¬ of the biggest changes in the quality of questions addressed to him or Quak- Thirteen representatives attended. Some modations. Now she is able to eat a hot the pizza. enbush. They are also open to meeting represented more than one country, which in¬ meal for lunch “without standing out.” “I prefer the longer hours, it gives with students to discuss concerns. cluded Switzerland, Italy, England, France, among “I don’t have to hunt and find food you more time to focus on other prior¬ others. Faculty from around the campus joined. Students had the opportunity to learn about what Lasell has to offer to students traveling. Every Second Convocation gathers clubs and students booth took questions from students, while offer¬ ing a slew of brochures and handouts. The Study Abroad Fair is held twice a year, COLIN FROMENT_ at the beginning of each semester. This is when NEWS EDITOR _ ~~ there is the most excitement about the opportuni¬ ty, many first-year students are looking into what Dozens of student clubs and organi¬ hopes that other students might share the year. “1 feel great about presenting,” said Lasell has to offer them. zations assembled in the Athletic Center same feelings one day. “Being given the Demby. “I think it should be something Kyle Benedict, Program Assistant for Interna¬ for the 2017 Connected Learning Convo¬ opportunity to share my experience with that should be held every year. It’s great tional Services and Student Activities stresses the cation on September 5 to showcase pre¬ students, and possibly get them excited, to teach [first years] about my experience importance of studying abroad. “Personal growth sentations that demonstrated their club or is a great feeling to have,” said Koisor. so they can get a feeling of what it’s like to is probably the biggest [benefit],” he said, along field to first years. The student presenters “It’s nice to notice everyone’s interests be in a club.” with critical thinking and thinking outside the box. each set up their own table complete with and seeing who would want to be more The first years were pleased with the “By studying abroad, students are able to gain in¬ posters, videos, and images detailing the involved continuing forward in college.” many opportunities they could sign up dependence that they've never experienced be¬ various activities each club puts together. Chelsea Demby is a senior fashion for. “From what I see, there is everything fore.” The presentations were organized communication major and spoke about from athletics to fun clubs to join,” said Shrek is about to start entirely by students who hold leadership Lasell’s notable fashion shows to the stu¬ Dan Chodos a first-year sport manage¬ singing positions in their respective organiza¬ dents. She felt passionate about present¬ ment major. “This event points out how tions. Spencer Kosior, a senior represent¬ ing at the Convocation because the event [the school] has so many things to do that ing the Drama Club, said the event was a was not showcased during her first-year, students don’t even realize are here.” Shrek the Musical is the school’s next way to get more recognition for his club and wanted first years to have as much “Always say yes to an opportunity,” musical directed by Professor Lori L’ltalien, and to explain to others the activities on information about the various organiza¬ said Kosior. “Convocation is one of those the director of the school’s Drama Club. campus he is passionate about; in the tions that she wishes she had as a first opportunities.” Shrek was originally a picture book by William Steig that was published in 1990 before being adapted as a franchise of films, with the first film being released in 2001. Changes coming to academics L’ltalien explained how young the Lasell theatre program is, and how she has managed to establish the club’s presence on campus. “The theatre program is eight years Continued from Pg. 1 old; for me it is very important that I pick shows where the ensemble is heavily fea¬ SEAN MCGLONE tured.” There are 28 cast members and 59 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ensemble roles. “Those members are playing multiple roles,” L’ltalien said. While some students may be con¬ were chosen because they do not The restructuring will also include The play is based off the first movie cerned that Lasell is no longer accept¬ seem to have great potential in draw¬ the combining of a number of courses but is a little more adult than the movie, ing new students into their majors, ing new students. “By closing them that consistently have small numbers. according to L’ltalien. Her favorite part of students currently enrolled in these we could focus our energies in exist¬ However according to Ostrow this the musical is the score, and she said, “It is majors as of Fall 2017 will be able ing and new degree programs that do does not mean that the school is going a really fun show with great music.” L’ltalien to complete their degrees through have that potential, it was that sim¬ to start having giant classes. The col¬ has made many connections throughout her Spring 2021. ple,” said Ostrow. lege will also look into the number of professional career, and was able to acquire “[Students] should feel through¬ “I still don’t know how this is go¬ required courses for each major to see costumes for the play from the Maine State out their experience that the fact that ing to work, nobody does this is work about giving students more electives. Music Theatre. we re not admitting new students in progress but I'm hopeful that for “I think it has the potential to be Shrek the Musical will be running from should have no bearing on the qual¬ someone like me I'll get to go back a very positive thing, I think there’s November 16-19 in Yamawaki Auditorium. ity of their experience, and the qual¬ to doing what I love, which is teach definitely going to be a rough adjust¬ ity of their degree, absolutely we re more and I’ll have less responsibilities ment period because it’s been the way committed to that,” said Ostrow “The even if I’m the program director, be¬ it’s been for so long and now you’re COLIN FROMENT, MORGAN VANWICKLER, quality of those degrees is strong and cause they might have a math program changing so everyone’s going to be ARMANDO MACHADO JR. will remain as strong as any other de¬ director I'll still will be able to focus uneasy about what their new roles are gree, right through graduation.” more on my kids and that’s why I’m and that kind of stuff,” said Sargeant. Ostrow says that these majors here, to teach students,” said Hatem. 4 September 2017 The 1851 Chronicle Features Lasell welcomes new staff, faculty ARMANDO MACHADO JR. 1851 STAFF Several new full-time faculty and staff Dr. Matthew Reilly, Assistant Profes¬ to Lasell because of the new Information time at Northeastern University where he members have joined the Lasell communi¬ sor of Marketing, has been a part of the Technology major being launched Fall of received his bachelor’s degree. Following ty this year. Lasell community for many years, includ¬ 2018. Professor Erande has launched prod¬ that, Laham earned his M.Ed. at the Univer¬ Helen Brew is an Administrative As¬ ing five years as an adjunct professor. Ad¬ ucts in technology and big data analytics sity of Virginia. According to an email sent sistant who be¬ ditionally, Reilly is a for companies like out by Jim Ostrow, gan her career double alumnus of Apple, Cisco, JP- Vice President of as a University Lasell College, hav¬ Morgan Chase, Academic Affairs, Administra¬ ing earned a master’s and Viacom. Laham is also a tor at George degree in Marketing Lori L’ltalien, licensed Athletic Washington and a bachelor’s de¬ Assistant Professor Trainer, a certified University in gree in Business Man¬ of Music & Per¬ Personal Trainer, Ashbum, Vir¬ agement. Although forming Arts/Di¬ and a certified ginia where he began his profes¬ rector of Perform¬ Strength and Con¬ she worked sional career in the ing Arts, has been ditioning coach. in the Science financial industry, working at Lasell When speak¬ and Technolo¬ Dr. Reilly was drawn for seven years ing of the rela¬ gy department. back to academia be¬ before becoming tively new field Along with cause he wanted to a full-time faculty of sports science, her work at make a difference in member. L’ltalien Laham said “we’re George Wash¬ students’ lives the has been involved seeing a shift in ington Uni¬ same way that his in performing the care of ath¬ versity, Brew's professors influenced arts since middle letes from the per¬ Assistant Professor of Communication Associate Professor and Director of the career brought Dr. Lauren Anderson his life. “My professors school. At Longy new Information Technology Degree spective that there her to Australia Maithily Erande needs to be more for seven years, and New Zealand for six and mentors from done for the pre¬ months in addition to other cities such as years ago are now School of Music in vention [of injuries].” San Diego and San Francisco before com¬ my colleagues and Cambridge, L’ltal¬ After Elyssa Miller, Assistant Professor ing to Lasell. friends,” Reilly ien earned her of Mathematics attended Boston Universi¬ Dr. Lauren Anderson, Assistant Profes¬ said. “There is a first master’s and ty for her undergraduate education, she sor of Communication, grew up in the Chi¬ great support system started perform¬ taught at Marlborough High School for cago area and attended the University of here at Lasell and ing professional¬ nearly 20 years before deciding to pursue a Illinois to complete her bachelor’s degree. I’m thankful to be a ly. Last semester, career in higher education. Miller received She also figure skated for the University part of such a close- L’ltalien earned her master’s in Mathematics from Worces¬ of Illinois. Anderson then attended Pep- knit community.” her MFA from the ter Polytechnic Institute and is now in the perdine University for her master’s and M a i t h i 1 y Boston Conser¬ process of completing her doctorate in Florida State University for her doctorate Erande, Associate vatory at Berklee Math Education at Boston University. in Communication where she found her¬ Professor and Pro¬ College of Music. “Marlborough High School went self researching the portrayal of sports and gram Director for Ron Laham, through a lot of changes during my time athletes in the media. Her work in higher the Information Assistant Profes¬ there,” said Miller in regards to how her education inspired her to pursue a career Technology De¬ sor of Exercise background in high school education has in sports communication. When speaking gree, has 18 years Assistant Professor of Marketing Science, started at helped her transition to college. Miller’s about social issues noticed in sports, An¬ of experience in the Dr. Matthew Reilly Lasell as an adjunct favorite part of Lasell is the community. derson says “all these issues going on in corporate world in photos BY MICHAEL bueno in 2009, working in “The faculty has been incredibly welcom¬ the sports world are really important and several countries, which has shaped her the Athletic Training and the Exercise Sci- ing and the students have been terrific as someone needs to talk about them and knowledge of technology as well as her un- ence programs. Laham’s interest in the hu- well,” said Miller. study them.” derstanding of people. Erande was drawn man anatomy has been prevalent since his Further success for “Fashion and Satire” exhibit LEANNE SIGNORIELLO & PARIS ADAMS FEATURES EDITOR A 1851 STAFF was curated and constructed by Lasell pro¬ “The illustrations, most of them, have fessor Jill Carey, along with a small selec¬ a comedic character. It was pretty obvious tion of her fashion history students: Dana looking at them from the beginning. They Blanchette, Hillary Brown, Erin Lovett, revolved around topics like courtship, and Victoria Sferrazza. emerging women’s rights, social environ¬ Fashion and Retail Merchandising ma¬ ments, you know, beautiful women and jor Victoria Sferrazza (‘17) worked along¬ awkward looking men. The humor at this side Professor Carey in the execution of time was really Idnd of... it was really fun¬ this project, but it was a collective team ny,” said Carey. effort. “We prepped all of the garments Not only do these illustrations depict for the exhibit, wrote pages upon pages changing social scenes and values, they of research, spent hours analyzing images, also provide an insight into the evolution and some students even helped set up the of fashion; from the latter part of the Gild¬ exhibit with Professor Carey,” said Sferraz¬ ed Age well into the start of the Jazz Age. za. “All of the students did a tremendous With the use of pieces from the Lasell Fash¬ amount of work, but Professor Carey lived ion Collection, American Textile History and breathed this project for several years Museum, and private donors, Carey and to the point where she would spend most her student partners were able to bring the days in the library doing research with pri¬ fashion found in these scenes to life. mary sources,’’she said. “This exhibit allowed me to expand Carey was inspired to begin the re¬ my knowledge in fashion history and gave search and production of “Fashion and Sat¬ me confidence in my analytical abilities. I ire” after longtime friend and benefactor, also got to see another side of fashion I Frederic Sharf, brought her his collection wasn’t expecting to learn about; curating of satirical illustrations by Charles Dana and creating an art exhibit,” said Sferraz¬ Gibson and Orson Byron Lowell. Sharf was za. “I am so glad that the exhibit is moving PHOTOS COURTESY OF JILL CAREY interested in the fashions he saw in these through different cities, and 1 hope it contin¬ Professor Jill Carey’s “Fashion and Satire: The Drawings of Orson Byron Lowell and Charles illustrations, and urged Carey and her stu¬ ues so more people can enjoy it,” she said. Dana Gibson" exhibit is on display in New York City until October 28. dents to dig deeper into the connection The exhibit will be on display until Upon passing under the inviting red Gibson viewed the lifestyle of the Ameri¬ between the two. October 28 at The Society of Illustrators awning of The Society of Illustrators, gal¬ can elite in the 20th century. “I said yes, because we would find gallery at 128 East 63rd Street, New York lery goers are drawn in by the prominent The success of “Fashion and Satire: the fashion connection, and then use our City. As of now, there are no plans to con¬ fashion on display, and the comical illus¬ The Drawings of Orson Byron Lowell and collection and other collections to bring tinue the exhibit, but Carey is enthusiastic trations that accompany them. Through Charles Dana Gibson” has traveled to The together a research study. So that’s what of the future and hopes to begin work on the unique descriptions of each piece, at¬ Society of Illustrators in New York City, af¬ we did over time. It took about three years a new project following the close of “Fash¬ tendees are given an insight into how art¬ ter being on display at the Rosecliff Man¬ of constant work, and then critique and re¬ ion and Satire.” shaping. .. It’s quite a process,” said Carey. ists Orson Byron Lowell and Charles Dana sion in Newport, Rhode Island. The exhibit Changing of the seasons: a fall Boston to-do guide PHOTO BY MICHAEL BUENO The Charles River is the host to the annual Head of the Charles Regatta, which will take place October 21-22 this year. As the seasons change from summer Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival (Sep¬ gardens for those who are over the age of 21 chusetts’s most notable river. The annual event to fall, so do the activities in the Boston area. tember 30) to explore. is the perfect excuse to enjoy the classic New England fell weather while cheering on rowers Beach trips turn into haunted house visits and Taking place between Columbus Avenue pumpkins start growing. There is always some¬ and Burke Street in Boston, this free six-block Pumpkin Float 2017 (October 20) from all over. thing to do in Boston, while also enjoying New block party and outdoor concert is guaranteed Frog Pond may be a popular site for Bosto¬ England’s most picturesque season. to draw in music lovers. Hosting a variety of per¬ nians in the winter, but for the past three years, Coolidge Corner Theatre’s: Halloween formances featuring numerous music genres, the pond has become a more innovative attrac¬ Horror Marathon (October 28) Ghosts and Gravestones tour (Now un¬ food vendors, and other entertainment will be tion in the fell months. The Pumpkin Float is The name says it all. Horror movie lovers til mid-November) available for those who attend the annual event. an annual event that invites those in the area are invited to attend the 12-hour long event, With Halloween right around the comer, to bring a carved pumpkin to put on display watching up to six classic horror movies on one Ghosts and Gravestones tours travel around 39th Annual Harvard Square Oktober- on the still water of Frog Pond. The illuminated of the theatre’s screens. The movie tides will Boston. The 90 minute tour is filled with scary fest (October 8) pumpkins are free to attend but is BYOP (bring not be released until the day of the event and is experiences throughout from live walking char¬ As if Harvard Square didn’t already have a your own pumpkin). packed with intense scares and thrills. Coolidge acters in graveyards to visiting some of the city’s great reputation of hosting events and attract¬ Comer Theatre is located at 290 Harvard Street haunted sites. Reservations are required to take ing those from all over, the 39th Annual Okto- 53rd Annual Head of the Charles Regat¬ in Brookline. Ticket information can be found a tour. For more information on the tour sched¬ berfest is returning to the bustling area. The ta (October 21-22) on their website at www.coolidge.org. ule and to make a reservation, visit https ://www. event, which is free and open to the public, will The two-day rowing competition draws ghostsandgravestones.com/boston/. include music, crafts, a parade, and five beer thousands of spectators every year along Massa¬ Studying in South Africa embodies growth MEGAN PALUMBO_ International Correspondent When 1 decided I was studying abroad in ple—things I can’t imagine having back home. South Africa I got questions like, “Why did you Going to Lasell for the past two years, choose this random country?” “Why wouldn’t where everyone knows your name (and it’s you go to Italy?” “Don’t you think it’s unsafe impossible to go anywhere without chatting to go to South Africa because you’re a girl?” to someone in passing) has been great. I often ‘Are you going to come back with Ebola?”. I credit Lasell for why I’m so personable and en¬ felt like each question got more and more ri¬ joy meeting new people. Since being here I’ve diculous, but regardless I received so much met people from all over Europe, the United support and love before I embarked on this States, and different parts of southern Africa. crazy adventure. I hiked for 10 hours straight up the high¬ I wanted to study abroad in a place that est peak in the Stellenbosch area, as well as 1 could get the most out of my experience many nature reserve trails, and coastal hikes there—South Africa seemed perfect. While be¬ along the Eastern Cape. I’ve jumped off the Apply to participate in the ing culturally unique and full of history and world’s highest bungee jumping bridge, 708 beauty, this country has left its mark on my feet high, without even hesitating. I got to feed Ecuador or Tanzania heart forever. Previously there had only been elephants, and see monkeys hang on branches a handful of students from Lasell that have just inches above my head. I’ve indulged in studied abroad in South Africa—and now I’m wine tastings, and homemade goods at local one of them. markets, listening to live music and rhythmic Shoulder-to-Shoulder programs My study abroad experience has been the drum circles in the forest. I’ve done all these most amazing thing I’ve done in my life. To amazing things in the past few months, but Spring courses with travel in late May pack up for four and a half months and travel the biggest thing I've done here is find my¬ nearly 7,000 miles across the globe by myself self. Being here on my own has allowed me Open to students of all majors and class years was not easy. However, this trip has opened to grow in ways that will follow me into the my eyes to new experiences, places and peo¬ future, and for that my gratitude is endless. Apply online by October 1, 2017 www.laseil.edu/studyabroad Junior Megan Palumbo has spent time hiking mountain trails, including Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, while studying abroad in South Africa. The 1851 Chronicle s' September 2017 Artsj Entertciimnen t __ & Ringo’s new album has all On-trend: athleisure that Ringo Starr charm wear CASEY DIBARI DANIELLE HOGAN 1851 STAFF Contributing Whiter Step aside old Taylor Swift, move over bum, and the genre’s are clearly audible to actively do so. Brad Paisley, and throw out your Steven in the music, and Ringo makes it work. In total, there are ten new songs on Tyler country albums, world. There’s a The albums titular song, “Give More the fourteen song album, these tracks new star entering the are listed as re-releases, country scene, and his including his biggest hit, name is Richard Starkey. “Photograph.” The song is While Ringo Starr's one of Starr’s boot-stomp¬ new album, “Give ing country tunes, with the More Love,” isn’t a full help of Vandaveer, an indie country album, the folk band featured on the ex-Beatle does have a album. Vandaveer isn’t the few country tunes in only featured artists on the there, enough to make album though. Former All- you pause and wonder. Starr band members Joe You may even look it Walsh and Peter Frampton, up and see whether or alongside former Beatle not you missed some¬ Paul McCartney, all contrib¬ thing. In actuality, uted to the album. there are three songs All in all, “Give More that present your typi¬ Love” is, by no means, a cal mangy property to bad album. It’s not really Starr’s voice, “Standing an amazing one either, at Still." “So Wrong For least not by itself. Howev¬ So Long,” and “Shake er, it is a very good Ringo PHOTO BY MORGAN VANWICKLER it Up.” They’re pretty Starr album. If you are a good songs, too, which fan of Ringo by himself, or Athleisure: the newest trend in comfortable fashion proves that if any old even of the Beatles, you’re rock star, say the least going to enjoy this album. To describe athleisure fashion in a celebrated Beade, PHOTO COURTESY OF UNIVERSAL MUSIC ENTERPRISES It’s really hard not to enjoy few words: Adidas, Nike and leggings. could switch country Ringo Starr’s newest album “Give More Love” was released on September 15. Ringo Starr, whether it’s Essentially, athleisure is comfort cloth¬ and perform moderate¬ This is Starr’s 19th studio album. just laughing along with ing that is used normally for exercis¬ ly, it would be Ringo one of his old Beatle songs, ing and going to the gym worn out of Starr (Sorry, Steven.) Love,” also has a pleasant feeling about or reminding yourself that he’s not dead context. Women wear leggings, men Other than those songs, the rest of it, with Ringo’s lyrics conveying a very when he pops up in the news. Starr seems wear tracksuits, but never to the gym. the album has more of a rock feel, which positive vibe. Themes featured in Starr’s to be a naturally very likable person, and Personally, I’m very much a fan of you’d expect from Ringo. It’s actually list¬ writing are usually giving love and making “Give More Love” is yet another reminder athleisure wear. On a relatively regular ed as a pop-rock, reggae, and country al¬ a change, and his rhetoric urges listeners of this. basis, I wear black leggings, a baggy t-shirt, and my Nike sneakers. To max¬ imize comfort, lycra is often mixed with many fabrics. Companies also No horsin’ around this season take advantage of the athleisure trend by putting patterns on their pieces, in¬ stead of creating more unique designs. Some pieces have cut-out designs as well, making the clothes appear more TYLER HETU modem. Many brands are fashion for¬ 1851 STAFF ward when it comes to patterns and design. An example of that would be light of the belief that even people Fabletics, the fashion forward athletic who think of themselves as broken or clothing brand that is partnered with worthless deserve a shot at happiness, Kate Hudson. and can achieve it if they are willing to This trend is also relatively cost commit selfless acts, and realize that effective. Nike, Adidas, and Fabletics other people’s lives matter as much as are reasonably priced and are sold in their own. many retail stores. Other elements of The plot of season four involves athleisure fashion can be found in a Bojack reintegrating himself back into variety of retailers and clothing stores his friends’ lives, and subsequently as well. Lululemon was one of the first finding the birth mother of his pos¬ companies to seriously break out ath¬ sible daughter, Hollyhock (Aparna leisure clothing. Although in a higher Nancherla). Bojack also attempts to price range, the trend quickly took off. reconnect with his mother, who is H&M then adopted athleisure wear, suffering from dementia and fails to but at a more affordable price. recognize her son. Aside from Bojack, However, high end brands of Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) athleisure do exist. Many brands campaigns for governor and strug¬ premiered athleisure clothing in the gles with his relationship with Di¬ spring 2017 fashion weeks. Celine, ane (Alison Brie), Todd (Aaron Paul) Acne Studios, and Tommy Hilfiger all soul-searches his new sexuality and have athleisure lines. I found this rath¬ life meaning, and Princess Carolyn’s er surprising, considering it’s such a (Amy Sedaris) balance between work casual trend. This is a prime exam¬ and play falls apart. ple of the trickle up effect. In short, PHOTO COURTESY OF NETFLIX Known for its dark and cynical hu¬ the trickle up effect is when a trend “BoJack Horseman" season four was released on Netflix on September 8th. The show stars mor, that has earned the show its ma¬ emerges on the street, and makes its Will Arnett as Bojack and Alison Brie as Diane Nguyen. ture rating, and frequently linked the way through the grapevine, and up to couture brands. addicted lifestyle. While the show has lead character to depression, this sea¬ Athleisure is a wide ranging trend. Bojack Horseman returns with embodied the definition of funny, it’s son places humor on the foreground It extends from affordable to couture its fourth season. Created by Raphael not in a “ha-ha” sort of way. Its fourth as we see the show get its deepest and brands, and is seen almost everywhere Bob-Wakesberg and first aired since season is a masterpiece of humor and most emotional, while still making on anyone. It is comfort clothing that 2014, the Netflix original has churned sadness, mixed together to provide viewers laugh and relate to main char¬ anyone can throw on, to run errands out three seasons of the animated an¬ something that no sitcom can create. acters and minor characters alike. in, while still feeling trendy and stylish. imal/human hybrid show. It features a In season four, the show’s psy¬ The multiple angles of story lines horse named Bojack Horseman (Will chological undertone merges with create a relatable and enlightening Arnett), a washed up Hollywoo(d) ac¬ winding story lines in an organic story of tragedy and triumph. tor who has fallen into a drug and sex and deliberate way. The show makes September 2017 The 1851 Chronicle ( Arts & Entertainment “It” isn’t worth the money SEAN MCGLONE AND PAVEL ZLATIN Editor-in-Chief and 1851 Staff year, Derry citizens that every 27 years a string of acci¬ er”, who added the perfect amount have been disappear¬ dents and disappearances within in of wit and irony to the movie. ing without a trace. The the town. Surprisingly enough, Stephen vanishing townspeople As the boys continue on, they King actually approved of the mov¬ include Georgie, the start to see Pennywise themselves, ie before it came out. In an Insta- younger brother of one who feeds on their fear by exposing gram post on March 2nd, movie of the main characters, them to their worst nightmares. For producer Seth Grahame-Smith said Billy. While out sailing Eddie, it is seeing a leper, for Mike, that King had asked him to “let ev¬ a paper boat Billy had it is reliving the scene in a burning eryone know that they should stop made him on a rainy building where he saw his parents worrying about “IT”, as the pro¬ day, Georgie loses the die, and for Billy it’s seeing Georgie. ducers have done a wonderful job boat in the sewer, and Soon the group realizes that if they with the production.” According to meets Pennywise while want to stop all the disappearances, slashfilm.com. In a tweet on March trying to rescue his toy. they have to defeat Pennywise. 7th, King confirmed this by saying After talking for a few As far as horror movies go, this “Andy Muschietti’s remake of IT (ac¬ moments, Pennywise particular remake is pretty tame. tually it’s Part 1-The Losers’ Club) offers Georgie his boat While there are several scenes that succeeds beyond my expectations. back, and upon Geor- may make you jump in your seat, Relax. Wait. And enjoy.” This may gie’s acceptance, the there are also a number funny mo¬ come as a surprise to some fans, as clown bites off Geor- ments, many of them appear in the King is notorious for not liking the gie’s arm, and drags form of one-liners from Richie. movie adaptations of his books. him into the sewer, nev¬ The movie seems as if it’s just The movie’s fate is darker than er to be seen again. trying to play on people’s fear of the picture itself. Not only did it suf¬ The following sum¬ clowns, especially after the string fer from a comparison to the book, mer, Billy is still shak¬ of clown sightings around the but also people haven’t forgotten en up by the loss of his country last year, which many attri¬ about the “IT” mini-series(1990) brother, and has trou¬ bute to the news that the remake and the iconic image of Pennywise ble accepting that his of “It” was coming out. Overall, the the Dancing Clown brought by Tim brother may actually movie falls flat in terms of actual Curry. The comparison to both be dead. Along with his horror, especially considering all of works was the recipe for disaster. buddies Richie, Eddie, and the buildup in the trailers, and scenes For Stephen King fans, and Stan, Billy starts to search from the movie released beforehand. those who liked the 1990 adap¬ PHOTO BY SEAN MCGLONE The remake of Stephen King’s “It” was released on for clues regarding what However, in terms of style and tation of the book, it’s probably September 8th. actually happened to Georgie. casting “IT” is almost perfect. Bill worth seeing this movie for the In the remake of the 1990 hor¬ The boys are helped along Skarsgard’s Pennywise is mysteri¬ novelty of saying that you did. As ror movie, based off of Stephen by new friends Beverly, Mike, and ous and creepy, yet charming and for your average horror movie fan King’s novel of the same name, Ben. Because Ben is new in town, somehow adorable. The child ac¬ looking to see what all of the buzz Bill Skarsgard plays the demonic he has been spending a lot of time tors are great too. Especially So¬ is about, you may be better off clown, Pennywise, who terrorizes in the library doing research on phia Lillis as Beverly Marsh, the skipping this one. the fictional town of Derry in the the town of Derry. Ben finds out only girl in her group, and Finn summer of 1989 in “It.” that Derry has an incredibly high Wolfhard (Stranger Things) as Rich¬ In the film, during the last missing person’s rate and it seems ard Tozier a.k.a “Trashmouth Tozi- Drama returns with new season of “Riverdale” LEANNE SIGNORIELLO FEATURES EDITOR PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CW After the success of the premiere season, “Riverdale” returns to The CW on October 11. The CW’s “Riverdale” returns to tele¬ season one, it ended with a bang (literal¬ vision with a brand new season October ly), as Archie’s father was shot. The culprit 11. The revamped, modern version of the is someone we can only speculate as being classic comic’s new season is sexy, mys¬ a part of the town’s gang of suspected terious, and full of drama, proving why criminals, the South Side Serpents. it scored seven awards at this year’s Teen Nobody is safe and relationships are Choice Awards. on the line. Betty and Jughead captivated Last fall, audiences were able to see fans with their romance shared in season Archie Comics come to life with the series. one. However, with the controversy and The show is a modern adaptation to the tension between the North Side residents Archie Comic Book series that features and the South Side Serpents, the town has familiar characters such as Archie Andrews never been so divided and Jughead will (KJ Apa), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), have to choose between his family or his Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), and Jug- North Side girlfriend. head Jones (Cole Sprouse). The dramatic New faces are anticipated for the series revolves around the mysteries of the cast. Fans will finally meet Veronica’s dad fictional town, including the death of high and await to see the drama that unfolds school hero, Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines). after his return from prison, in addition The end of season one was only the to a new possible love interest for Cheryl beginning of the problems that are about Blossom (Madelaine Petsch). to unfold in the small, yet divided town The tension and drama is at an all time of Riverdale. Although fans learned the high going into the second season in what truth about Blossom's death at the end of seems to be the next Civil War in Riverdale. September 2017 The 1851 Chronicle Sports Hall of Fame: Machado takes home second SID award honoring a legacy BRIAN COHEN 1851 STAFF that other people know how MACKENZIE DINEEN_ hard I work and how seri¬ Arts Editor ously I take this job.” In addition to receiving The Athletic Department and Develop¬ who played both basketball and lacrosse, the award, Machado attend¬ ment and Alumni Office will be hosting the Louie Lucchetti '06, a lacrosse player, An- ed her first national confer¬ first Induction Ceremony for their new ath¬ gele Lavoie Piotrowski ’07, who played vol¬ ence at the World Center letics Hall of Fame on October 13 in de Witt leyball, and Jose Guitian ’09, a basketball Marriott in Orlando. “Hon¬ Hall. Since Lasell joined the NCAA in 1998, team member. Two honorary members, estly, Orlando was crazy for the Hall of Fame is an “Exciting next step Nancy Curtis Grellier, Grellier field’s name¬ me because there was so in the athletic program,” said Athletic Direc¬ sake. of the class ‘49, and faculty athletics many people and it was my tor Kristy Walter. “It is time to have this as a representative, Rick Frederics, will also be first national conference,” piece of our history, and recognize the indi¬ inducted. The criteria for nominees is a min¬ said Machado, “but once I vidual and team success that we have had, in imal five-year gap between graduation and got into the swing of things a short amount of time; it is a way to honor nomination, significant accomplishments, and the routine of going to athletes, keep them connected to Lasell and and both regional and national recognition the panels I kind of calmed inspire current and future athletes to reach while enrolled. down a little bit.” She to those heights,” she said. Registration is still open, but is nearing PHOTOS COURTESY OF EMILY MACHADO was one of twenty people The inaugural committee consists of capacity. "I hope that [the ceremony] brings Sports Information Director Emily Machado will be honored as awarded a grant to attend seven members, including two former ath¬ more recognition to past athletes, and some GNAC SID of the Year on October 14. the conference. letes, four athletic administrators, Janice recognition to current athletes, and reminds On October 14, Emily Machado will be hon¬ Machado was impacted Savitz, the faculty athletic representative, people what we’re doing,” said Walter, “and ored as GNAC Sports Information Director of most by a presentation that spoke about Third Divisions. Machado added that she received Neil Hatem, the project’s overall represen¬ that we’ve had some success, and that may¬ the year at halftime of the women’s soccer game tons of new ideas to implement to the athletic tative, and Emily Machado, the Sports Infor¬ be people who don’t know a lot about the during Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend. program for the upcoming season. “I went to a mation Director. The physical location of the program might take a moment to look more This will be her second award received at Lasell. great panel that was hosted by one of the SIDs monument is still undecided, but the on¬ deeply into it, and attend some games.” Machado graduated Lasell in 2013 and has at the University of Michigan and she did a pre¬ line version is available. Upon completion, Walter says that since this is the first ath¬ been working in the athletic department since sentation on apps for efficiency. I learned about the Hall will be located on the track in the letic monument at Lasell, “We’re putting a November of 2014 as the Sports Information Di¬ a ton of apps you can download for promoting Athletic Center, and will feature inductee lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure rector (SID) and Event Management. In addition purposes, time management, and an app that plaques with their photos and information, that the event is nice, people feel proud to these duties, she is also Lasell’s athletic Sched¬ checks your spelling when you write stories. It as well as information about the Hall itself of [it] and are excited to be here, and that uling Coordinator. was definitely a modern panel.” although renderings will be available during families of the honorees are excited to par¬ Machado believes her work ethic is what Machado will be using the knowledge the ceremony. Walter plans to bring recruits ticipate.” New inductees will be inaugurated led her to her second consecutive SID of the gained at the conference to help better Lasell’s to the Hall as prospective students. bi-annually to steadily build the hall of fame, Year award. “I think it was just relendess hard athletic department while working toward a The event will honor six inductees and and the committee will induct anywhere work in an industry that is often under appre¬ third straight SID of the year award. four former athletes: Mandi Rapisardi ’06, from 4-6 people a year. ciated,” Machado said. “To win it two years in a row means so much to me because it shows me Fall 17 sports preview: Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, XC CASSIDY MURRAY & BRIAN COHEN Sports editor & 1851 staff not to worry. “This team is very focused. I have Women’s Field Hockey is off to an 8-1 start, seen them mature and they are mentally sound marking a school record. This is following a and will do well.” Tom added “We have shown successful season where the team finished 12-7, improved mental strength in our past two or making it to the GNAC semi-finals. three outings. It is still early and we will be ready “Our team is very talented and they are for the GNACs.” working well and communicating,” says Head The team traveled to Puerto Rico for pre¬ Coach Caitlin Connolly. “All of our seniors take season where they played four games against on leadership roles on and off the field to help out of conference schools. Senior captain Cait- the group as a whole.” lyn Garcia believes that the trip helped the team This season, the squad is captained by se¬ in multiple ways. “It allowed us to play around niors Leah Sullivan and Taylor Falco. In total, the with different lineups and really figure out what team will be graduating seven seniors this sea¬ lineup will work best for us. It also allowed us to son after losing two last season. "We were lucky bond even more as a team especially with all the last year when we only graduated two players so freshmen,” said Garcia. the majority of our team had already known and Although the Women’s volleyball team has played with each other,” said senior Shannon Field Hockey has an 8-1 record and is 3-0 in conference play (Top). The women’s volleyball Motz. “It gave us a leg up in the preseason so ev¬ team, fresh off their trip to Puerto Rico (Middle Left). Women’s soccer is looking for their eighth hit a rough patch, they believe they will be good straight GNAC title (Middle Right). Men's soccer is currently 1-2 in the GNAC (Bottom Right) to go once the playoffs roll around, and that is eryone could jump into working on our game,” when it counts. she said. Men’s and Women’s Cross Country had an The ladies are 3-0 in conference play, work¬ interesting start to their season this year with no ing to improve last season’s 2-4 conference re¬ coach. “Starting the season without a coach was cord. The team is well on their way to another tough mentally on us. However, we came togeth¬ successful season and are already prepared for er, stronger than ever, as a team and were able this year’s GNAC conference. to continue pushing through each workout,’’said The Lasell College Women's Soccer team senior Kyle Vonick. Lasell recendy hired Michael enters play this season with their eyes on an McGrane as the new men’s and women’s cross impressive eighth consecutive GNAC champion¬ country/track and field head coach. ship title. The Women had yet another incredible Both teams have experienced quite a prob¬ season last year where they finished 18-3-1 and lem with injuries so far this season, but senior made it to the NCAA championships. Kyle Vonick isn’t worried. ‘Although we have had The team put up a strong 10-0-1 confer¬ some injuries pop up on the team we are hoping ence record and rattled off eighteen consecutive to have a healthy team when conference champi¬ victories. Tremendous goalkeeping by Sarah La- onships come around. Our goal is to attain top 3 Clair and stellar offense led upfront helped the hopefully pushing towards 2nd place.” team succeed. This season, the women are off to a 4-4 start Men’s Soccer has had started their season but carry a perfect 4-1 record in conference play. with a 2-7 overall record and 1-2 in conference Coming into the season, the squad graduated six play. Junior captain Connor Wall wants to focus seniors and will be graduating four after this sea¬ on “working together and playing as a cohesive son. Once again, Head Coach Vito LaFrancesca unit on the field and to operate as one.” Wall also in his eleventh season has been able to balance commented on the teams’ goal. “Our goal this youth and senior leadership into his lineup. season is to achieve more success, strive for play¬ The Women’s Volleyball team, fresh off offs, and make some noise in the conference.” their trip to Puerto Rico, has started out sporting The team will continue to work hard to achieve a 5-11 overall record. While this may not look their goals and set a standard for Lasell teams great in the books, Head Coach Mary Tom says to come. PHOTOS COURTESY OF EMILY MACHADO www.The1851Chronicle.org October 2017 - Volume 12, Issue 2 * The 1851 Chronicle $0 @1851chronicle _ ®1851chronicle jj /1851Chronicle Fall fun for family, friends, alum ALEX BALLETTO COPY EDITOR At Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend on October 13-15, past and present commu¬ nity members celebrated Fall at Lasell. The weekend officially began Friday evening, but a bulk of the events were on Saturday and Sunday. Jennifer Granger, Of¬ fice of Student Activities and Orientation Director, pointed out unique OSA events, such as PIP the Illusionist, various Boston trips, Fall Fest, the Student Performance Showcase, Campus Activities Board’s BIN- GO, and River Day. “This year we moved Fall Fest to the Bam parking lot to be closer to Chili Fest and the soccer game. It worked well minus some weather woes,” said Granger. She said more than 100 families came, with 348 people officially checking in and registering. “This year, the Fall Fest and Alumni Chili Fest were combined which provided a fun carnival feel and provided an oppor¬ tunity for families and alumni to interact,” said Lauren McCauslin, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving. The Development and Alumni Rela¬ tions Office had a few exciting activities ac¬ cording to Rebecca Deluca, Assistant Direc¬ tor of Communications for the office. “We celebrated special reunion class¬ es, ending in 2 and 7, and had a special Reunion Trolley Tour and an exclusive Re¬ union Hard Hat Tour of the New Science and Technology Center,” said Deluca. She says it’s worth it when an alum steps on campus after 50 years and is “instantly im¬ pressed and proud of the growth they see.” PHOTOS COURTESY OF CASSIDY MURRAY, ALEX BALLETTO. AND JENNIFER GRANGER Campus was ablaze with fall, alumni, students (Corinne Hennessey bottom right), and the president at Stoller boathouse. Continued on page 3 An academic update Clothesline Project MORGAN VANWICKLER & LANE SULZER_ honors survivors ART DIRECTOR & 1851 STAFF In the spring, Lasell’s academic structure with other programs,” said senior Kyle Vonick, a will transition to five schools to combine resourc¬ business management student. Junior sociology MORGAN VANWICKLER_ es and increase interdisciplinary learning oppor¬ major Nikki Glendye is disappointed with the lack ART DIRECTOR tunities. The new structure will eliminate seven of variety of courses in her major. She is hopeful In October 1981, the first “Day of majors, consolidate several concentrations and the interdisciplinary learning opportunities will restructure a variety of majors. increase the number of courses on diversity. Unity” was held by the National Coalition As part of the academic restructuring, each “It is disappointing to see a major like envi¬ Against Domestic Violence, which was school will have an Associate Dean. Aaron Toffler ronmental studies be eliminated because of the later converted into Domestic Violence will serve the School of Communication & the importance of climate change in today’s world,” Awareness month in 1987. The month is Arts, Melissa \hrao for the School of Business, said Lisa D’Angelo, an environmental studies major. dedicated to supporting survivors with Anne Trevenen for the School of Fashion, Chris¬ Chair of the Communication department getting the help and healing they need. tina Haverty for the School of Health Sciences, Meryl Perlson says that within each school, there Over a decade ago, Chair of the Jus¬ and Lori Rosenthal for the School of Social Sci¬ are a lot of student academic factors that need tice Studies Department Linda Bucci ences, Humanities and Education. The position to be covered in regards to creating and refining brought the Clothesline Project into the of Associate Dean is designed to work to connect courses, internships and job placement. “The fo¬ community for a week in November. To¬ the industry world with Lasell. This works with cus is providing more opportunities for interdis- day it is run by Assistant Professor of Legal Lasell’s concept of Connected Learning accord¬ riplinaiy opportunities,” said Perlson. Aside from Studies Karin Raye alongside her domes¬ ing to Trevenen. this, Perlson says students will not see any major tic violence class and the men’s lacrosse “The new structural changes should both differences in their courses. and basketball teams. There are over 200 help students to feel a greater sense of identity Faculty members hope these changes will shirts from over the past 10 years in the within their own schools and to create more create a curriculum that outside schools can im¬ exhibit, many coming from Reach Beyond cross-school collaboration among students and plement into their departments. “The new lead¬ Domestic Violence, an organization out of faculty,” Virao said. ership roles will allow for schools to lead with Waltham that works with Professor Raye Another aspect of the academic restructur¬ vision, goals, and strategic plans and will help in¬ ing is the introduction of new majors, like health dividual departments, schools, and the institution and her students to create the exhibit. science. Although health sciences was already as a whole to create more and stronger relation¬ For the past two years, all of the listed under Lasell’s course catalog several stu¬ ships with outside entities,” said \hrao. shirts displayed in October were from dents, including freshman Sophia DiPlacido, had Professor Anne Trevenen has been appoint¬ Lasell faculty, staff, and students. “When to apply as an exercise science major. “The head ed as Associate Dean for the School of Fashion. you see something as impactful as this, director said health sciences is exercise science, Under this school remains the three Fashion it becomes really emotional,” said soph¬ PHOTO BY MORGAN VANWICKLER but geared towards physician’s assistant school,” majors: design, merchandising and communica¬ omore Michael Foley. Each shirt is a sur¬ Students signed paper t-shirts in support of said DiPlacido. tion. “Wre small and this is our chance to really vivor’s story of domestic abuse with the survivors. Students have reacted differently to the build on that because we have strong partner¬ contributors choosing to either remain struggling that survivors have the ability changes. “I think these changes are positive since ships,” said Trevenan. “We could engage collab¬ anonymous or sign their names. Foley to be productive and that they won’t be my program will be able to work collaboratively oratively with each other more easily, as faculty says the shirts are proof to others who are stuck in the violence forever. and with students.” Continued on page 4 INSIDE de Witt hosts Fashion alum makes Taylor Tiezzi earns celebration a name in Boston 2,500 assists of Hispanic design scene THIS ISSUE culture Page 3 Paqe 5 PageS The 1851 Chronicle ,-v October 2017 2 D pi 'm ion i&i Ea toria t i Are cover letters starting to crumble? EDITOR’S CORNER MACKENZIE DINEEN ARTS EDITOR When can Cover letters are under fire. The formal let¬ tal project seems counter-intuitive. ter of introduction has always been presented as Truthfully, I have always enjoyed we feel safe a law and not a tradition, but in a turbo-drive writing cover letters. Promoting your¬ speed world, who writes letters of any sort? Ac¬ self requires both introspection and again? cording to various job sites, CNN and even previ¬ creativity; I enjoy indulging in both ous Apple recruiters, cover letters are dead. practices. A major pro of writing cover Selling yourself can start to feel daunting. letters is that they’re a personal tie to We know ourselves best, and that makes it diffi¬ the company, and are an excellent way cult to consider what our best characteristics are, to personalize your application. If you or what about ourselves is most marketable. have an extensive knowledge of’ or are No matter how difficult, this is still a vital a user of the product or service provid¬ skill to sharpen. One promotes themself every ed by the company of choice, a cover time they have a conversation, post on social me¬ letter is the ideal place to include that dia, or choose an outfit. We have a set of person¬ information. Better yet, if the job in¬ ality guidelines embedded in our DNA that we volves writing or correspondence, you utilize every time we interact with others. Know¬ have an excellent opportunity to show ing how to portray yourself extends far beyond off your vocabulary, composition and <S the practice of cover letters, and therefore isn’t a grammar skills. sound argument in opposition to them. Nonetheless, one typo can doom The sensibility of writing these may also be you, so proofreading is a must. De¬ called into question. Infinite sources claim that pending on the company of choice, a the letters could actually be hurting your chanc¬ cover letter may read as a tip of the hat COLIN FROMENT es at a job. A bad cover letter could send your re¬ to tradition, or a herd-mentality act of sume to the trash before it is even read. Besides, conformity. Engaging your audience NEWS EDITOR your resume contains all information that differ¬ is an inescapable step in both your re¬ If recent terrorist attacks have proven entiates you from your opponents, and it’s easier sume and cover letter. anything, it's that they can happen at any mo¬ to read. Slaving away on a potentially detrimen¬ ment in time, and no one is truly safe. ILLUSTRATION BY TOM BAKER The attack in Las Vegas on October 1 was Academic reorganization initiated a horrible tragedy that destroyed what should have been such a memorable experience for the people present. They were trying to en¬ with best intentions The 1851 Chronicle joy the excitement that would have created wonderful memories to have for the rest of their lives. Even the most lively of places now have ALEX BALLETTO & LEANNE SIGNORIELLO LASELL COLLEGE the potential to mm into dreadful acts of vi¬ COPY EDITOR & FEATURES EDITOR 1844 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE NEWTON, MA 02466 olence. As students begin to reach gambling Recently, the college has been ironing out es¬ to jobs in my field. age, they may want to visit areas, such as Las sentials of the new academic structure, not referring From the perspective of a justice studies stu¬ Vegas, to have fun while surrounded by the to the construction of the complex. Adjustments dent, most likely to fall under the school of social EDITOR-IN-CHIEF people they want to cherish time with. It ap¬ within the academic division are set to take place sciences, I am fine with the academic structure as Sean McGlone pears we have reached a point where we have in January 2018. Lasell will condense departments long as the department will have a program direc¬ to fear for our lives no matter where we end up. into five schools. Earlier this semester, we learned tor. My courses have been primarily taught by ad¬ The attacks in London over the summer that each school would have an associate dean and juncts. The coordinator of these attorneys and pro¬ ART DIRECTOR have also caused us a lot of worry for our fel¬ program director. The program director is to serve fessors must remain close, reliable, and relevant. Morgan VanWickler low students. Our study abroad program has programs needing special licensure, or special ex¬ For all majors, I think these qualities are desired. become one of the most successful programs pertise or attention. The biggest plus we see in the structure lies COPY EDITOR on campus, with hundreds of students trav¬ Last spring President Michael Alexander held in the communication of the departments to the Alex Balletto eling the globe looking for the journey of a an open-forum discussion with students and oth¬ academic administrators. It’s clear a buffer was lifetime. Acts of terrorism in countries where er members of the community to discuss changes added between departments and the academ¬ students are studying has us all worrying for they’d like to see in the next five to ten years. There ic vice president, but now it is up to associate NEWS EDITOR OPINION EDITOR our friends’ safeties. Who’s to say another were discussions on majors, advisors, and profes¬ deans to be effective leaders and manage the Colin Froment Michael Bueno attack won’t happen somewhere else? Our sor’s jobs. President Alexander addressed questions flow of information. students studying abroad are facing the risk to mitigate fear, and students were more accepting It’s crucial that associate deans focus on each of being a victim of an attack in an unfamiliar to the transformation once they learned the major individually within their school, but also ARTS EDITOR FEATURES EDITOR country while their friends and family are left structural change would be rather transparent to develop interdisciplinary learning opportunities, a Mackenzie Dineen Leanne Signoriello hoping that everything is going to be alright. the student. fortune of the new structure. The college should And what plan does our government From the perspective of a communication stu¬ also take advantage of the promotion of Catherine SPORTS EDITOR have? Intimidating our enemies by provoking dent, I for one am excited that graphic design will Zeek, and the creation of her new tide, Dean of Cassidy Murray a series of attacks that will only challenge them now be incorporated in the School of Communi¬ Curriculum and Faculty Innovation. to retaliate with even more dire consequences. cation and the Arts. Graphic design is a key asset Everyone in the community should realize Since this strategy does not seem to im¬ to advertising firms as well as the process behind the benefits of the new structure but also under¬ ADVERTISING MANAGER prove our safety, we must mm to ourselves creating a magazine or newspaper. Being more ex¬ stand its goals. Students should keep in mind that Haleigh Santilli to keep looking out for one another as one posed to classes from this major will be beneficial these innovations to the academic structure are community. As we aspire to travel the world and make myself more marketable when applying with the students’ best interest in mind. for breathtaking adventures, we now have to STAFF be concerned in the event us or one of the Paris Adams Armando Machado Jr. people we care about is at the center of a hor¬ Candidates for mayor speak out rific catastrophe. No one anywhere is truly Pavel Zlatin Nicole Yeager safe from an attack that can happen when we least expect it. Domestic terrorism has taken Lane Sulzer Brian Cohen so many lives and caused the most pain to their kin; when will it take away someone you Shannon Hart Irish Noel know? Whether it is a weekend in Vegas or a Danielle Hogan Caitlyn Garcia semester-long study in another country, ter¬ rorists will continue to target our loved ones at the most exotic landmarks. We, as the Lasell community, must hope the best for our fellow students and continue to think of all of them when they are off on these advenmres. Keep in touch with every¬ ILLUSTRATOR one; anyone can potentially be lost wherever Thomas Baker they end up. I have met some of the most wonderful people in my life on campus that are choosing to study abroad soon, and I would give anything to make sure they will remain safe. I challenge everyone to feel that way, too. FACULTY ADVISOR To those currently or about to study Marie C. Franklin abroad, we’re all thinking of you. Have the time of your lives, but most importantly, be safe with every step outside. You’ll always be PRINTING SERVICES PROVIDED BY! an integral part of what makes this school Graphic Developments Inc. thrive, and with the state of our personal security constandy at risk, your friends and family are looking forward more than ever to FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION, CORRECTIONS, NEWS TIPS, OR SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT! see you come home. PHOTO BY ARMANDO MACHADO JR. THE1851 [email protected] On October 21, Newton mayoral candidates Scott Lennon and Ruthanne Fuller entered de Witt Hall and emphatically debated environmental issues at the forum sponsored by Green Newton and The Newton Conservators.

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